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William Calvin
One of the most shocking realizations of all time has slowly been dawning on us: the earth's climate does great flip-flops every few thousand years, and with breathtaking speed. William Calvin ma argues that such cycles of cool, crash, and burn powered the pump for the enormous increase in brain size and complexity in human beings. Driven by the imperative to adapt within a generation to "whiplash" climate changes where only grass did well for a while, our ancestors learned to cooperate and innovate in hunting large grazing animals. William H. Calvin is affiliate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle.
Book: A Brain for All Seasons: Human Evolution and Abrupt Climate Change
Appearance: 4/27/02

Charles Cagle
Related Info: Cagle Images Page
Appearance: 11/18/97, 12/5/97

Jay Caliendo
Jay has a quasi-sixth sense that allows him to see health-related maladies in people in what he describes as a two-dimensional image. Jay himself is mystified by the innate ability to comprehend what processes are going on inside of another individual and even to foretell what is going to take place physically or emotionally to that person in the future. Jay stresses that he is neither a physician nor a psychic healer. He dispenses no medication or medical treatments. He offers an intuitive opinion from a spiritual approach by providing personal health evaluations. Jay is a consultant for the Maricopa County Hospital System, the Arizona Department of Economic Security Rehabilitation Services and consults for several Practitioners throughout Arizona.
Appearence: 1/14/01

Tom Cameron
Tom Cameron, "The Human Stun Gun", has been involved in martial arts for over thirty years and has developed the ability to knock down, knock out or shut an attacker's organs off. The technique requires little more than a touch and in many instances just the intent without physical contact is sufficient.
Appearance: 4/30/99, 5/01/02

Dolores Cannon
Cannon is a past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist who specializes in the recovery and cataloging of "Lost Knowledge". During the past fifteen years Cannon has been a UFO investigator, using her skills as a regressionist to help people that have been involved in abduction cases.
Book: Conversations with Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained
Book: Conversations with Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained Vol II
Book: Conversations with Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained Vol III
Book: Conversations with Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained (Rev 1996)
Book: The Custodians: Beyond Abduction
Book: The Legend of Starcrash
Book: They Walked With Jesus: Past Life Experience With Christ
Book: Keepers of the Garden
Book: Legacy From The Stars
Book: A Soul Remembers Hiroshima
Book: The Convoluted Universe (Spring 2001)
Appearance: 12/21/97, 1/09/01

Steve Canada
Steve has developed an internationally reviewed theory (England, Germany, Italy) that deciphers new information presented in crop circle pictograms each season.
Book: Crop Circles and the Mistresses of the Martian Pyramids: England's Crop Circle Connection to Egypt's Giza Plateau and the Mars Cydonia Region
Appearance: 12/10/00

Michael Capuzzo
Book: Close to Shore A True Story of Terror in an Age of Innocence
Appearance: 9/8/01

Lorenzo Carcaterra
Related Info: In 1988 Carcaterra worked as a creative consultant on the syndicated television series Cop Talk. That led to a job as Managing Editor of the CBS weekly series Top Cops, which ran for four seasons from 1990 to 1994. It was during this period that Carcaterra wrote his two memoirs: A Safe Place and Sleepers. His latest novel, Gangster, was optioned by producer Joe Roth and is slated to air as a four-hour mini-series for ABC during the 2001 television season.
Book: Gangster

Appearance: 03/11/01
Tom Carey and Don Schmitt
Book: The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell
Book: UFO Crash at Roswell
Appearance: 4/28/99

George Carlin
Book: Brain Droppings
CD Set: Little David Years 1971-1977 (7Cds)
CD Album: Back In Town
CD Album: You Are All Diseased
CD Album: What Am I Doing In New Jersey?
CD Album: Jammin' In New York
CD Album: Take-Offs and Put-Ons
CD Album: Classic Gold
CD Album: Parental Advisory
CD Album: Killer Carlin
Appearance: 11/10/99, 5/28/01

Mark Carlotto
Researcher of Mars Artifacts
Dr. Carlotto has over twenty years of experience in digital image processing and satellite remote sensing. His book, The Martian Enigmas, describes his analysis of imagery of the Face and other unusal objects on the surface of Mars imaged by a Viking Orbiter spacecraft in 1976.
Book: The Martian Enigmas: A Closer Look
Appearance: 2/26/98, 9/14/00

