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11/28/99 Sun Dreamland

  • 1st hour.... Linda Moulton Howe begins with her environmental report. She reports about certain fish that are now on the endangered species list. She also reports on the brush fires in the Northwest and the states experiencing a drought, a cooling trend in the ocean along the pacific coast. In other science news, Linda reports on the continuing argument on which humans settled in North America first.
  • After the bottom of the break, Dr. Roger Leir joins Whitley. He and a team are at a location which has reported a UFO sighting 3 years in a row and they are hoping to report a UFO sighting live on the air. While waiting Dr. Leir gives a little history of this reoccurrence and his work in the UFO area.
  • 2nd hour.... This hour, Constance Clear, a Social worker, therapist and author of a book written with and by her abductee support group, offers deep insight into areas of the abduction phenomenon that have never before been explored. Constance explains to us how seven abductees all happen to come to her office. A couple of the abductees come on the air and relate their abduction experiences for us.
  • 3rd hour.... The first of the seven abductees comes on the program, she was the inspiration for Constance's book. She has had encounters since childhood. She is now having lucid contact with her visitors. After the break, Andrew, who has had abductions dating back to 1942, comes on to tell his experiences and messages he has received. He tells us of the tests performed on him and that the aliens took a sample of every bodily fluid he has.

11/24/99 Thu/Fri

  • Turkey.... Art talks about how he hates turkey and tells a little story about a Delta flight he was on where all his dinner choices were turkey.
  • 990.... Art reads a report stating an Egyptian official says an explosion brought down flight 990.
  • Game.... The fugitive who helped carry out the great train robbery in Britian is designing a video game based on the heist.
  • Photos.... Art reads a letter from Robert Raith about the photos submitted by Dr. Jonathon Reed of an alien and obelisk. A follow up to the original program with these two guests has been scheduled for December ninth.
  • Y2K.... Art reads a story from a Canadian newspaper about y2k hitting early at two hospitals in Victoria, Canada. A computer glitch disrupted telephone service.
  • Open lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour. Art talks about contrails with a caller.
  • 2nd hour.... Dr. Wayne Simkew, an MD who claims to have visual evidence of reincarnation, joins Art this hour. Art asks him what his colleagues say about his claims and what kind of patients he generally sees. Wayne tells us he visited a medium who could channel his spiritual guides. The medium told Wayne about his past life in colonial America. Later in the hour, Wayne tells us you can have different religious beliefs in each life you have led and that we look very much like we did in a prior life, physically and personality wise. Wayne gives us some examples.
  • 3rd hour.... Wayne and Art talk a little about the movie 'What Dreams may Come'. Art asks Wayne if he thinks love is the strongest force in the universe. Art talks about other religions that embrace reincarnation and Wayne tells us that it is in the bible, like Moses being the reincarnation of Adam. Wayne mentions passages. Wayne talks about why churches took reincarnation out of their doctrine. Art reads some questions from listeners about why we don't remember what we did in past lives.
  • 4th hour.... Wayne and Art discuss gender and sexual preference changes during reincarnation, only 10 percent actually switch. Wayne gives us an example. Phone calls are taken with one caller telling us he uses lucid dreams to remember past lives. Art and Wayne talk about the movie "Contact" and Art asks 'who is to say we reincarnate as human souls'. A caller talks about an author she knows who spoke with Jesus and Jesus confirmed that there is reincarnation. Wayne tells us he has a case where a person started a new life before ending the old one but he hasn't proved it yet.
  • 5th hour.... Art and Wayne discuss animals and reincarnation. Wayne tells a listener about a psychiatrist that would be interested in seeing her son who relates past life experiences to her. Phone calls continue for Wayne. Another caller asks Wayne about some Bible passages that he feels embraces reincarnation. After the bottom of the hour break, open lines finishes out the hour.

11/23/99 Tue/Wed

  • 1st hour.... Dr. Colm Kelleher joins Art this hour to discuss some of the reports coming in on the new reporting line at NIDS. Colm says a lot of animal mutilation calls have been coming in and also calls about missile launches from Vandenberg Air Force base. Art asks Colm if he has any idea why there are so many animal mutilations and Colm says it doesn't seem to be tied to the usual theories such as cult holidays etc. Colm reports an incident of a missing heifer and describes the conditions of mutilations discovered.
  • 2nd hour.... Art talks about a miracle baby photo he has posted. Aharon Friedman joins Art this hour to discuss computer hacking. Art reads a story about the number of hackings skyrocketing from 5000 incidents in 1998, to 18 thousand incidents in 1999. Aharon tells us 10 billion dollars a year is stolen through computer hacking each year. Art asks Aharon if it is wise to use your credit card over the internet. Aharon says it is usually the merchant who is targeted. Art asks Aharon what the difference is between a hacker and a cracker, criminal intent being the difference.
  • 3rd hour.... Art asks Aharon about the NSA and the rumor that it is sampling telephone conversations searching for and flagging key words. Aharon tells us it is legal for them to listen to across the border conversations. Art asks Aharon the quality of Pretty Good Privacy. Art asks Aharon about hackers and satellites and a listener wants to know if a terrorist could get control of a satellite. Art and Aharon talk about the pentium 3 chip and possible problems and Art wonders if Microsoft could look at the entire contents of your hard drive.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls are taken for Aharon this hour. A caller asks Aharon about encryption methods and the likelihood of it being cracked. Aharon talks about all the information about you that goes along with an email message that we may not be aware of and how it is valuable to a hacker. A caller asks Aharon what level of security did he design for the NSA. Art asks Aharon about internet anonymisers. A listener asks for the best versions of PGP to purchase.
  • 5th hour.... Art reviews the news; the U.S. will not restore ties with Libya til they give up the terrorists who took down the Pan Am flight.
  • Hillary.... Hillary intends to run for the Senate confirming rumors. Art says Bill and Hillary will be separated while he finishes out his last term and she spends alot time in New York. Art speculates that Bill will return to Arkansas and Hillary will stay in New York til she is ready to run for the Presidency.
  • Open lines.... Open lines finishes out the last hour. A caller asks Art if he knows how far the universe goes. A caller and Art discuss the shootings in Seattle and the lack of any updates. Contrails are discussed. Later in the hour a caller asks Art about the Bible and what areas he has problems with. Art says he thinks there is alot of truth in the Bible and it is an important document but does not know whether it is actually the unaltered word of God.

