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12/31/99 Fri/Sat

  • Art comes on 3 hours early and does an 8 hour New Year's Eve celebration.
  • Guest.... Gordon-Michael Scallion
  • Art and Ramona at the strike of midnight on Pahrump.

12/30/99 Thu/Fri

  • 1st hour.... Art reads portions of an article printed in the Denver Post about him that is riddled with misinformation. A listener suggests to Art that he use the pictures printed in the new issue of the Times of the devastation in France for the cover of his new book. Art reads an update on the George Harrison stabbing. Art says we should consider it an honor to be alive now to experience a new millennium. After the bottom of the hour break, Art reviews the news. The military plans on straddling the USS Topeka over the international date line so 1/2 of the sub will be in 1999 and 1/2 will be in 2000. Russian and U.S. military officials are monitoring the skies for inadvertent missile launches due to Y2K. Another explosives theft has been reported in Fresno. An AP story reports 4200 blasting caps being found on a man when he was pulled over for a traffic violation. Art mentions that he is getting two different slants on y2k, emailers saying hoarding is taking place and CNN reporting the opposite. Art says at midnight he feels we are in some danger of brown outs etc. but after that he doesn't think alot will occur til people go back to work on Monday.
  • Predictions.... Art reads the first 18 predictions he recorded from last year from listeners for the year 1999.
  • 2nd hour.... Art talks about the Sprint report concerning the recent long distance service outage in his area. A source tells Art that 4 terrorists were arrested that night in Las Vegas and the phone outage was orchestrated to prevent the terrorist from contacting their comrades. Of course Art has no idea whether this is true, but wonders why it took them 5 hours to switch a circuit breaker back on?
  • Predictions for the year 2000 from callers begins this hour and continues throughout the program.

12/29/99 Wed/Thu

  • Sprint.... Art talks about the Sprint report explaining the recent phone outage and a phone call he made to Sprint directly.
  • Y2K... Art talks about a new section on the website that will collect Y2K snafu stories as they come in. A problem in Britian with credit card swipe machines is the first to come in.
  • Flights.... Art talks about the reduction of flights on New years Eve.
  • Recording.... Art plays a recording put together by the technician in Oregon with Arts network, that is the clock striking midnight with some great added sound effects, like gunfire, helicopters and melting computer chips.
  • Open lines.... Open Lines finishes out the first hour with Fritz being the first caller.
  • 2nd hour.... Jack Anderson joins Art this hour to discuss his experiences during his distinguished career as an investigative reporter in Washington DC. Art calls him a legend in his own time. Art and Jack discuss J. Edgar Hoover and Jack tells us about the time his reporters went through Hoover's garbage. Art asks Jack what inspired him to play such dangerous games such as exposing Nixon's lies. Jack talks about how Nixon used the IRS to discredit Jack.
  • 3rd hour.... Art asks Jack who is the current 'Jack Anderson', who if anyone in todays media is doing the job Jack did. Jack tells us the threat of lawsuits limits the ability of anyone to do what Jack used to do. Jack and Art discuss Ronald Reagan. Later in the hour, Art asks Jack whether he thinks a nuclear exchange is inevitable. Jack gives his opinion of the Clinton administration and how he hasn't been this depressed before in his 52 years in Washington. Jack and Art discuss their candidate of choice for the next Presidential election. Art tells Jack about his switch to the Libertarian Party.
  • 4th hour.... Jack tells us a story about how he got interested in investigative reporting. Phone calls are taken for Jack, with the first caller asking if a sitcom that ran years ago on TV was based on his life. Jack and Art discuss Clinton and his charm and Art asks Jack if we could really elect a man who was totally honest. After the break, Jack talks about how times are tough, but he doesn't think the government has deteriorated too badly. Jack asks Art if he thinks the millennium will bring significant change. Art says he thinks Y2K will be more of a people problem than a machine problem. A caller asks Jack his take on the Oklahoma City bombing and then Art asks Jack for his take on the Kennedy assassination.
  • 5th hour.... Art reports that George Harrison has been stabbed by an intruder which prompts Jack to tells us about how he helped keep John Lennon from being deported. Jack continues with his take on the Kennedy assassination. Art asks Jack about Las Vegas and if the mob is still there. After the bottom of the hour break, Art reads a fax from a fellow Ham about a conversation he overheard about a signal being detected from 2 light years out. Phone calls continue for Jack with a caller asking about John Lennons killer being a victim of governmental mind control. Jack talks about Hillary Clinton and her relationship with Bill. A caller asks Jack if he thinks there is a chance for campaign finance reform.

