6/30/99 Wed/Thu

  • 1st hour.... Richard Hoagland joins Art in the first hour with updates on the Miami Circle, the activity on the sun and what the comet may have to do with that. Richard says when Comet Lee crossed the ecliptic all hell broke loose and the sun spot count jumped up significantly.
  • 2nd hour.... Art reads a report from Caltech about rogue planets without a sun that are warm and moist enough to sustain life. Neil Slade joins Art this hour. Art asks Neil to tell us of his experience with T.D. Lingo. After the break, Neil gives a summary on energy that flows through the human brain and how you can externalize it. Reptilian behavior is discussed late in the hour.
  • 3rd hour.... Art reads a report from Rueters about Russian bombers flying within striking distance of the U.S. last week. Neil talks about the switches in our brains that we can turn on to direct our energy away from me, me, me and out into the universe. After the bottom of the hour break, Neil tells us how stimulate the parts of the brain that controls pleasure.
  • 4th/5th hour... Phone calls are taken in the last two hours with the first caller asking about the one hour orgasm. Art asks Neil if people who annoy him could be those in reptilian behavior while he isn't or vise versa. A caller asks Neil about mind over matter in that could he shape a piece of marble in his hand with powers of the brain.

6/29/99 Tue/Wed

  • Art begins by discussing his current legal situation and recent developments.
  • Art reads an email from Gordon Michael Scallion about a magnetic pole shift.
  • Stan Deyo joins Art in the first hour to discuss the recent activity on the sun. Stan talks about s shaped objects, a new discovery, which is a precursor to coronal mass ejections. After the bottom of the hour break, Stan relates worse case scenarios resulting from the suns activity.
  • 2nd hour.... Art asks Stan about Comet Lee and the fact that it just passed by it's closet point to the sun. After the break, Gene Meyers joins Art and begins by telling us about the inception of the Space Island development.
  • 3rd hour.... Gene explains that the external fuel tanks from shuttles are tied together in space to create a space island. Art asks Gene to explain the design. After the break, Art and Gene talk about when Space Island would be realistically open for business and what would a typical trip entail as far as activities and cost.
  • 4th hour... Phone calls are taken for Gene this hour with one caller suggesting an alternate method of getting people to the Space Island. Gene tells us they plan to have the Space Island orbiting the Earth and the moon by 2010.
  • 5th hour.... Art reads some questions from listeners for Gene before continuing with phone calls. Different types of launch vehicles are discussed, the possibility of going to Mars and space walks from the Space Island and the possible dangers.

6/28/99 Mon/Tue

  • 1st hour.... Hilly talks about Uncle Sam now knowing everything about you. He recaps an article from the Washington Post about a new data monitoring system tracking working adults to help in finding deliquent parents. Hilly talks about a program on The Learning Channel called 50 years of UFOs, a story in USA Today about Y2K, and an email he received warning him about September 9, 1999 and it being a date that will interrupt computers. Hilly recaps the disasters of last year according to the Red Cross, who predicts next year will be worse. Open Lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour....Hilly's guest tonight is Michael Hesemann. Hilly calls him the foremost ufologist in all of Europe. Hilly asks Michael if we are actually getting close to the day when we will have proof of alien existence. Hilly asks Michael if he feels the governments in Germany and Holland, etc. hide the truth like we believe ours does. Later in the hour, Hilly and Michael touch on the Billy Meijer story and his contact with the Palaedians.
  • 3rd hour.... Hilly asks Michael to elaborate on the Palaedians as they continue to discuss Billy Meijer this hour. Phone calls are taken later in the hour.
  • 4th/5th hour.... Hilly and Michael continue to develop the case of Billy Meijer and his abduction. Billy's son calls in at the top of the hour. Michael asks Billy's son a few questions about statements his mother made on the Fox special. Phone calls continue.

