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[IMAGE] Adam Parker proposes a new currency for the upcoming population of Mars.


[IMAGE] X-Ray photo submitted by Tim, who says: "My father likes to play carpenter on the week-ends but is a chiropractor by trade. Last Saturday, the 19th of September, he was working on installing a new door jamb. He was keeping the casing nails that he was using for the project in his mouth. This is usually a good idea until you hit your finger with the hammer. Before he realized what happened he had swallowed one of the nails. He said it went down pretty easy. The next day he went to the office and did an x-ray to determine the nail's position."


[IMAGE] A post card from Cuba sent to Art in September 1998. The writer 'dared' Art to post it on the site. So here it is, no big deal.


[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Left: Submitted by Douglas Lightning Boy Kiesling, his latest Lightning Image. This time, the National Weather Service is being hit! Right: "Executive Veto" - Art mentioned this photo again on Friday, Aug 14, 1998, as his favorite. Since Pahrump was getting hit real hard with lightning Friday, he feels it might be a message regarding the program content for the evening, atheists!


[IMAGE] Submitted by Livtar Khalsa ( for your analysis, who or what is it?


[IMAGE] The recent Bank of America notice sent to customers, regarding the "Year 00" issue. Submitted by Kevin Flaherty.


[IMAGE] [IMAGE] More info on the "Australian Outback Man" from James Sellman, who writes us the following:

Just watching TV here in Melbourne and there was a report on the OutBack man. Some facts to date -- 4 kilometres long ='s 2.5 miles, 60 metres wide ='s 192 feet (path width), there were bamboo pegs on the outline of it at each 1 metre distance. On the ground it looked like it was done w/either a tractor or bulldozer. It contravens the laws for distruction of natural flora (land). The closest town has only 80 permanent residents and no one knows who did it. The proper pronouncation is Maree (MAR-REE). The local Aboriginal people are not happy about the effort as it resides on land that holds ancient sacred sites for their tribe. Oh yeah, there was signs of humans as there was toliet paper and used water bottles in the area. James sent a couple images of it. See the original story on the ABC Site: Recent Discovery of a Huge Outline of an Aboriginal Man


[IMAGE] "Only in Oklahoma" submitted by R. Brett Gilbert.


[IMAGE] "Honey Let Me Explain"


Believe it or Not Department:

This Crocodile was caught at the "Breakers Golf Course" in Palm Beach County, FL in June, 1998. As the story goes, the first foursome of the day played together to the 5th hole where one impatient golfer went ahead of the group. The remaining three, thinking that the impatient golfer finished without them and was waiting at the nineteenth hole wasn't concerned with his absence.

After waiting 2 hours for his return and his car still in the parking lot the threesome notified the club and the search was on. Of course the impatient golfer was not located but his clubs were found on the seventh hole. Three days later, Ole Mose was spotted on the seventh hole and was an immediate suspect.

Ole Mose was an American Croc. that was an infrequent course visitor for over 20 years. Not too much concern was ever given Ole Mose whom had always made a hasty retreat whenever he saw anyone coming. To make a long story even longer, after the course officials, SPCA, lawyers, citizens groups, Mayor, Palm Beach PD and the American Crocodile Association of So. Fl. got together, it was decided that, to put everyone's mind at ease, Ole Mose should be unzipped.

[IMAGE] And here is the result. There must be something learned from this; maybe something about being patient with your golf game or maybe something about safety in numbers!

Submitted by earthmom in Colorado


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