12/28/99 Tue/Wed

  • Seattle.... Seattle is canceling its year 2000 celebrations. Art feels there is something there that officials are not telling us. The Mayor says the FBI was not able to assure them that Seattle was not a target for terrorism.
  • Europe.... Art reads updates on the recent storms raging across Europe.
  • Hijack.... Art reads an update on the hijacked India Air airplane.
  • Shopping.... Art reads a report about the risks to men who shop.
  • Sprint.... Art reads a fax sent to him by a listener about his recent phone service outage which lists the areas affected and it includes 'area 51'. Art says how can it include an area the government says does not exist.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the 1st hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Dr Gary E.R. Schwartz joins Art this hour and begins by telling us how and why he got into researching such a controversial subject as life after death. Gary tells us that light preserves information and energy and explains to Art what this has to do with memory. Gary also talks about consciousness surviving death and tells us about meeting his co-author and how he revealed his secret theory to her. Art asks Gary how he knew he was picking up input from a persons brain rather than a feedback process.
  • 3rd hour.... In talking about how accidents usually cause scientific discoveries, Gary relates an accident that turned into an event for a publishable paper. Art asks Gary how he can conclude that there is feedback going on between a living and a dead person. Gary tells us about some experiments he has conducted with mediums. Gary talks about how mediums do not usually like to work with scientists because they usually designs experiments too complex for them to be successful. Art asks Gary if he can reach any conclusions about what we call 'the other side'.
  • 4th hour.... Gary tells us about his chairperson of the mediumship research team who claims scientists such as James Clark Maxwell and Tesla are collaborating through her. Art asks why these great men would chose a housewife to communicate through instead of a living scientist type. Gary says if a living scientist received information from a dead scientist he would not want to go public with that fact and would claim the information as his own. Art asks Gary why he is so cautious about concluding that consciousness continues after physical death. Gary says he has to entertain the idea that there is a fifth dimension when studying this subject. Art asks Gary if God, or the concept of a creator, ever enters into his research. Gary says it is required for his theory.
  • 5th hour... Phone calls are taken this hour. One caller asks Gary if he has ever had an out of body experience and Gary tells us about his OBE. Art then relates his own OBE. Art asks Gary what people have reported on the other side and Gary tells us some people can show themselves as they choose as far as what age to be seen at. Art talks about the possibility of another parallel universe with time that is not linear time and what does this mean. Gary theorizes that time was here first and then space began to fill it. A caller talks with Gary about calling on the dead and how we are not supposed to disturb them and asks Gary if he has encountered any angry spirits in his research. The last caller asks Gary if our DNA may in fact be what can keep us in touch after physical death.

12/26/99 Sun Dreamland

  • 1st hour.... Whitley talks about the storms raging across Europe. Linda Howe gives her weekly report which includes news from NASA about a gamma ray burst. Linda plays an eye witness audio report about a triangular object observed over the skies of California this past week. Linda reports on a sighting from last September by someone in Ohio and plays an audio interview of her observations of a silvery ball. After the break, Whitley reads a report from France about the raging weather. Whitley says he and Art are going to start a political initiative on this situation. Next, Michael Glickman and Patricia Murray join Whitley to further discuss crop circles and what they expect to find in the upcoming crop circle season.
  • 2nd hour.... Michael Hesemann joins Whitley this hour. He is a UFO researcher from Germany who discusses some startling new UFO videos, and also scientific research that unexpectedly authenticates a piece of wood believed to be connected to the crucifixion. Michael begins by describing the weather in Italy saying it has been a catastrophic December. 50 people have died in France and Germany due to severe weather. Whitley tells Michael that he and Art predicted these storms in their new book. Switching subjects, Michael tells us he feels China will be the next super power to step into the UFO realm. After the break, Whitley and Michael go around the world and discuss the different governments and their stand on the UFO scene.
  • 3rd hour.... Whitley takes calls for Michael with the first caller being Fritz from Phoenix calling about the Billy Meyer case. A caller asks Michael about the face on Mars and how it has been played out in Germany. After the break, Whitley reads a fax from a listener about his and Arts book and talks again about his plans to begin a political initiative. A caller tells Michael an abduction has been caught on a security camera. Michael and a caller question why God would make only one small inhabited planet. Whitley asks Michael about the churchs reaction to claims of UFOs.

12/23/99 Thu/Fri

  • 1st hour.... Whitley Strieber joins Art this hour to discuss the report released by two prominent meteorologists that states global warming is occurring. Government official Richard DeMatto (sic) joins them to discuss the recent severe weather the world is experiencing and global climate change. Richard speculates on who is going to benefit economically due to the global warming.
  • 2nd hour.... Author David Borgenicht joins Art this hour to discuss his book about surviving any emergency. Of course the first question is why did you write a book like this. How to treat a bullet or knife wound is the first scenario discussed. Delivering a baby and jumping from a moving car and how these situations were researched are also talked about.
  • 3rd hour.... There is a section in Davids book about identifying a bomb which Art asks about because people are especially wary these days with Y2K and terrorism. David gives out info that comes directly from the bomb squad. Art asks David about how to survive your parachute not opening, of course this scenario does not work if you are sky diving alone. After the break, landing an airplane is discussed and getting lost in desert and the search for water.
  • 4th hour.... The first dangerous situation discussed this hour is shark attacks and Art tells us that Ramona has been deathly afraid of sharks since she saw the movie Jaws when she was a child. Art asks David why he would include in his book, how to survive jumping from a motorcycle to a car, since this is not likely to happen. After the break, surviving quicksand and how to hot wire a car is discussed. Phone calls are taken and one caller disagrees with David having info on how to hot wire a car in his book.
  • 5th hour.... Surviving gunfire is discussed with a caller as phone calls continue for David. A caller tells Art and David that you cannot use the paddles to shock a persons heart if the heart has stopped. Another caller disagrees with Davids previous advice about encountering a crocodile or alligator. After the break a caller asks about earthquake survival and preparation. Encountering a tornado is also discussed. Art asks David the proverbial bomb disarming question, "Is it the blue wire or the red one?".

