Jeff Borer ( sends us: I took these photos at a Fisher-Price parade for children in East Aurora, New York last August. The day started with pristine blue skies. You can see that the straight chemies were laid first and followed by the spiral laid out next. Why "they"would do this with thousands of kids in the area I don't know. My kids asked me why the "airplanes"were doing donuts in the sky." They thought it was part of the show, but we know better don't we......


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Doug McGinnis ( sends us: On Feb. 1 2002 while in Saginaw, Texas I noticed a contrail being laid at a low altitude by a "craft" travelling south. I could not see any discernable aircraft. The contrail itself exhibited an odd behavior, in that portions of the trail disentegrated rapidly, while other parts lingered, almost as though it was being shredded from within. It showcased a sort of "symbol" form as it dissipated, lasting for only a minute or so. There is much chemtrail activity out here in Saginaw (where I work), and Westpoint (right down the road from Lockheed-Martin) where I live. And I learned about contrails on the Art Bell show! Hope you like the pics!


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