Rick Carlson and Gary Stimeling
Health-care consultant Carlson (The End of Medicine) and writer Stimeling (coauthor of The Body Electric) offer an assessment of biotechnologyįs promise and peril, with emphasis on the peril. Insisting that not enough attention is paid to biotechnologyįs potential dangers, they voice concerns about profit-driven, class-restrictive medicine where 'the diseased are just another market, and propose some provocative solutions for a flawed medical system.
Book: The Terrible Gift: The Brave New World of Genetic Medicine
Appearance: 8/11/02

Clifford E. Carnicom
Clear photos that prove chemtrail spraying.
Appearance: 11/06/99

Lloyd Stewart Carpenter
All of the topography of planet Earth is comprised of a series of easily recognizable pictures. Lloyd Stewart Carpenter has been a maps researcher and inventor for more than 20 years. He became a national championship speaker, during his college years speaking about his research. He has appeared on many national radio and television talk shows concerning his research and inventions. His discovery of the Face on the Pacific Ocean Floor was the subject on an NBC News close-up. Also stories have been written about this discovery in the Los Angeles Times (Front Page), Associated Press and UPI.
Book: Ocean Floor Mysteries: The Amazing Mystery of the Great FACE on the Pacific Ocean Floor
Appearance: 2/17/02, 6/03/02

Chris Carter
Appearance: 10/26/99

Jeanne Cavelos
Book: The Science of the X-Files
Appearance: 2/14/99, 2/23/99

Michael Castle
Discussing Contrails, also known as Chemtrails, and their affect on us as a population. Castle is the President of a mid-western environmental consulting and engineering firm. He has participated in various environmental projects including investigation and surveillance, and testing soils and ground waters contaminated with toxic chemicals. Castle has given testimony to the US Congress by invitation on Super Fund site clean-ups. Castle is an industrial polymer chemist in coatings and adhesives and has a national credential as a certified risk auditor and assessor.
Appearance: 1/6/00, 5/3/00

Edgar E. Cayce
Association for Research and Enlightenment
Book: Mysteries of Atlantis Revisited (Edgar Cayce Guides)
Book: Edgar Cayce on Atlantis
Book: Dreams: Your Magic Mirror: With Interpretations of Edgar Cayce
Book: The Edgar Cayce Companion: A Comprehensive Treatise of the Edgar Cayce Readings
Book: God's Other Door and the Continuity of Life
Book: The Lost Memoirs of Edgar Cayce: Life As a Seer
Book: Auras: An Essay on the Meaning of Colors
Related Book: The Second Coming 1998: Edgar Cayce's Earth-Change Prophecies
Related Book: Millennium Prophecies: Predictions for the Coming Century from Edgar Cayce
Related Book: The End Times: Prophecies of Coming Changes: Includes Prophecies and Predictions from the Bible-Nostradamus Holy Mother-Edgar Cayce
Appearance: 2/19/98

Gerald Celente
As the founder of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente is well respected for his track record of picking business, consumer, political, and economic trends before they come to pass. It is his job to see the future and understand how the issues and events of today will determine the trends of tomorrow.
Book: Trends 2000: How to Prepare for and Profit from the Changes of the 21st Century
Book: What Zizi Gave Honeyboy: A True Story About Love, Wisdom, and the Soul of America
Appearance: 1/13/98, 7/09/02

John Chambers
Book: Father Ernetti's Chronovisor: The Creation and Disappearance of the World's First Time Machine
Appearance: 7/05/02

Daniel Charles
These days, there's very little you can do to avoid eating genetically engineered food. An estimated half of the processed foods in the U.S. supermarkets contain genetically engineered corn, soybeans or other crops. But is this a good thing or a bad thing? Science reporter Daniel Charles gives a behind-the-scenes look at both sides of this heated debate. Daniel has been a technology correspondent for National Public Radio and the Washington correspondent for New Scientist magazine. He has covered everything from the misadventures of the Mir space station, to earthquakes in India, to nuclear smuggling in Germany.
Book: Lords of the Harvest: Biotech, Big Money, and the Future of Food
Appearance: 1/05/01

Albert Chen & Tim Smith
Sports Illustrated researchers on the cover photo jinx.
Appearance: 1/20/02

