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Larry Pahl
The American Institute Of Pyramidology.
Appearance: 8/28/99

Dr. Evelyn Paglini
Dr. Paglini, parapsychologist, founded the International Psychic Center, a research/investigation organization, in 1972. Dr. Paglini is a consultant to the Stars, advising celebrities, corporate executives, stock brokers, institutions and the public. She is called upon as an authority on the occult and the supernatural by law enforcement agency, having set a precedent in the Texas Court system.
Appearance: 7/16/97, 3/21/99, 9/30/99, 10/6/00, 3/15/01, 10/25/01

R. Gary Patterson
His fascination with Rock' n' Roll's history, myths, and urban legends has led to him being called the "self-styled Fox Mulder of Rock and Roll." He has served as a consultant for VH1's new music series VH1 Confidential and appears on camera in episodes 1, 2, & 5 discussing "The Paul is Dead" rumors of 1969, "Robert Johnson and The Curse of 27", and "Rock n' Roll's Mad Geniuses."
Book: The Walrus Was Paul: The Great Beatle Death Clues
Book: Hellhounds on Their Trail: Tales from the Rock N Roll Graveyard
Appearance: 1/20/01, 8/19/01, 12/2/01

Edmund J. Pankau
Mr. Pankau, President of Pankau Consulting, is one of the leading authorities on the detection and prevention of financial fraud and the conduct of domestic and international financial investigation. His experience as an investigator spans thirty years, during which he has assisted in the recovery of millions of dollars and the prosecution of criminals throughout the world.
Edmund Pankau is an expert in financial fraud examination and international business investigation. He is a Certified Legal Investigator, a Certified Protection Professional, and has formerly served with the U.S. Treasury.
Book: Hide Your Assets And Disappear
Book: Check It Out!: A Top Investigator Shows You How to Find Out Practically Anything About Anybody in Your Life
Book: How to Make $100,000 a Year As a Private Investigator
Appearance: 2/02/99, 8/25/99, 6/19/00, 1/31/01, 10/09/01

Stefan Paulus
Book: Nostradamus 1999
Appearance: 5/31/98

Monica Paxton
Book: Dead Mars, Dying Earth
Appearance: 7/20/00

Robert Perala
Robert's ability to see into the spirit world was evident by the age seven and, after his well-documented close encounter with extraterrestrials in 1977, he devoted his life to the study of spirituality, metaphysics, the esoteric, mystery school, and sacred texts around the world.
Book: The Divine Blueprint: Roadmap for the New Millennium
Appearance: 5/31/99, 12/11/00

Dr. Eric Pearl
As a doctor, Eric Pearl ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years until one day in 1993 when patients began reporting that they felt his hands on them even though he hadn't physically touched them. For the first couple of months, his palms blistered and bled. Patients soon began seeing angels and reporting miraculous healings from cancers, AIDS-related diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, birth disfigurements, cerebral palsy and other serious afflictions. All of this occurred when Dr. Pearl simply held his hands near them...and, to this day, it continues. Based in Los Angeles, Eric has elicited great interest from top medical researchers worldwide. These include Jackson Memorial Hospital, UCLA, Cedars Sinai, the V.A. Hospital, University of Miami Medical School and the University of Arizona (where he addressed physicians at the request of Dr. Andrew Weil and where new research programs are currently underway). Internationally recognized healer Eric Pearl, has appeared on THE OTHER SIDE, THE LEEZA SHOW, SALLY JESSY RAPHAEL, ART BELL, AMERICA'S HEALTH NETWORK, FOX TV (with Andrew Weil and Dean Ornish) and various news programs across the country.
Book: The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself
Appearance: 11/9/99, 5/19/01, 11/16/01

