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Don Daniels ( sends us:

AH! Life is great living up here in the mountains. All kinds of critters running through the yard. Right in the heart of nature. Must be a TON of hummingbirds up here, they can drain the feeder in an hour or less.╩ No, that can't be right!╩What is this??? For those who don't know, it is a Cow Elk about 3 feet outside our kitchen window, and it paid no attention to us as we watched and photographed it from 6 feet away. It was too intent on draining the feeder.


Wooden UFO knick-knack box. Nifty stocking stuffer for Christmas

Karen Hagy sends us:

My family and I we're on vacation in Yellowstone park. I snapped a photo of Old Faithful and when I got home, this is what I had! Pretty cool huh?


Ralph Maestas ( askes:

Have you seen the genetically altered chickens? I have attached two jpegs if you are interested. Let me know what you think.


Ernest Dodd ( sends us this photo of alleged PTERODACTYL.


Ken Biddell ( created this Flash Animation for Coast to Coast:

View Flash File (2.5 MEG)

Tonya ( writes:

This is my son and nephew. They were outside playing last winter and found this burried in the snow!!!! Pretty gross. I was scared to touch it. It looks soooo REAL!! Anyhow,thought you might get a kick out of this too. It fooled alot of people around here.


Amani Ibrahim ( sends us:

Hi Art! I know you like to watch these type of paranormal phenomena, but my uncle from Egypt sent me this just a while ago, I hope you enjoy it! It is written in arabic and in English. That body was found in Egypt in the Taraniab area.


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