Jimmy Chilcutt
Topic: Bigfoot
Appearance: 7/26/01

James Chiles
Book: Inviting Disaster : Lessons from the Edge of Technology
Appearance: 9/9/01

David Hatcher Childress
At the age of 19 David Hatcher Childress left the United States on a six-year research and adventure odyssey. Childress would study firsthand the ancient civilizations of Africa, the Middle East and China; along with journeying into dangerous territory occasionally, like Uganda during the overthrow of Idi Amin. Further expeditions to South America, Africa and remote Pacific Islands, along with his books and media attention certified Childress as the Real Life Indiana Jones. From Childress further 20 years of global search for lost cities, ancient mysteries and clues of humankind's origins, The LOST CITIES SERIES of 8 titles has come about.
Book: Atlantis and the Power System of the Gods Mercury Vortex Generators and the Power
Book: Lost Cities of North & Central America
Book: Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients
Book: The Time Travel Handbook: A Manual of Practice Teleportation & Time Travel
Book: Ancient Micronesia & the Lost City of Nan Madol
Book: Ancient Tonga & the Lost City of Mu'a
Book: Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of Africa and Arabia
Book: Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of South America
Book: Lost Cities of Atlantis Ancient Europe & the Mediterranean
Book: Lost Cities of China, Central Asia and India
Book: Lost Continents & the Hollow Earth
Book: Anti-Gravity and the Unified Field
Book: Anti-Gravity and the World Grid
Book: The Anti-Gravity Handbook
Book: The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla
Book: The Free-Energy Device Handbook
Book: Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis
More Books: List of Author's Titles
Appearance: 7/19/99, 8/29/99, 1/15/00, 7/13/01, 1/12/02, 5/19/02

Deepak Chopra
Book: Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old
Book: How to Know God: The Soul's Journey into the Mystery of Mysteries
Book: Journey into Healing: Awakening the Wisdom Within You
Book: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams
Book: Creating Affluence: The A-To-Z Steps to a Richer Life
Book: Deepak Chopra Calendar 2000: 365 Days of Wisdom and Healing
Book: A Deepak Chopra Companion: Illuminations on Health and Human Consciousness
Book: Everyday Immortality: A Concise Course in Spiritual Transformation
Book: Healing the Heart: A Spiritual Approach to Reversing Coronary Artery Disease
Book: Looking for the Other Side
Book: Lords of Light
Book: Molecules of Emotion: Why You Feel the Way You Feel
Book: Overcoming Addictions: The Spiritual Solution
Book: The Path to Love: Renewing the Power of Spirit in Your Life
Book: The Path to Love: Spiritual Strategies for Healing
Book: Perfect Digestion: The Key to Balanced Living
Book: Perfect Health: The Complete Mind/Body Program for Identifying & Soothing the Source of Your Body's Reaction
Book: Restful Sleep: The Complete Mind/Body Program for Overcoming Insomnia
Book: The Return of Merlin: A Novel
Book: The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents: Guiding Your Children to Success and Fulfillment
Book: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams
Book: Unconditional Life: Discovering the Power to Fulfill Your Dreams
Book: The Way of the Wizard: 20 Lessons for Living a Magical Life
Appearance: 12/19/99

Jerome Clark
Book: Unexplained: Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences and Puzzling Physical Phenomena
Book: The UFO Book: Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial
Appearance: 11/30/98

Jim Clary
Artist of Marine Art. Jim discusses the Titanic and even plays an interview with a passenger.
Appearance: 3/2/98

Constance Clear
Social worker, therapist and author of a book written with and by her abductee support group, offers deep insight into areas of the abduction phenomenon that have never before been explored.
Book: Reaching for Reality: Seven Incredible True Stories of Alien Abduction
Appearance: 6/21/99, 11/28/99, 9/19/00

Barbara Hand Clow
Book: Catastrophobia: The Truth Behind Earth Changes and the Coming Age of Light
Book: The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light
Book: Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets
Book: Eye of the Centaur: A Visionary Guide into Past Lives
Book: Heart of the Christos: Starseeding from the Pleiades
Book: Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution
Book: Signet of Atlantis: War in Heaven Bypass
Book: Liquid Light of Sex: Kundalini Rising at Mid Life Crisis
Appearance: 5/24/99 w/Hilly, 9/8/01

