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[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Mt. Etna images showing activity on March 27, 1998. The latest web cam image can be viewed at the Instituto Internazionale di Vulcanologia web site.

Here are more images from the web cam for several days:


[IMAGE][IMAGE] Intelligence satellite images sent to Art in March 1998, from a source outside the country. Is it obvious what it is? But where or when???


[IMAGE] The monkey head transplant by Dr. Robert White from 20 years ago.


[IMAGE] You've heard of Mel's Hole? Well, here is the Devil's Hole, in the State of Washington. Photo is copyrighted Robert M. McCallum.


[IMAGE] Art works at home, I work at home, so it's no wonder why CBC (Chancelor Broadcasting Company) works out of the home. At least it looks like a small network, in a small town, but with a BIG voice!! Photo courtesy of Wally Rice, Kent, Washington. ($9 Million for this??)


[IMAGE] One night shortly after the "Aluminum Hat" communications device that the Phoenix Mayor suggested could be used to contact Frances Barwood, Art suggested the complete aluminum body suit. Here's the next contestant of alien communication with aluminum devices.


[IMAGE] René Barnett, a segment producer for Strange Universe received a videotape of what appears to be a Bigfoot-type creature walking briskly through the woods in southeast Texas. The show followed up with a visit to the eye witness and returned with him for the first time since the incident to the spot where he had his encounter. Strange Universe has had several Bigfoot experts analyze the footage and give us their opinions. The segment will air on Monday, November 10. Rene' Barnett and  cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, along with the Texas Bigfoot eyewitness will come together on Art Bell Coast to Coast, Friday, November 7 1997.


[IMAGE] Ace lies in waiting for this snapshot of Big Foot behind the tree. Submitted by a friend of Ace's. Believe it or not!


Bigfoot Image Image from news story of bigfoot appearing in Florida. See the Naples Daily News story for more details.


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