6/25/99 Fri/Sat

  • Mike Murphy is the host tonight with guest Michael Lindemann, a planetary scientist, who begins by telling us how he got involved in this area of study. Michael tells us his answer to the oft asked question, "You don't really believe in this stuff, do you?" Late in the hour, Michael talks about Frances Barwood and sightings in Phoenix.
  • 2nd hour.... At the top of the hour, Michael tells us he calls himself a futurist. Phone calls are taken in this hour. Michael explains to a caller a law passed long ago, and since repealed, about ET contact. Michael talks about Edgar Mitchell, from the Apollo 14 mission.
  • 3rd/4th hour.... Calls continue. Alien civilizations are discussed, cigar shaped UFOs and balls of light. Michael talks about UFO sightings in Brazil and how that is a very active area.
  • 5th hour... Mike asks Michael if he would go away with aliens if they asked him. Phone calls continue with callers relating sightings asking Michaels opinions on such.

6/24/99 Thu/Fri

  • Bids.... Art discussess the domain name auction currently being held on the site. See home page headline.
  • Drudge.... Art reads a section of the Drudge report about a high flying cloud made of ice crystals hovering over Colorado.
  • Guest.... Peter Davenport joins Art in the first hour. Right away Art asks Peter if he would indeed divulge the names of the eyewitnessess Peter Gersten is interested in talking to. Peter has new info on sightings in Kentucky and Idaho last Saturday night. An eyewitness joins Art and Peter to describe her sighting. After the break, a pilot describes his sighting in Idaho the same weekend.
  • 2nd hour.... Roy Tucker joins Art to discuss near earth asteroids. Art asks Roy how he finds these asteroids using a telescope. Roy talks about the naming procedure of asteroids. Art asks Roy why the media always tells us about near misses the day after it happened.
  • 3rd hour.... Roy goes over the asteroid population, sizes and numbers. Art asks Roy about suns and stars and the stability of our sun. Roy talks about the possibility of water on Mars.
  • 4th/5th hour.... Art and Roy discuss the objects found by David Tolan and then take questions from the listening audience.

6/23/99 Wed/Thu

  • 1st hour.... Art reads an email from a listener asking about an outbreak of hives and if it could be related to chemtrails.
  • Volcano.... People are fleeing from the base of an active volcano in the Phillipines.
  • Mazarat.... A carribean Island is confounding scientists because it's volcano is still producing flows of mud and lava after an eruption 2 years ago. Art is not surprised.
  • Telescope... A telescope on a mountain in California is being upgraded to detect asteroids that could threaten Earth . Art mentions a study he read recently that says a person is as likely to be killed by an asteroid as a car.
  • Pilots.... Art reads an email from a professional pilot telling Art that many pilots see UFOs but are asked to keep it to themselves. He also describes what a normal contrail should look like.
  • Glaciers.... All 15,000 glaciers in the Himalayans are melting at an alarming rate and could cause floods within the next 40 years followed by water shortages.
  • Cloud.... There were reports of a large cloud of pollution, the size of the continental United States, hovering over the Indian ocean.
  • Open Lines.... Open Lines finishes out the 1st hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Marcia Shafer, an intergalactic anthropologist, joins Art. She begins by describing her first 'contact'. She says she has been having visits since before she could even talk. Art asks Marcia about the Travis Waltons of the world, and cases of real physical abductions in contrast to what she is talking about.
  • 3rd hour.... Art reads a fax from a listener questioning Marcia's description of her contact. Marcia describes her contact with the reptilian species. Later in the hour, Art asks Marcia if she has heard of the Stockholm Syndrome and whether it applies to her. Art asks if she thinks she is being lied to by these visitors. Marcia says these species understand the human ego very well and use it to their advantage.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls are taken in this hour. The first caller talks about personal credibility and asks Art what guidelines he uses to judge his guests' credibility. Art tells us his skepticism of channelers. Later in the hour, a caller asks Marcia her opinion on the callers experiences and whether she feels they are visitations.
  • 5th hour.... After Marcia departs, Art holds open lines for the remainder of the program.

