Ghost Gallery

Secrets of the Big Dogs

[IMAGE] Photo at Medjugorje with a group of 40 Americans on Oct 10, 1998. (6/7/99)


[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Tim Yancey tells us of someone that was in london, snapping a picture of his little girl. When he developed the picture, and image of a lady appeared in the background, someone he hadn't noticed at the time he took the picture. The strange thing about the lady, dressed in black, was that she didn't have any legs at all! The same photo is then zoomed in with the scanner (right). (4/5/99)


[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Dina Arnette sends these pictures taken a couple years after an incident, described on Coast to Coast on 3/2/1999.


[IMAGE] Danny sends us this photo taken by a 19-year old serviceman in 1963 of the view outside the airplane window. 2/11/99


[IMAGE] A photo sent to us by Tara and Kathy Thibault of a car accident scene. As bad as this looks, the driver was not hurt. Could it be a "Guardian Angel" sent to save the driver?? This photo was going to be discarded by the press photographer, but Tara thought enough to save it and send it in. 2/8/99


[IMAGE] Ghost photo send to Art on January 18, 1999. Art scanned the actual photograph himself, and showed the picture on the studio cam.


[IMAGE] [IMAGE] What kind of Spirit Calling is going on here? See Balder Olrik's The Incident web page. Do these look real or just a good PhotoShop job?? (12/29/98)


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