12/22/99 Wed/Thu

  • 1st hour.... Whitley Strieber joins Art this hour to discuss their book, The Coming Global Superstorm, and the recent weather tragedies that seem to be mirroring the book.
  • 2nd hour.... NEWS.... We are experiencing a 5.7% growth rate in our economy, we are in the longest sustained economic recovering in history. Hubble has been repaired. Art reads an article about a man in Austraila who fed hash cookies to two unsuspecting American Mormons. An article reports a lake has been found beneath the arctic ice, trapped there at least 500,000 years. Bacteria that seems to be living and breathing was found in the ice.
  • Sliwa.... Curtis Sliwa talked over Arts program last night calling Art the anti-christ once again. Art plays a recording which plays when you dial a certain phone number offering to help you over your addiction to Art Bell and Art gives out the number so you can leave a blistering message 212-714-8086.
  • Guest.... Nanotechnology is discussed tonight when Charles Ostman joins Art right before the bottom of the hour break and quickly explains what nanotechnology is. Art asks Charles about injecting things into the human bloodstream. Art asks Charles to tell us what nanotechnology can do for us. Art asks if nanotechnology could go to work and say, change the color of our eyes.
  • 3rd hour.... Charles and Art discuss solar activity and global weather changes and Charles ties in nanotechnology. The implantation of computer chips in people is discussed. Charles gives some examples of a unified system. Art tells Charles why he is worried about the possibility of implanted chips. Later in the hour, Art tells Charles he is bothered by all the things Charles can't talk about. Charles says nanotechnology has always been thought of as economically viable. Art asks Charles if people could be programmed to kill a certain ethnic group.
  • 4th hour.... Art begins this hour with an update on Terrence McKenna. Art then reads a report about a man who was trying to find a hideout and hid inadvertently in the San Diego police departments garage. Open lines finishes out the fourth hour.
  • 5th hour.... Art reads a report written by the top meteorologists in Britian and the US which confirms global warming. A caller tells Art some kids at the local high school made a Nativity scene using cat cadaver parts. Art says he just woke Whitley up and told him of the report he just read about global warming. A caller discusses Curtis Sliwa with Art. Another topic discussed is suicide and Art reiterates his belief that you must play out the cards your dealt. Art talks about his Libertarian interests with a caller. Open Lines continues.

12/21/99 Tue/Wed

  • Art has an unusual announcement to make, he has no long distance service in Pahrump tonight. There have been high winds in town all day. Whitley was supposed to join Art this hour to discuss recent developments in the weather that seem to mirror their book. Art gives out a phone number for local calls. Art talks with a caller about a sighting he had on July 4th 1998. Another caller discusses the phone outages with Art.
  • A replay finishes out the program. Long Distance has been restored to Pahrump and the show will continue tomorrow.

12/19/99 Sun/Mon

  • Tonight Peter Weissbach is the guest host and he is joined in the first hour by Deepak Chopra who says our brains are hard wired to find God. Deepak talks about the 5 causes of suffering in our life and the problems we bring upon ourselves due to our ego. Deepak says we are the only species with insight, imagination and intuition. Later Deepak talks about when Moses asked God who he was. After the break, phone calls are taken. A caller asks Deepak his views on immortality, and Deepak says the only thing that is immortal is the soul. Deepak recommends meditation to a caller to help develop patience.
  • 2nd hour.... Arthelotte joins Peter this hour to discuss whether there are entities that can possess us. She is a parapsychologist and says there are two beings living in her and she call herself a 'walk-in'. She tell us how this all started back in 1972 involving a car accident where she had an NDE and joined with the universe. Peter asks her if these entities are evil. After the break phone calls are taken and Arthelotte identifies a caller as a walk-in. Another caller asks how she can tell if someone is a walk-in or just a person with multiple personalities. Arthelotte tells us she has a guardian angel that tells her things, and that we all have one.
  • 3rd hour... Alec Newald joins Peter this hour. He says he was abducted by beings in 1989 and was taken to a planet called Haven and was told about humanities past. He lost ten days out of his life. Alec talks about extraterrestrials whose blood lines are mixed with ours because they lived here before us. Alec says they created a life on this planet that they used for slaved labor. Phone calls are taken after the break. Alec tells a caller that the ETs that abducted him took very good care of him. Another caller asks Alec if he was given a purpose and why he feels he was chosen. Alec says he has a parallel blood line and they can use some of his DNA to make a better race.
  • 4th hour.... Peter asks Alec if we are all artificially engineered according to these aliens. Alec says there are more than one alien race playing with human engineering. Peter asks Alec about what he was taught about evolution by one of the aliens. A caller relates an experience of his own seeing an ET. Another caller asks Alec if the ETs told him what his future will be and that of the Earths. Alec says there will be a phase change and the aliens feel the human race will survive this.
  • 5th hour.... This hour Peter is joined by Dr. Alex Lukeman to discuss dreams and dream interpretations. Peter asks Alex what dreams are trying to tell us. Phone calls are taken right away this hour with a caller asking for an interpretation of a dream he had where he was given a gift he describes. Peter asks Alex why he doesn't have flying dreams any more since he is an adult, and what did they mean when he did have them. Phone calls and dream interpretations finish out tonights program.

