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From the Webmaster: Over the years, as I'm sure you can imagine, we get lots of pictures. We don't try to prove or dis-prove any of them, but we post them for you to make up your own mind. We post the submitters comments and claims with the photos submitted.

A particularly interesting series of submissions has occurred over the years, that are worthy of your comments. I have received this apparition image from three (now four) different sources. I present each source and image and allow you to make whatever conclusion you want to. I'm not sure whether I'm trying to compound the evidence or simply expose those who have stolen photos from other sources. Each photo presented here is slightly different, so I suppose it is entirely possible that all three (now four) images were of the same apparition, taken from three different people.

I could not get enough information from any of the submitters to confirm a common date, location or photographer. -- Keith Rowland

First, from one of our older postings on the site, note the date on this photograph on the right side edge of the print. writes: This is a photo taken and no image was seen but when developed this is what was on the film.


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Then we received another submission on Mon, 19 Feb 2001--

Jason Van Cleave, Sarasota, Fl ( says he took this:

I was in the air plane just outside of Tampa and I wanted to put new film in my camera, I noticed I had 1 picture left in the camera so I just took a picture out the window of the plane. ( it was night time) When I was home a couple of days later I had my film developed. This is what I saw in the last picture out the window. I can't explain it, but it sure is spooky!!!


Jason Van Cleave, Sarasota, Fl ( writes again on Jan 25th, 2002: I'm am totally freaked out that everybody has seen this picture before. I have never seen it until I had my film developed. I know you can't trust anyone these days but I took this. Maybe there is a freak spiritual thing happening here, maybe a message, why is the same image appear in so many different photos. My photo is a color photo from walgreens.

Then we receive another submission on Sun, 16 Sep 2001 --

John ( sends us:

I did not take the picture but I have a black and white copy or original. A friend gave me this photo about 20yrs ago. He said that an elderly Italian woman he knew was coming home from Rome. She took the photo on the plane. He told me that there was nothing that she took while in Rome that resembled the images. He did say she just blindly took the photo and noticed the image when it was developed. I have no further information but I do have the photo.


After showing the above, we received a fourth on Jan 23, 2002 --

Dave Johnston, Peterborough, Ontario ( sends us:

I have had this picture since my grandfather gave it to me. He mailed it to me and the postmark on envelope is dated January 10th, 1973. So the picture that I have is at least 29 years old. I don't have any other information on this. Maybe we are all looking at some sort of timeloop picture here?


Another contender John Currie ( submits: I'm 28 years old and live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. The picture was taken about 18 to 20 years ago in southern Saskatchewan. Some family members had been on a trip, when they had noticed a bright light eminateing from some clouds off in the distance. They had pulled off to the side of the road to take a picture of it. I had been told that they had used colour film, but the picture came out in black and white. I can't remember too much of the story, as it was told to me so long ago. I tried getting more information from my parents, but they only remembered as much as I did.


So, what do you think? Who is telling the truth? Did they all see this? Did they all take a picture of the same apparition? Did this occur on the same day? These do all seem to be actual REAL PHOTOGRAPHS, all looking slightly different? Photoshop didn't exist in the 70's. I bring this to your attention because I as a webmaster do not have enough time to check out everyone's story. I post what we receive, and post the comments and story provided by the submitter. Each of these photos is slightly different, so I thought this would be an interesting puzzle to solve. Comments?

  • Several have written and said they have seen these pictures many decades ago, and declared that the images were deemed as hoxes and fakes, however no references of websites or material have been supplied yet. Stay Tuned....

  • Stephen Rowland writes: The "ghost in the sky" picture in the "what's new" section is a very old picture. I was shown that picture about 34 years ago in a small church in Flint, Michigan. I was about 10 years old at the time, and was told that a lady had snapped a picture of a tornado, and when the film was developed, the image resulted. We connected it mentally with a scripture that speaks of God riding on the winds.

  • Tamar Brooks says: Perhaps there is a photo in an Art History book somewhere and people scanned and cropped it differently. But it is obviously the same photo because the details in the clouds and at the bottom of his right sleeve are identical. The middle one is darker and therefore the darker areas are larger. The top one shows more of the picture and the others are cropped in closer. But I doubt if anyone actually took the picture themselves because how then would three different people have access to the photo? It must be a published picture and three people thought they would try to fool the Art Bell audience. Hello! We didn't just fall off the turnip truck! Thanks, Keith, for giving us the opportunity to see through these hoaxes.

  • K. Jackson writes: I usually do not get involved in this type of hype or speculation, nevertheless, Stephen Rowland is correct and so our several others you have claimed to see the photo at one place or the other. The photo is old and I know, although, I can not place a date or time on it myself, it has been in circulation for quite sometime. I too, first encountered the photo in a spiritual context. It seems it was first speculated to be a photo of Christ. A storm also comes to mind, however as for the actual date, where it was taken and who took the photo would take quite a bit of research. I'm sure someone out there knows.

