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NOTE: Remember folks, we don't insist any of these are real, but are posted for your enjoyment and consideration. We post what the submitter claims. We leave it up to you to decide what is real and what is phoney.

Morgan L. Miller III ( says: I was walking around this creepy old church and decided to take a picture of this small recess in the building. As I took the photo I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, but just attributed this to the uncanny nature of the architecture and went about my business. To my surprise when I got home and looked at the pictures there was this mysterious form floating from the window! This is strangness that is unexplainable by the natural sciences. Seeing as how some people might doubt the lagitamacy, I had the photo verified by the film processors where I had the roll developed (Thrifty Drug store's discount1/2 hour developing). The technition confirmed that it was untampered with adding undisputable credibility to my evidence of the supernatural.


Jason ( comes back with: It's easy to do this one.... the person who submitted this first started with just white on the airbrush tool in PhotoShop with a low pressure (around 5%) and stroked out all the the lines then he probablly increassed the pressure a little to get the heavier lines or simply restroked them with the air brush tool...then you can add a layer and use a bigger brush with about the same pressure to make the glow...i went back and used the eraser with the airbrush and added a little to the middle for a little extra...i spent a grand total of MAYBE 4 mins on redoing the same effect in the top portion of the photo... I sent you this hoping you will post it on the same page this guys photo is on...that way everyone can join in the fun and make their own ligitimate fake photo...


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Leslie Gober ( writes: A friend that listens to you, said you might be interested in this picture we took with our digital in Arizona. The little boy is my son Jared.


Garage Ghost Video

Tim ( from Lake Worth, Fla writes: I found this incredible video that deals with paranormal phenonemon.... It is described as coming from Japan, and was filmed in a parking garage by a security camera. Watch it closely.... towards the end of the video, you will see a human figure in white walking along the very back wall. It walks behind a car parked along the back wall... and then the figure walks straight into the wall! It disappears suddenly right into the garage wall. Zoom in on it and look closely - if its genuine.... its indeed incredible. It was aired on Japanese TV, hence the various tags that appear on it. I'm sure if you can find someone who reads Japanese, you can trace the video back to where it came from.

Jim writes: The person who submitted the video claimed it was from Japan. It is NOT from Japan and is instead from a Taiwanese TV show about ghost videos and ghost stories. The video was most likely submitted by a viewer of that show. Being somewhat fluent in Chinese and having been in Taiwan before, I recognized it. The show is on a Taiwanese cable station called "Sanli" in Chinese, or SET. They have a website ( on which I was not able to find anything about this particular show. I can't recall the name of the show and the characters are hard to make out on the video. I hope this will make matters a little more clear.

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Delaney sends us: The first photo was taken with a canon elph camera. It was taken in December 1999 at the Plymouth Rock monument in Plymouth Harbor, M.A. The day was overcast as you can see from the sky and the water (no reflection). None of the other photos from the same roll came out with any problems. I took the photo to a developer who was unable to explain the red mist.


Delaney also sends us: The second photo was taken with a disposable camera. A year prior to this picture her mother died in the same house. The picture was from the doorway of her mother and father's bedroom. We believe this picture to be a manifestation of her mother's ghost. Please obscure the girl's face. ( Webmaster: We Did)


Delaney finally sends us: The third photo was taken at Clifden Castle in County Galway, Ireland. In the upper right hand corner you can see a misty object. There was no mist at the time the picture was taken. Nor was there any other mist like object on any of the other pictures taken with the same roll. The picture is dark because it was dusk.


Avon Leonard ( sends us: I was staying in a room at the Jackson House Hotel in Eureka, NV. The hotel is famed for the ghost of a woman, that is seen in the hotel and the bar downstairs, in the same building. I was taking some pictures of the historic room I had rented. When I got home, I saw this picture. I am a large woman and as you can tell by the camera angle, the shadow is not mine. I tried diligently to recreate this effect and could not do it. I have shown this photo to the officers in the Eureka Sheriff's department and they were quite amazed.


Philip & Susan ( send us: It was November 11, 2001, and my wife, mother-in-law, and I stopped by a local cemetary where some of her family members are buried to decorate their headstones for Veteran's Day. It was a very nice day so we decided to bring the camera and snap a few photos of the grave sites. We were using a Polaroid instamatic, snapping several pictures and setting them aside while they develop. When we checked on them a few minutes later we noticed one photo in particular had these whispy images. The headstone is my wife's grandfater, a World War I vet who may have been enjoying a little family get together on his special holiday.


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