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Angelica Wagner
Book: Are You Ready for a Miracle?... With Children : A Practical Guide to Understanding Healing in Children's Lives
Book: Are You Ready for a Miracle? With Chiropractic
Book: Are You Ready for a Miracle?... With Angels : A Practical Guide to Understanding Angels in Everyday Life
Book: Secrets of Success
Appearance: 9/30/00

Rupert Wainwright
Director of the movie "Stigmata"
Appearance: 9/23/99

Brian Walker
Man who will rocket himself into space!
Related Info: Project Photos from Brian Walker
Appearance: 5/22/01, 3/27/02

Kent Walker
Book: Son of a Grifter: The Twisted Tale of Sante and Kenny Kimes, the Most Notorious Con Artists in America: A Memoir by the Other Son
Appearance: 5/09/01

Jay Zane Walley
Appearance: 11/24/01

Neale Donald Walsch
Book: Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue Vol 3
Book: Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue Vol 2
Book: Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue Vol 1
Book: Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue - Guidebook
Appearance: 11/24/98, 2/6/00

Travis Walton and Mike Rogers
Arizona Abduction Case
Book: Fire in the Sky: The Walton Experience

Jason Walton
Caddy Researcher
Appearance: 4/23/02

Dr. Peter D. Ward
Book: Rivers in Time: The Search for Clues to Earth's Mass Extinctions
Appearance: 5/02/01

Chuck Warren
Appearance: 6/9/99

Ed and Lorraine Warren
Ghostbusters from New England Society for Psychic Research
25th Anv. of Amityville and other famous cases
Book: Graveyard: True Hauntings from an Old New England Cemetery
Appearance: 10/30/99

Joshua P. Warren
Founder and President of L.E.M.U.R., is an expert on paranormal research. Warren was hired by the famous Grove Park Inn to be the first person to officially investigate the Pink Lady apparition in 1995 (the same year he founded L.E.M.U.R. paranormal investigations). Warren is also an international award-winning filmmaker, having worked on the sets of Warner Brother's My Fellow Americans, Universal's Patch Adams, Paradise Falls, Inbred Rednecks, and SongCatcher. His first novel, The Evil in Asheville, was released in September of 2000. Simon & Schuster will publish his next ghost research book by fall of 2003.
Book: Haunted Asheville
Book: Evil in Asheville
Book: Speaking of strange : residents of Western North Carolina tell of their encounters with the unexplained
Book: Plausible Ghosts
Appearance: 12/4/01, 8/10/02

Larry Warren
Book: Left at East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up, and Investigation
Appearance: 4/18/97

Professor Kevin Warwick
Professor Kevin Warwick, the world's leading expert in Cybernetics, here unveils the story of how he became the world's first Cyborg (part human, part machine) in a ground breaking set of scientific experiments. Humans have limited capabilities. Humans sense the world in a restricted way, vision being the best of the senses. Humans understand the world in only 3 dimensions and communicate in a very slow, serial fashion called speech. But can this be improved on? Can we use technology to upgrade humans?
New Book: I, Cyborg, release date August 2002.
Book: QI: The Quest for Intelligence
Book: In the Mind of the Machine
More Books: List of Author's Titles
Appearance: 2/25/02, 4/04/02

Harvey Wasserman
Harvey Wasserman is author of The Last Energy War: The Battle over Utility Deregulation (Seven Stories Press) is senior advisor to Greenpeace USA and the Nuclear Information & Resource Service. He has been active on energy issues since 1973 and is known as one of the world's leading advocates for renewable power.
Book: The Last Energy War: The Battle over Utility Deregulation
Appearance: 3/26/01, 5/17/01, 5/30/02

James Wasserman
A thousand years ago Christian battled Muslim for possession of a strip of land upon which both their religions were founded. These crusades changed the course of Western history, but less known is the fact that they also were the meeting ground for two legendary secret societies: the Knights Templar and their Muslim counterparts, the Assassins.
Book: The Templars and the Assassins: The Militia of Heaven
Appearance: 8/12/01