Broughton Coburn
Book: Everest: Mountain Without Mercy
Book: Aama in America: A Pilgrimage of the Heart
Related Book:Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster
Appearance: 4/7/99

Peter Cochrane
Futurist, Peter Cochrane, offers an uncensored and sometimes disturbing commentary on how today's dramatic advances in technology will alter the way we live and think. Human cloning, identification chips implanted under the skin, digitally enhanced brains, and machines that can think--these are things which he not only believes will occur in the near future; Cochrane actually embraces these scary, science-fiction notions as natural extensions of human development.
Book: Tips for Time Travelers: Visionary Insights Into New Technology Life, and the Future on the Edge of Technology
Appearance: 8/26/02

John Cogan
ohn Cogan, author of "The New Order of Man's History", is a graduate of the University of Washington. He is a jet pilot, lawyer, businessman and paleo-historian who researched many scientific disciplines in order to assemble a concise, comprehensive history of humans on Earth.
Book: The New Order of Man's History
Appearance: 7/08/02

Robert Cohen
Executive Director of the Dairy Education Board Squirts of NOTMILK Wisdom
Book: Milk: The Deadly Poison
Appearance: 6/6/00

Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world's leading investigators of the inexplicable and an internationally known cryptozoologist. For 40 years, he has traveled to almost every state and province in the US and Canada, as well as places like Loch Ness, searching and researching the unknown. He has written hundreds of articles on the subject and numerous books. Coleman most recently has been the senior series consultant for a new series of In Search Of... programs. He has an undergraduate degree in anthropology-zoology and a graduate degree in psychiatric social work. Coleman has been an instructor, assistant/associate professor, and research associate in various academic university settings since 1980.
Book: The Field Guide to Bigfoot, Yeti and Other Mystery Primates Worldwide
Book: Cryptozoology A to Z: The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabras, and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature
Book: Mysterious America: The Revised Edition
Topic: Absolute kinda irrefutable proof of Skunk Ape
Reference: Loren Coleman's Analysis
Appearance: 2/25/98, 11/13/99, 2/12/01, 4/27/01

Alex Collier
Appearance: 7/21/98

Jim Collier
Book: Was it Only a Paper Moon?

Anthony Conforti
Anthony Conforti lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has spent the last twenty years working as a television news and documentary producer. Beginning in 1987, he began a continuing effort to video document various traditional Native American dances, rituals and traditions. Much of this work focused on the Maya and he has become the foremost chronicler of the Mayan prophecy as it relates to the end of the Mayan 5000 year calendar and the end date 2012.
Book: Acalan
Appearance: 8/21/01, 5/25/02

Patti Conklin
A medical intuitive, fully senses the "other side" on a full time basis. Patti's physical vision can see past a person's clothing and skin, directly into the body and its physical and energetic workings.
Appearance: 5/18/00

Chris Conrad
Advocate of Hemp and Marijuana
Book: Hemp for Health: The Medicinal and Nutritional Uses of Cannabis Sativa
Appearance: 1/23/97

Brendan Cook & Barbara McBeath
Ghost Investigators Society, with actual recorded voices of ghosts.
Real Video: The Door
Real Video: The Walking Orb (Slo-Mo Version)
Real Video: Shadow Walker
Player: Get the FREE Real Player 8 Basic Here
Appearance: 10/30/99, 4/24/00, 8/6/01, 10/24/01, 12/18/01, 2/8/02, 4/03/02, 7/03/02, 9/20/02

Nick Cook
Imagine the power, economic and military, that would fall into the hands of the person who figured out how to bypass the ordinary laws of physics, defy gravity, and travel near the speed of light. Though it sometimes seems to fall in the realm of science fiction more than pure science, aviation-technology journalist Nick Cook's intriguing tale involves the long quest to develop antigravity vehicles and the sometimes eccentric characters who have played a part in it: Nazi rocket engineers, backyard inventors, NASA scientists, conspiracy theorists, and UFO watchers among them.
Book: The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology
Appearance: 9/04/02

Robert Cook
Robert Cook, inventor, has been working on the Cook Inertial Propulsion (CIP) engine since 1968 after giving up a high paying, 17 year long career in the printing trade. At first, he was not even aware that his device violated any of Newton's principles. Robert Cook, as featured in Jane’s Defence Weekly on 7/24/02 and mentioned by Coast-to-Coast AM guest Nick Cook, has developed a breakthrough propulsion device. The inventor will talk about the CIP engine and his thoughts on the environment, among other things.
Book: The Death of Rocketry
Book: The Man Who Changed the Future
Appearance: 9/24/02

