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Dr. Stephen LaBerge
Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. is a world-renowned authority on lucid dreaming. His pioneering studies at Stanford University have brought scientific attention to this potentially illuminating state of consciousness. For the past 20 years, Dr. LaBerge has researched methods for teaching people to become lucid dreamers, developing techniques and lucid dreaming induction devices. In 1988, he founded the Lucidity Institute.
Book: Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming
Appearance: 4/25/02

Louis E. LaGrand, Ph.D.
Dr. LaGrand is a nationally certified grief counselor and has been doing research on extraordinary experiences of the bereaved (often referred to as after-death communication) for over twenty years.
Book: Gifts from the Unknown: Using Extraordinary Experiences to Cope with Loss & Change
Book: After Death Communication: Final Farewells
Book: Messages and Miracles: The Extraordinary Experiences of the Bereaved
Appearance: 8/20/01

Stephanie Laland
Book: Peaceful Kingdom, Random Acts of Kindness by Animals

Henry Lamb
Website: Environmental Conservation Organization
Appearance: 7/26/99

Lan Lamphere
Spotted UFO in Storm Chasing Video
Appearance: 6/25/97, 7/1/97

Jonathan Michael Lampley
History of Horror movies, and lots of horror trivia.
Book: The Amazing, Colossal Book of Horror Trivia : Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Scary Movies but Were Afraid to Ask
Appearance: 10/31/99

Jan Lamprecht
A scientific examination of the possibility earth, mercury, and venus are hollow.
Born in Zimbabwe, now living in Johannesburg, South Africa, Jan Lamprecht has been involved with computer programming, consulting, etc., for the last 19 years. He has had an intense interest in offbeat subjects such as UFOs, etc., since his teenage years. His book, Hollow Planets was published in July 1999. He is currently working on a follow-up book which will concentrate on many Arctic mysteries and issues which have been long ignored.
Book: Hollow Planets
Appearance: 9/25/99, 2/01/01, 1/31/02

Michael Peter Langevin
Magical Blend's Publisher, Michael Peter Langevin, offers a rarely seen glimpse into the rites and rituals of the ancient, sacred, and beautiful Inca people in his book, Secrets of the Ancient Incas. It reaches from Machu Picchu to Lake Titicaca, from the distant past into the far future and reveals eternal truths about the human condition and what it means to live as a true Incan warrior.
Book: Secrets of the Ancient Incas
Book: A Magical Universe: The Best of Magical Blend Magazine
Book: Solstice Shift: Magical Blend's Synergetic Guide to the Coming Age
Appearance: 7/25/99, 6/30/02

Catherine Lanigan
Book: Angel Watch - Goosebumps, Signs, Dreams and Other Divine Nudges
Appearance: 6/19/01

Jack "Kewaunee" Lapseritis, B.A., M.S.
Kewaunee is a Holistic Health Consultant and Master Herbalist with a background in anthropolgy, psychology, conservation, and holistic health. As a world authority on the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon, he has researched the subject for over 40 years. Kewaunee was first telepathically contacted by a Sasquatch and ET simultaneously in 1979.
Book: The Psychic Sasquatch: And Their UFO Connection
Appearance: 8/10/00

Lisette Larkins
In 1987, Lisette Larkins had her whole world turned upside down when she began to be contacted by extraterrestrials. At first, unsure of what was happening to her, she considered that she was perhaps losing her mind. But after extensive psychological testing and evaluation, she was assured to be of sound mind. Eventually, Lisette came to understand that like many otherwise ordinary people around the world, she is part of a growing trend, whereby more and more humans are being contacted by inhabitants from other galaxies.
Book: Talking to Extraterrestrials
Appearance: 8/28/02

Jim Larranaga
Who Really Controls the Weather? What if you discovered evidence that the Government was tampering with the weather? Journalist Jim Larranaga did -- sort of. While researching a controversial fiction thriller, he uncovered research that the U.S. Government has a long history of tampering with the weather.
Book: The Dead Farmer's Almanac
Related PDF File: Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025
Appearance: 2/19/02