Mel Waters
The saga of the "Bottomless Hole."
Related Link: Terraserver Image of Ellensburg, Washington
Appearance: 1/29/02

Susan Watkins
Book: Speaking of Jane Roberts: Remembering the Author of the Seth Material
Appearance: 12/16/00

Charles P. Watson
Consulting Geologist
Appearance: June 10, 1996

Dr. Bill Wattenberg
Topic: Government Land
Appearance: 5/13/00

Ken Weaver
Appearance: 5/11/00

Alfred Webre, JD, Med.
Former Stanford Research Institute futurist claims that a 1977-78 White House study into Extraterrestrial communications during the Carter years was secretly suppressed at the behest of Pentagon officials, led by the SRI liaison with the Pentagon.
On-Line Book: Exopolitics
Appearance: 7/6/00

Richard Webster
Book: Feng Shui for Success and Happiness
Book: 101 Feng Shui Tips for the Home
Book: Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians: Contact Your Invisible Helpers
Book: Astral Travel for Beginners
Book: Chinese Numerology: The Way to Prosperity & Fulfillment
Book: Feng Shui for Apartment Living
Book: Feng Shui for Beginners: Successful Living by Design
Book: Feng Shui for Love & Romance
Book: Feng Shui for the Workplace
Book: Feng Shui in the Garden
Book: Omens, Oghams & Oracles: Divination in the Druidic Tradition
Book: Revealing Hands: How to Read Palms
Book: Aura Reading for Beginners: Develop Your Psychic Awareness for Health & Success
Book: Dowsing for Beginners: The Art of Discovering: Water, Treasure, Gold, Oil, Artifacts
Book: Why Freud Was Wrong: Sin, Science and Psychoanalysis
Book: Seven Secrets to Success: A Story of Hope
Appearance: 4/22/99

Howard Weinstein
The Real Story behind the...
Tom Clancy Book: The Hunt for Red October
Recommended Video: The Hunt for Red October
Recommended Video: Das Boot
Related Video: Crimson Tide (1995)
Related Book: Blind Man's Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage
Appearance: 11/23/98

Lauren Weinstein
Lauren is one of the "old" men of the Internet. He created the PRIVACY Forum in 1992, and has been involved with Internet and other technology issues for well over 25 years, starting in the early 1970's at the first site on the Defense Department ARPANET (the ancestor of the Internet), which was located at UCLA. Lauren is quoted as an expert on a wide range of technology topics and issues of technology's impact on individuals and society, by a wide range of newspaper and magazine articles, and participates in numerous local and network radio and television news programs, talk shows, and other venues where these issues are under discussion.
People For Internet Responsibility:
Appearance: 10/22/00

Brian L. Weiss, M.D.
As a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. His skepticism was eroded, however, when she began to channel messages from "the space between lives," which contained remarkable revelations about Dr. Weiss's family and his dead son. Using past-life therapy, he was able to cure the patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his own career.
Book: Mirrors of Time: Using Regression for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing
Book: Many Lives, Many Masters
Book: Through Time Into Healing
Book: Only Love Is Real
Book: Messages From The Masters
Appearance: 3/15/02, 8/23/02

R.W. Welch

Book: Comet of Nostradamus

Appearence: 11/18/00

Prof Dan Werthimer
Website: SETI @ Home
Appearance: 8/24/99

Dr. Hank Wesselman
Dr. Hank Wesselman claims that after having sex with his wife, he can travel into the future. He discusses sex-induced time travel in his new book, "Vision Seeker". Research paleoanthropologist Hank Wesselman, PhD is one of those rare cutting edge scientists who truly walks between the worlds. He did his undergraduate work, as well as his Masters Degree, in Zoology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, then went on to receive his doctoral degree in Anthroplogy from the University of California at Berkley. For the past 30 years, he has worked with an international group of scientists, exploring East Africa's Great Rift Valley in search of answers to the mystery of human origins. He is also a shaman in training, now in the 20th year of his apprenticeship.