6/22/99 Tue/Wed

  • 1st hour.... Peter Gersten joins Art in the first hour. Peter asks Arts counsel about the lawsuit he has filed in Arizona against the Department of Defense regarding the sightings of Black Triangles. Peter asks Art if he thinks Peter Davenport would divulge the name of the eyewitnessess he has who he promised anonymity to. Art says Peter Davenport would probably go to jail before he divulged that.
  • 2nd hour.... Ed Dames joins Art in the second hour. He begins with his Remote Viewing 101 explanation for new listeners. Ed talks about the case when he attempted to remote view Art's leave of absence back in October. He tells us of this protection mechanism that kicks in when he attempts to see into personal lives which he calls angelic intervention. Later in the hour Art asks Ed about the workings of the Bob Bigelow foundation and it's investigations into UFO activity. Ed says there is a hot bed of activity out there. Art asks him not reveal that place if he knows.
  • 3rd hour.... Ed talks about what we really want in regards to aliens, saying contact is the number one desire. Art doesn't think we are ready for this. Ed tells us what bait should be used to elicit contact.
  • 4th hour.... A caller, John Alexander, gives more info on the 'hot spot'. John works for NIDS, which is financed largely by Bob Bigelow. He tells of women and children who have left the area due to perceived danger. Art asks Ed about the activities of the sun and how Ed previously said to forget Y2K cause there will be a kill shot from the sun. Later in the hour Ed talks about the pathogen.
  • 5th hour.... Phone calls are taken in this hour with Ed and Art.

6/21/99 Mon/Tue

  • Poll.... Hilly tells us of a CNN poll that says 91% of the public polled have not had any alien contact.
  • Yeltsin.... Russian President Yeltsin is trying to repair trade relations with the U.S. Yesterday he gave Clinton a file of recently declassified Russian documents on the Kennedy assassination.
  • NASA.... NASA is launching a space telescope Wednesday for an archeological expedition to study the big bang.
  • LA.... Hilly relates a story about a new sheriff in LA who has a plan for celebrities to have permits for carrying guns.
  • 20/20.... Hilly talks about tonights episode of 20/20 with Charles Van Damme and the skeptics who tried to debunk his channeling abilities.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Constance Clear joins Hilly to discuss alien abductions. Hilly will only take call from abductees during tonights program. Constance begins by telling us how she was inspired to begin this study by Whitley Strieber.
  • 3rd hour.... Constance tells us about monthly meetings she holds for abductees to meet and talk about their experiences. Calls are taken later in the hour.
  • 4th hour.... Constance talks about physical marks and scars on abductees that are unexplainable. More calls with listeners relating their personal experiences this hour and next.

6/18/99 Fri/Sat

  • Marines..... Hilly recaps the news story of a 20 year old Marine was sentenced to 30 days in jail for refusing to follow an order, the one to take the anthrax vaccine.
  • Einstein.... Hilly talks about Einstein's brain, the dimensions and how they could have determined his intelligence. Researchers believe he had more neurons.
  • Britian.... Hilly tells us the forecast for Britian for the next 100 years. Killer heat waves, disasterous floods and invasions of disease carrying insects are predicted by researchers.
  • Gun.... Hilly talks about the Gun bill in the Senate.
  • Open Lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Stephen Mehler joins Hilly to discuss Egypt, crystal skulls and UFOlogy. Stephen begins by telling us of experiences he had early in life that directed him towards the studies he does now.
  • 3rd hour.... Stephen discusses the ancient Hebrews and other ancient civilizations and tribes he talks of the Exodus and how the modern Jew got his name. Later in the hour, Stephens talks about the 5 crystal skulls he has investigated.
  • 4th hour.... Phone calls are taken in this hour for Stephen. Hilly asks Stephen about the Sphinx and the tunnels leading away and the fact that Stephen feels the erosion found there is from water not sand.
  • 5th hour.... In this hour the discussion turns to astrology and Stephen tells us he uses astrology as a tool to help work with whatever forces he is trying to deal with. Later in the hour, a caller asks Stephen about Comet Lee and the Nostradamus prophecy.

