5/31/98 Dreamland / Sunday

  • Guest... Stefan Paulus, Author, "Nostradamus 1999"

5/29/98 Friday / Saturday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about Barry Goldwater's death. Art always admired Barry for his integrity, how he always said what he was thinking, no matter if it was right or wrong. He was 89 years old, and died of natural causes.
  • Art talks about rumors that Brynn Hartman was battling drugs when she died. Phil Hartman died of several gunshots to the head, while his wife died of one self-inflicted shot.
  • Art talks about how the life jackets are manditory in boats.
  • Art tells us about the resent incident that a male who waited for a teacher, then shot her and himself. They were both dead at scene and police have no idea why.
  • Art announces that the Packistan bombs only have three to four minutes warning time. He feels that that is not enough time.
  • In India, temperatures range from 118 to 122 degrees F. People are dropping dead because of the heat.
  • Guests... Whitley Strieber and others discuss the recent earth changes event in Mexico. Later, Whitley takes general questions.

5/28/98 Thursday / Friday

  • In the news tonight, Art talks about the Packistan bombs. He says that there are five underground blasts. Art wonders if this will make it more likely that there will be a regional atomic war exchange.
  • The possible suspect in a church bombing was himself killed in his own home by a bomb.
  • Phil Hartman died tonight when he was shot by his wife, before she shot herself in their home.
  • Art discusses the brush fires in Mexico that caused wide spread illness. Volcanic activity is the suspected cause of the fires.
  • Art talks about a letter he got from a man wondering why the Japanese are going to Mars.
  • Art says that a scientist announced that she found a new planet. They are not sure if it is, but it is three times the size of Jupiter. They don't know if there are any chances of life being found. Art says that anything that could have evolved from this planet would be GODZILLA x 10. It would be absolutely astounding.
  • Art quotes Gordon-Michael Scallion saying that July of 1998 will be a year marking mega birth changes.
  • Guest: Don Zaidle, Author "American Man-Killers: True Stories of a Dangerous Wilderness"

5/27/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • News... Art talks about Pres. Clinton tonight in the news. He will not testify in the Lewinsky case. He tells a joke about the President.
  • Pakistan... Art discusses the nuclear weapons testing in Pakistan.
  • Soloar Flares... Art reads a story about solar flares in relation to earthquakes.
  • Japan / Mars... He also announces Japan is going to Mars for two years. Art wonders WHY??
  • Circles.... More crop circles show up in multiple locations.
  • Guest.... Robert Ghostwolf discusses the Seven Thunders.

5/26/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Crop Circle.... In the news tonight, Art talks about a new crop circle in Washington. Peter Davenport joins Art on the phone to discuss this. Peter describes the crop circle as being over 1/4 mile in length. Art also talks with the discoverer of the crop circle. They describe the crop circle as being very intricate.
  • Guest... Richard Hoagland discusses Hyper-dimensional Physics models, weather changes, planetary changes, including the changing gravitational constant, suggesting that a lot of science's constants are not really constant.

5/25/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • The News.... Art discusses Memorial Day, Hong Kong democracy and Oregon school shootings. Art reads some faxes regarding gun control and adds his comments. Bottomless pit scientist disappears. Mexico fire haze finally covered by US media. Art describes the "Japanese Love Getty".
  • Guest... Gary North, Year 2000 Issues

5/24/98 Sunday Dreamland

  • Guest.... D. Alan Kindred - Black Fox, Book: Children of the Elder Fire

5/22/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Guest... Ed Dames, Remote Viewing, Replay from 4/24/98

5/21/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Murders.... Art recaps the shooting in Springfield. The suspect will be charged as an adult but will not face the death penalty. In Washington, another teen ordered his girlfriend off a school bus by gun point, then took her to his home and shot himself. A Florida boy is accused of threatening to blow up his school with a six gallon jar of gasoline he brought to school in his bookbag. Two Pennslyvannia teens shot a girl who they thought was going to give away their plans to run away to Florida. Art says no place is immune. In Parumph, there was a bomb scare at the middle school. Art says something is obviously profoundly wrong. This is a disassociated broad anger we are seeing in our children.
  • Fires.... NBC finally ran a rather comprehensive story on the Mexico fires and volcano activity that Art has been discussing for over a week. CNN reports a 7000 foot volcano has erupted in Guatamala, and there is a state of emergency there.
  • Connection?.... There is so much going on socially and environmentally that Art wonders if you think there is a connection. He feels there is as he wrote in his book.
  • Experiment.... Remember the experiment continues. Anyone with a shortwave radio should be listening to 6.890 megahertz.