11/21/99 Sun Dreamland

  • Guest.... Linda Moulton Howe joins Whitley for the entire 3 hours tonight. Linda reveals her extensive new research into the secrets of crop circles and the animal mutilation problem. As one of the world's best researchers in the area of edge science, she has this and a great deal more to offer.
  • 1st hour.... A farmer in Marion, New York was night harvesting when he discovered a new formation in his crops, which was in the same spot where he discovered one in August of 1997. Linda plays an interview relating to this discovery. An interview with Nancy Talbot about reoccuring formations in Holland is played. Linda talks about seeds from crop circles being planted and growing at an accelerated rate the following year.
  • 2nd hour.... Linda talks about the black triangles seen in Britian and has a source who works in the British aerospace industry. She talks with Whitley about crop circles and the recent rash of UFO sightings and whether they may be related. They talk about Dr. Levingood's research and how he has found the same type of respiratory changes in the ground found under mutilated animals as in crop circle formations. Linda says there is some kind of interaction happening and animal mutilations and crop circles are both associated with seeing strange lights in the sky. Linda says one of the things theses animal mutilations have in common is that the animals seem to have 'landed' from above on their tail or hips.
  • 3rd hour.... Phone calls are taken and Fritz is the first caller and he wants to talk about cattle mutilations. Linda talks about the Judy Dougherty case. Judy had an experience which included seeing an animal lifted in a beam of light. A caller asks Linda about a conference in England about crop circles cause she is planning a trip there. A caller tells Linda he has had experiences like Whitley, with beings coming through walls at him and he tells Linda that the mutilations seem to involve cutting between the cells. Linda tells us about an interview she had with a science teacher who looked at the types of cuts found in the mutilations. Phone calls continue.

11/20/99 Sat/Sun

  • Y2K report... The American Red Cross said yesterday that we should prepare for Y2K as you would for any disaster. The Federal Reserve has ordered 50 billion in extra currency ready for circulation. Hilly gets a chuckle about the possible rush on toilet paper. Another humerous story is that the head of the Federal Aviation Administrator Jane F. Garvey pledged to be up in a plane when the New Year rolls around but each flight she reserves seems to get canceled. Many commercial airlines have canceled flights since no one seems to want to be in the air when Y2K hits. The White House is telling us not to worry, yet they have spent 50 billion on a high-tech control center to handle any possible problems. The National Guard will have extra people on duty in case anyone gets out of control. The FBI is watching for any groups that might turn to terrorist acts, believeing that the world is ending anyway.
  • Chemtrail report... The big protest was today in New York, Santa Fe and Aspen and there was no media coverage. Aspen newspaper might have something on it tomorrow. Mr. Carnicom is asking people to get online and send protest letters to various government officials.
  • 2nd Hour... Hilly's guest is Dr. Robert Zubrin. He has two books that Hilly says blew him away. An astronautical engineer, founder of the Mars Society and head of the Pioneer Astronautics Engineering Company in Denver which develops ideas for NASA. Robert says we have become inventors and settled the earth with technology and are now a single global civilization. Instead of thinking of this as being the end of our civilization, we need to think of this as just the beginning. We need the challenge of the new frontier, space exploration. If we used Mars resources we could have humans living on Mars in ten years. We could colonize and set up cities on Mars. The Chinese have plans for space exploration and will probably be competitive with U.S. in ten years. Hilly suggests Bob Bigelow and Robert should get together and work on Mars colonization. We are better prepared technologically, financially and domestically than we were when we explored the moon. We are in a great position to be doing space exploration. He is trying to generate interest in both government funded and privately funded explorations. He suggests we use prizes as an encentive to motivate more space exploration. Then we would have people trying to spend less to achieve this goal and win the prize. Exploration has always paid off. We need a new place where the rules have not been written yet. This freedom is valuable to people.
  • 3rd Hour... Hilly starts with the question of why should we go to Mars instead of the moon. Robert says that the resources are so much greater on Mars and that it is a world that we could really settle. Robert relates some ideas of how we could start exploring using Mars resources rather than bringing everything with us. Another reason we should explore Mars is that scientifically there is likely water underground, there is probably life, and if we find life on Mars, there is likely life on other planets. Asteroids have valuable resources that could be mined. Robert explains some ideas like solar sails, magnetic sails and cold fusion. A national or world-wide agenda of space exploration is what is needed.
  • 4th Hour... Dr. Zubrin says we need to organize in order for space exploration to grow. If we are first to colonize Mars could we sell land to other nations? There is a question of whether a private person could own anything in outer space or have to share it with mankind. They discuss the loss of the pathfinder and whether this was the result of faster, better, cheaper attitudes and underfunding.
  • Callers... Why should we spend money to explore when we need to fix our problems like polluted drinking water?
  • 5th Hour... Hilly says there are other exploration societies, why do you think the Mars Society will have any more success? What about radiation, entertainment, storms etc.?
  • Callers... One caller suggests that Robert should get together with Richard Hoagland to get an impetus going in fund raising for exploration. Several callers comment on how many medical and technological advancements have been created because of the space program. Inspiration from the space program also led many to become engineers. We definitely need a challenge.

