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 CD-ROM stated: I swear, she wasn't standing there when I took the picture!!!


Anthony Harris ( writes: I live in Las Vegas, NV. In light of recent events, I am not sure that this is the best time to send this, but I have a problem in my house that is for me very serious. I found this site after our local news on Fox ran a picture taken during the explosion that looks like Satan. I logged on to the site to check it out and now I am hoping for a second opion on a haunting I am experienceing in my house. I have had a group associated with the American Ghosthunters Society do an investigation at my house with amazing results. They brought a video camera with them and taped the entire investiation. On that video tape they captured 63 different anomolies (they are believed to be orbs) and 11 EVP's, one of which stated my name personally. They believe that there is some kind of portal in my house. I myself have personally taken over 40 pictures that have orbs, mists and faces in them. The reason I am asking for a second opinion from you is that I need someone who is so well known by people that it can't be denied by anyone who (and everyone does) call me crazy. I have something really weird going on in my house and I don't know what to do about it. I am sending you one of the very first pictures I have taken. Look directly under the hanging light fixture and you should have no problem seeing it. Could you let me know if I can send more so that you can look at them. If you want to post them you have my permission.


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Linda Koski sends us: This picture is approximately 55 years old. It is a scan with no enhancements. The subject is a friend of mine, still living. To me, it looks like a little old lady in a shirtwaist dress with her right arm extended. Interesting, No?


Judy Kelley ( sends us: This was found in a photo album of my late mother-in-law. On the back it says it was taken in a Kentucky cemetery, I think in the 1940's


Judy Kelley ( also sends us: This photo I took in Hardy, Arkansas, Thanksgiving weekend, about 1976, of an old barn. Look in the center for a face, also have seen other angels and faces in there too.


Mystic One ( sends us: Here is a pic that my father took of my brothers and sister. Don't know what is on the left, what do you think?


An Unknown Sender sends us:


Charles Rogers ( says: This was taken on the 20th of December 1998 in Stafford springs CT. "Dragon in the Fire"


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