Book: Visionseeker: Shared Wisdom from the Place of Refuge
Book: Medicinemaker : Mystic Encounters on the Shaman's Path
Book: Spiritwalker : Messages from the Future
Appearance: 11/01/01, 1/15/02, 6/13/02

John Anthony West
Independent researcher on ancient Egypt
Book: The Traveler's Key to Ancient Egypt: A Guide to the Sacred Places of Ancient Egypt
Book: The Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt
Appearance: September 1995, 5/06/98, 8/14/00, 4/23/02

Christopher Whitcomb
Christopher Whitcomb, a 15-year veteran of the FBI, last served as director of the Critical Incident Response Group's Strategic Information Management Office. In this role, he oversaw crisis-specific planning, strategy and dissemination of intelligence during weapons of mass destruction attacks, terrorist threats, and exotic criminal investigations. He is a recipient of the FBI's Medal of Bravery for exceptional courage in the line of duty, and he has participated in virtually every high-profile federal investigation in recent years
Book: Cold Zero: Inside the FBI Hostage Rescue Team
Appearance: 10/06/01

Dr. Robert White
Neurosurgeon who transplanted monkey heads.
Appearance: 3/6/98

Michelle Whitedove
From childhood Michelle would talk with angels receiving messages and answers from them. As a psychic medium, she asks the tough questions; What really happens when we die? Do we reincarnate? Is our destiny pre-ordained?
Book: She Talks With Angels: A Psychic-Medium's Guide into the Spirit World
Book: Angels Are Talking: A Psychic Medium Relays Messages from the Heavens (Pre-Order)
Appearance: 3/16/02

David Wilcock
Appearance: 4/16/01, 4/30/01

Stuart Wilde
Book: Simply Wilde: Discover the Wisdom That Is
Book: The Little Money Bible: The Ten Laws of Abundance
Book: Whispering Winds of Change: Perceptions of a New World
Book: Infinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power
Book: Sixth Sense: Including the Secrets of the Etheric Subtle Body (Feb 2000)
Book: Affirmations
Book: The Quickening
Book: The Secrets of Life
Book: Miracles
Book: The Trick to Money Is Having Some!
Book: Silent Power
Book: Weight Loss for the Mind
Book: The Force
Book: Life Was Never Meant to Be a Struggle
Appearance: 10/27/99, 11/07/99

Robert Wilkinson
A cultural philosopher who has discussed cycles that society has been through and has predictions, based on his studies of history and their correlation to astrology, for where these cycles will take us in the future.
Book: A New Look at Mercury Retrograde
Appearences: 10/5/00, 11/12/00

Jerry Wills
During the last 12 years, Jerry and Kathryn Wills have been involved in a search for lost and ancient places worldwide. Within the last year they have successfully located several ancient cities hidden within the eastern slope of the Andes mountains, Peru. Having journeyed several weeks into terrorist and drug lord controlled areas, their findings may completely alter the history written about this area. People from India and the European continent left behind valuable clues to their occupation of these area 10,000 years ago.
Appearance: 6/26/01

Dr. Carla Wills-Brandon
Book: One Last Hug Before I Go : The Mystery and Meaning of Deathbed Visions
Book: Learning To Say No: Establishing Healthy Boundaries
Book: Is It Love Or Is It Sex? Why Relationships Don't Work
Appearance: 4/10/01

Katharina Wilson
Book: The Alien Jigsaw

Kimberly Wilson
Kimberly Wilson will explain what genetic engineering is and how it works, then explore the health risks involved with eating these newly created foods. She will address the ecological hazards that could result from modified plants crossing with wild species and escaping human control altogether, as well as the economic ruin that may befall small farmers who find themselves at the mercy of huge corporations for their livelihood. Kimberly Wilson, former director of the council's Program on Commercial Biotechnology and the Environment, works with Greenpeace Genetic Engineering Campaign.
Book: Genetically Engineered Food: Changing The Nature of Nature
Appearance: 8/25/01

Robert Anton Wilson
Scientific Theories & Conspiracies
Book: Cosmic Trigger: Final Secret of the Illuminati
Book: Cosmic Trigger: Down to Earth
Book: Cosmic Trigger: My Life After Death
Book: The Illuminati Papers
Book: Reality Is What You Can Get Away With
Appearance: 7/17/97