6/17/99 Thu/Fri

  • 1st hour... Art reads a story about a cell used from a man's leg and a cow's egg to clone a human. The scientist involved joins Art this hour for an interview. Her name is Brigiette Boisselier and she is the director of Clone Aid. Art asks Brigiette if one had a heart attack at age 60, would the clone also? Brigiette talks about the possibility of immortality.
  • 2nd hour... Brigiette and Art discuss why we, as humans, have such a short shelf life. Phone calls are taken later in the hour with evolution being the main topic.
  • 3rd hour.... Richard Hoagland joins Art this hour to recap the Miami Circle discovery and ensuing events. Richard talks about a benefit being held on Sunday to raise money for the preservation of the circle. He tells us that a trial will actually take place to determine how much the developer, who has to give up his project, will receive as compensation.
  • 4th hour.... Richard and Art talk about Richard's health and his continuing recuperation. They talk about Keith and his condition. The attacks against Art and Keith are discussed as Art tells Richard that the person doing these attacks says he is doing so on behalf of NASA and asks Richard's opinion on this. Later in the hour, Richard talks about the Millenium Group and Comet Lee. Richard continues throughout the rest of the program.

6/16/99 Wed/Thu

  • 1st hour.... Terrence McKenna joins Art in the first hour, the first time since his recent treatment for a brain tumor. Art asks Terrence how he feels about the great experiment Art's audience participated in to send him energy etc. He said he could feel the energy when it was happening.
  • 2nd hour.... Art fills us in on Keith's condition before his guests. Tonight Art will discuss the new comet, Lee with Stewart Best, a former commercial airline pilot who has some thoughts on what the comet may mean prophetically. Also, Gary Goodwin and Earl Crockett from the Millenium Group will join Art to dicuss this comet. Art says he also has something from NASA.
  • 3rd hour.... NASA says the comet will not even come close to Earth, let alone hit it. Art asks Gary and Earl for a rebuttal to NASA's statement, and they say the next few days will be crucial fact gathering days. On the 21st of June, the comet will go behind the sun and will not be able to be seen. After the bottom of the hour, Stewart begins the prophetic part of the discussion and what Nostradamus has said about this comet.
  • 4th hour.... Stewart reads some prohecies from Mother Shipton and Nostradamus as requested by a caller. Phone calls are taken this hour. Art asks Stewart about the Third Secret of Fatima.
  • 5th hour.... Phone calls continue throughout the rest of the program, with one caller asking Stewart to cite prophecies Nostradamus was wrong about.

6/15/99 Tue/Wed

  • Keith.... Art expresses his concern about Keith being in a hospital tonight with a heart arythmia problem.
  • Quake.... Central Mexico had an earthquake that killed twelve.
  • Albanians.... The ethnic Albanians are on their way back to Kosovo.
  • Korea.... South Korea sank a North Korean ship Tuesday during a battle at sea.
  • CAUS.... Peter Gersten's CAUS did a report on a new comet. Art reads this report which says there is a one in 10 million chance that it would hit the Earth in 2046.
  • Open Lines... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Colm Kelleher joins Art in the second hour. He is a staff member of the National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS). He had a hand in the roper survey about the peoples reaction to an alien landing. Art begins by having Colm review the original Brookings report and what its purpose was.
  • 3rd hour.... Art asks Colm what he thinks the media's influence has been on the answers in the survey. After the bottom of the hour break, Art and Colm outline field investigations Colm has been involved in concerning animal mutilations.
  • 4th hour.... The discusssion about experiments being conducted in the Southwest continues. Art asks Colm about an experiment Bob Bigelow mentioned to Art about video cameras mounted to look at each other and what that purpose was. Later in the hour Colm talks about trying to simulate what animals actually see. Art asks Colm what his cats are seeing when they act like something is there that Art cannot see.
  • 5th hour.... Phone calls are taken for Colm this hour.

