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Subject: Prophetic Dream: Coming Superstorm

Art Bell:

Last night I had a dream so powerful and scary, it has left me trembling with emotion. I felt I had to share it with you because this is one of those dreams that I feel was more than mere imagery due to its intensity, ferocity and utter reality.

I was in my home with my family here in Las Vegas, and outside a storm was brewing. It was one of those very real ugly desert storms I am sure you have witnessed living in Pahrump. It was daylight and wind gusts were picking up, bringing curtains of sand with them. There was also moisture in the air and spricklets of water, flying around in the frenzy -- and the skies were dark grey.

The intensity of the storm was growing, and any "daylight" available was quickly disipating. It was becoming "night" right before my eyes.

In the dream I had a sense of apprehension, but nonetheless I felt secure in our new home. After all, having lived in Las Vegas on and off for 20 + years, I have come to "know" these storms. They come. They kick butt. They leave.

But suddenly the intensity of the storm crossed the line. The wind blew past any speeds I had ever witnessed before. The SOUND that accompanied the storm moaned past any I had ever heard before. It felt as if "something was coming." A tremendous feeling of impending doom came over me. Fear took on a new meaning. It was a fear I had never felt before. It was as if my Soul were trembling.

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I rallied the family. I remember seeing my father try to shut the back doors, but he was having trouble because the wind just wouldn't allow him to do so (my father passed away three years ago). Wind was now entering the house. And in that instant, a crashing sound that I can not describe reverberated throughout the entire ozone. It was as if the Earth itself were crying in pain. The wind shook the entire house. In a way, it felt like an earthquake. And suddenly "something" hit the house -- and the house COLLAPSED.

I saw the beams of the second story frame buckle beneath the drywall, and come toward all of us who were huddled on the ground in the living room. This strong house, not even a year old, was falling apart and snapping like balsa wood.

The house fell just short of squashing us. With all the debris and furniture, there was actually a gap of probably 2 feet left between the ground floor and the first floor ceiling. We scampered out of the house as the wind -- the storm -- blew past.

The daylight was returning, the wind was dying down, and the curtains of dust were settling. All around us we could see pure devastation -- like an atom bomb had laid waste to all of Las Vegas.

But Art, it was no bomb. It was a storm.

I jumped in my car and raced to The Strip to see how much more damage had been done to the city. The skies were mostly clear now, but high above some clouds still lingered. As I drove, I saw a "crack" in the clouds. I could not discern what I was seeing. The crack was luminous, erratic, otherworldly.

Finally the "crack" recoiled and I instanly knew it was lightning. The crack/lightning sprung again, and this time I could tell whatever it was striking, it was doing so for seconds at a time. In other words, lightning as we know it strikes in an instant and it's done and over with. In my dream, the lightning was striking, but it was torturing/burning whatever it struck for 20 or 30 seconds at a time. It was almost purposeful in its actions. I could not see what it was striking because it was hitting off in the distance.

At that moment, I heard that same resonating Earth moan I heard earlier while I was at the house, but this time I turned to see coming from the southwest (coincidentally from the direction of Pahrump) a wall of dark clouds so absolute in their darkness, I simply froze. As the clouds covered the city, daylight turned to solid night in an instant. All I could see were the lines on the street in the immediate vicinity. I could not see the cars in front of me or behind. I could not see street signs or lights. I could see nothing. I froze.

My dream continued after this haphazzardly, but these are the most important parts I felt you would relate to. I am aware of your book THE COMING SUPERSTORM, but I have never had the time to read it. I do not know if anything I just wrote parallels any of your (and Whitley's) data.

The last time I had a dream of "disaster" like this was probably a week or so before the 9/11 attacks. This could all be coincidence. It could mean nothing. It could be an over-active imagination. Or some might argue it's a spiritual thing that means something bad is coming my way, personally. But the truth of the matter is I know when my dreams are personal -- like the time I dreamt of coffins a few weeks before my father passed away. I knew my father would never leave the hospital after that dream.

I feel the "storm" dream I just had is foresight to something "that is coming." That is the way it felt, and I can not shake it.