11/19/99 Fri/Sat

  • 1st hour.... Ann Fiery joins Barbara Simpson this hour to discuss subjects ranging from astrology to tarot and everything in between. Ann tells us how she got interested in theses subjects after she had her tarot cards read. She also was inspired by a Russian artist whose diary Anne read and felt she received many messages from this writing. Later in the hour, they talk about horoscopes and making charts and Anne says the horoscopes in the newspapers is a very weak form of astrology.
  • 2nd hour.... Barbara and Anne discuss Alistair Crowley, a magician thrown out of fascist Italy by Mussolini, and how terrible he was. He revised the tarot card deck. Barbara asks Anne if he has come back to haunt anyone and Anne says he was not the kind of guy to stay dead. Palmestry is discussed this hour. Anne also talks about how the ancients told fortunes. Anne tells us about dousing and how it is used to find things, but you need the right kind of stick. Barbara asks if she could use a branch of her apple tree in her back yard. Anne says as long as the branch is forked you can use it.
  • 3rd hour.... Barbara begins this hour by asking Anne about numerology and whether it is just a numerical form of astrology. Barbara asks Anne if a person who believes in a religion can also believe in these things Anne is talking about. Anne tells us what the western church thinks about all these subjects. Phone calls are taken for Anne this hour. A caller who says she is a Christian and a heretic asks Anne what method she counts on to know whether a piece of information is true or false.
  • 4th hour.... Barbara asks Anne if there is such a thing as seeing into a crystal ball. Anne says yes and some use water or fire instead. Phone calls continue. A neo-pagan calls in to talk to Anne. A caller asks Anne about Abraham from the bible and if his talk with God was divination. Barbara asks Anne about Deja Vu and whether people can get 'good' at it and if she believes in reincarnation. Anne says reincarnation is like a progression, where you start out primitive and get better with each life.
  • 5th hour.... Open lines commences this hour. The first caller relates a story he feels may have been divination where he feels a spirit came to him out of a Ouija board. Another caller warns us that God is getting disgusted with us and earthquakes are going to be more frequent. After the bottom of the hour break, a caller talks about the old testament and what it says about divination; it is a abomination to the Lord. Barbara tells us she will be interviewing the doctor who did the prenatal surgery on the fetus with spinal bifida (sic) on her own show and says all the hoopla with Matt Drudge and Fox is all political.

11/17/99 Wed/Thu

  • Lenny.... Out of season hurricane Lenny is bearing down on the Virgin islands. Art wonders if anyone will call in from that area tonight.
  • Texas.... Jurors are deliberating on the fate of the third person tried for the dragging death of a black man.
  • 990.... Art talks about the latest news on the crash of flight 990. The co-pilot is said to have put the plane into the fatal dive. The Egyptian government is not pleased with the way the investigation is going and feels the U.S. is jumping to conclusions.
  • BBC.... From the BBC, a report says a black hole can now be made in a laboratory.
  • Ice.... The great ice cover that stretching across the top of the globe has become 40% thinner than it was 2 to 4 decades ago. Art thinks this indicates global change by our hand.
  • Flirtations.... Art reads us the history of the song "Nothing But a Heartache", by the Flirtations.
  • Clouds.... Art is annoyed by the clouds that have rolled in in his area and is blocking his view of the Leonids.
  • Open lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour. The first caller discusses the Miami Circle and the fountain of youth. Another caller discusses Ed Dames 'hit' with flight 990 and then he and Art discuss the ice reduction taking place.
  • 2nd hour.... Mark Stephens joins Art this hour to discuss Y2K. Art asks Mark about the way dates are recorded in computer programs and why this wasn't addressed earlier. They discuss the old computers. Art asks Mark if he agrees with Gary North and Mark says he feels there will be disruption. Art asks Mark if there could be a depression and how big a hurdle is Y2K. Art asks Mark about the embedded chips the power companies use. Art asks Mark about the President's statement that everything will be okay yet has built a bunker. Art and Mark discuss the media coverage of Y2k. Art asks if Mark feels there will be a panic and what would the worst case scenario be.
  • 3rd hour.... Art has Mark give us his recommendations if there is a power outage. Mark tells us to store gasoline in metal cans underground. Mark talks about charging battery banks. Art asks Mark about the trucking industry and if he knows of any problems they may have. Marks talks about his book, his preparedness and how to share in that by reading his book. Mark talks about running tests on your computers to check for compliancy and Art asks how many people does he think will be disappointed after running these tests.
  • 4th hour.... Open lines commences for the last 2 hours. The first caller tells us of his Y2K preparedness. Later in the hour, Art talks to a couple callers from the Virgin Islands reporting on the weather conditions. Another caller suggests Art's location, being close to area 51, has something to do with the clouds mysteriously disappearing.
  • 5th hour.... A caller tells Art he is spending New Years Eve in Mexico and Art recommends he doesn't, because he feels coming home is going to be a problem. Another caller wonders why the passengers of flight 990 are never talked about in the media. Art reads an article about 990 from the final edition of the Miami Herald. Another caller discusses the polar ice caps diminishing.

11/16/99 Tue/Wed

  • Leonid.... The Leonid shower has begun and Art has hooked up his studio cam to try and capture anything streaking the night sky.
  • Guest.... Peter Davenport joins Art in the first hour because he has received over 200 calls this evening from over 15 different states with reports of sightings. The first audio clip peter plays is from a family in Michigan who saw a UFO hovering over the treetops. Another clip is a report from an air traffic controller in upstate New York. After the break, Peter plays an audio clip of a report from a commercial airline pilot with his sighting over Virginia.
  • 2nd hour.... David Israel joins Art this hour. He is the producer of the NBC movie to air this weekend about Y2K. Art said the movie scared him. Art begins by asking David how much input did he get and where did it come from to produce this fictional work. Art asks David about the areas he could have really gotten into but did not.
  • 3rd hour.... Art takes phone calls for David this hour. The first caller gives Art some info from a Y2K preparedness meeting she attended in her area. A caller from Connecticut calls David's movie unnecessary fear mongering, though he hasn't seen it. Art asks David what the initial reaction was when he began to pitch this movie.
  • 4th hour.... Open lines commences this hour with a caller relating a story about a helicopter chasing 4 greenish blue spheres in the sky over Kentucky. A truck driver calls to tell Art that many trucking companies plan to have all drivers home or in a terminal at the turn of the year. Art talks about Vegas relying heavily on the trucking industry for fuel and toliet paper and everything else in between. A caller gives his opinion on the crash of 990.
  • 5th hour.... Open lines continues with a caller saying the news is reporting a lot of people saying they are seeing UFOs when in actuality they are seeing the Leonid shower. Art mentions he should find an expert on things that move beneath the sea to be a guest after a caller reports some movement going on beneath the north pole. Y2K is the popular topic this hour.

