New Classic Look Tube Ham Radios

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Robert Root ( writes:

I grew up with a BC-610 (hopped up) on 40mtr CW and Arc 5's. I have always loved tubes and have built some breadboard rig just for fun. Now as an audiophile of the underground single ended set. One can buy ANY part for these great sounding amps. Kits abound and tubes hold a big market to good sound now. Especially in Japan which is in love with the Western Electric 205-D tennis ball tube at 1.5 watts in SE use. Silently the Japanese have shipped tons of old audio amps, studio Altec and WE gear out of this country in the 70's and even now. Their horn systems shine in multi tube amp systems. My system uses horn bass with altec driver and 805B multi cell mid-tweet using 211 SE transformer coupled monoblock at 25watts. Driver is Sevelanta 6BM8 with 4 x 6CJ3's damper diodes in bridge for 1kv/50ma. Tube rect. offers better sonics than diodes! Enclosed are some pic of gear made by me that might be of interest to you. Will mail in different lots..

80mts TNT using RCA 210 -50watts

2 tube Regn Rcvr

1955--6L6 with 6E5 tuning eye and
globe 80 rect. CW 15 watts

My favorite: Eimac 75-tl PP Class C amp.
400watts used on 160 and 80mtrs.
Many parts including fil. tranny in base
are homemade. Grid chokes take out all TVI !