Bob Larson
Bob Larson is an expert on cults, the occult, and supernatural phenomena. He has lectured in more than seventy countries and has appeared on such television shows as Oprah, Donahue, Montel, Sally Jesse, Larry King Live, and Politically Incorrect.
Book: Shock Talk: The Exorcist Files
Book: Larsons Book of Spiritual Warfare
Book: In the Name of Satan
Book: Satanism: The Seduction of America's Youth
Book: Larson's Book of Rock
Book: Larson's New Book of Cults
Appearance: 5/15/01

Jennifer LaVoie, Kalin Olson and Danelle Folta
Playboy X-Treme Team Members
Photos: Playboy X-Treme Team
appearance: 4/10/01

Emily Lau Wai-hing
Hong Kong Legislator, discusses the upcoming take over of Hong Kong by China and her attempts at democratization.
Appearance: Feb 25, 1997

Joanne Elizabeth Lauck
Book: The Voice of the Infinite in the Small: Revisioning the Insect-Human Connection
Book: The Voice of the Infinite in the Small (Prior Printing)
Appearance: 7/11/99

Dr. Ronald S. Laura
Book: Empathetic Education
Appearance: 7/8/99

Paul LaViolette
Book: Beyond the Big Bang: Ancient Myth and the Science of Continuous Creation
Book: Earth Under Fire: Humanity's Survival of the Apocalypse
Appearance: 11/10/98

Nicole Lavoie
Book: Return to Harmony: Creating harmony and balance through the frequencies of sound
Appearance: 5/13/00

Gilbert LaVoie
Book: Resurrected : Tangible Evidence Jesus Rose from the Dead
Photos: Exhibits of Shroud
Website: The Shroud of Jesus
Appearance: 8/12/00, 4/3/01

Jennifer Lawson
Book: Violent Weather Predictions, 2000-2001: Countdown to Cataclysm
Appearance: 8/16/00

Ian Lawton
What secrets does the Giza Plateau really hold? Are the pyramids simple burial chambers, astronomical devices, or even power plants? Who built them and the enigmatic Sphinx, and when? Does a Hall of Records await discovery at Giza, and if so what does it contain? These questions have animated both the public and a long line of dedicated researchers for years. Ian Lawton will attempt to answer these questions and many more. Lawton is a former management information systems consultant. He has been researching ancient civilizations for more than a decade, and since 1997 has been a full-time writer-researcher.
Book: Giza : The Truth : The People, Politics, and History Behind the World's Most Famous Archaeological Site
Appearance: 2/3/02

Dr. Richard Lawrence
UK's leading expert on paranormal
Appearance: 9/25/00

Lee Lawson
A Visitation - a spontaneous encounter with a loved one who has passed on into the next world - is a life-altering and transformative experience. Sometimes a loved one returns to say "Good-bye, for now," or to bring a vision of the afterlife or a lesson for this life. Often the spirit brings the blessed peace of healing to a grieving loved one- someone who has lost a parent, a partner, or a child. However, they come, these extraordinary moments of reunion leave the living blessed and forever changed. Since early childhood, Lee Lawson has herself had many visitations, treasured experiences that have profoundly shaped and molded her life.
Book: Visitations From the Afterlife: True Stories of Love and Healing
Appearance: 7/8/01

Deborah Layton
Former high-level member of the Peoples Temple
Book: Seductive Poison: A Jonestown Survivor's Story of Life and Death in the Peoples Temple
Appearance: 8/26/00

Bob Lazar
One night in May 1989, a reporter broadcast a story from a satellite link in Las Vegas Nevada. A young physicist spoke under hidden identity, and told us of nine alien discs held near Groom Lake by a small, autonomous group of the American goverment. He used the psudonym "Dennis" which turned out to be the name of his superior at the base. A few weeks later he went on camera using his real name, Bob Lazar, and he has been the subject of world-wide curiosity, speculation and controversy ever since.
Related Site:
Appearance: 9/26/97, 6/06/02

Joe Lazzaro
Joe is a candidate to receive an experimental artificial vision system from the Dobelle Institute later this year. He has worked as a freelance professional writer since the 1980s, and has specialized in writing about technology to assist persons with disabilities. His latest book is "Adaptive Technologies for Learning and Work Environments, second edition".
Books: Adaptive Technologies for Learning and Work Environments. 2nd Edition
Books: Adapting PC’s for Disabilities
Books: Adaptive Technologies for Learning and Work Environments
Appearance: 8/31/02