Col. Gordon Cooper
Cooper is one of the original Mercury Astronauts.
Book: Leap of Faith
Appearance: 9/09/99, 7/19/00, 1/23/01

Tim Cooper
Source of MJ-12 Documents
Appearance: 12/22/98

Scott Corrales
Corrales is the Editor of INEXPLICATA, and Director of Institute of Hispanic Ufology. The Institute of Hispanic Ufology was organized in 1999 to serve as a clearinghouse for UFO and paranormal information originating from Central America, the Caribbean, South America and Spain.
Book: Chupacabras & Other Mysteries
Appearences: 1/04/01, 10/27/00, 10/27/00, 11/23/00(Replay)
Stephen Corrick and Monica Rix Paxson
Book: Dead Mars, Dying Earth
Appearance: 12/1/00, 7/20/00
Colonel Philip Corso
Book: The Day After Roswell
Appearance: 7/6/97, 7/23/97
Audio: Real-Audio Sound Page

Philip Corso Jr.
Book: The Day After Roswell
Appearance: 9/29/00

Michael A. Corey
Michael A. Corey has had a lifelong interest in astronomy and the natural sciences. An avid follower of America's space program as a young child, Michael soon came to be fascinated by the mere suggestion that intelligent life forms might exist elsewhere in the universe. This interest eventually led him to question whether or not any of the earth's specific features could have been determined by the influence of any type of extraterrestrial intelligence (including God). This question eventually grew to become the central focus his research career.
Book: The God Hypothesis: Discovering Design in Our Just Right Goldilocks Universe
Book: God and the New Cosmology: The Antropic Design Argument
Book: Back to Darwin
Book: Natural History of Creation
Book: Evolution and the Problem of Natural Evil
Book: Job, Jonah, & the Unconscious
Appearance: 2/24/02

Maurice Cotterell
Maurice Cotterell's background as a scientist, mathematician, and engineer helped him to decipher the code of the ancient Maya, revealing the mystery of their science and religion to an extent never before possible. Using the same techniques, the author turns his attention here to deciphering the secrets encoded within the tomb of Tutankhamun. His extensive research revealed that both the ancient Egyptians and the Maya possessed a sophisticated understanding of sun spot activity and other astronomical phenomena--facts recently confirmed by modern science.
Book: The Tutankhamun Prophecies : The Sacred Secret of the Maya, Egyptians, and Freemasons
Book: The Supergods : They Came on a Mission to Save Mankind
Book: Los Superdioses
Book: The Mayan Prophecies : Unlocking the Secrets of a Lost Civilization
Appearance: 2/23/02, 6/27/02

Paul Coulbeck
Images: Video Snap Shots
Appearance: 4/11/01

Phil Cousineau
Book: Soul Moments: Marvelous Stories of Synchronicity
Appearance: 6/21/98

Earl D. Cox
Earl D. Cox is an international authority on the applications of artificial intelligence. He is founder and president of the Metus Systems Group and a regular contributor to Al periodicals. He has consulted for many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, including American Express, Bioscience, and the New York Times.
Book: Beyond Humanity: CyberEvolution and Future Minds
Appearance: 7/2/01

James Cox
James Cox, editor of AntiGravity News, researches and promotes the experiments that will eventually lead to development of practical antigravity propulsion systems that can be used to alleviate the problems of current transportation systems. AGN publishes a lengthy bi-monthly technical review and newsletter concerning antigravity history, research, data, and results. Cox himself is working on an antigravity backpack that he claims is nearing the patent stage.
Related Images: N.L.Dean, Diagram of Device, Backpack
Appearance: 5/28/02

Dr. John G. Cramer
John Cramer is the author of the acclaimed hard-SF novels, "Twistor" and "Einstein's Bridge", and writes a bi-monthly column for Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact magazine. He is a Professor of Physics at the University of Washington in Seattle, where he teaches and leads a research program in ultra-relativistic heavy ion physics using the STAR detector at the new Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory. John also works in the foundations and interpretations of quantum mechanics and travels regularly to Switzerland to work at the particle accelerator at CERN.
Book: Twistor
Book: Einstein's Bridge
Appearance: 8/07/02