6/14/99 Mon/Tue

  • Kosovo... Hilly wonders if the Chinese will now send troops to Kosovo since the Russians are there.
  • Ruling.... Hilly talks about the ruling handed down by the Judge presiding over the 5 marines being court martialed for refusing the anthrax vaccine.
  • Toot Toot.... Hilly toots his own horn and tells us he will be on a show Saturday night, the number one program in Canada called the X Zone radio show.
  • BBC.... According to the BBC, astronomers have discovered the most distant galaxy yet found. It was detected because it gives off radio waves.
  • Open Lines.... Open Lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour... Lady Ambermaeve joins Hilly to discuss the Wiccans, witchcraft, and Army involvement. Hilly says according to a survey, witchcraft is the number one interest of teenage girls. The discussion begins by Hilly asking Lady to explain the term witch.
  • 3rd hour.... Lady discusses her title and the Wiccans being a religion and the origin of such. Later in the hour Hilly asks Lady to define the 'underworld'.
  • 4th hour.... Hilly asks Lady how Wiccans feel about extra-terrestrial life. Hilly refers to a article in the Washington Post and asks Lady her opinions on the accuracy of the data. Phone calls are taken this hour.
  • 5th hour.... Hilly asks Lady what a pagan religion is, since she claims that is what Wiccans are. Phone calls are taken with one caller asking Lady if she believes Jesus Christ existed and if so what was he.

6/11/99 Fri/Sat

  • Mike Murphy, from a radio station in Kansas City, guest hosts tonight.
  • After a short monologue, Mike introduces Mark Davenport as his guest tonight. They discuss Whitley Strieber and his book Communion and the ensuing movie, Y2K, the rain forest, meteorites and Mars.
  • After the break, Mark and Mike discuss the numerous books out on UFO's, aliens and related subjects. Mark tells us his theory on ETs.
  • 2nd hour.... Mark talks about what other intelligent races would think about us . Later in the hour Mark tells a story about batteries being found thousands of years ago. They also talk about an expedition going to the Congos. Phone calls are taken.
  • 3rd hour.... Mark and Mike talk about Elvis and his interest in UFOs and a new book coming out about him. They also discuss Mark's wifes' abduction experience. Later in the hour, phone calls continue.
  • 4th hour.... Mark and Mike discuss earth crossing asteroids. Later, a caller asks Mark how you can get invited onto a spaceship. The discussion turns to the passages in the bible that refers to alien visitations.
  • 5th hour.... Mark tells us his hypothesis about the greys being seen 80% of the time in the United States, but only 20% of the time in other countries. A caller asks Mark why the government hasn't informed us of visitations if they have indeed occured. Phone calls continue.

6/10/99 Thu/Fri

  • War.... They are saying the war is over, and the bombing halted. Art says he hopes the war really is over but he is concerned with the ground troops entering Kosovo. Also, we now have to pay for all the bridges we blew up and for keeping the peace keeping troops there for years to come. This is basically the news for the night.
  • Ghost Stories.... Tonight is a caller driven program with only ghost stories. Art has many stories faxed or emailed to him which he reads inbetween callers. See Our Ghosts Page for photos submitted during the show also.

