The Rocket Guy


Exhibits for the program with Brian Walker, the "Rocket Guy."


The first photo shows my Rocket Compound. It is located on 13 acres, and in the upper right is my home. The two buildings near the center are my shops, and the black area between the shop and the canal is the Rocket Garden, where I have the centrifuge, 26 foot tall service tower and the fuel distillation building.


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The picture of the blue capsule shows the first prototype to come off the molds, and the next picture shows the molds, the capsule, and in the background, you can see the original form for the capsule mold on a mock fuel tank standing up against the service tower.



Here you can see my centrifuge, and the pod that goes on the end. It is driven by a 22 hp ultralight engine. At 70 mph, it should generate about 6 g's. I hopefully will be testing it later this Summer.



Here are a few new pictures showing the overall rocket assemblies. Starting from the front, you can see the capsule, along with the section that has the 6 separation motors. Behind that is the conical shaped "bottail", which is an aerodynamic piece that forms a transition between the fuel tank and capsule. The fuel tank is a epoxy/fiberglass vessel, that is soon to be wound in carbon fiber to become a 500 psi pressure vessel. This tank holds 300 gallons, and is for the test flight. The actual tank will hold about 800 gallons.




Here are a couple of shots from the MiG 25 at 80,000 feet.


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