Dr. Paul Pearsall
Psychologist Pearsall had a personal experience with "energy cardiology" when he had hip cancer. He went on to study heart transplants and how the background of a new heart could affect its recipient; for example, one man began to yearn for spicy foods and to study Spanish before he knew that his donor had been Hispanic. He finds evidence in the experiences of heart transplant recipients to support his claim that the heart thinks and the cells remember.
Book: Miracle in Maui : Let Miracles Happen in Your Life
Book: Wishing Well : Making Your Every Wish Come True Book: Write Your Own Pleasure Prescription : 60 Ways to Create Balance & Joy in Your Life
Book: Partners in Pleasure: Sharing Success, Creating Joy, Fulfilling Dreams -- Together
Book: The Heart's Code : Tapping the Wisdom and Power of Our Heart Energy : The New Findings About Cellular Memories and Their Role in the Mind/Body/Spirit
Appearance: 3/20/02

Dr. Charles Pellegrino
Dr. Charles Pellegrino is a paleontologist, astrobiologist, archaeologist, and invertebrate zoologist. He is an expert on paleogenetics and entomology who designs robotic space probes and relativistic rockets. Arthur C. Clarke has called him "the world's first astropalentologist" Stephen J. Gould "a space scientist who occasionally looks down." During the 1970's, he and Jesse A. Stoff developed the original concept of ocean in the ice satellites of Jupiter and Saturn, which became a basis for Arthur C. Clarke's sequels to "2001: A Space Odyssey" Pellegrino's dinosaur cloning recipe provided the scientific basis for Michael Chrichton's Jurrassic Park.
Book: Ghosts of the Titanic
Book: Unearthing Atlantis (Pre-Order)
Book: Her Name, Titanic: The Untold Story of the Sinking and Finding of the Unsinkable Ship
Book: Chariots for Apollo: Untold Story Behind the Race to the Moon
Book: Dust
Book: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Appearance: 10/14/00

Robert Young Pelton
Readers for whom the word travel ordinarily conjures images of white-sand beaches or Tuscan hill towns might wonder what person of above-average intelligence leaves home in hopes of face-to-face contact with Afghan rebels, Malaysian pirates, warlords, headhunters, or terrorists. That person, apparently, is Robert Young Pelton. Among adventure enthusiasts, Pelton is probably best known for The World's Most Dangerous Places, his utterly unique, tough-guy's guide to where not to travel, and a similarly named series on the Discovery Channel.
Books: Come Back Alive: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Disasters, Kidnapping, Animal Attacks and Other Nasty Perils of Modern Travel
Books: The Adventurist: My Life in Dangerous Places
Books: The World's Most Dangerous Places
Appearance: 9/20/01

Adam L. Penenberg
Co-authored, “Spooked”, an expose of business espionage, the buying and selling of stolen information in the modern world. He reveals the variety of information unscrupulous individuals can find out about a company with just a phone, a computer, and a modem. Adam is a well-known investigative journalist. He currently writes for Time and Fortune, and has been on staff at Forbes Magazine and His work has also appeared in the New York Times, Wired, and Playboy. He lives in New York City.
Book: Spooked: Espionage in Corporate America
Appearance: 2/16/02

Richard Perez
Editor of Home Power Magazine
Appearance: 5/30/01

Foster Perry
Book: The Violet Forest: Shamanic Journeys in the Amazon

Luman Perry
Art Bell fan in prison for robbery.

Mark Pesce
Book: The Playful World : How Technology Is Transforming Our Imagination
Book: The Playful World : How Technology Is Transforming Our Imagination
Appearance: 4/23/01

Dr. Thomas Petrisko
Book: The Fatima Prophecies: At the Doorstep of the World
Appearance: 10/10/99

Wayne Peterson
Wayne Peterson has come forward to speak about his extraordinary experiences with influential world figures. He asserts that many of them believe, as he does, that a group of highly evolved spiritual teachers are about to make their presence known on a worldwide scale. Mr. Peterson explains how these teachers, lead by one referred to as the World Teacher, will show us how we can solve our most difficult problems and build a new civilization.
Appearance: 6/24/00

