Weird Weather Clouds


Paul ( sends us:

This was taken over Palmdale, CA from the Lockheed plant area a few years ago.


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Sheri Gould ( sends us:

I'm sending you pictures I've taken of some lenticular clouds, also known as flying saucer clouds, angelship clouds or clouds of heaven. I refer to them as Cloudships. These clouds are reputed to sometimes be a cover for UFO's. I've seen these cloudships defy the wind - as they remain or oppose it, cause vehicles to stall so that we would be aware of them, and I've seen blue balls of light shoot out from them. My understanding is that these cloudships are from higher (more evolved) dimensions, and these cloudships, when fully materialized, are the vehicles used to traverse the celestial realms. Even before I see these cloudships, I feel their energies or get a ringing in my ears - my clue to look outside! All of the pictures, with the exception╩of the second and sixth picture╩are taken near Buffalo, Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains. The second picture╩was taken in Ft. Collins, CO., and╩the sixth,╩somewhere in Idaho. Picture #1 has been of special interest to UFO investigator Wendelle Stevens, as you can see where it looks as if the clouds on the top part of the photograph separate in order for the cloudship to come down.


Bob Shriner╩( sends us:

On the way home from work a few months ago, I snapped this one just and mile or two north of Vandenburg AFB in central CA and on the coast. ╩Three full spirals...never seen anything like it.


Chris Ward ( sends us:

Please take a look at these shots.


Kelly Hoffart ( sends us:

Here's a picture I got from the town my parents live in, Ravenna Nebraska.


Shelann ( sends us:

I took these photos while driving on Hwy 97 towards Klamath Falls, Oregon. I suspect one does not often see cloud formations like this.