12/19/99 Sun Dreamland

  • 1st hour .... Linda Howe begins with her weekly report. In Y2K news, the year 1900 has been showing up on various documents around the country, in Vancouver, British Columbia a smoke alarm system installed in the citys sky train screwed up and stopped the whole system. Many citizens are concerned with electrical outages who live near nuclear plants. Scott, who has grown up around Three Mile Island is interviewed by Linda about his concerns with this plant and his watchdog activities. Linda reports on the new satellite launched by NASA, Tara. Also, Linda interviews a scientist about the polar shifts and the coming global warming. Whitley talks about the human effect on global warming with Linda.
  • After the bottom of the hour break, Whitley is joined by Mark Kidger, an astronomer who wrote a book about the star of Bethlehem. Whitley asks Mark why an astronomer, like himself, would stop and become a detective to write this book. Whitley asks Mark to tell us how he zeroed in on the year Christ was born.
  • 2nd hour.... Whitley begins this hour by promoting his and Arts new book. Mark Fidger continues with Whitley. Mark explains what the Magi would have seen in the sky. Whitley asks Mark who the Magi were exactly. Whitley asks Mark if we could spot the Star of Bethlehem now and Mark says you would need a very big telescope. Mark tells us there is a star documented in Russian research that could very well be the Star of Bethlehem and it is in the position as a star suggested by the Chinese. Whitley asks Mark about the triple conjunction of Pisces which he mentions in the book.
  • After the bottom of the break, Michael Glickman, a crop circle investigator, joins Whitley to discuss the past crop circle season. Michael comments on Whitleys speculation that soon research on crop circles will be abandoned. Michael relates a few eye witness accounts of illuminati that resulted in crop circles.
  • 3rd hour.... Patricia Murray joins Whitley and Michael in this hour. Whitley talks about the effort being made by someone saying alot of crop circles are fake and asks Patricia about this and how it is easy to prove that they are authentic. Whitley asks Patricia what these crop circles are telling us. Patricia tells us about a man named Charlie who had meditated in the center of one of the crop circles and saw one of the illuminated lights resting on the ground. Charlie said this was an answer to his meditation. Phone calls are taken this hour with a caller asking if a computer programmer, for example, can send a templar to an orbiting satellite and then the satellite send a beam down and make these formations. Whitley asks his guests just what are the different ways these circles can be made.

12/18/99 Sat/Sun

  • Hilly is broadcasting from New York tonight and says he peeked into Rush Limbaughs studio and he has a 4 foot alien in there.
  • Hilly reads an article that has Clintons top Y2K aide asking hackers to use self-restraint til y2k is over.
  • Guest.... Archangel, a computer hacker, joins Hilly this hour. Archangel says a hacker, to him, is someone who comes up with original information and uses it for good. He says so many companies have programmers working on the rollover bug that they leave themselves vulnerable to these people leaving a backdoor on their system. Archangel says there is a bug in Windows that allows anyone on the internet to look into your computer. Archangel says there is a group out there planning to hack Amtraks computer. Archangel says he contacted the FBI about amtrak and now they will pause their trains at the time of the rollover. Later in the hour, archangel gives some tips on protecting your personal computer. He gives a list of web pages that are going to be hacked at midnight on New Years Eve, and companies whose computers are going to be hacked at that time. Phone calls are taken, with hackers calling in too.
  • 2nd hour.... Barbara Marciniak, an author, joins Hilly tonight to discuss her books about the Pleiadians. Hilly asks Barbara how she met the Pleiadians and who are they. Barbara tells a story about an encounter she had years ago with little beings. Barbara says the Pleiadians are here to help us. Hilly asks Barbara about all the bad stuff that is happening and how are they helping us.
  • 3rd hour.... Phone calls are taken this hour and Barbara tells us that she loves the Pleiadians and that they are fun. A caller asks Barbara about reptile people and if these could be the Pleiadians. Hilly asks Barbara about her life, how she has given up sex, doesn't watch Tv or listen to the radio etc. and says this is probably why the Pleiadians chose her. The Pleiadians told Barbara that WWII was a mass sacrifice that people participated in. Hilly asks Barbara about the years 1987 and the year 2012 and what the Pleiadians say will occur.
  • 4th hour.... Barbara talks about old cultures, the Mayans, Egyptian and Sumerian. A caller discusses with Barbara the solar plexis area and how it is like a second brain and his experiences and asks her for her opinions on David Ickes writings. The Pleiadians have told Barbara that we are energy, therefore we never die. A caller tells a story of watching a leader of an organization he belonged to change shapes and wonders if the reptilians are more of a fourth dimension over shadowment than a physical being. Barbara says the Pleiadians have told her that humans will become mutli-dimensional.
  • 5th hour.... Hilly tells us a programmer in New Jersey has pleaded guilty to creating the melissa virus and has been sentenced to 5 years. Hilly tells us there are 2 dozen viruses set to go off on Jan 1, but there are some set for Jan 2 and 3. Hilly goes over some of the names of the viruses so you won't open them. He reads an email about the lump of coal virus that will erase your window application and do not check out a web page made by the sandman if asked. He reads several other email address you should ignore because viruses will be attached. Open lines finishes out the last hour.

