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WTC Spirit Pictures - Posted Sep 18, 2001

Dear Art and Keith;

I had the pleasure of meeting you, Ramona, and Whitley at your New York book signing, where we chatted briefly about the strong following of listeners you have in the law enforcement community, listening as we work the late shift.

Having been an avid listener and reader of for a number of years, I was made aware of the phenomena whereby unexplained bubble-like spheres have been photographed, particularly at locations where people have lost their lives. I never suspected that I would be submitting photos of my own for your consideration and analysis. I must admit, I have been struggling with whether or not to release these photos on the net, given the sensitivity of the subject matter; the nature of the ongoing tragedy, and finally whether or not to reveal publicly my own personal belief systems in the face of the grim undertaking I am currently involved with. It is my hope that these photos may be a source of comfort to those with loved ones lost and other 'believers', that these photos may be proof of the lost souls rising up from the Earth plain to a higher level.

Photos are here.

Just past midnight this past Wednesday night, I transported 4 police officers from our department on Long Island into the scene at the WTC in order to relieve another crew of officers who had been working on the rescue mission since noon. Being their commanding officer, I wanted to view the entire scene to better understand the work they were performing and to provide them with whatever additional resources they may have needed. I toured the area in total disbelief; the surreal scene of this great landmark which I had visited since I was a small child being reduced to a pile of rubble was quite overwhelming. On our way back to our vehicles, the sergeant I was with snapped the photo of me (the shot with the remains of the jagged stainless steel facade in the backround), and I in turn snapped the image of him, facing in the opposite direction (the picture with rubble in the backround). The pictures were taken using an Olympus digital camera with flash.

It was not until yesterday that I had the time to download the images. What I have attached to this email are the untouched originals taken that day and night (the daytime image showing the wreckage of the Hilton hotel was taken by one of the officers Wednesday afternoon.)

In short, I was shocked all over again when I saw the round shimmering bubble-like objects in the two nighttime images. The harder I looked, the more spheres I saw. (try printing these jpgs for greater clarity of the spheres) I instantly recalled similar images from the Art Bell program; pictures taken at accident scenes. If you consider that it was likely that there were 5000 or more dead or dying people laying just beneath our feet, those who share similar beliefs as I do will perhaps conclude (as I have) that the souls of the dead were rising up from the scene, and that energy was somehow captured by the flash and stored as the image. I believe the flash is somehow the key to capturing these images which the naked eye can not see; the daytime picture of the hotel was taken in the same area (where hundreds of buried people were undoubtedly dying at the time), though no such spheres are visible. Perhaps it is because these entities are vibrating at a higher frequency than visible daylight, which can only be captured using a high-speed flash? Close inspection of these images shows several of these objects hovering throughout the scene, all of varying brightness and sizes, the brightest of which appears to have latched onto my waistband (this discovery was especially chilling to me). Could the smaller objects indicate a younger or less-evolved soul? Your input and analysis of this subject matter is most welcome. I am a believer, though always somewhat skeptical of pictures which are posted on the net. These I know are real because I was present when they were taken, and there was never an opportunitty for anyone to manipulate the images. And just for the record, there was no building debris floating by in the air that night; no water or mist, and to be sure, there were no soap bubbles floating by.

I'm going to try and get some rest now before we head back into the city today at noon to relieve last night's workers. Please feel free to email me for any additional information you may require. I could also probably make myself available for telephone contact with either one of you tonight; just forward a contact number.

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