11/15/99 Mon/Tue

  • 990.... Art talks about the revelation Ed Dames had about flight 990, saying there was an altercation in the cockpit. Art says the CBS version of the crash is that it may have been just that, sources say the voice recorder captured one of the pilot making some sort of religious statement. Also, sources say the recorder recorded what sounded like the cockpit door opening and a voice asking what is going on. The recorder shows that both engines cut out right before an electrical outage. Art says this is all from an unconfirmed source.
  • Lawsuit.... A lawsuit was filed in the case of the worlds worse industrial accident, the deadly gas leak in 1984 that killed 7000 people.
  • India.... Over 10,000 people dead from a cyclone in India.
  • FBI.... A congressman who is a Russia expert says the FBI is afraid to ask Russia a direct question about suitcase size nuclear bombs buried in the U.S. including New York.
  • Meteor.... The meteor storm will be Friday, Art calls it the big one consisting of tiny sand like particles reentering the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Homes.... In Big Bend, Wisconsin, geologists are trying to figure out why homes are shaking.
  • Afflictions.... Someone sent Art an article about 10 horrifying afflictions, and Art reads a portion of it.
  • Cat lovers.... Art reads how to clean a cat, sent in by a listener. And then a blonde joke.
  • Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Art reads a few humorous 'thoughts' to get you through any situation.
  • Guest.... Shaham Shammas joins Art this hour. He works as a computer programmer at the IRS, and he had a NDE which he wrote a book about. Art asks Shaham if the IRS is Y2K compliant. Shaham tells us about his experience, which was in 1982, and how it has taken years to unravel everything he has learned from it. He was attending a funeral, and suddenly he was at his own funeral. Art asks Shaham why he was chosen to have this knowledge, the knowledge he has acquired due to this NDE, and other people are not. Art asks Shaham how he knows what happened to him was real, since he didn't go to a doctor, and not just a dream he had while passed out. Shaham tells us during his NDE he was in some dimension where there is no space and time.
  • 3rd hour.... Open lines this hour. Art reads an email from a listener about the solar flares and another listener asks Art what he thinks is the best kept secret of the 20th century. Art reads a report about ice reduction on the planet. Art reads an article about a Y2K crisis bunker being built by the White House. Later in the hour, Art asks an atheist if he would sell his soul for any price, and the caller hesitated, so Art says 'you're outta here'. A caller discusses sleep paralysis.
  • 4th hour.... Atheism and 'having a soul or not' seems to be the continuing topic at the beginning of this hour. Art asks callers what they think is the best kept secret of the 20th century and one caller says its "did Bill inhale". Later in the hour, a caller tells Art about a time when she almost sold her soul to the devil. More atheist call in.
  • 5th hour.... Art reads an old story about an Air Canada flight in 1983 that ran out of fuel, and the pilot began a legendary glide and landed the plane on a drag strip to the surprise of race fans. Open lines continue. Atheism and selling your soul continues to be a popular topic this hour. After the bottom of the hour break, a caller changes the subject and asks about Mel's hole. Another caller asks Art if he would board an alien aircraft if invited but could never return to his life as he knows it.

11/14/99 Dreamland

  • 1st hour.... Linda Moulton Howe begins with a report on a wobble seen in the star Pegasus which tells scientists there is a planet outside of our solar system. Linda also reports on the Y2K compliancy in the Nuclear industry, crop circles in Canada and cat mutilations in Toronto. After the bottom of the hour, Michael Glickman, a crop circle investigator, joins Whitley.
  • 2nd hour.... John Mack joins Whitley to discuss the alien abduction experience and the insights behind his new book. John begins by telling us about his trip to India. John talks about the fear of ridicule abductees experience. John talks about the abduction experience not only being physical but it can also come from some place beyond the veil. Whitley talks about his experiences and John tells us science is still struggling for an explanation. Whitley reads some quotes from John's book and asks for elaboration.
  • 3rd hour... Phone calls are taken for John. The first caller asks John if there is anyone in the world that knows everything about life due to their own experiences. Another caller claiming to be the father of all life talks with John. Later in the hour a 33rd degree mason calls in with a question for John about the Illuimnati. Whitley talks about what we would do if we found life on another planet that we visited.

11/13/99 Sat/Sun

  • Y2k.... Hilly's Y2K report tells us President Clinton tells us Y2K is okay. But Hilly reminds us that only half of the nation's 911 services are compliant.
  • Sky.... Dr. Sky joins Hilly with some updates. A planet beyond the solar system has been seen. Hilly asks Dr. Sky about the meteor shower that happened a few days ago which was the result of a comet passing close to the earth's atmosphere. Hilly has Dr. Sky explain the difference between a meteor shower and a meteor storm. The upcoming Leonid shower is discussed. The big peak for observers is November the 18th between 2:00 am til dawn. Dr. Sky says some of our satellites could be in danger. Hilly takes a few phone calls for Dr. Sky.
  • 2nd hour.... Loren Coleman joins Hilly this hour. He is a cryptozoologist and begins by telling us about an expedition he will be on to search for the Loch Ness monster. Later in the hour Hilly and Loren discuss bigfoot, yeti, and Siberian homonoids that may exists. Also discussed is protopygmies.
  • 3rd hour.... Hilly asks Loren about skunk apes or Sashquatch and why we don't see them. Loren says these creatures are smart and you can't have sightings if humans aren't around when they are active. Hilly asks if there is a reporting center for seeing homonoids. Phone calls are taken for Loren. A caller after the bottom of the break asks Loren if there is any correlation between ufo sightings and sightings of these homonoids.
  • 4th hour.... Hilly asks Loren about a part of his book that explains why there has been no bigfoot killed or captured. Loren says it is the same reason why people don't find grizzly bear bones in the woods. These creatures tend to die where their remains won't be found. Loren also says that people that may find a dead homonoid may feel it is a human and don't want to get involved. Hilly asks Loren if Nessie is a hold over from the dinosaur species.
  • 5th hour.... Hilly asks Loren why bigfoot is reported to smell so bad. Loren says there are reports where bigfoots have been seen wallowing in dead carcusus and that their smell is a defense mechanism. Hilly asks Loren about a part of his book that discusses bigfoots abducting women for procreation and companionship. Later in the hour, Loren encourages people to come forward who have had sightings. Hilly asks Loren if this phenomenom is world wild. Phone calls continue.

