Weird Weather

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Mark ( writes:

My cousin works for Mustang Engineering. They build and maintain offshore oil platforms. Here is a pic he sent me of some of "Lili's" Damage.


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Jones, Paula ( sends us this supposed image of Hurricane Lili:


Then we received:

Hi there, I am Joel, a RSTT (Rig Safety Training Tech) and Medic on Board the Discoverer Deep Seas, and an AVID Art Bell fan. I try to listen every time I Am on Shore, since we don't get AM/FM Signals out here in the gulf of Mexico to easily. So I usually browse the Art Bell site at least once a week for any thing new of interest. Imagine my surprise when I Came across this picture sent in by "Paula Jones" ( of Hurricane Lili. This particular photo did NOT Happen during Hurricane Lili. I am attaching the original photo, which was taken on the Deep Seas, and it was taken earlier this year when a storm came through the gulf. During Hurricane(s) Lili, and Isadore, we disconnected from the well we are drilling, and got out of the storms way. While we did see some rain, and high seas, we did not see any water spouts on these particular trips. Just like the correct info to be given at all times, as it prevents any misunderstanding and or confusion later. The Truth eventually always comes out. Thanks, and Keep up the good work on the show.

Then he follows up:

Follow up from my earlier e-mail. I have since found out that this particular photo has been "Doctored", there actually was 1 water spout when this picture was taken earlier this year, and the picture was taken 3 times of the same water spout, then "edited" together to make it look like 3 separate water spouts. While we have seen "doubles" (2 water spouts), no one had a camera handy to take that picture. Any way, just letting you know...


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