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Stephenson Janice (benpin22@earthlink.net) sends us: I too have been getting lots of orb photos ever since I bought a digital camera (Sony Mavica FD 92). Here are some interesting shots of an old house undergoing renovations in St. Augustine, Florida. It is literally swarming with orbs!

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Chris Middleman (lastdays0fmay@hotmail.com) writes: I am an amateur ghost investigator and i took this photo on one of my many trips to a haunted site n Wyomissng, PA. In the mid 1800s, Mrs Phillip Bissenger went mad after her husband's incessant philandering. She took her 2 children and her infant child to the Tulpehocken creek where she drowned her three children and herself. Through my personal experiences and those told by others, I am certain that these souls haunt this area. Attached is a photo taken Oct. 31, 2001. My friend Randy stood inside a hollowed out tree along the Tulpehocken while I snapped a photo. In it, you can see two orbs on the right; one of these is larger than the rest (a mother?) and has a tiny one clinging to it (an infant?).

Mary Jo Gran (mjgran@home.com) sends us: Our 20 year old sons Braden and Jim died 3-11-01 while kayaking on the bay. Their bodies have never been found.  Our first photo was unsolicited and appeared on Vicki's fence with a disposable 35 mm. It had 2 orbs. After this we decided to ask them to come to our photos. The first photo is the "couch" where they used to hang out with friend. As you can see it is amazing. We have continued to do this for 2 weeks now and still we receive orbs in most of our pictures. The following photos were taken from 4 different digital cameras. The one titled "Brent orb on head" shows my son Brent requesting his friend Braden to come and listen to some music he wrote. (The two were musicians together before Braden died) As you can see Braden came to his head. The next photo is called "pink orbs" This was taken by my sister and she asked that they come as I was talking to Vicki on the phone. She said "wouldn't it be nice to have the 4 of you together again." As you will see they appeared we think as the 2 pink orbs. The next photo is again Brent. He said "If this is Jim and Braden I want an orb on my face. This is what we got. We have more than 50 photos with orbs in them since we started this experiment. We have used  total of 6 different camera. 2 disposable and 4 digitals. It appears our sons come per request by us. Hope you will post these as the are authentic and incredible. We believe that since there wasn't a proper closure for their families we think this is their way of telling us they are around us all the time.


Brent Orb on Head

Pink Orbs


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