11/12/99 Fri/Sat

  • Guest Author James Redfield joins Barbara Simpson tonight. He wrote the best seller Celestine Prophecy. Barbara begins by asking James his definition of spirituality and if he was raised methodist, why wasn't it fulfilling for him. Politics is touched on and what kind of candidate we are going to see in the future. They also talk about how James wrote his first book and was disappointed with what the publisher had in mind and went out and created a best seller literally by word of mouth. Barbara asks James if any of his books will become movies.
  • 2nd hour.... Barbara asks James if he thinks there is life on other planets and if there was would they be on a different plane or level of the universe. James talks about the theories of Rudolph Steiner. Barbara asks James about his time in Austraila and if he felt any mystery about the outback like she does. Phone calls are taken later in the hour. The first caller asks James why he hasn't put his books on recycled paper yet.
  • 3rd hour.... James continues to take phone calls and talks about a universal time of affirmation to take place soon, kind of like a universal prayer chain. A caller asks an astrology question. James talks behavoral tendencies that we need to break out of to actually be all we can be. James leaves after the bottom of the hour break and open lines commences. Barbara talks about an article she found about the Miami Circle.
  • 4th hour.... Open lines continues and the first caller gives us his theories of aliens and how they control a lot of our monthly cycles such as the tides. This caller really has some interesting ideas. Another caller talks about spirits and what level they communicate with us.
  • 5th hour.... Open lines continue with a caller asking Barbara what sign she is. The caller tells her, since she is Leo, she is a healer. He also tells her her future. After the bottom of the hour break, a caller tells a story about enlightenment. Another caller relates a dream he remembers from infancy.

11/11/99 Thu/Fri

  • Welcome.... Art welcomes station WSYR in Syracuse, New York.
  • History.... Art says we will make radio history tonight with 2 commercial airline pilots, from two different airlines, coming on tonight to describe the same sighting. An air traffic controller will be on with his opinions also.
  • Guest.... Peter Davenport joins Art this hour from the UFO reporting center in Seattle. Peter starts with a short audio clip of what his wake up call was this morning at 6 am from a FAA traffic controller. Peter than plays the audio clip from October 26th that sets the stage for tonights UFO sighting over Texas. Peter asks Joe, the air traffic controller, if there is a possibility that the objects that he saw could have been of a military type. Art asks Joe if he is supposed to be informed of military craft that would be in his area.
  • 2nd hour.... Art replays the audio clips of the Oct 26th sighting before bringing on the two pilots. "Captain Carl" and "Jose" describe what they saw, saying they first believed the objects were of the transport type category aircraft but when the radar didn't pick it up they changed their minds. Later in the hour Carl says the objects could have been a reflection of legitimate aircraft off some layer of the atmosphere. Art tells us he has asked Ed Dames to look at this situation and the one with flight 990.
  • 3rd hour.... The mystery of flight 990 has deepen with the flight recorder telling us the auto pilot disengaged and the plane began descending. Art talks about an article referring to a victim of the crash who worked for NASA who specialized in combustion research and was once awarded the NASA medal. Richard Hoagland has a more detailed version of the article on his web site.
  • Guest.... Ed Dames joins Art this hour and Art asks him about the sighting discussed in the first 2 hours. Ed says he downloaded the report from Peter's website to assist him and says the object seen by the 2 pilots was an electro hydro dynamic vehicle, an advanced propulsion vehicle. Ed says it is a manned vehicle and the lights that the pilots reported was an ionized surface of the vehicle.
  • After the bottom of the hour break, Art asks Ed about Flight 990. Ed says there was a violent altercation in the cockpit and that a crew member attacked the pilot from behind. Art asks Ed if this is what occurred, will the cockpit voice recorder information be released to the public.
  • 4th hour... Ed and Art discuss Eds past remote viewing of satan and whether satan knew he was "looking". Ed says satan isn't actually on the planet, but a "Lieutenant", a being associated with satan, is. Art asks Ed about the boy who killed his parents and then students at his school and the other recent disgruntled workers shootings. Ed talks about evil in general. Later in the hour, Ed tells us there are now 12,000 people remote viewing and Art asks him if there has been any changes in the "seeing" since so many are participating now. Art asks Ed about the sun and his "killshot" prediction.
  • 5th hour.... Art asks Ed about John Lennon and whether he was a prophet and seeing our future or just dreaming and hoping. ed tells us that there will be a time when mankind will spiritually evolve. Art asks Ed some questions from listener faxes. Art asks Ed why he moved to the Hawaiian Islands and are there places that will be safer than others in the future. After the bottom of the hour break, Art asks Ed about the recent chemtrails. Ed says it is nothing innoculatory or biological but he cannot let the cat out of the bag as to what it is. Phone calls are taken for Ed and one caller asks Ed why he is wrong all the time with his predictions. Ed says they are not wrong, the timeline is wrong.

11/10/99 Wed/Thu

  • 1st hour.... Art begins by discussing the latest news on flight 990.
  • Y2K.... Clinton has made a statement saying he is confident that the safety of the American people will not be at risk. But only 50% of America's 911 systems are Y2K compliant. Art wonders about this.
  • Sex.... Art talks about a story in about not having a need for sex in the 21st century as humans get more into genetics and cloning.
  • Cats.... Scientists at Berkley have successfully wired a computer to a living cat's brain in the vision area so we can see what a cat sees on a computer screen.
  • Comet.... Art reads a report about Earth coming very close to the orbit of a comet on November 11th and there may be some meteor showers visible.
  • Open Lines finishes out the 1st hour with the first time caller line being reserved for government agents.
  • 2nd hour.... Art reads a little commentary from a listener about Clinton's statement about the 911 systems.
  • CNN.... The U.S. Army has rated 2 of it's 10 divisions as unprepared for a major war. Art says that is th only reason we got them, but peace keeping is causing a shortage of troops to fight.
  • Open lines.... Open lines continue this hour with a caller giving us some predictions of the New World order. Later in the hour, a government agent calls Art and offers to help screen callers to verify if they actually are agents when they say they are. Art asks him about the 2 divisions in the Army that are not prepared for war.
  • 3rd hour.... Comedian George Carlin joins Art this hour. George begins by making light of some of the topics discussed in the last hour. Art asks George why he does what he does. Art and George discuss the stars in the sky and Art asks George if he has ever seen anything he can't explain. George tells us he is a little disappointed in the paranormal.
  • 4th hour.... George talks about his values and how he keeps them in his commercial world. George tells us he planned out his life when he was 14 and has pretty much kept to it. He talks about when he was a disc jockey. Phone calls are taken for George in his last hour with Art.
  • 5th hour.... Open lines resumes with the government agent line being pretty active.