Benjamin Creme
British author and lecturer, has been traveling the globe, helping to create a climate of hope and expectancy for the Maitreya, "World Teacher".
Book: Messages from Maitreya the Christ
Book: Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom
Book: Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age
Book: Maitreya's Mission - Volume I
Book: Maitreya's Mission - Volume II
Book: Maitreya's Mission - Volume III
Book: A Master Speaks
Appearance: 7/10/98, 7/10/00, 7/27/02

Michael Cremo
Member of the History of Science Society, The American Anthropological Association, and a research associate in history and philosophy of science for the Bhaktivedanta Institute. He is currently writing a sequel to "Forbidden Archeology" entitled "Human Devolution".
Book: Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race
Book: Forbidden Archeology's Impact
Book: The Hidden History of the Human Race
Appearance: 8/11/98, 5/12/99, 6/13/00, 10/16/01

Ray Crowe
Western Bigfoot Society
Appearance: 6/9/00

Richard T. Crowe
Richard T. Crowe has devoted himself to uncovering Chicago's rich history of hauntings, ghosts and other supernatural phenomena. Richard T. Crowe is a product of the south side of Chicago. Crowe attended De Paul University where he earned his B.A. and M.A. in English Literature. Geography was his minor. He was a journalism teacher and a city planner at City Hall before establishing his full time Chicago Supernatural Tours. However, Richard Crowe's tours are not just limited to Chicago. He conducts tours in Salem, Massachusetts, and New Orleans, and Gettysburg.
Book: Chicago Street Guide to the Supernatural
Apearance: 9/16/02

Don Crutchfield
Don Crutchfield has been a private investigator for three decades. His list clients and subjects reads like a Who's Who of Hollywood. Present and former clients include Marlon Brando, the Beatles, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Charles Bronson, Jerry Lewis, and Carroll O'Connor. Subjects of his investigations include Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley, Tim Allen, Donald and Marla Trump, Roseanne Barr, Tom Arnold, and O.J. Simpson. Crutchfield is also a member of International Association of Chiefs of Police, American Society for Industrial Security (A.S.I.S.), California Association of Licensed Investigators (C.A.L.I.), Board of Directors for World Boxing Hall of Fame, member of Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA.
Appearance: 11/17/01

Bonnie Crystal
Bonnie Crystal is a 21st century cave explorer and technologist. As an explorer, she carries her unique viewpoint and quest for adventure to the far reaches of the globe; returning back with amazing tales of the unknown, and wonderful images of expeditions into the underground world. Armed with the passion to unlock the mysteries of deep vertical caves, she descends thousand-foot ropes to explore vast chasms inside the earth where no human has gone before. A best-selling author and prolific inventor, Ms. Crystal's inventions have touched our lives with useful technologies to benefit present and future generations.
Book: The World of CB Radio
Related Info: Wild Card Cave Diagram
Appearance: 5/5/99, 9/18/02

Ellen Crystall, Ph.D.
Book: Silent Invasion: The Shocking Discoveries of a UFO Researcher
Appearance: 10/13/99

Kerr Cuhlain
Wiccan police officer and martial artist, combines personal insights with ritual, magic, meditation and self-discipline.
Book: Wiccan Warrior: Walking A Spiritual Path In A Sometimes Hostile World
Appearance: 5/6/00

Phyllis Curott
Modern witch and lawyer will tell us how to cast spells to solve special problems.
Book: Book of Shadows: A Modern Woman's Journey into the Wisdom of Witchcraft and the Magic of the Goddess
Appearance: 1/23/00

Dr. Joseph D. Cusumano
A mental health therapist who works for St. Louis Behavior Medicine Institute. He also is a literature instructor. He has been invited to be a presenter at Montreal's International Institute of Integral Human Sciences this spring. The theme of the conference is Spirit, Space & Human Transformation 2001. He has written numerous psycho-spiritually oriented magazine articles, and has developed a counseling model he calls Scrooge Therapy.
Book: If You Build It: Creating Your Own Spiritual Field of Dreams
Book: Transforming Scrooge: Dickens' Blueprint for a Spiritual Awakening
Appearances: 12/24/98, 12/23/00

Goto D