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While photographing her dog, Jane K. discovered a rather odd formation that indicates movement. Click here to view the enlargement and her comments.

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Alien Implant Removal: Surgery Pictures

All images by Michael Portanova, photographer for
A & S Research.


"I've got to tell you, this was very fascinating," said George Noory, who earlier in the day had attended an "alien implant" removal operation, that was overseen by Dr. Roger Leir (alienscalpel), the guest for the first half of Friday's show. Brenda, the patient who had the implant, told George that over the years she had spotted entities in her bedroom...cont.

Time Machine Experiment

George Noory announced on Wednesday evening that he would be taking part in a Time Machine experiment...cont.


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Sat 12.06 >>
Bob Lazar will be discussing UFOs as well as his company, United Nuclear, which has developed a Hydrogen Fuel System for automobiles and home power generation.
Sun 12.07 >>
First Hour:
Steven Greer
-Energy Update-
Bill McDonald
-Alien Navigation-
Mon 12.08 >>
Fiona Horne
Tue 12.09 >>
Adrian Gilbert
-Mayan Prophecies & Stargate-
Wed 12.10 >>
Fred Bell
-Receptors & Life Extension-
Thu 12.11 >>
James Arthur
-Mushrooms & Mysteries-

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