Mike Lee
Reporter from the Tri-City Herald
Appearance: 10/09/99

Dr. Roger Leir
Dr. Leir has headed two surgical teams that have removed five suspected alien implants in four separate individuals alleged to be abductees. Dr. Leir is a Podiatric Surgeon and has acted as Chief of Podiatry in many Southern California hospitals.
Book: The Aliens and the Scalpel: Scientific Proof of Extraterrestrial Implants in Humans
Appearances: 11/19/97, 2/4/98, 11/5/98, 3/2/99, 8/22/99, 9/26/99, 10/3/99, 11/14/99, 1/23/00, 7/12/00, 9/6/00, 4/30/01

Arnold Leibovit
Executive Producer of Warner Brothers & Dreamworks "The Time Machine".
Photo: Arnold in original Time Machine from the George Pal MGM classic (1960)
Photo: Arnold in the New Time Machine from the Dreamworks Warner Bros. production (2002)
Appearance: 3/20/02

Melinda Leslie

Melinda is an abductee, researcher and lecturer. For many years, she was the Director of two UFO abductee support groups and was the Associate Producer of the UFO Expo West in 1994.

A Federal Investigation begins to look into the military and government's involvement in abduction, mind control, and harassment of alien abduction experiencers.
Related Site:
Appearance: 8/18/00

William A. Lester. Jr
Proof from the bible that Jesus was put on earth by extraterrestrials to guide us.
Appearance: 8/23/99

Patrica Leva
Book: Traveling the Interstate of Consciousness: A Driver's Instruction Manual, Using Hemi-Sync to Access States of Non-Ordinary Reality
Appearance: 8/23/98

Michal Levin
Michal Levin, a BBC Newsnight broadcaster in London for many years, viewed meditation with complete skepticism -until she tried it. She was astonished at the amazing insights she experienced, even from her earliest attempts. She has refined her methods and taught this straightforward approach to many students, most of them highly successful professionals.
Book: Meditation: Path to the Deepest Self
Book: The Pool of Memory
Appearance: 5/18/02

David H. Levy
Book: Ultimate Universe: The Most Up-To-Date Guide to the Cosmos
Book: Comets: Creators and Destroyers
Book: Impact Jupiter: The Crash of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9
Book: The Man Who Sold the Milky Way: A Biography of Bart Bok
Book: Joy of Gazing: A Personal Guide for a New Observer
Book: More Things in Heaven and Earth: Poets and Astronomers Read the Night Sky
Book: Observing Variable Stars: A Guide for the Beginner
Book: The Quest for Comets: An Explosive Trail of Beauty and Danger
Appearance: 6/6/99

Steven Levy
Every time you use a credit card, the Internet, or your cell phone, the only thing that prevents others from knowing your business is cryptography, or crypto. Simply put, crypto is the use of secret codes and ciphers to scramble information so that it's worthless to anyone but intended recipients. Without it, public privacy is under assault. Steven Levy is Newsweek's chief technology writer and has been a contributing writer for Wired since its inception.
Book: Crypto: How the Code Rebels Beat the Government-Saving Privacy in the Digital Age
Book: Insanely Great : The Life and Times of MacIntosh, the Computer That Changed Everything
Book: Artificial Life : A Report from the Frontier Where Computers Meet Biology
Book: Principles of Interpretation : Mastering Clear and Concise Interventions in Psychotherapy
Book: Starting from Scratch : One Classroom Builds Its Own Curriculum (Pre-Order)
Book: Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution
Appearance: 4/8/01

Joe Lewels, Ph.D.
Book: The God Hypothesis: Extraterrestrial Life and Its Implications for Science and Religion
Appearance: 9/19/00

Steve Lewis
Book: Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness
Appearance: 12/13/00

Nancy Lieder
Nancy Lieder, a contactee, claims to be in telepathic communication with visitors from Zeta Reticuli. The Zetas reveal to Nancy information about life on other worlds; the ET origins of the human species; the origins of the pyramids and the Sphinx; the Zeta Reticuli people and their nature, the Nibiruans from the 12th Planet and its imminent return; and much more. Nancy Lieder is a computer professional who wrote ZetaTalk after awakening late in life to her contactee status.
Book: Zetatalk : Direct Answers from the Zeta Reticuli People
Appearance: 6/11/02

