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The streaming service provider had a technical issue today, that caused the archived program to fail in its ability to seek forward. Many emailed and reported the problem. Akamai Technilogies was right on the job and resolved the problem. However, it seems that some people don't understand that technical problems creep up and think everything is a conspiracy. Here is a typical exchange that came accross our e-mail box today:

From David (
To: Customer Service (

As a long-time listener, I was thrilled to see the program content delivered over the internet. I'm on the east coast and prefer to hear the program during the workday.

As thrilled as I was, I am equally dismayed and angered about the changes that just took place to your audio stream.

Apparently someone there decided that locking down and restricting your content delivery would be a "Good Thing(tm)".

Now, I find I cannot pause the program nor can I reposition the stream pointer to replay certain segments. Both features I was using to hear the entire program. Since I listen during my work day, I frequently have to pause the program so I can take a phone call or have meetings. I also found it helpful to repeat certain segments where I wanted to listen more attentively, or if Art was using guest-contributed sound clips, to raise the volume and repeat the clip.

Now, undoubtedly some genius MBA decided that letting users control the flow of content was a "Bad Thing(tm)" because it allows people to skip the 10 minutes of commercials every hour.

The fact is, I recently repeated Art's Freeplay radio commercial so I could order one. I've received it, and was thankful to hear about it from Art. It's a great product.

Art's listeners aren't (all) idiots. If we didn't want to hear the commercials, we can mute our pc's or find another way to tune them out.

Taking away the content control from your listener is insulting and offensive. And I urge you to reconsider this decision, realize your mistake, and restore the controls.

From: Customer Service (
To: David (

We apologize for the inability to fast forward or pause the 05/17 archived broadcast of Art Bell's show. This was a technical issue which has been discovered and is being quickly resolved. We truly appreciate your patience and invite you to try listening to the broadcast again within the next few hours, as it will be restored to its original format. Thank you for contacting us and bringing this to our attention.

From David (
To: Customer Service (

Oh heck am I a jackass or what?! Please accept my apologies - I should have asked first before concluding that it was some corporate maneuver. I guess these days I'm just so used to "big corporate" screwing the people that it's too easy to jump to conclusions. Again, I apologize. Dang I feel like a complete ass.

Do we all think the network is one big money-grubbing conspiracy to make our lives misserable? Well, maybe... :-)