5/20/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest, Prof. Paul W. Dixon, Super Nova's
  • Experiment.... Over the next 48 hours Art is going to listen to a certain frequency for sounds of "them". 6.890 is the frequency, and Art wants all ears out there listening and make sure no one transmits.
  • Photo.... Art gets a lot of photographs of UFOs, but the one from Ron Sprouse, taken on April 12, 1998 is posted on the web site and cannot be explained.
  • Drudge.... Art has a new drudge report that says Pakistan set to commence underground nuclear testing.
  • Air.... A red alert was called yesterday in Kansas City regarding air quality.
  • Galaxy IV.... Galaxy IV seems to be permanently lost in space, so the plan is to move galaxy VI into IV's location. Guess who the big losers were when the satellite went down. The drug dealers.
  • General A.... In reference to General A, last night, Art reads a report about a giant green fireball seen in the sky over California.

5/19/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest: Whitley Strieber, Mexico Volcanos & Fires
  • Guest: Dr. Roger Leir & AF General "A"

5/18/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Replay... Dr. Ronald Klatz, Human Growth Hormones, Immortality and Cloning

5/17/98 Sunday Dreamland

5/15/98 Friday / Saturday

5/14/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Pakistan.... Pakistan is going berserk over the five nuclear tests India has done. Art is told that it is likely Pakistan will light one off its self Sunday. US diplomats are strong arming Pakistan not to do this. Art says there are two ways to look at this, one is to discourage them to do this and the other is to look at this as a Pakistani and then you would want your government to light one off real quick.
  • Indonesia.... Things are so bad in Indonesia we are pulling our embassy workers out. There is anarchy there, military is trying to take over the streets, it is a financial crisis. Art says if you want a lesson on what happens when a country has a recession or depression, take a look at some of the footage on CNN.
  • Seinfeld.... Seinfeld has aired its last show which means Art has officially missed all of Seinfeld because he has never watched one show.
  • Smoke.... Art has been talking about the smoke for days now from Mexico. Just now the networks are beginning to catch up with it. Art has faxes from people in Dallas saying it is very hazy there with heavy smoke obliterating the Houston skyline.
  • NASA.... NASA has ordered a mandatory 72 hour news blackout period on all asteroid threats to give scientists time to verify findings. So in other words, Art says, if someone sees an asteroid that is going to smack us in 12 hours, they are not going to be able to announce it for 72 hours. This applies to anyone getting government funds. Art is amazed at us sometimes.
  • Fatima.... Art has with him, something reported to be the third secret of Fatima. He has no idea if this is accurate but it fits with what Fr.. Malachi Martin was talking about. Art may read it on the air.
  • 1 AM.... Art will be leaving the show at 1 AM this morning because of his trip to Vancouver, B.C.

5/13/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • 2nd Hour.... Dr. Barry Taff, a world renown parapyschologist, will be on in the second hour.
  • India.... India set off two more underground explosions today. Korea, in reaction to India, is suggesting it may well abandon the promise to get rid of an old nuclear reactor so they can continue to produce bomb grade plutonium. China is likely to be nervous, they have several nukes stored up. Art says welcome to the possibility of nuclear holocaust.
  • El Nino.... NBC did a big piece on the unusual weather happening lately, and Art relates what's happening in the desert. A fax from a listener brings up the haze that seems to be surrounding the moon. Art wonders why the mainstream media is not reporting about the dangerous elements in the air due to the serious fires in Mexico.
  • Cat.... Art reads an update on the attack cat story from the other night.
  • Contest.... Art is initiating a "View of Benson" contest to retaliate against Cartoonist Steve Benson. On the web sight you can see the first three entries.

5/12/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Update.... Peter Davenport will give an update on the activity in Washington in regards to the Bangor UFO.
  • India.... A U.S. spy satellite picked up activity at India's nuclear test site last week. Clear cut evidence of preparations were recorded at midnight on Sunday, six hours before the blast. The U.S. analysts responsible for tracking India's nuclear program were all home asleep. Art says this reminds him of the Pearl Harbor attack. Art says now we will have to keep an eye on Pakistan and China in case they feel they have to show their stuff too.
  • Photos.... A couple of months ago Art received some photos that had him worried and he will post them in the 2nd hour. They are here.
  • Iraq.... The International Atomic Energy Agency says Iraq has answered all outstanding questions regarding its nuclear program. The council could endorse a shift from wide ranging inspections to ongoing monitoring and surveillance of Iraqi nuclear facilities. Art says we sure gave them enough time to hide those things if they have 'em. The UN really got snookered by Iraq.
  • Rueters.... Police discover more than 30 human skulls in a cave in a Mexico City Park after a shootout with a man who said there were more bodies buried near by. An arrested man told investigators he and his friends used the cave to rape women and that 4 bodies of women were buried in another near by cave.
  • Astronomers.... Art relates a little info on a new story about astronomers hinting that there is a new comet emerging from behind the sun. Art says the rumor is that this comet may be bright enough to view during the day time. Art doesn't know much more yet.
  • Gulf War.... The Army Times reported in its May 4th edition that Gulf War Syndrome does indeed exist and is possibly communicable and incurable.
  • Guns.... A 5 year old in Memphis was arrested for bringing a loaded gun to kindergarten because he wanted to kill his teacher for punishing him with time out.
  • Y2k.... Art plays the first submission for the Two Digits for a Date song.