  • Chris Beacham says: My uneducated opinion regarding the 'jesus' pic is that it is a double exposure hoax, and not a very good one at that. While I haven't seen such visions myself, I don't disbelieve this sort of phenomena, but I suspect the intensity of the energy/light (that may be similar to some ufo phenomena) that would be needed to produce such a 'vision' in real life would be at a far different exposure to that of a dark cloud. That they are both exposed evenly says that the pic is obviously not genuine to me.

  • Jeremy Greene writes: I wish I could give you an exact source for the picture. I cannot but I can tell you that I have also had the same picture. I got it from my grandmother in Melville Saskatchewan, and she got it on a church retreat. When I was younger I was convinced that what I held was an actual picture of Jesus, but upon further inspection, it is obviously simply printed on glossy paper.

  • Lee, Bothell, WA says: Interesting, that when I was in High School in 1975, I saw this picture on a postcard and a poster! I had seen this many times in many ways in a local Bible shop in California. Not sure what to make of it all, but it is nothing new.

  • Paul D., Stratford, Connecticut writes: The story behind each is also almost always the same, someone's friend or someones relative was on a plane. They had a camera with them and noticed they only had one picture left to take. They aimed it out the window and saw nothing but took a picture anyway and this is what they saw when it was developed. Doesn't this sound a little like an "urban legend?" It is a good, incredible story or in this case a picture. Because of the internet, it has a huge audience. It has been told in many different forms. The story or again in this case the photo, is never taken by the person who submitted it but rather by a friend, a friend's friend or a cousin's grandmother's next door neighbor's 1st grade teacher. This seems to be a deliberately manufactured hoax created to cause alarm and concern by those who take malicious enjoyment from doing so.

  • Anonymous says: The three photos that you have are all considerably different if you look at the "cloud" formations. I've seen a fourth version of these photos presented at a church session that I attended several years ago. The haze was along the top of the photo and the being had more of a defined wing structure if I remember correctly. Anyways it was supposedly a gift from spirit to a group of people that had helped a lady move out of her house. They had cleaned the house and during a final walk around found it lying on the ground. They were told psychically that it was a gift from spirit of a being on the other side. I obviously can't verify these claims but I tend to take everything with a grain of salt. If it's a hoax someone did a good job with the haze. If it's real well all I can say is cool!

  • Piezo sent us this link: Image in the clouds: 'Grandma's picture' tells remarkable story Notice the newspaper is looking for an original print also!

  • Dan Osborn writes: I think everyone has missed the prime source for sub-concience memory of this pic is the grocery checkout line. I have lost count of how many times I have seen this image reprinted as "IS THIS THE IMAGE OF GOD!" across the front of the Checkout Rags, i.e. Enquirer/Globe/any other you can think of. It is amazing how just looking at the front pages of those publications can stick a bug at the back of your mind.

  • John Dumas writes: Very, very interesting. I have an actual photo given to me that is very similiar to the photos posted. It was stated to me upon receipt that a photo was taken of the lake surface during a very foggy night (taken for artistic reasons, not because they saw an image in the fog) while the person was attending a bible camp (once again, the spiritual connection). When the photo was developed, an image almost identifical to the one in the photos posted appeared to be in the fog. I put some merit in the photo because it is not a scanned image by an actual glossy photo. I received this photo long before Photo Shop or photo editing software was available to the masses.

    Chris Clarke says: I was shown that exact photo approx. 30 years ago in my home town of San Dimas Calif. My friends uncle carried it in his bible. Remember when photos had the dates on them? This photo he showed me, had a 1971 date on it. It was an original photograph not a copy. You can most likely imagine the surprise I got when I saw this photo on your site, I never forgot the day I saw this photo, and I never thought I would ever see it again. I am telling you the truth, this is not a made up story.

    Don Herman sends us: As far as I'm concerned, I take all of these "unexplained photos" with a grain of salt. I have no doubt that some are real but photographic film and light can produce some strange results. As Art has said, you can't trust any photo or videos these days. As for the photos you asked our opinion about, I'll bet there is only one photo ever taken (real or "doctored") and the rest are copies, with small changes. If you surf the internet enough, you will probably find this photo out there somewhere, all claimed to be original by lots of people. Having said that, I hope you keep posting the interesting ones you receive, the photos are my favourite part of your site. I visit it each time I'm online. Thanks and keep up the excellent work.

  • PG sends us this: It's about faith. With faith, you will believe that Jesus will appear on many dates, in many places; but, always as Jesus. I believe Jesus appeared to the people with the image and it appears to be the same image, but not recycled as a myth, because this is a promise. Here is one web site (Jesus in The Clouds) that gives details on your specific image and rights it first appeared in 1963. You will see from this WEB site that indeed the same Jesus is coming on many different dates and in many different places, but he is mostly the same image.

