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AUDIO Mike the Chef from the Antarctic talk about the Ross Ice Shelf and life on the ice! (3/26/00)

AUDIO Possessed Person Line opens with a person who claims to be possessed by Mike The Headless Chicken (3/17/00)

AUDIO The Automated Art Bell: A classic "This is not Art" call. (3/9/00)

AUDIO Lawrence describes the Enity that he has in his home. (2/19/00)

AUDIO Art speaks about the after effects of Chili (2/16/00)

AUDIO Art Bell and Whitley Strieber interviewed on NBC Today Show during their book tour in New York. (1/11/00)

AUDIO Art Bell interviewed on WABC during his book tour in New York. Curtis Sliwa joins in the interview. Excerpts taken from the WABC real audio stream, we joined the interview in progress. (1/10/00)

AUDIO Art discusses his upcoming book signing in New York, and the trouble with Curtis Sliwa, and plays the recording from the Art Bell Recovery Center. (12/23/99)

AUDIO Air traffic controller and airline pilots are interviewed regarding the UFO sighting over Dallas. (11/19/99)

AUDIO Art interviews George Carlin, comedian. (11/19/99)

AUDIO The missing 11/03/99 William Thomas program on contrails and other topics related to viruses. (11/08/99)

AUDIO Vintage Ghost to Ghost for 1995 (10/29/99)

AUDIO Ghost to Ghost for 1999 (10/29/99)

AUDIO Art interviews Jane Seymour actress in "Somewhere in Time." (10/28/99)

AUDIO Art interviews Chris Carter, X-FIles producer and writer. (10/28/99)

AUDIO Art interviews Michael "Mad Man" Marcum who is building a time machine. This program is compiled from two different programs. (10/25/99)

AUDIO Art opens the Secret Society Line all night. Here are the calls. (10/25/99)

AUDIO Art plays one of the new ZZTop songs featuring Ross Mitchell.

AUDIO EARTHQUAKE ALERT: On Saturday morning Oct 16th at 2:45AM, an earthquake was felt in the southwest desert. Here is Art Bell breaking in LIVE to the normal REFEED for Saturday morning, giving a report of the situation. You can submit reports to the USGS Earthquake Reporting Center.

AUDIO Classic Art Bell radio discussion with Mel about Mel's Hole, a bottomless pit in Washington state. (10/13/99)

AUDIO Classic Art Bell radio with Everett the Spirit trapped by Rodney. (10/12/99)

AUDIO Art reads and responds to the erroneous Drudge Report regarding the Phil Hendrie syndication on Premiere Radio Networks. (10/07/99)

AUDIO Art interviews a witness to a recent UFO in Florida. Peter Davenport joins Art with Rev Dr. Lynn Sane. (9/15/99)

AUDIO Art Bell Promos that you might not hear, that play on the network satellite feed during the local station breaks! (9/09/99)

AUDIO Art Bell the DJ plays some Fifties tunes one night and has a name that tune contest! (9/09/99)

AUDIO Art interviews Lloyd Albright, the man who was the subject of a news report entitled: NASA Man Hiding from Meteor in Cave. (8/18/99)

AUDIO Art receives a call from an Animal Activist and discusses the murdering of vegetables. (7/29/99)

AUDIO Art interviews KPFA journalist Larry Bensky and discusses the current situation with the lockout of station employees. (7/14/99)

AUDIO "J. C." calls to express his opinion on Women's roles. Art takes calls for JC, as we haven't heard from JC in over a year. (7/14/99)

AUDIO The Headless Chicken is discussed with Art and Neil Slade. Here the photo on Neil's website of Mike the Wonder Chicken (5/18/99)

AUDIO Here is Art quoting the words of H. L. Mencken: "Every normal man must be tempted at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats." This clip is from the end of the April 13/14th program, the last one before Art's surprise vacation. (4/16/99)

AUDIO Ramona Bell interviews Evelyn Paglini on Dreamland. (3/21/99)

AUDIO Art and Whitley Strieber interview members of The Millennium Group on 3/4/1999. (3/4/99)

AUDIO Dina Arnette sends Art photos of an object, that she explains on the air. (3/2/99)

AUDIO Art demonstrates the Euler's Disk on the air, March 2, 1999. While I couldn't capture the video streaming, I did record the audio.

AUDIO Trumbull County UFO 911 dispatcher tapes and other conversations. Excerpted from the program with Kenny Young on 2/26/99. Here is the Cover Letter that came with the tape. See his web site info page at

AUDIO 8 Kbps Version
AUDIO Inter-Spliced and Filtered Sample 8Kbps
The amazing Robert Ghostwolf voice impersonation by Harvey Ruvin. Art says he'll eat his right sneaker if he's not Robert Ghostwolf. Here are clips of both appearances. You be the judge. These clips have been edited, portions have been removed from the original airing. (2/13/99)

AUDIO Art interviews Frodo, a 200 foot high tree sitter. (2/4/99)

AUDIO Art interviews Sarah, who describes her incredible Near Death Experience. In 3 segments.(2/4/99)

AUDIO Art interviews Lance Henriksen, star of "Millennium." (1/21/99)

AUDIO Art plays the Fat Wacker commercial and then can't help but play the Enhanced Version.

AUDIO Art speaks with a 32nd Degree Mason on 1/5/99

AUDIO Art describes meeting Neil Diamond and the concert.

AUDIO The Sounds From Hell: A man from Chicago provided a recording of sound coming out of a 9-mile deep hole. On April 9th, a caller comments on this and Art reads the e-mail he received and replays the WAV sound file sent to him.

AUDIO Dr. Zahi Hawass interview from Jan 14th, 1998.

AUDIO Little Ballerina Blue: Here is the George Fishoff song, that is currently out of production. This is one of Art's favorite piano tunes. Art had to get a 45 RPM record transferred to cart, for him to play it on the air. Here is a 16Kbps format version of it, running 3 minutes.

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