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Janice Stephenson (benpin22@earthlink.net) writes: These were taken about 2 weeks ago in front of the Adam's Mark hotel on the St. John's River in Jacksonville. My husband and I had gone there to take pictures of the Riverwalk at night, when I noticed that there were these huge landscape planters in front of the hotel with sprinkler systems spraying and lights shining on them. I realized this would be a good opportunity to photograph the water spraying droplets everywhere and compare them to orb photos, seeing as how a lot of people dismiss orbs as water, rain, dust, etc. Well, I got the perfect lesson, as you will see by the photos! The first shot showed lots of orbs, then no orbs, then orbs again! They were taken about 15 seconds apart. You can clearly see the water droplets from the sprinklers AND the orbs, and you can tell the difference between the two. I also feel that these photos show that there is an intelligence to the orbs, because they apparently were blinking on and off as I took these shots. (Then there is more....)

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Janice Stephenson writes again: Again you can see that first there are no orbs, then they're back, then gone again. Look closely, you can see faces on a lot of them. I really think that they were having fun with me!

Janice Stephenson submits this also: Here is the last set of photos. In these I had walked around the side of the building to another sprinkler set-up to see if the same thing would happen. It happened! Notice in the photo of the orbs on the right side that there is a line of orbs that appear to be playing follow the leader in the sprinkler! You can clearly tell the difference between orbs and water droplets.

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