6/09/99 Wed/Thu

  • NATO.... NATO ambassadors approve peace deal, Art says the Serbs are hightailing it out of town and we are going to send in ground troops. Art is concerned that they are not really serious about this peace and would hate to see things go sour with all our troops on the ground.
  • 1st hour.... Peter Davenport joins Art for an update. About one half hour before air time Peter got a sighting report from a couple in Las Vegas. Also, Peter plays an audio clip from a dramatic sighting report from Kernard (sp) Nebraska that came in just a few hours prior to the Vegas report. Art asks Peter about Bob Bigelow's new survey about people's belief that the government would not tell the public of alien evidence. Peter relates another report from a couple who witnessed between 25 and 32 UFOs outside a casino in Las Vegas back in April of this year.
  • 2nd hour.... Linda Moulton Howe joins Art and begins with an audio clip of an eyewitness to a crop circle being formed in Holland. After the break, Art reads a message from a listener about contrails in New Hampshire and alleged resulting rashes. Linda comments on this as well as reporting some other news on the subject of bioterrorists.
  • 3rd hour.... Chuck Warren joins Art and Linda this hour to continue discussing chemtrails and photos posted on Chuck's website. Phone calls are taken later in the hour for Art, Linda and Chuck.
  • 4th hour.... Art reads a fax from a listener who is acquainted with someone who had a sample of contrail debris analyzed at a lab and found it to be a biohazard. Also the listener asks if the chemtrails could be related to the anthrax vaccinations and some sort of mass innoculation. Linda comments on this and elaborates on the anthrax topic. After the break, Art reads a roper survey conducted on influencial people dealing with their views on extra-terrestrials and UFO's. Phone calls continue through this hour and the last with Art and Linda.

6/08/99 Tue/Wed

  • Photo.... Art talks about a photo which is posted under News/Headlines.
  • Brookings.... Art talks about an old sponsor of his, Bob Bigelow, who is looking to disperse funds he has into the UFO research realm. Art suggested he go back to the Brookings report. Art reads an article about a poll taken asking people how they would react if evidence of alien life was discovered.
  • TIME.... There is a big ruckus going on at Time magazine over the most influencial soul of the Century. Is it Hitler or Jesus.
  • Song.... Before the bottom of the hour break, Art plays a Y2K song.
  • Marconi.... Art has once again been nominated for the highest award in radio, a Marconi.
  • Sun.... Art reads a report from the BBC saying there was a tremendous explosion on the surface of the sun last Tuesday. Art reminds us of what Ed Dames said.
  • Open Lines.... Open Lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour....Alan Mesher joins Art this hour. He has written a book called "the T Zone" and he says the world has entered a prolonged dark period. Art begins by asking Alan what he meant by the 500 year cycle we are in. Later in the hour, Alan and Art talk about reincarnation.
  • 3rd hour.... Art and Alan talk about redirecting energy and Art asks Alan about Terrance McKenna and whether this would be the kind of case Alan, being a healer, would take on. After the bottom of the hour, Art opens the phone lines. Art asks Alan if his power is related at all to remote viewing.
  • 4th hour.... Art asks Alan questions faxed in from listeners. Phone calls continue. Art tells us that the world is accelerating toward a change, but it won't be the end of the world. Art tells us his 'little red light' analogy. This is the last hour for Alan.
  • 5th hour.... Open lines for the remainder of the show.

6/07/99 Mon/Tue

  • Marines.... Hilly had planned to have a spokes person from The U.S. Marines on in the first hour to discuss the anthrax vaccine and the 5 marines being court martial, but he was a no show. Open Lines this hour.
  • The topic in the second hour is depression medication and our children with guest Ann Blake Tracy. She is working with the family of Phil Hartman, whose wife was on Zoloft.
  • 3rd hour.... Hilly asks Anne about the political aspects of these medications and vast amount of money being made of these drugs. Phone calls are taken in this hour. After the bottom of the hour break, Hilly and Anne discuss the drug Ritalin. Anne says Utah is the Ritalin and Prozac capital of the Nation and crime is rampant.
  • 4th hour.... Hilly and Anne talk of situational depression, and medications being wrongly prescribed for this type of depression. Phone calls continue. Anne talks about medical conditions that do produce depression.
  • Last Hour.... Hilly asks Anne if she attributes the teenage suicide rate rising to these drugs. Later in the hour the discussion turns toward sexual dysfunction resulting from these medication.