5/11/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • WNRN.... Art welcomes station WNRN in Marion, Ohio.
  • 2nd Hour.... Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman are tonights guests discussing the Christian perspective on UFO's and things that go bump in the night.
  • 737.... Half of the Boeing 737's inspected showed signs of wire abrasion on the fuel pump tubes. This is not what Art wants to hear the week of planned travel.
  • Israel.... When Israel's Prime Minister comes to Washington this week, he may be bringing yet another offer to revive the stalled Mideast peace talks.
  • Herman.... Labor Secretary Alexis Herman will be investigated by an independent council according to Janet Reno. Herman is accused of selling influence while working as a White House aide. This is why Art is in favor of a total government shakeup.
  • Clinton.... Clinton will unveil a wide ranging strategy for fighting international crime Tuesday.
  • Animals.... A pot bellied pig ran across a woman's yard, leapt onto her porch and attacked her and knocking her down and biting her vigorously. She was not critically hurt and a search is on for it's owner. If the owner is not found the pig will be auctioned off.
  • Sunrise.... A London based company claims to have exclusive rights to film the first sunrise of the millennium and may construct a high fence to ward off rivals from filming. Art relates more on this and wonders what God would think if he looked down on the first light of the new millennium and saw two tv cameras fighting over his sunrise.
  • Weather.... A listener in Florida faxes Art about the strange weather going on throughout the nation and asks Art to have someone on the program to discuss the weather.
  • Alaska.... Art talks a little bit about his upcoming cruise to Alaska.
  • NASA.... Art as an article about NASA regarding their trouble with deciding on a name for the new international space station. Stargate is too common, so Art suggests either black hole or event horizon or millennium.
  • Review.... Art reads more reviews from listeners on the new movie Deep Impact.
  • T-Shirt.... Art has a shot of his new tee shirt given to him by Ramona on the studio cam.

5/08/98 Friday / Saturday

  • 2nd hour.... Lori Toye will be on discussing her visions which she translated into a future US map.
  • Deep Impact.... Art hasn't seen the new flick yet but anyone who have should call in and give your opinion.
  • Unemployment.... The unemployment rate is at its lowest in 28 years.
  • Microsoft.... A dozen states are considering an anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft. Art is unhappy about this, he can't understand why a person can be successful, but not too successful.
  • Court.... A federal appeals court reinstated a law suit filed by a Connecticut inmate who claimed failure to adequately treat a tooth ache constituted cruel and unusual punishment. Art wonders how you feel about this. Art relates a dental horror story of his own, and tends to agree with this inmate if his pain was anything like Art's was in the past.
  • CIA.... Art reads a report on the CIA's latest assessment of the Y2K problem. Their initial take was pessimistic on world wide preparations.

5/07/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Atlanta.... Art reads a news report about a 49 year old man with a shotgun taped to his body aimed at his head, that kept police at bay for nearly 8 hours, driving in circles on the front lawn of the Jewish Synagogue. Police apprehended him after setting off a flash bang in front of his truck to distract him and then subdued him with a tazer gun. There were no injuries thankfully. This man had used tape to spell out several words on his truck. He had with him several right wing conspiracy print outs that apparently concerned him. He began yelling out names as the evening wore on, one being Art Bell.
  • Mideast.... A US envoy heads to the mideast. Art says so what, talks are breaking down fast.
  • Base closings.... Senate panel rejects base closings. Art says good, we don't need to trim down anymore.
  • IRS.... Senate passes IRS overhaul bill. Art says they ought to pass a bill similar to what Harry Brown was talking about the other day. May 10th is tax freedom day. Up til then you have been working for the government.
  • Sun.... More flares occurring on the sun. If you listen to Art's program from far away and have been experiencing difficulty with reception, this is why. Art reads a fax from a listener about short spurts of power outages that he feels is due to the solar flares. There is serious activity going on on our sun.
  • 2nd hour.... Robert O. Dean will be on in the second hour.
  • LA.... A 33 year old man and his brother were having a problem with bees and decided to remove a nest from a shed on their property with the aid of a pineapple. A pineapple is an illegal firecracker with the explosive equivalent of a half stick of dynamite. They lit it and went inside their home to watch from some ten feet away. The concussion of the pineapple shattered the window and seriously injured the man. The brother decided to take the man for stitches and on the way to the car the man was stung by a few of the surviving bees. He was allergic and died from the stings.