11/09/99 Tue/Wed

  • Crash.... A boeing 727 exploded over central Mexico with 18 on board.
  • Black Box.... The flight recorders from flight 990 have been recovered and sent to Washington. Art originally agreed that it was a thrust reverser problem but now awaits the real reason.
  • Movie.... Art recommends the movie, The Sixth Sense, saying it is the best he has seen in a decade.
  • Story.... Art reads a story from AP about a woman haunted by a crying baby but there were no children leaving near by. Police found the mummified body of a little girl entombed in a trunk in her closet and it is alleged the child was her own daughter and she has been arrested.
  • CNN.... CNN did an interesting piece on y2k about incredible sun storms predicted for January 2000. Art reiterates his theory that y2k problems wont begin til the first business day after January 1, 2000.
  • Weather.... The Seattle Times has a story about upcoming climate changes.
  • Fireball.... Peter Davenport comes on to tell us that a blue green fireball has been spotted over the east coast a few hours ago. Peter plays an audio cut of an anchorperson on a PBS affiliate who witnessed the sight. Another report from Arkansas is played. Peter talks about his upcoming show with Art on Thursday and what we can expect to learn.
  • 2nd hour.... Dr. Eric Pearl, a chiropractor, is Art's guest tonight. He discusses dormant receptor sites in our bodies that are being activated. He begins by telling us how he had a life changing experience that got him involved in becoming a healer. Dr. Pearl tells us of a body alignment he received from a woman/ tarot reader type person that resulted in missing time or memory.
  • 3rd hour.... Dr. Pearl tells us of a patient who came into his office for an adjustment and after he was finished with her his hands were covered with blisters. This has happened several times since then and one time his palm bled. Dr. Pearl tells us his patients started bringing him crystals and Buddhas etc. He tells a story about treating a regular patient and hearing a voice tell him that he is to continue what he is doing. Dr. Pearl asked the voice how he could speak to him again, and the voice said you can find me in your heart.
  • 4th hour.... Dr. Pearl tells us he has been told he is a Pleidian (sic) but does not believe it. He tells us that he called the original card reader women and told her that he is hearing voices channeled through his patients. Later in the hour, Art tells us a story about his dad going to a healer.
  • 5th hour.... Phone calls are taken for Dr. Pearl this hour. The first caller asks Dr. Pearl if there is DNA in us that has not been activated yet. Art asks Dr Pearl his favorite question, whether he believes there was a man called Jesus who walked the earth. Art asks him if Jesus' DNA would be different than ours. Later in the hour, a caller tells us that he was told to become a healer by his dead mother through a medium. Dr Pearl talks more about receptor sites in the body. Phone calls continue.

11/07/99 Dreamland

  • 1st hour.... Linda Howe has an update on the cat mutilations in Toronto, where a reward is now being offered and the poisoned birds in Wisconsin. Linda has a story on a grossly deformed calf born breech to a heifer and plays an audio clip of a reporter with a description. Whitley and Linda continue to discuss the calf after the break. After Linda, Whitley talks about the crop circle in Texas and Whitley's experience there.
  • Guest.... Michael Lindemann, CNI News director, joins Whitley and discusses the crop circle season in England.
  • 2nd hour.... Crop circles continues to be the topic and Whitley talks about how some of these crops have had changes of cellular structure. Stuart Wilde joins Whitley after the bottom of the hour break. Whitley begins by asking him about crop circles. Stuart also talks about OBE's.
  • 3rd hour.... Phone calls are taken this hour. Aliens are the topic this hour and Whitley asks Stuart why we can't see the Greys and Stuart relates an experience he had with a Grey. Whitley talks about a period in his life where he was showing up in the bedrooms of friends, not physically, but they would 'see' an image of him. Whitley asks Stuart what he thinks of this. After the break, Whitley has a caller tell us about a boomerang type UFO he saw, kind of like the one Art described in the past.

