Ghost Gallery


Lucas ( sends us: Attached is a photograph I took of a vintage building while vacationing in Rio De Janeiro. When I took the picture of this building there was absolutely no one or nothing there. If you look carefully in the first window (one on the left) you'll see some sort of a figure. My wife was standing right beside me when I took this photograph and she didn't notice anyone in the building either.


Hunter Kinsey ( sends us: In April I was at the Gold Coast Casino for a 4 day rockabilly event, and I was taking a picture of some of my friends. In the first picture, where it is just the girls, there is a "plasma" surrounding them. In the second picture that was taken no more than 5 or 10 seconds later, where a male friend got in the shot, the "plasma" is gone. Maybe it did not like the male energy. Let me tell you a few things here:

1) I am a commercial photographer, and I have always been leery of "plasma" pictures.

2) In over 12 years of shooting for a living, I have never gotten anything like this on film, either in my professional stuff, or my snapshots like these. At first I thought is was a weird light leak. I checked the negative, and the "plasma" does not go outside of the image on the neg. It is cut off at the edge, so it was in the picture.

3) If it were smoke from a cigarette, it would have been more hazy, going in one direction, and a lot less of it, and it would have been in the next shot, as there is no way it would have dissipated so quickly.


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Matt D ( says: I had a active motion on my web cam to take a picture if someone walked by and it took this.


Lew Jones ( sends us: The boy in the picture was having a birthday party a few days after his grandfather (my uncle) passed away. His mother was taking pictures, and after they were processed this (what we belive is the ghost of his grandfather) appeared on some of the pictures.


J&S Sherman ( writes: The photo was taken some years back (1980s) and developed through ordinary means--through the local drugstore with the special request to "Develop and make prints, no matter what condition the negatives are in." The camera used was a 35MM with high speed black & white Tri-X film. The photo was taken with an open shutter and the camera was held near the solar plexus of the photographer. The photographer had to hold their breath while taking the picture. Meanwhile, the subject (myself acting as a conduit for the phenomena) had to remain perfectly still until the process was over.

The photo was taken at my cousins' residence in Warwick, NY, on the first floor alcove joining the kitchen to the living room. The house was built in the 1800s. My cousins noticed some very unusual activity---things were moved, voices and people seen. Having some background in these matters, I was called in to investigate. What is so remarkable about this photo is the positioning of the figures. My friend (who took the photo) is petite, and I am tall so that you see me from a sharp upward angle and looking to the photo's right hand corner. Whereas the entity, (appearing over my right shoulder looking like a male with a beard), looks straight and forward to the viewer. Also, the "imp" figure resembling a monkey (foreground in front of the man and to my right hand) seems to be an added mystery.

My cousins no longer live in that house---they found it full of "bad luck." The people who moved in right after them, also had a round of ill fate. The house is still standing, whether its occupants are still troubled, I do not know.


Joey Gaynor ( writes: I'm an actor and a comedian here in Los Angeles. I was a recent guest on Coast to Coast w/Ian Punnet on 9/02. This was taken by my close friend, fellow comedian and writing partner Steven Pearl. This was taken in Nov. of '98 on my patio. It is a real photo.

Robert Youmans ( writes: These photos are For Real! They were taken in 1984 by myself on Jekyll Island. Both were shot at the Hollybourne cottage on Jekyll Island Georgia, the only house that hasn't been restored on the island! No carpenters will work in the place. These photos are sincere and are a lot better than some of the "Ghost Photos" I have seen. PLEASE post these pics, for the Hollybourne sisters are quite upset.


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