Ghost Gallery


Eric Spottke ( sends us: I downloaded some pictures from my camera today and think I have captured the image of a ghost. This is the same location (Afton, MN) where one of the grounds keepers was struck and killed by a drunk driver last year about this time. I think I can make out a rake or some other implement in it's hands.

Carol Wightman ( sends us: Faces in smoke are real and are very familiar to me. As a matter of fact, what I do is take pictures of these and many other similar phenomena. They are not just imagination. They are known as elementals, nature spirits or devas. I have many interesting pictures of the same type on my website at if you would like to see what I have photographed along these lines and read an explanation of this phenomena.

A Forest Fire

Clould Taken Near Time of WTC Attack

Faces in the Fire

Women in Fire

Faces in Winter

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Jason Allin ( sends us: This picture was taken in the late 70's. I own this original photo and know first hand that it is not touched up. It is developed on that textured paper with the rounded corners that used to be so prominent in the 70's. This photo is taken of a neighbour friend by her husband the day after her best horse had died! She sat there mourning it's death and didn't want her picture taken in her condition╩while having a smoke. They didn't see it at the time, but the day they got it developed, they rushed over and gave us this photo. They had the negative so they gave this one to us. I remember it so well and was quite spooked being 7 or 8 years old [at the time] and still am at 30! Just look at the detail of the head and the definition of muscles in the horse's leg. If I remember correctly, the horse was white. The angle of the light behind the smoke╩with the angle of the camera provided a perfect opportunity to be captured on film. (Image displayed here has already been cropped electronically.)

Sean Flood ( writes: Here is a picture that has been in my family for a while, and I thought I would submit it. It appears it is a picture of a ghost girl standing in front of the camera when the picture was taken. It has been dismissed as over-exposure but I really don't think it is... I'll let you be the judge of that.

Tim Heffley ( sends us: Here's a photo from an image taken from a surveillance camera a couple of years ago. What's odd about this photo is that the camera is placed in a dark warehouse. The lights only come on if a motion sensor detects movement. If the lights were on in this photo, you would see computer equipment and printers. But instead, the only object that's illuminated is what I think is the ghost of an infant. That's what attracted my attention to this photo. All of the other photos in this group were pitch black. This one photo, however, shows what has to be more than just an anomoly. I think it's the ghost of a baby because our building is directly behind the Holy Cross cemetary in Culver City, CA.

Bill Johnson sends us: The photo attached is of a deisel tanker which rolled over and caught fire near Kingman, AZ in the mid 80's. It has been hanging on one of our firehouse walls. The devil seen in the smoke bears a striking resemblance to the one seen in the trade center towers.


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