11/06/99 Sat/Sun

  • Hilly opens the show with these news items...Do we have a new Bermuda Triangle? Many planes have crashed in this new area. In Britain, the fastest growing religion, paganism, has lost it's charity status.
  • Y2K report...Washington is getting ready for an Electronic Pearl Harbor. The FBI is sending a report of a very real millennium threat to Police Chiefs nationwide, calling it Project Mageeto. Unical is advising employees to avoid air travel and review family home emergency plans.
  • Chemtrails... Karen says white unmarked planes have been spraying and she wants info on where to send a sample of the web-like material that was dropped. There will be a big protest in two weeks in New York, Santa Fe, N.M., and Aspen, CO. Hilly talks with CLIFFORD CARNICOM. He has taken pictures with a zoom lens of these chemtrails. Many people send him pictures and he would like to get the colleges involved in testing samples. Clifford says that this is a continuing, widespread program since the beginning of this year. Media has had no response on reporting on this. The protest will be on the November 20th to try to get the public involved.
  • Hilly reports that in Britain, Matthew Taylor demanded a probe into the spraying over ten years to simulate a germ war attack, they were lab rats. Leonard A. Cole,a science teacher from Rutgers University in Newark, wrote a book called clouds of secrecy, saying that from 1949-69 the Army sprayed the U.S. to see how the bacteria spread and survived. This was in testimony in Congress. The army never monitored the health of the people who were exposed. And we are being subjected to some kind of spraying now. The head of Egypt Air and the Egyptian President are saying something strange is going on here and maybe we should change our air routes. The TWA, Kennedy, and Egypt Air crash all happened in the same area and this is really strange. Open lines...government population control? weather management? planes crashing because of the Philadelphia Experiment opened a window?
  • Second Hour...Hilly's Guest is a biological sensitive, Charlotte King. Predicted Mt. St. Helens eruption and many earthquakes. A biological sensitive is a person whose body responds to changes in the earth's electromagnetic field. Each fault system gives off it's own frequency and this is what causes symptoms of illness in some people. She found that when the rhythm of the frequency changes a quake is about to happen somewhere. She wants people to be aware that they can tell when the next quake is going to occur. A lot of peoples pains are happening because of the environment. Charlotte can hear in the extreme low frequencies that most people cannot hear. She says streetlights go out when she goes under them. It seems that infrared signals are coming off of her body. This interferes with grocery store scanners, lottery machines and soda machines. People who get around her can become ill. Mood changes might be simply an electromagnetic change.
  • After the break... Each time there is about to be an eruption, ants may move into homes and seem to be looking for a higher frequency, and then just before the quake all of a sudden they're gone. They take their eggs and look for somewhere safe to move. Birds also change in behavior. They may not be able to fly or quite eating. Clouds are effected in that they seem to change shapes just before the event. Just before a quake it seems people eat more popcorn. People who already have a depression problem or some kind of mental problem already may commit suicide. Charlotte wants to make people aware that they are not alone. That the reason they are feeling so bad physically or mentally may be because of they are biologically sensitive. She is willing to talk to anyone 24 hours a day.
  • Third Hour...Hilly takes calls...Charlotte explains a geomagnetic anomaly. A caller mentions the GIA theory. A spiritual sensitive calls. Some callers are biologically sensitive. Charlotte thinks that when she suddenly feels weepy it may be because at least a dozen souls are about to die in a quake. This is all electrical except for the fact that it involves the loss of life. Charlotte says her depth perception is affected by a change in the electromagnetic field. Popcorn, cornbread or an corn product has colene in it which is a b vitamin and it helps for the brain to think clearer. It seems people crave it when their body needs it. Charlotte suggests writing down when migraines (or whatever reoccurring pain) happen and watch to see what happens environmentally to see if you are being biologically sensitive.
  • Fourth Hour... A Whale's sonar seems to be confused just before a quake and are found beached. Bears are now watched in some villages because when they move, even out of hibernation, when there is a quake or volcano eruption about to occur. More calls...Charlotte relates which parts of the brain or body are associated or mapped to certain parts of the world. A caller has an energy field and cannot wear a watch without it breaking. Charlotte tells of the effects of the solar events on her body. May 5, 2000 might be a very tough time for sensitives because all of the planets will be aligned and there will be a great gravitational pull.
  • Fifth Hour...Charlotte is 85% accurate about earth quakes and nearly 100% on volcanic eruptions. Charlotte explains the 13 different signatures or different variations of the same sound and different rhythms that she hears. Charlotte teaches people how to predict earthquakes and volcanoes. Charlotte predicts the wasatch system will have some kind of hit within the next 12-24 hours. More calls...
  • The break for the bottom of the hour was a little early as the phone connection was broken and Hilly had to try and get through to Charlotte again. She was back after the break and said that yes, it is common for her to have trouble with phone connections. She also says that a cars battery seems to loose its polarity, then it comes back again and when there is a lot of activity in the electromagnetic field there will be lots of cars broken down on the side of roads. The Navy contacted Charlotte and told her to stop talking about what she was seeing and hearing in 1980. She had said it kind of sounded like code and they thought she might be hearing their low frequency code system on their submarine.
  • More calls... Charlotte says we can increase our sensitivity just by paying more attention to each ache and pain and watch what is happening with each.

11/05/99 Fri/Sat

  • 1st hour.... Julie Guillentine joins Barbara Simpson tonight to discuss many topics such as the mysteries of Egypt. Julie begins by telling us she is just an ordinary person with some unordinary experiences. Barbara asks her to tell us a few such as an experience she had when sick with the measles and had a spirit visit her. She tells us of an experience when she was 20 and had hepatitis and had an NDE and a being told her it was not her time and she must go back. Later in the hour, Julie tells us of her past lives one of which she was a camel driver in Egypt.
  • 2nd hour.... Julie talks about her book and Barbara asks her about messages from the ancients. Julie talks about a master plan and how she feels humanity is still pretty primitive. Barbara and Julie talk about the Mayan calendar. Later in the hour phone calls are taken.
  • 3rd hour.... Barbara and Julie talk about the mystical outback of Australia. A caller asks Julie about the ancient Greeks. Later in the hour, a caller tells Julie of her recurring dreams and asks for her opinions.
  • 4th hour.... Barbara asks Julie how astrology fits into her experiences. Julie tells us astrology in it's truest form is the study of cycles. Julie talks about how people bring talents and gifts from past lives into new lives. Phone calls continue. A caller asks about the ancient Sumerian culture and whether it relates to Egypt or Atlantis. Later in the hour Barbara reads a fax from a listener asking Julie what her notions of eternity is.
  • 5th hour.... Barbara talks about killer bees and how Nevada is concerned about the occurrence of attacks there. Barbara takes phone calls and the first caller relates an experience she had when her daughter died and she was sitting with the body waiting for the coroner. Later in the hour, a caller tells Barbara he is a vice principal who had acid put in his drink by a student. Later in the hour, a caller complains to Barbara about psychics that give predictions and then have no explanation when they don't pan out.

11/04/99 Thu/Fri

  • KQNG.... Art welcomes station KQNG in Hawaii.
  • Dec 31.... Art will be on he air beginning at 7 p.m. with Gordon Michael Scallion on New Years Eve.
  • Radar... Art talks about the radar images of flight 990 that contradict a mid air reverse thruster malfunction.
  • Killers.... The killer in Seattle is still on the loose, and the killer in Hawaii has had bail set at 7 million dollars.
  • Guest.... Richard Hoagland joins Art with a few updates. In regard to the objects seen in a video taken during the eclipse from Turkey, there is now no foundation for the November 7th impact rumor. The objects have been determined to be flashbulb reflections. Richard talks about a mock anthrax attack to begin Nov 6th. Richard says he has found some links to flight 990 and Operation Migido (sic). He feels the airplane was attacked from inside, like through the computers.
  • Leonid.... Art reads an article about the upcoming meteor shower.
  • Contrails.... Art reads a fax from a listener saying every time he does a show on contrails there are none in the skies.
  • Dog.... Art reads a story about a man shot by his dog.
  • Mouse.... Another story about a pet and a microwave from a German newspaper.
  • Open Lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Dr. Gary E.R. Schwartz joins Art this hour to discuss the afterlife and his scientific research on the subject. Art asks Gary what he thought of the movie The Sixth Sense. Gary tells us he feels there is anomalous communication going on with the dead and gifted people. Gary tells us about some experiments/testing he has done with psychics.
  • 3rd hour.... Gary and Art discuss human consciousness and some of his theories. Art and Gary talk about how we continue to experience input after death. Gary tells us what his research on mediums has shown.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls are taken this hour. A caller asks Gary if it is possible to hinder a souls journey by contacting them.
  • Open lines in the 5th hour.