6/04/99 Fri/Sat

  • Hilly Rose is the host tonight. In the first hour he talks with the Mayor of Taylorsville, a suburb of Salt Lake City. They will discuss the invasion of sewage falling from the skies in that city since April of this year. The Mayor tells us she spoke with the FAA who told her airplanes could not malfunction and dump sewage while in flight. The sewage has been tested and it is fecal matter, and though they don't know for sure, they assume it is human waste. After the bottom of the hour break, Hilly reads some email from listeners with their theories on this subject. Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Mark Bean, who the U.S. Air Force says is a brillant mad scientist, joins Hilly in this hour to discuss Nikolas Tesla. Mark begins by listing the many inventions by Tesla. His creating AC is the main topic in this hour.
  • 3rd hour.... Mark tells us of a device he is working on now to produce a source of motion in a certain direction in disk form (flying saucer). Later he tells us of an artifical intelligence he is working on that allows computers to think and learn, which Mark says is alot like Hal in 2001.
  • 4th hour.... Hilly and Mark talk a little about area 51, Bob Lazaar, and some recent rumors. Phone calls are taking in this hour. Teslas' death is discussed.
  • 5th hour.... Phone calls continue throughout this hour with Mark Bean. The Philadelphia experiment is discussed. Mark tells us about his role in the investigation of the mystery skull.

6/03/99 Thu/Fri

  • McKenna.... The gamma knife procedure done on Terrence McKenna Tuesday was successful and 90% of his tumor has been removed. Art says we still have to pray for him, and we may have to do another massive experiement.
  • Miosovic.... Apparently Milsovic has tentatively agreed to a peace pact, but the bombs continue to fall. Art says the fat lady hasn't sung yet.
  • Hillary.... Hillary Clinton intends to form an exploratory committee preparing for a senate race in New York next year.
  • Computer.... Art reads a story from the BBC telling us that a biological computer has been born. Interconnected leach neurons can add. This computer can grow and expand it's base of knowledge.
  • Shooting.... A man in Las Vegas entered a supermarket and opened fire and killed 4 employees.
  • Fed.... The FED has stockpiled 200 billion dollars as a cushion in case of a problem due to Y2K and citizens withdrawing money at the end of the year. Art is impressed.
  • Green.... Art talks about the deal Wayne Green has made with the houseflies in his home. Art reads a fax from a listener on this subject.
  • Ants.... Art reads a fax from a listener who works in south Florida who saw a bunch of deformed ants in his place of employment. After the bottom of the hour break he reads one from a listener who says he has failed to get along with the mosquitoes in his garden. Art tells a joke before going to open lines for the rest of the hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Art has confirmation that the remains found in a van down a deep gorge is indeed those of Phillip Kramer, the Iron Butterfly bass player. No one knows if it was an accident or suicide. Art says this is a bonk for Ed Dames regarding where Ed sais he would be found.
  • Guests.... Tricia McGill and Dr. Jeff Long join Art in this hour to discuss near death experiences. These two guests are the ones who brought 'Sarah' to the program to describe her NDE a while back, and they have more to say about Sarah. Art begins by asking them about the message Art received from someone in France about Tricia being asked to participate in a flatliners experiment. After the bottom of the hour break, Art asks Jeff about Terrence McKenna's condition, and Tricia talks of Sarah and the past lives Sarah has recalled.
  • 3rd hour.... Tricia and Jeff bring on Karen, a high school teacher, to describe her NDE for the audience.
  • 4th hour.... Karen describes her experience while being on the other side. Karen says she was not shown a hell, but it was conveyed to her that we create our own hell on earth. Karen explains how she came back from 'the other side'.
  • 5th hour.... Art and Jeff talk about the possibility that these experiences described by Sarah and Karen are manifestations of the brain. Art reads some of the audience's reactions to Karen's experience. Phone calls are taken to finish out the program