12/17/99 Fri/Sat

  • 1st hour.... Rollye James is the host tonight, and she begins by telling us where she thinks is the best place to listen to Coast to Coast AM. Rollye talks about some of her favorite Art Bell programs. Open lines will be all night. A caller talks about the power of collective minds concentrating on a common goal and the flight 990 air crash. The ozone layer is discussed later in the hour and Rollye says we hear so much about that because we have Al Gore.
  • 2nd hour.... Rollye begins this hour by telling us a story about how she had to get back her frequent flyer miles by doing some traveling and she relates some of her experiences, like visiting the Liberace museum. Open lines continue with a caller discussing weather changes and Christmas carols and then going into the topic of the greys and Whitley Strieber. Later in the hour, Rollye talks about the passing of recording artist Bobby Marshan (sic) and she gives a R&B soliloquy.
  • 3rd hour.... Rollye talks about an article from earlier in the year about communicating with the dead and how the methods are out dated. She tells us a story about a radio station she used to work at that she eventually had condemned and some strange voices she would hear on tapes. Open lines continues.
  • 4th hour.... This hour begins with a call continuing from the last hour where Rollye is discussing with Bruce a communication he received from an alien and the response he came up with. Later in the hour a caller reports on a past sighting of an aircraft with a swastika on it seen over New Mexico. Another caller asks Rollye about a newscast he saw about a Russian official stating there are still atomic weapons in Russia.
  • 5th hour.... Rollye begins this hour discussing the many published predictions for the past year and reads a few that have miserably failed. She also reads a few from many years ago that never happened. A caller talks with Rollye about a thought transmission he experienced while listening to an old Art Bell Dreamland program, and Rollye discusses Rod Serling with a caller.

12/16/99 Thu/Fri

  • Story.... Art tells a touching story about a child who had parents that were atheist and died tragically.
  • Floods.... Floods are wrecking havoc in Venezuela. This news takes Art into his new book discussion and reads an email from a listener who has read it which contains a glowing review.
  • Liars.... Art reads a report on teenage liars sent to him by his source in LA.
  • Y2K.... A reporter told Art that there has been a significant failure of a computer system in an agency that Art can't tell us about yet.
  • Open lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Dannion Brinkley and Robert Ghostwolf join Art this hour to discuss some remarkable discoveries in the central U.S. Dannion begins by telling us how he got into this. Dannion tells us he felt one of Robert's artifacts move through him. Robert explains what he has found from his recent dig. Robert says as he was finding these items he saw prophecies coming apparent. He has been sending the items out for interpretations. Art cannot believe there have been Egyptian artifacts found on American soil from the Cleopatra era.
  • 3rd hour.... The beginning of the hour starts with Dannion and Robert getting their 'plugs' in. Art reads a fax from a listener asking if the remains Robert has found could be from a culture from Atlantis. Dannion doesn't think so, but Robert says intuitively, they are. The group speculates what the heiroglyphics found on the items may mean. Art asks Dannion how these could possibly have come out of American soil.
  • 4th hour.... Art asks Robert if these artifacts could be evidence of time travel. Robert says it could be a probability due to some of the artifacts he has that he has not made public. Phone calls are taken this hour. A listener asks if they are aware of the fact that the time line they are discussing is the same time line as the Book of Mormon. A caller asks if they think they might find a physical being at this dig and it seems like a time capsule was buried.
  • 5th hour.... Phone calls continue this hour. A caller asks Robert when this find will be news, and appear on CNN etc. Robert speculates it will happen in the next few months. A caller asks Robert about the possible existence of white Indians long ago. Robert says there were 2 periods where there was mass genocides happening. A caller asks Robert to speculate at what else might be down there in his digging site, whether there might be some sort of machinery. Robert thinks there might be an extra-terrestrial connection. Robert says we might have to rethink our whole perception of God.

12/15/99 Wed/Thu

  • Welcome.... Art welcomes station KUGR in Green River, Wyoming and WGHQ in Kingston, New York.
  • Mel's Hole.... Art was expecting to hear from Mel for tonights program but he hasn't called by air time.
  • Winds.... Art talks about the high winds that swept thru Pahrump and the damage it did to some of his wind generators and antennaes.
  • Agreement.... The U.S. and China have agreed on compensation for our bombing the Chinese Embassy.
  • Airlines.... The airlines are revamping their customer service practices. Art reiterates his story about a flight he was on that served only turkey for the meal. Art speculates about a passengers bill of rights.
  • 2000.... Microsoft has announced the release of Windows 2000
  • Faxes.... Art reads a few faxes from listeners with their opinion of the coming global storm.
  • Open lines.... Open lines tonight with calls about the melting ice in Alaska finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Topics this hour include the changing weather, new age wisdom and Art's definition of such and the greys with a caller relating an encounter after the bottom of the hour. Solar flares and ozone holes are also discussed near the end of the hour.
  • 3rd hour.... Art reads a fax from a listener in response to Arts earlier query about the fate of bookstores. Art ponders if bookstores are going the way of the drive-in movies due to Art discusses the stopping of the solar winds back on May 11th and wonders why this story just broke in December. Art reads another warming warning article about insects spreading disease and other consequences. The 10 warmest years ever recorded have happened since 1980. Art explains to a caller why he does not do shows on the JFK assassination anymore. Open lines continue.
  • 4th hour.... A caller talks about ZZ Top with Art and suggests that Art have them as guests. Art plays the recording of the introduction of ZZTop done by Ross Mitchell. Art asks a police officer from Colorado who calls in if there is a directive in his sector for all officers to work on New Years Eve. A caller tells Art her checkbook is Y2K prepared cause the date line no longer begins with 19. Art tells us he has heard that you can write a check on anything and has to be honored. Art tells a story about when he asked Bob Crane for a pink radio. Open Lines continue.
  • 5th hour.... Art talks with a caller about Richard Hoagland and his theory of a cabal at NASA and the Mars Global Surveyor. Art says he has heard a rumor that the President is going to address the nation ten minutes before midnight on New Years Eve. Open lines continues.

