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John the Time Traveller ( sends us:

This is John from "I am from 2036." I will be leaving soon and many of the forum members have expressed an interest in seeing the new pictures and diagrams I will send before I go. I realize this is a bit unusual but rather than send them someplace else, Art's site seems to be quite stable and I would hope he might take an interest in posting them. I've sent the following letter to him but if you have any feedback, I would appreciate the advice, as I don't have a site of my own.

Thank you for considering posting of the following pictures and diagrams. Attached you will find 10 picture files. The first 5 pictures (OP1 - OP5) are from the operations manual of the "time machine" I am currently using.






Pictures M1 & M4 are pictures of the distortion unit inside the vehicle I was using at the time.



M2 & M3 were taken by my father's video camera and captured in single frames.



M5 is a picture taken in the fall of 2035 during my training. It shows my instructor beaming a handheld laser outside the vehicle during operation. The beam is being bent by the gravitational field produced outside the vehicle by the distortion unit. The beam is visible through smoke that is coming from his cigar.


Again, I appreciate your consideration in posting these on Art's site. Many of the members from the BBS have expressed an interest in seeing them. If you are interested, I will also have my parents forward the video of my departure. If you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by email.