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Irin Smith ( writes: In July of 1993, my son and I took a mid-eastern trip for sightseeing and diving in the Red Sea. I had been many times to the mid-east and decided to cross over the Egyptian border to see some historical sites such as Jerusalem. The photo was taken in the supposed, Jesus' Tomb. The stone-like bed has an area of a rising fog appearance. You can see the front of the tomb, as well as an example of a circle stone that was used for sealing the entrance. The stone circle fits in a groove in front of the doorway. The stone bed area is where bodies were wrapped in linen and laid to rest.

Irin Smith ( also sends us: During a visit to Seattle in March 1996, my hostess took me sightseeing. We walked around the grounds of a tiny church overlooking the ocean. On this property is Chief Seattle's grave or homage area. After looking at the gifts and items left on his area, I turned to take photos of the church and water scene. This photo is the only one out of the series with the lighted area in the center. There are a few grave markers behind the lighted area. Some say it looks like an Indian female in a ceremonial dress.