12/14/99 Tue/Wed

  • 1st hour.... Perusing the news.... Hong Kong has outlawed flag burning. Pregnancies are down in the U.S., Art does not know if that means that birth control is up or that sex is down. Experts told a Senate panel that the west nile virus will be back.
  • Guest.... Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe join Art this hour to discuss the new book written by Art and Whitley called The Coming Global Super Storm. Art says the tables will be turned tonight as he is the interviewee. Whitley tells Art why he missed Dreamland last week, his plane out of Mexico was delayed 8 hours. Linda tells Art about the museum in Roswell and the expansion plans for it. Linda talks about a model made by the Franklin Mint depicting one of the objects that crashed in New Mexico back in 47. Linda talks about the recent storm that swept across Northern Europe. After the bottom of the hour break, Linda and Art discuss the Arctic ice melting and global warming with some computer projections on what the climate will be like 50 years in the future. Projections say Philadelphia will be a steamy city like Bangkok and the coastline will be under water. Linda asks Whitley about the cold water entering the Atlantic from the melting ice in the Arctic and what the consequences will be.
  • 2nd hour.... Art has a satellite photo of the Larsen B ice shelf. Art reads a story right of the wire about a cyclone in Austraila, the most powerful recorded. Art and his guests continue to discuss the atlantic currents and global warming. After the bottom of the hour break, Art reads a release from NASA about the solar winds.
  • Michael Lindemann, from CNI, joins the group. Michael happened to be in Europe during the recent storm mentioned in the first hour. Michael has read Art and Whitleys book. The group talks about the ice age and how we recovered from that. Michael asks what human action is the actual cause of global warming, is it the burning of fossil fuels.
  • 3rd hour.... Michael talks about co2 saturation and the part it plays in the global warming equation. Art talks about the winds that ripped through Pahrump last week and the havoc it played on his radio equipment. Whitley says that what was written in their book was predicted to happen within the next 50 years, but now with the recent weather changes they may have to rethink that. After the break, Art asks Michael what he thinks will happen with Y2K. Michael thinks there will be some disruption and that the government has been lying to us to keep panic down. Michael says most people will not be drastically affected, but there will be instances and he feels these will happen all year long. Art asks Whitley and Michael to comment on the fact that the government will not make changes to stop global warming because it would be catastrophic economically.
  • 4th hour.... A listener is curious as to what the ice melting and the changes in the Atlantic are doing to marine life. The topic changes to crop circles and the changes in the cellular structure of the crop that has been discovered through laboratory tests. After the break, Whitley says their book, if anything, is a warning to us, even if we cant do anything about it. Art talks about Dateline wanting to interview him about his personal life until the recent weather events started to mirror whats in their book and now they want to interview him about the book. Whitley tells a story about an encounter he experience when finishing his author tour in Toronto in June of 1998.
  • 5th hour.... Art mentions that he has been in contact with Mel of Mels Hole and he may be on the program soon. Art continues with Whitley and takes phone calls this hour. A caller asks about volcanic and seismic activity. Whitley says their book is not about polar shifts or earthquakes. Another caller talks about research she has read says the recent weather changes can not be caused by natural causes. Later in the hour a caller talks about a discovery channel show that presented people who made crop circles over night. Whitley reiterates the fact that cellular structure has been detected in crop circles. A caller asks about the book signing tour and asks if there are any maps in the book. Whitley says there are no maps needed, that this storm will affect the center of the United States and their book turned out to be something real because the changes it predicts are ending up in the news.