David Lifton
Book: Best Evidence: Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
Website: JFK Lancer Online
Appearance: 10/22/98 w/Hilly Rose

CDGordon Lightfoot
Singer / Songwriter
Music CD: Songbook [BOX SET Collection]
Music CD: Best of Gordon Lightfoot
Music CD: Cold On The Shoulder
Music CD: If You Could Read My Mind
Music CD: Sundown
Music CD: Don Quixote
Unofficial Website:

Appearance: 9/29/99

Michael Lindemann
CNINews (Contact With Non-human Intelligence News)
Appearance: 12/17/95, 3/27/97, 6/25/99, 8/29/99, 9/26/99, 11/7/99

Dr. Gregory Little
When it was given over 70 years ago in his psychic readings, Edgar Cayce's ancient history of North and South America was considered to be impossible. Virtually everything he said was completely opposed to the archaeological belief at the time. Recent discoveries in archaeology and genetics has, astonishingly, completely supported Cayce's entire story. The existence of now-lost continents in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (Atlantis and Mu/Lemuria) are better explanations for scientific findings than are the current scientific findings.
Book: Mound Builders: Edgar Cayce's Forgotten Record of Ancient America
Book: Grand Illusions: The Spectral Reality Underlying Sexual Ufo Abductions, Crashed Saucers, Afterlife Experiences, Sacred Ancietn Ritual Sites, & Other
Book: People of the Web
Appearance: 2/4/02, 7/23/02

David Livingston
Dr. David Livingston is a business consultant, financial advisor, and strategic planner. For more than twenty-five years, he has worked in oil and gas exploration, real estate development and sales, finance, marketing, and direct advertising and sales. He currently specializes in solving business problems for entrepreneurial operations, start-ups, and businesses with ten or fewer employees, in addition to his writing lecturing, and consulting on commercial space matters. His doctoral dissertation was titled Outer Space Commerce: Its History and Prospects. Livingston has spoken or had his papers presented at various international space conferences including Space 98 and Space 2000, Mars Society conferences, The Lunar Development Conference, the IAA, and the Cato Institute. His lecture topics including venture capital financing for new space businesses, RLVs and space tourism, barriers to space enterprise, as well as the exporting of business ethics from Earth to commercial space.
Website: General Public Space Travel and Tourism
Appearance: 5/11/01, 8/22/02

Eugene Linden
Author of The Parrot's Lament, Linden provides a new crop of stories concerning the intelligence of animals. Linden's stories are told by zookeepers, veterinarians, trainers--and even scientists--who have access to animals on a daily basis. Eugene Linden is an award-winning writer on science, nature, and the environment, whose articles have appeared in many publications, including Time magazine, National Geographic, and The New York Times.
Book: Octopus and the Orangutan: More True Stories of Animal Intrigue, Intelligence, and Ingenuity
Book: The Future In Plain Sight: The Rise of the "True Believers" and Other Clues to the Coming Instability
Book: The Parrot's Lament
Book: Silent Partners: The Legacy of the Ape Language Experiments
Book: Apes, Men, and Language.
Book: The Alms Race: The Impact of American Voluntary Aid Abroad
Book: Affluence and Discontent: The Anatomy of Consumer Behavior
Appearance: 1/30/02, 4/06/02, 9/01/02

Hal Lindsey
Book: Facing Millennial Midnight
Book: Apocalypse Code
Book: Amazing Grace
Book: Planet Earth: The Final Chapter
Book: Blood Moon
Book: Planet Earth 2000 AD: Will Mankind Survive
Book: The Final Battle
Book: There's a New World Coming: An Indepth Analysis of the Book of Revelation
Book: The Guilt Trip
Book: The Messiah
More Books: List of Author's Titles
Appearance: 2/09/99, 12/14/01, 4/29/02

Gary Lockwood
Star of 2001: A Space Odyssey
Appearance: 7/5/01

Arvol Looking Horse
Spiritual Leader of Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nations
Appearance: 1/20/99

Greg Long
Web page ALIEN LIGHTS profiles UFO researcher Greg Long and his years of investigations into mysterious, unexplained lights on the Yakima Indian Reservation in Washington state.
Appearance: 7/09/95