Brittany Petros
House Guest on CBS Big Brother
Appearance: 03/01/01

Richard Picciotto
FDNY Battalion Commander Richard Picciotto was the highest-ranking firefighter to survive the collapse of the World Trade Center. He is a twenty-eight year veteran of the New York City Fire Department. For the past nine years, he has presided over FDNY's Battalion 11, covering Manhattan's Upper West Side. In 1993, as a battalion commander assigned to Lower Manhattan, he was the second chief on the scene immediately following the first attack on the World Trade Center, coordinating operations and rescue efforts in the North Tower.
Related Photos: Photo ONE, TWO, THREE
Book: Last Man Down
Appearance: 5/22/02

Jim Phillips
Appearance: 11/17/98

Philip Plait, Ph.D.
Dr. Plait works in the physics and astronomy department at Sonoma State University in California. He maintains the Web site and writes monthly articles on astronomy for the German newspaper Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. His work has appeared in the Encyclopedia Britannica Yearbook of Science and the Future and Astronomy magazine.
Book: Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Astrology to the Moon Landing "Hoax"
Appearance: 6/09/02, 7/22/02

Charlie Plyler
Appearance: 11/02/98

Marko Pogacnik
Born in Slovenia, M. Pogacnik developed the craft of Geomancy in order to decode the wisdom buried and hidden in the earth. "Earth Changes, Human Destiny" is the author's eighth title, where he has reached the conclusion that the conscious evolution of mankind is sacred and unavoidable.
Book: Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings
Book: Earth Changes, Human Destiny
Book: Healing the Heart of the Earth
Book: Christ Power and the Earth Goddess: A Fifth Gospel
Appearance: 11/4/00

Nick Pope
Book: Open Skies, Closed Minds: For the First Time a Government UFO Expert Speaks Out
Book: The Uninvited: An Expose of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon
Appearance: 7/22/99

Raphaela Pope
Animal Communicator
Book: Wisdom of the Animals
Appearance: 5/23/01

Ginny Porter and Diane Burney
Appearance: 3/20/01

Scott Portzline
Related Website: Three Mile Island Alert
Related Website: Nuclear Power Plant Security
Appearance: 2/4/02

Jerry Pournelle
Book: Lucifer'sHammer
Appearance: 4/28/97

Robert R. Prechter Jr.
Robert Prechter is President of Elliott Wave International, is a forecasting firm servicing institutional and private investors around the world, providing long-term as well as intraday analysis on stock markets, currencies, interest rates, commodities, and social trends. Every month, he writes thoughtful market commentary in The Elliott Wave Theorist. Prechter attended Yale University on a full scholarship and graduated in 1971 with a degree in psychology. He began his career as a Technical Market Specialist with the Merrill Lynch Market Analysis Department in New York City.
Book: Conquer the Crash: You Can Survive and Prosper in a Deflationary Depression
Appearance: 7/19/02

David A. Prentice, Ph.D.
Dr. Prentice is one of the Founding Members of Do No Harm; The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics, a national coalition of researchers, health care professionals, bioethicists, legal professionals, and others dedicated to the promotion of scientific research and health care, which does no harm to human life.
Appearance: 1/19/02

Richard Preston
Book: The Cobra Event
Book: The Hot Zone
Appearance: 12/17/97

Lucy Pringle
Book: Crop Circles
Appearance: 8/22/01

Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Book: The Answer You're Looking for is Inside You; A Commonsense Guide to Spiritual Growth
Book: The Great White Brotherhood : In the Culture, History and Religion of America
Book: The Science of the Spoken World
Appearance: 4/10/97
Photo: Elizabeth

Chip Proser and Jim Benson
Private space exploration
Appearance: 2/21/00

Lloyd Pye
Lloyd Pye with news on the "Mungo Man". The skeletal remains unearthed in 1974 at Lake Mungo in the state of New South Wales, challenge the "out of Africa" theory of evolution. Dating in May 1999 put the age of the skeletal remains at between 56,000 and 68,000 years old. Also, Lloyd will discuss the latest abduction case from Australia which has resulted in what may be the world's first DNA test of abduction-related biological material: a strand of blonde hair.
Book: Everything You Know is Wrong, Book 1: Human Evolution
Book: Big
Related Website:
Appearances: 12/1/97, 6/05/98, 4/14/99, 5/28/99, 1/25/00, 5/24/00, 1/15/01

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