12/12/99 Sun/Mon

  • 1st hour.... Philip Clarke has Jim Marrs on this evening to discuss his book, "Alien Agenda". Jim tells Philip his book is the one you give to your skeptical uncle. Jim and Philip begin by discussing the missing Mars probe and what is happening to all these things we send to Mars and are disappearing. Philip talks about the face on Mars. Jim talks about a trip he took in the 80's to Tibet where he picked up alot of his information. Later in the hour, Jim talks about the 1897 crash in Texas of an aircraft where the pilot was said to be 'not of this Earth'. Philip asks Jim about the Roswell incident and the information officer who recanted his original story.
  • 2nd hour.... Jim talks about the possibility of past civilizations that could have been destroyed by atomic bombs and vaporization. Philip and Jim discuss the recent archeological evidence backing up the Bible and the existence of King David. The discoveries of libraries in Egypt are discussed. Later in the hour calls are taken for Jim.
  • 3rd hour.... Philip talks about what reactions would be if the government announced that there is alien life present but they have been keeping it secret. Calls continue for Jim, with a caller asking Jim if the battle of armageddon will be fought with aliens. Later in the hour, Jim and Philip discuss the Council on Foreign Relations. A caller asks Jim about a farewell speech made by Eisenhower were he warned the American public about the military industrial complex. Jim talks about the hybrids.
  • 4th hour.... Questions continue from callers for Jim. A caller tells Jim about Dr. Jonathan Reed and his alien discovery. Another caller discussing Dr. Reed's discovery is a bit of a skeptic. Jim talks about a intergalactic federation and what it could mean. Philip says maybe it is the aliens that make people go out and shoot coworkers etc. Later in the hour, Jim talks a little about the free masons and the Knights Templar. He says the name of this country actually came from the Knights Templar.
  • 5th hour.... Jim talks about the missing link remaining missing because there is none. A caller asks Jim if he has any falling out with his colleagues regarding the JFK assassination because of his alien interests. A caller asks Jim about Ed Dames and his predictions and Jim says we have to be careful with alot of people out there because their influences could be dangerous. Jim discusses implants with a caller after the bottom of the hour break and other topics include the affects of a New World Order.

12/11/99 Sat/Sat

  • 1st hour.... Professor Allen Tough joins Hilly this hour to discuss what we should say to the E.T.s when we find them. Hilly reads a few sentences form an example invitation Prof. Tough has written to the E.T.s. and posted on the internet. Hilly asks Prof. Tough if he thinks the E.T.s are reading the internet and asks him if he has found any scientific evidence of extra-terrestrial life so far. The invitation says we will treat them with respect and courtesy, so Hilly asks Prof. Tough, 'what if they don't do the same?'. Hilly and Prof. Tough discuss what might happen if the E.T.s contact someone like Saddam Hussein instead of a welcoming group like his.
  • 2nd hour.... Richard Stevens joins Hilly this hour to discuss what to do when 911 can't or won't respond since Govt. says 50% of 911 centers are not Y2K compliant. They begin by discussing the fact that the police and EMTs are not obligated to respond to 911 calls anyway. They talk about calling 911 from a cell phone and how your location cannot be tracked. Richard says Americans have been trained to just dial 911 every time they have a problem and have quit exploring other options. If you do not get a response, you can not hold them responsible legally. Later in the hour, they discuss a 911 account described in Richard's book, "Dial 911 and Die".
  • 3rd hour.... Hilly asks Richard how much difference there is in the laws concerning 911 from state to state. They discuss how the police are not obligated to enforce restraining orders you can obtain. The law says the police can use their discretion in deploying forces. A disaster team consultant calls in with questions for Richard. Hilly tells Richard about the time he was interviewing a guest over the phone for a live program and she suddenly dropped off and how he dialed 911 to find out what happened to her and the lack of response he got. A caller who is an RN disagrees with Richard's prior statements about the paramedics not helping people in every case. Richard explains that once a rescue has begun, they do have a legal duty to continue.
  • 4th hour.... Richard talks about a law that will be make it possible to dial 911 from a cell phone instead of a different number which is the case in some areas, however, they still won't know your location. A caller asks Richard what our rights, in connection with this subject, are in the case of Martial Law. After the bottom of the hour, Hilly presents his final Y2K report. Open lines finishes out this hour with a caller asking Hilly about the status of nuclear power plant compliancy.
  • 5th hour.... Hilly reads a few emails about contrail sightings by listeners. Open lines continues this hour with a caller giving some suggestions for Y2K difficulties, like getting a hard copy of your prescriptions in case the computers are down and you don't remember what you take. The gun laws in the U.S. and Canada are discussed. More thoughts on Y2K and the 911 services later in the hour.

