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Will Lakovich (Lakovich@cs.com) sends us: My mom listens to your show all the time and she told me to go on your web site. So I was just looking around and I found the orbs part. Well.. about a year ago me and my friends went into an old boarded up house. We heard that this place was supposed to be haunted. So of course being a teenager we had to check it out.

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Econjohn11@aol.com says: I have been involved with ICPR and conducting paranormal investigations since June 2001. You can check out the website. I hope you find the photos as interesting as we do. My photos are posted under JC Geodude. We investigate all aspects to rule out the natural or explainable then what we have left is cause for further study. This photo was taken with an Olympus E-10.

Pamela Preston (crickett591@yahoo.com) writes: Took some pictures of a remodeling project for record keeping purposes 1/06/02 at around 2:00pm. First took pictures of the game room. Then went into family room to take a couple of shots of some of the lumber we had stacked in there. Was using a new Kodak digital that had only been used once. Was dark down there so I used a flash. While preparing to take the first picture, looking through the lens, everything looked normal. However, the moment the flash went off I could see what looked like dozens of orbs. Thought I might be losing my mind so I took another and the same thing happened, only fewer orbs. Needless to say, I rapidly headed for the stairs towards the safe haven of my cheerfully sun-filled kitchen.

I called my daughter to tell her what happened and she said there had to be a reasonable explaination for it. Gathered up the courage to view the pics on my PC. When I did I was looking for anything I could in the pictures that might explain these orbs, since I was alone in my house for the night and didn't look forward to freaking out at every little noise a house might make, and jumping out of my skin! I noticed in the pictures capturing the "orbs", that my camera was aimed in the direction of a window, and thought that pehaps my lens was dusty and the flash reflected off the window back onto my lens. I also noticed that the orbs looked a little too one dimensional in the pictures to convince me it was anything else. So I cleaned the camera lens 3 times. Went into the living area and aimed the camera at the light fixture on the ceiling. Saw what appeared to be an orb on the lens. Went into the master bedroom and aimed the camera at the headboard of my bed. Saw what appeared to be an orb. Funny thing was, the "orb" was following the movement of my camera and had no independent movement of its own. That's when I knew it was only dust particles. Mystery solved. Felt foolish but slept like a baby.

Cory McIntyre sends us: I took these photos with a digital camera we bought yesterday. I took a total of 27 photos today and these that I've attached turned out with orbs. My favorite is the particularly large orb. My husband is skeptical that these are ghost orbs-- Again, we just bought this camera yesterday so the lens is not scratched or dirty. Also, the remaining pictures taken at the same time did not have orbs within them. Do you agree that these are ghost orbs?

V. Pepper (VRSP31@aol.com) writes: After just purchasing a new Polaroid 2300z digital camera I stepped out in the front yard to take a few test photos. Time of day approximately 1:45pm on January 4, 2002. Location: Desoto Missouri. I took about five more pictures and downloaded them into the PC. All the pictures except this particular one turned out normal. Having visited the Art Bell web-site on many occasions previously, I realized that this particular picture might portray an Orb. The Orb in this picture is perhaps the clearest one that I have seen. No enhancement of any type was done to this picture.

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