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[IMAGE] Photos of Icelandic Eruption, sent to us by Douglas White and Timothy Emery


[IMAGE] Photo of Spontaneous Human Combustion Scene


[IMAGE] Photo of a possible missile attack on the TWA Flight 800 Airliner. Some claim this is actually the aircraft, some propose it is a missile. Here is a GIF version for those having trouble with the Jpeg image.


[JPEG IMAGE][JPEG IMAGE] It was bound to happen, sooner or later, Dinosaur pictures. These are from Billy Meier in Switzerland, courtesy of Randolph Winters.


[IMAGE] Max! The ancient 13,000 YR old. (Art Bell, Dreamland, 07-24-95)


[IMAGE] A closeup view of the HAARP antenna array. Uploaded Feb 7, 1996. A WEB page about HAARP contains much more information and lots of pictures.

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