  • Jim Melanson writes: When you look at the left border of Pic#3, supposedly taken from a plane, that doesn't look like a window frame on a plane, to me it looks like the border of a picture. So, Pic#3 is a picture of a picture. So much for it being taken on a plane! The one word the screams into my mind is Hoax. I do wish people would please stop such childish nonsense. It makes Art's job harder and just plain irritates Art's mentally mature audience. If these people were given this picture and honestly believe what they have is genuine, then they are victims like the rest of us but if not, then please, grow up!

  • Ruben M. Soto says: In 1975 at St. Cecelia's elementary school in Dallas TX I recall being shown a black and white Polaroid photo virtually identical to the ones posted on your website, except that the image on the photo I saw was positioned directly in the center of the shot. The story my teacher told us was that the picture was taken after a funeral simply to use up the last bit of film. I was also told that whoever took the photo had simply pointed it skyward without anticipating anything more than a picture of a cloudy sky. This was in 1975 and who knows how old the photo was then. I had heard the story of the photo long before I had ever laid eyes on it.

  • Rev. Gregory S. Neal writes: My mother was given a copy of this photograph back in the mid 1970s, and I'm pretty sure I still have it somewhere in a box in the garage. I'll have to look. She was given it at Church and told that it was taken by someone at a Cemetery, but I can't remember any details.

  • J.P. Murphy comments: I own an old twin reflex camera. a german copy of a Roliflex where you look down into the box to see the image. With this camera, advancing the film is an option, not required, as with modern cameras. I have taken many multiple exposure photos and they are spooky. particularly the ones in Black and white. I think this is what we have here.

  • Alan Mitchell says: Regarding the 3 apparition photos and controversy over those... I too own a copy of that photo! I didn't have any idea it was a full-blown media event. The photo was given to me in 1993 by UFO-buff friends I was visiting in Santiago, Chile. My Chilean amigos told me the same story, that someone had taken the picture out of an airplane window. I had assumed it was taken by a friend of theirs.

  • Joyce Murland writes: First of all thanks for all the hard work you do posting all this stuff. As for the pictures I like looking at them and of course am pretty sure some of them are hoaxes. I still like looking at them cause after all when can we be sure that what we are looking at is real or fake? That doesn't mean I think you should put them all up. Let your time judge that. I appreciate your comments on the date of the "airplane photo" which I vaguely remember from way back when in one of the many "spiritual" books I read. Anytime you notice some of these "clues" I for one appreciate having my attention drawn to it.

  • Anonymous writes: I saw this photo myself about thirty years ago, and it was supposed to have been taken during/after a tornado. Was supposed to be proof that Jesus is on His way. I don't belive it's a genuine photo of Jesus, because the Bible says that "like a flash of lightning from the east to the west, every eye shall see." I think folks are just trying to rush the Second Comming a little.

  • Steven Beebe writes: Mr Rowland, in the early 1980's my sister obtained a copy of the "Jesus in the clouds" photo from a friend who had taken photos of flowers at a funeral. She had pointed the camera at the sky to click off the last couple frames and the image it apparently caught was pointed out to her by the lab that developed the film. A few years later when I was in college and mentioned this photo, I was shown a paranormal text book that had the very same photograph. It was puzzling. Now that you have presented more of them on the website I a still puzzled some 15 years later.

  • Davis Caperton Comments on Jesus in The Clouds.

  • Anthony D. Denver,Co writes: I saw a photo like this one 25 years ago in in North Texas, I was in the 4th grade and my parents friend just came back from Colorado on vacation. Her name was Fran Dranchek and she came to our house with a photo like this one and she said, She was driving back from Colorado and saw what she thought was a ufo so she stopped and took a photo of it with a "polaroid instant camera".She told us she tried to copy the photo but all that came back was the surrounding clouds.So she sent the photo to the KODAK company and they couldn't copy it either.They offered to buy the photo from her but she said she would not sell it. 10 years later a man came up to me when I was at Basken Robbins sitting on my motorcycle and showed me a (stack) of the same photo. He said it was taken over Germany from a plane window. He gave me a photo and said to go to a church any church. I'm sorry to say I lost the photo years ago. Anyway the lady (Fran) 10 years before, when she was telling my parents about the photo I remember the look on her face and you could tell she believed every word she was saying. Fran was not exactly a church lady and you could tell by the use of her colorful metaphores. She must be 75 or 80yrs. old by now.I have no idea where she is, but I know she was not selling church to my parents. My theory is; Maybe the ufo guys think earthlings believe Jesus lives in the clouds so they use that somehow to hide there toys from us.I mean if they can fly with no sound, how hard would it be to imprint some film. For the record: I have had 3 ufo sightings and, I believe in Jesus (not because of the photos). Why I say this is, I don't think GOD plays hide and go seek. But maybe ... the pilots of those "silver things" do?

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