James D. Long
Book: Riddle of the Exodus
Appearance: 3/31/02

Dr. Jeff Long & Tricia McGill
Jeff Long, M.D. is an expert and leading researcher in near death experience (NDE). He serves on the Board of Directors of IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies). His web site is devoted to investigating NDE and searching for its truths. This web site has more original contribution NDEs posted than any other web site in the world. In addition to NDE, Dr. Long actively investigates related phenomena with web sites devoted to the study of after death communication, out of body experience and soul mate relationships.
RealAudio: Sarah's Near Death Experience
Appearance: 2/04/99, 6/3/99, 11/28/00, 5/21/01

Ramon E. Lopez
We are now in the midst of a solar maximum, the effects of which are expected to be felt all the way through the year 2004. Dr. Lopez, co-author of Storms from the Sun, explores the emerging physical science of space weather and traces its increasing impact on a society that relies on space-based technologies. Ramon E. Lopez is the C. Sharp Cook Distinguished Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Texas at El Paso. He received his B.S. degree in Physics from the University of Illinois, and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Space Physics from Rice University.
Book: Storms from the Sun: The Emerging Science of Space Weather
Appearance: 5/14/02, 7/01/02

Vincent Lords
Appearance: 1/16/02

Archie Huel Lowe
President, Republic of Texas

Michael C. Luckman
Cosmic Majority Founder Michael C. Luckman may have discovered a new face on Mars. Luckman believes that the face is the closest we have ever come to proof that Mars was once inhabited by an intelligent civilization. The face, which many believe is female, measures a mile and a quarter wide and is located near Syrtis major, about 3,000 miles from the famous Sphinx-like face photographed by NASA in the Cydonia region.
Related Info: Wide Angle Original Nasa Image
Appearance: 2/13/02

John Lucich
John Lucich serves as a civilian member of the U.S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force. He goes undercover to seek out and catch cyber criminals who hack corporate networks and steal personal identities. He is a 17 year veteran of law enforcement, and currently serves as the International President of the High Tech Crime Network.
Appearance: 02/27/01

Dr. Alex Lukeman
Alex Lukeman has been helping people explore their dreams for more than twenty years. A near-death experience in 1975 changed the direction of his life and opened the way to an extensive study of dreams, psychology and the mystery of human consciousness. Dr. Lukeman brings a varied and eclectic life experience to his work. In years past he has been a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, a professional musician, a fantasy writer and a Rolf practitioner. All of these occupations helped prepare him for his current work as a writer and psychotherapist.
Book: Nightmares: How to Make Sense of Your Darkest Dreams
Book: Sleep Well, Sleep Deep
Book: What Your Dreams Can Teach You
Appearance: 12/19/99, 3/24/01

Ian Xel Lungold
Ian has just discovered a 15 billion year long string of coincidences between the timing of the evolutionary steps of our Universe as well as Life on Earth with the Mayan Calendarís timing pattern.
Appearence: 02/08/01

Stanislav Lunev
Book: Through the Eyes of the Enemy: Russia's Highest Ranking Military Defector Reveals Why Russia Is More Dangerous Than Ever
Appearance: 9/04/98

Howard F. Lyman
Howard F. Lyman has brought the issue of the dangers of eating beef to light like never before. A former cattle rancher-turned-vegetarian and food safety activist, in 1996, Lyman revealed, to a national television audience, how the cattle industry potentially exposed Americans to Mad Cow Disease by feeding cows the remains of live animals - including other cows. As a result of his remarks, Lyman was named a co-defendant with Oprah Winfrey in the "veggie libel" case brought by Texas ranchers in Amarillo this past year.
Book: Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat
Appearence: 2/11/01

Michael Lynch Ph. D.
Para-Vision has lead the way in ghost and entity investigations for over six years. Using the most advanced digital infrared video system, Para - Vision has video taped hours of Entity Consciousness. In 1999 Para-Vision Research Labs sent a newly developed video camera to the CVSMA for independent testing. This simple and easy to use camera was designed for seeing NON-Biological Living Consciousness, which are called Entities. Many call this type of Consciousness a Ghost. After a year of outstanding research Para-Vision Labs sent a 6000x to CVSMA for independent testing. Their conclusion, were beyond any expectation. The CVSMA has proven time, and time again that the Entities that they are contacting, understand "Their thoughts" and are responding to "Their commands".
Appearance: 11/13/01, 5/26/02, 7/29/02

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