5/06/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • 2nd Hour.... John Anthony West will be on in the second hour discussing his book "Serpent in the Sky" and what is going on in Egypt.
  • Thanks.... Art wants to thank everyone who has welcomed him into the Libertarian Party.
  • Gamma Rays.... Astronomers are mystified by an enormous burst of gamma ray energy seen emanating from the far reaches of the universe which must have come from the biggest explosion second only to the Big Bang in energy. According to a Cal Tech professor, for about one or two seconds this burst was as luminous as the rest of the entire universe. Art says when you read this story, they are all but saying this is another Big Bang. Did they witness another creation.
  • Chrysler.... Chrysler may be about to merge with Mercedes.
  • Gender.... The House has nixed a proposal to ban college admission preferences based on gender or race.
  • Appeal.... Lawyers familiar with the deliberations, say it is likely the President will appeal a Judge's ruling on executive privilege. Art does not understand why, wasn't it learned during the Nixon administration that if executive privilege involves national security it is appropriate, but in any other private area it is not. Does Clinton have to go through what Nixon did to find this out?
  • Survivors.... Thirteen survivors were rescued from the wreckage of a petroleum plane that went down in the Amazon jungle yesterday.
  • Joyce Riley.... Art got a note from Joyce Riley about the repealing of title 1515 concerning biological testing on citizens.
  • Debate.... Charlton Heston has challenged Barbra Striesand to a debate about the 2nd amendment and a listener suggests that Art provide the forum. Art officially sends out the invitation.

5/05/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • 2nd hour.... Harry Browne, leader of the Libertarian party, will be on in the second hour.
  • Nightline.... Art has never been so embarrassed for the Republican party. He comments on the Hubble tape recordings aired on Meet the Press Sunday and Nightline last night. Art is just sick of the whole mess and feels it is irrelevant to our lives. Art agrees with the statement made on Nightline that the President has been blessed with great enemies.
  • Judge.... A federal Judge has rejected the President's attempt to claim executive privilege to block certain testimony from senior aids. Art says this is embarrassing too and never should have been claimed in the first place.
  • Vatican.... Vatican officials today again are saying the double murder and suicide was done in a fit of madness. There is not much more news coming from the Vatican, they are not allowing Italian authorities in to assist with the investigation.
  • Deyo.... Art reads a fax he received from Stan Deyo's wife, Holly, about the activity on the sun.
  • Europa.... Art reads a quote from Arthur C. Clark, inventor of the geostationary satellite concept, and author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, about Jupiter's moon Europa.

5/04/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • KROC.... Art welcomes station KROC am in Rochester, Minnesota.
  • CETI.... Peter Davenport from the UFO reporting center in Seattle will be on in the 1st hour with an update.
  • 2nd hour.... Father Malachi Martin will be the guest in the second hour.
  • Murder.... The new head of the Vatican guards has been murdered in the Vatican. A member of the Pope's elite Swiss guards apparently shot and killed his new commander and that officials wife before turning the gun on himself in a moment of madness. Art asks was this a moment of madness or evil?

5/03/98 Dreamland / Sunday

  • Guest... Robert W. Morgan, Bigfoot Researcher
  • Rendering: "Patty" by Eric DeVroeg

5/01/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Guests... Ron Regehr / Derrel Sims, Spy Satellites
  • WSBD.... Art welcomes station WSBD in Sarasota, Florida.
  • Starr.... Regarding Executive privilege, Kenneth Starr said the President must turn over evidence unless national security is at stake, which he feels it isn't.
  • Cleaver.... The former Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver is dead at the age of 62.
  • Galaxy.... Astronomers have detected a small galaxy, 12.3 billion light years from Earth, the most distant object ever seen. We are now up to 94% of the distance of the Big Bang. Art contemplates what we will see when we get to 100%.
  • Napalm.... An eighth grader who went to school with plastic bags full of homemade napalm has received a 5 day suspension. Apparently he learned to make this from the internet.
  • Irony.... Art reads four "ironic" news items from the "other side of the pond", so to speak, not quite Darwin award nominees.