Ghost Gallery


[IMAGE] Here is the single frame of video from the movie "Three Men and a Baby" where a ghost image appears in the window. When watching the video in real-time, you'll never see it. This was discussed on Coast to Coast on 10/19/99 with guest Laurie Jacobson.

Here is a possible explaination from a ghost folklore FAQ: "There is a scene in the movie -Three Men and a Baby in which some people claim to have seen the ghostly figure of a small boy who was killed in the house in which the scene was filmed. In some variations, the boy's parents are said to have sued the movie studio, or the owners of the "house", for letting their boy's name be released to the press. There are also tales of other ghostly objects being seen throughout the movie, most notably a rifle pointing at the head of the "ghost boy". That is the legend. Here are the facts. The scene in question was not shot in a house, but on a soundstage in a Hollywood studio. The "ghost boy" is in fact a life-sized cardboard cutout of Ted Danson (who stars in the film), which had been left in the background, presumably accidentally, by a crew member. This cutout is seen in full view in another scene in the movie. There is no ghost boy. No boy ever died on the set, and no one involved with the movie was ever sued by the mythical parents of said ghost boy. No one appears to know how the legend started. Some have suggested it was a promotional scheme perpetrated by the producers of the film to get people to buy/rent/go see it. Most likely the flub was simply noticed by one or more innocent movie goers, who told a friend, or perhaps a newspaper..." (10/21/99)


Ghost photos from Laurie Jacobson, guest on the 10/19/99 Coast to Coast. She says these pictures are from a house in LA's San Fernando Valley. Occupants of the house are extremely negative people. Have they created the energy or are they held hostage by it? The "energy" was captured on film with an inexpensive instamatic-type camera, but was not visible to the naked eye. (10/18/99)

[IMAGE] [IMAGE] 1. Left, a spiraling energy in the living room. 2. Right, a circle of energy, top left corner.

[IMAGE] [IMAGE]3. Left, a honeycomb-like spiral on left side. 4. Right, another spiral moving toward the cat.

[IMAGE] [IMAGE]5. Left, the dining room, note religious calender on back wall. 6. Right, another photo of dining room with a strange image with a face over the calendar. In a book, we found this image described as a 13th century Bohemian Demon.


[IMAGE] Diane Lethbridge sends Art this photo which he scanned for us. Diane, in the photo on the left, says this picture was taken in the Chilliwack Area in British Columbia in June 1999. This is a memorial for the passengers and crew who lost their lives in a crash of a Northstar aircraft on Mount Sleese in Dec of 1959. Some of the bodies were never recovered from the mountain. (10/12/99)


[IMAGE] Richard Horvath writes: "Picture of a guy I know who was attempting to summons the Archangel Gabriel." (9/30/99)


[IMAGE]Shawn Kelly sends us this. Another ghostly fire! (9/29/99)


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