11/03/99 Wed/Thu

  • False Start... There were technical difficulties, so Art's show starts ten minutes late. Art is having some back pain. For the second day in a row, a man takes a gun into a business a kills. In Seattle, police are looking for a man who walked into a boat repair company and shot four employees. CNN stayed with this story for three hours and the President used it as a chance to plug gun control. Art played the video from his Mackinaw trip at the bottom of the hour for those on the net, on Streaming Video.
  • In Utah there has been a series of commercials on radio to discourage people from withdrawing money at the end of the year. Art reads a letter from a ham operator asking how to protect against EMP's. In India there are thousands killed by a super cyclone and 200,000 people are now homeless. Art mentions his New Years Eve show. He will be on the air at 7:00 pacific time, 3 hours early. Gordon-Michael Scallion may be on that night and it will be an eight hour show.
  • Open Lines... The first caller, Nick, talks about using a home safe with lead foil for protection against EMP pulses. The next caller mentions a fireball in eastern Canada.
  • Second hour... Breaking news, Dan Johnson from KOMO with an update from Seattle, Washington. A suspect has been detained. He describes the media coverage.
  • William Thomas is Art's guest. He is an investigator of the contrails (condensation trail), the cloudlike lines left from jets. He believes that some of them are actually "Chemtrails." He says we are closer to finding out who is behind this. Art mentions a picture on his website that looks like the contrail is not coming from the wingtips nor the tail. William says we know that we are dealing with bacteria from the samples that have been taken. In Espanol, Ontario, 250 people signed a petition after being heavily sprayed and many illnesses, The Ministry of Environment examined samples and the people were told that the Air Force uses carbon for weather modification. They also found mica and aluminum and quartz, components of schaff, that is used to jam radars and heat sinking missiles. Could this be intentional spraying to make people sick so that they are more apathetic or depressed in preperation for Y2K? Emotion control or mind control in America?
  • Dr. Bob Begosian writes that killer viruses may be coming and this years flu season will be longer than normal. Art asks what would be the motivation for a government to make the population sick which would cause a lowering in productivity. William says this spraying or experiments has been going on since the 1940's. New York has had a outbreak of West Nile Virus which William believes came from Plum Island where there is a Government lab that experiment with biological warfare.
  • Third hour... Art starts the hour telling about the Hong Kong virus that is believed to come from pigs. Art reads a story from the U.K. news that says that germ warfare stimulants were sprayed from aircraft over several areas of southern England according to the Ministry of Defense. If they are doing it there do you have any doubt that we are doing these tests here also?
  • Art brings on another guest from Aspen Co., David Peterson. A former NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) pilot faxed the Aspen Daily News in mid-August that He was given the job of atmospheric testing and then found that his plane was dropping chemicals. Dave had several contacts with this man and believes that he was telling the truth. He has now made it clear that he no longer wants to talk and that he was afraid that he might disappear if he did talk. The C.I.A. is mentioned as being involved.
  • William Thomas is back and relates more incidents of times when planes were seen to have sprayed chemicals. He next relates that C130's have been diverted from the forest service to work for the C.I.A.. Planes that have been used for firefighting, with spraying capabilities, are busy doing what for the C.I.A.?
  • Patty Doyle is the next guest that William has Art bring on the air. She is from Stormville, N.Y. and she shares some incidents about illnesses and Plum Island workers.
  • Fourth Hour... An update on the Seattle shootings, the latest suspect that the police had detained has now been released and people in the area are told to be on the alert and cautious since a killer is still out there. Art reads several faxes.
  • Patty talks about safety violations and citations that Plum Island Lab has been under in recent years. The lab has denied that they are studying birds. The lobsters in the area are dying by the millions and there are other fish that are nonexistent in the area that had always been there. Will says one resident on Queens died from an outbreak in September and then there was massive spraying, which leads him to believe a panic had set in, that there is a coverup of an escaped pathogen.
  • An urgent update, Will says that the low flying aircraft that were seen today spraying in Colorado were seen to have a shamrock logo on them. He hopes someone in the west might know what company this is from. Art asks if people encounter this goo, how can they safely take a sample? Will asks us to organize protest groups because time is running out.
  • Fifth Hour...Art reads a fax about the air in Housten, Texas. Art tells us that the aircraft with shamrocks on them are from Shamrock Aircraft Sales Inc.
  • More Open Lines...

11/02/99 Tue/Wed

  • 1st hour.... Art says he had a wonderful trip to Mackinaw Island. Art tells us what he was thinking when he heard about flight 990 right before he was scheduled to fly home. Art agrees with the theory that it was the thrust reverser malfunction that caused the crash.
  • Nov 17... The leonid storm scheduled to pass by Earth on Nov 17th will have be the Air Force watching for any damage to US missile warning communications and other satellites.
  • Xerox.... Art talks about the disgruntled Xerox employee who killed 7 coworkers in Hawaii yesterday.
  • Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Terry and Linda Jamison, psychic twins, join Art this hour. Art begins by asking them if it is tough being a twin. Art tells us he used to date twins. Art asks the twins how they determined they had psychic powers above and beyond the psychic bond most twins share amongst each other. Later in the hour, the twins tell us some medical breakthroughs they see happening in the very near future involving and AIDS and breast cancer cure.
  • Phone.... Terry and Linda are available at (323) 512-5424.
  • 3rd hour.... Art asks the twins about earthquakes and they predict a quake in the Bay area in April of 2000. Art asks the twins if they ever see things that scare them. Phone calls are taken after the bottom of the hour break. The first caller asks the twins about the November 7 rumor and if they have felt anything about it.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls continue with the first caller asking the twins, since they are Buddhists, do they practice any type of meditation. This caller also asks the twins who the next President will be and they both feel it will be Bush. Another caller asks if Quebec will indeed separate from Canada. Later in the hour a caller asks the twins about the West Nile Virus and what to expect as far as any new illnesses. Also discussed is the tenth planet.
  • 5th hour.... Open lines finishes out tonight's program.