6/02/99 Wed/Thu

  • Clinton.... Clinton is ordering the Government to use less energy and cut greenhouse gas emmissions by 30 %. Art is impressed
  • Hate.... Two prep school students were arrested for carving a hate message into another students back. Art asks, ' what is the matter with people anyway'.
  • Remains.... Remains found in the wreckage of a van that plunged down a ravine, may be those of the, Iron Buttery bass player who disappeared in February of 1995.
  • McKenna.... An update from Terrence's brother says he has had the gamma treatment and is doing as well as can be expected.
  • Bees.... Killer bees have attacked a Mexican school and injured 40 students.
  • Rueters.... The year 2000 could cause electrical outages, satellite failures etc because of solar flares that are expected at that time. Art says now we won't know what to blame, Y2K or solar flares.
  • Poll.... A poll shows that people are so frustrated with trying to solve the earth's environmental problems that they are losing interest in even doing so. Art wonders if this is the nature of the human animal.
  • MIR.... MIR is scheduled to be discarded early next year.
  • Pyramid.... The Great Pyramid in Egypt is going to reopen some time this week. One of the things that was taken care of while closed was cleaning off graffitti.
  • Email.... Art reads an email from a listener who tells of a guy who came to his door doing an air quality poll and the listener asked if this had anything to do with contrails.
  • Joke.... Art tells a joke after the bottom of the hour break.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Wayne Green joins Art in this hour. They begin by talking about Wayne's experience on a submarine in WWII. After the bottom of the hour break, Art reads a question from a listener to Wayne about the concept of low power FM radio. Another fax from a listener asks Art to ask Wayne how he can order something from Wayne when he doesn't answer his email. Art and Wayne talk about Wayne's list of books you would be crazy not to read which is posted on the front page.
  • 3rd hour.... Art asks Wayne where we are going to be in another 15 years as far as computers are concerned and whether it might put network tv out of business. The subject of contrails is discussed. Later in the hour, Art asks Wayne questions from faxers ranging from plants to ham radios.
  • 4th hour.... Art asks Wayne about Y2K and how the media has suddenly stopped talking about it. Art asks Wayne about the ground troops and Kosovo. Phone calls are taken for Wayne in this hour. A caller asks Wayne to explain how anyone can influence a fly as he spoke of in the 1st hour. Art and Wayne talk about the shooting at Columbine.
  • 5th hour.... Art asks Wayne what he would do if the power goes out in New Hampshire in January. Art and Wayne talk about what they had to do to keep warm when they were children. Wayne tells us the dangers of using electric blankets. A caller asks Wayne about microbroadcasting. Phone calls are taken for the remainder of the program

6/01/99 Tue/Wed

  • 1st hour .... A book signing for "The Source" with Brad Steiger has been scheduled in Minatonka, Minnesota on Friday, June 4th at 7.00 p.m..
  • Update.... Peter Davenport joins Art in this hour with an update and some audio clips received by his reporting center. The first clip came in just 6 days ago and the caller joins Art and Peter on the air to discuss what he saw over Mercer Island near Seattle. After the bottom of the hour a clip is played relating a sighting of a reflective disc shaped object near the Memphis airport.
  • 2nd hour.... Art tells the audience why he left the air back in October of 1998. Details are already posted, so I will not be typing it all here. His reduced air time schedule is a result of these events.
  • Leir.... Dr. Roger Leir is hospitalized with heart problems. Art sends his best wishes. Art thanks every one who participated in experiment #8 for Terrence McKenna
  • Guest.... Ann Druffel, a UFO activist and author, joins Art after the bottom of the hour break. Art begins by asking Ann her take on Roswell.
  • 3rd hour.... The 3rd hour begins with discussion on what the governments position is on UFO's and aliens. Later in the hour Art asks Ann about the theory that genetic research is being done on us .
  • 4th hour.... Ann talks about how you can avoid an abduction. Phone calls are taken. Later in the hour, Art asks Ann if she would use her own resistance techniques if she was being abducted, or if she would let herself go.
  • 5th hour.... At the top of the fifth hour, a caller describes her encounter with 4 different types of aliens and how she warded them off. Ann talks of references in the Koran about alien encounters. Calls are taken for the rest of the program.