Ghost Gallery


[IMAGE] Judy says: This is a picture of a 3 dimensional image of supposedly Jesus holding a lamb that appears to be growing out of a trunk of a tree. This was taken by my sister last summer in Quincy Illinois at Calvary cemetery. The caretaker had never noticed it before.


[IMAGE] Steve sends us this night photo taken in 84 of Kilauea on the big island of Hawaii. Do you see a face?


[IMAGE] Ken writes: In 1872, a 13 yr old Irish girl , Jane Mullaney, immigrated to New York City from Mohill, County Leitrim, Ireland, with her recently widowed mother, Mary. As was common at the time, they settled in a predominantly Irish section of Manhattan known as "Hell's Kitchen". It was a working class neighborhood, and as such, the men would dress accordingly as they left for work in the morning.

When she would return home from school in the afternoon, my grandmother would often run into the "rich man" who lived down the hall from their apartment, as he was taking his small white dog for a walk.

Unlike most of the men of the area, he was always dressed in a tuxedo and was home when others were at their jobs. He was of a refined manner, and always tipped his hat and smiled as he passed her in the hall.

One day, when her mother was speaking with some of the other tenants, she asked about the nice man with the little dog. Their faces blanched, and the shocked tenants asked her to describe the man in greater detail. The man, as it turns out, was a waiter who worked the night shift in an exclusive restaurant (hence the tuxedo). He would walk his dog every afternoon before going to work and was a quiet and cordial neighbor.

One night, a year earlier, he had quietly committed suicide in his bedroom. I think that , maybe, many decades later, he might have stopped by to pay a visit to the pretty little Irish girl who had lived down the hall.

(some people claim to see a second face, which appears to be a woman. If you look closely at the image of the man, you can notice a noose around his neck. Also, in the left of the photo is what appears to be the head of a small dog)


[IMAGE] writes: This is a photo taken and no image was seen but when developed this is what was on the film.


[IMAGE] Andrew writes: This was taken by a friend of mine! as you can see it looks like a face in the jesus picture!!


[IMAGE] Rambo made this one: I took this photograph about 15 years ago. I was watching TV one night when the RF signal suddenly disappeared and the screen burst into snow and white noise poured forth from the speaker. What happened next is in the photo. I didn't believe my own eyes so I ran and got my camera. This never happened before or since. I no longer own this TV set.


[IMAGE] Keith writes: Notice the halo effect, it seems to cast an etherial presence to the bush. This is a bush that was planted when this house was built and is over 30 years old. What could it be?


[IMAGE] Bill writes: I was walking in a cemetery, late at night, when I sensed a spirit telepathically beckoning me to follow it. I did so, and was led through the cemetery to a freshly-dug grave. I took a picture and turned to leave, when the spirit told me it wasn't ready when I took the picture. So, I recomposed the shot and waited for the spirit to cue me.

Shortly, I began to see something through the viewfinder, but it didn't register visually. It seemed to register in some other region of the mind. I took that as the cue and snapped the shutter. I waited for the flash to recycle and took a third picture, then left the grave to finish off the remainder of the roll of film.

Later, when I developed the film, I found the three frames taken by the grave and there in the middle frame, where I waited for the spirit to signal me, is a magnificent cloud of spirit energy, hovering over the grave. I call the photo "Sweet Chariot" because, as a Christian, it reminds me of how God sent Jesus into the world to, as it were, "carry us home."


[IMAGE] Steve writes: This photo belongs to a friend of mine who doesn't have a computer. I scanned it so you can look at it. It is of the USS Arizona, look into the square opening near the lower right corner of the photo. You will see a ghostly face staring out at you. Very creepy!


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