Richard Winer
Book: Ghost Ships
Appearance: 7/9/00

Randolph Winters
Billy Meier Case Investigator
Book: The Pleiadian Mission: A Time of Awareness
Appearances: 3/24/95, 2/17/95, 1/2/98

Elia Wise
Instruction manual for life in the universe.
Book: Letter to Earth: Who We Are Becoming...What We Need to Know
Appearance: 1/8/00, 6/2/01

Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.
American book-award winner Dr. Fred Alan Wolf is a consulting physicist and the author of 10 books. He earned his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from UCLA and has taught at San Diego State University, the University of London, the University of Paris, the Hahn-Meitner Institute for Nuclear Physics in Berlin, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is also a member of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Collegium of Scholars
A Ph.D. in theoretical physics, is a consulting physicist. Dr. Wolf is well-known and respected among scientists and lay people alike for his pioneering work combining scientific and spiritual thought.
Book: The Dreaming Universe : A Mind-Expanding Journey into the Realm Where Psyche and Physics Meet
Book: Taking the Quantum Leap: The New Physics for Nonscientists
Book: Parallel Universes: The Search for Other Worlds
Book: Mind Into Matter
Book: The Eagle's Quest: A Physicist's Search For Truth In The Heart Of The Shamanic World
Book: Matter into Feeling: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit. (NH: Moment Point Press, Fall, 2002)
Book: The Spiritual Universe: One Physicist's Vision of Spirit, Soul, Matter and Self
Appearances: 4/17/98, 12/17/00, 3/23/02

Silver Raven Wolf
For over fifteen years Silver was the Director of the Wiccan/Pagan Press Alliance and the publisher of the organization's quarterly newsletter, "Of Writers and Witches", and served as the Director of the now defunct WADL (Witches Anti-Discrimination League) for five years. Currently, Silver is the Director of the Black Forest Clan, which is considered Euro-Wiccan.
Book: Murder at Witches Bluff: A Novel of Suspense and Magick
Book: To Light a Sacred Flame: Practical Witchcraft for the Millennium
Book: Silver's Spells for Prosperity
Book: Silver's Spells for Protection
Book: Halloween: Customs, Recipes, Spells
Book: To Stir A Magick Cauldron: A Witch's Guide to Casting & Conjuring
Book: To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft
Book: American Folk Magick: Charms, Spells & Herbals
Appearance: 10/23/00

Robert Ghost Wolf
Author and Shaman of the Metis People of the Wolf Lodge Foundation.
Appearance: 5/4/00

David W. Wolfe
Dr. Wolfe argues convincingly that life on our planet most likely began not in some primordial ocean but rather deep beneath the surface under extreme temperature conditions, and that this information should be considered in our search for extraterrestrial life. These largely unseen ecological communities play surprisingly critical roles in human civilization. Dr. Wolfe is Associate Professor of Plant Ecology in the Department of Horticulture at Cornell University, and a member of Cornell's Biogeochemistry Program.
Book: Tales from the Underground: A Natural History of Subterranean Life
Appearance: 5/08/02

Robert M. Wood & Ryan Wood
Book:The Secret Evidence That We Are Not Alone
Appearance: 12/07/98

R. Daniel Woolman
Explained some of the simularities with "Art's Parts" to projects he worked on.

Ted Wright
Book: Wright's Complete Disaster Survival Manual
Appearance: 4/13/98

Donald Wulfinghoff
Donald Wulfinghoff is one of the world's top experts on energy conservation and alternative energy sources. He is a professional engineer, licensed stationary engineer, certified automotive mechanic, and licensed broadcast engineer. He is a founder of the ASHRAE Energy Awards design competition. He has developed efficiency programs for hundreds of facilities. He served on panels of the National Academy of Sciences devoted to improving engineering practice. He is president of Wulfinghoff Energy Services, Inc., which he established to advance the standards of performance in energy conservation.
Book: Energy Efficiency Manual
Appearance: 4/30/02

Chris Wyatt
TV Producer of UFO Specials
Appearance: 9/26/99

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