12/09/99 Thu/Fri

  • Sliwa.... Just before air time Art gets another threat from Curtis Sliwa after he heard Art is coming to New York for a book signing.
  • Chopper.... A Navy chopper went down into the Pacific with 11 people on board. Art says when anything crashes the NTSB is what investigates and Art says they are now being investigated.
  • Lead.... Art talks about the narrow lead Sen John McCain now has over George W. Bush in New Hamsphire. Art reiterates his feelings about Bush.
  • Yeltsin.... Yeltsin is blasting Clinton for blasting Yeltsin.
  • Crash.... Something crashed in Austraila into a town's reservoir. Speculation is that it is a meteorite.
  • Y2K.... Art saw a blurb on CNN about a bank limiting withdrawals to $3000.00. He had CNN send him the story which he reads to us.
  • Open Lines... A few calls are taken before the end of the hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Art begins by reading a letter that was the percurser to tonight's program. Art has posted pictures which will be discussed tonight. Dr. Jonathan Reed, his friend Robert Raith, Dr. Reed's landlord and a gentlemen who is a member of MUFON all join Art tonight to revisit Dr. Reed's claim of finding an alien. A microbiologist, Dr. Chacon, also will be interviewed because he analyzed tissue and blood samples from the alien. Dr. Chacon begins with giving us his qualifications and tells us how he contacted Dr. Reed after hearing their story on the original air date. Art asks Dr. Chacon about the results of his analyses.
  • 3rd hour.... Dr. Reed recaps part of his story of when his house was ransacked and then Larry Arthur, his landlord joins Art and Art asks him about the alleged search. Larry attests to the house being searched in his opinion. The story is actually being worked backwords so the guests can get on the air. Before the bottom of the hour break, Sean, a member of MUFON recounts his involvement with Dr. Reed and his claims. Toward the end of the hour Dr. Reed goes back to the beginning to tell his story.
  • 4th hour.... Dr. Reed continues to retell his tale this hour. Later in the hour they discuss the artifact he found about 3 feet from the aliens' body. He talks about the results of the analyses he had done on it at an university in Japan. It was found to be made out of a very unusual material. The heiroglyphics present on the item have never been catalogued and no one can come up with a meaning to them yet. Toward the end of the hour, Dr. Reed plays an audio recording of the sounds coming from the freezer he stored the alien in. Art asks Dr. Reed to tell us about his being shot.
  • 5th hour.... Dr Reed continues with the story of his shooting. Robert and Dr. Reed defend the validity of their story and asks if this is not true why are so many misfortunes happening to them. Phone calls are taken this hour. A caller elates his own encounter and mentions similarities to Dr. Reed's alien. A caller ask Dr. Reed about Ed Dames' disbelief in their claims. They said Dames made a mistake.

12/08/99 Wed/Thu

  • Art tells us a story about him cleaning his fax machine today and ending up full of toner, literally.
  • Diplomat.... Art reads an article about the United States having ordered a Russian diplomat out of the country.
  • King.... Art reads an article about the assassination of Martin Luther King.
  • McCain.... Arizona's John McCain has gained a slight lead over Bush. Art says he doesn't like Bush probably because he reminds him too much of his Dad, a New World Order kind of guy.
  • Dames.... Art talks about Ed Dames' two recent hits involving Flight 990 and the Mars polar lander.
  • Y2K.... Art reiterates his thoughts about Y2K and the fact that he doesn't think there will be any major, major disasters.
  • NASA.... Art talks about NASA not launching the shuttle during the Y2K window.
  • Open Lines.... Open Lines finishes out the first hour. A caller relates a UFO sighting. A caller asks Art about Hilly's statement last week about Clinton ready to declare a national emergency due to Y2K.
  • 2nd hour.... Ed Dames, remote viewer, joins Art this hour and they discuss his hit with Flight 990 and Art asks if he has anymore information. Ed Dames talks about his companies' involvement in trying to find the murder weapon of Nicole Brown Smith. Art asks Ed about the presidential election and whether he has remote viewed it. Later in the hour, Art asks Ed if he could remote view the superbowl. Ed says there have been remote viewers who have made money on horse races. Ed talks about how you can remote things but will not glean anything from it if you cannot understand what your going to see. Ed talks about the mars polar lander and what he thinks happened to it.
  • 3rd hour.... Art asks Ed if he can view his own potential. Art asks Ed about a predicted terrorist act and Ed tells us he stumbled upon this last week. He says it involves an Islamic militant terrorist group, using automatic weapons and grenades in a certain North American city which Ed will not divulge. He does say he has notified the proper authorities. He says the scale will be less than the Oaklahoma City Bombing, more of a symbolic event. Later in the hour Art reads paragraphs from the New York Times article about the melting arctic ice and asks Ed if remote viewing has a place in telling us what is going to happen. Ed talks about the coming geophysical events. Ed says Y2K will be eclipsed by the activity of the sun.
  • 4th hour.... Art reads some faxed questions to Ed. A faxer asks Ed to comment on the chemtrails over Bosie. Ed says he cannot comment on what some of them are because they are part of a defense program to protect the country and he would go to jail if he told. Later in the hour, Art asks Ed if he has looked at the school shootings in the recent past. Phone calls are taken for Ed and a caller asks if he has ever tried to remote view the golden plates the Book of Mormon was translated from. Ed talks about the type of person that is best equipped for remote viewing.
  • 5th hour.... Art reads a message by a listener telling Ed not to find the Ark of the Covenant because the anti-christ will use it. Phone calls continue. A caller asks Ed if the nature of humanity will change if things get bad. A faxer asks Ed if we will find evidence of a lost civilization under the melting Arctic ice. Later in the hour, Ed talks about 'bunker busters' and that they are tested in Austraila. Art reads a faxed question to Ed; what has he 'seen' on Mars. He sees structures on Mars built by an advanced technology with moving parts that fulfill some type of function that he doesn't understand. A caller asks Ed if natural psychic ability predisposes someone to be a successful remote viewer. A caller asks Ed about the JFK assassination and Ed says there was a remote control device in the glove box that shot Kennedy from inside the car. He said the head shot was real and fired from outside the car.

12/07/99 Tue/Wed

  • Welcome.... Art welcomes affiliate KXNT in Las Vegas.
  • Alabama.... Art is getting alot of reports of something streaking across the sky in Alabama.
  • Mars.... Art talks about the news and the Mars polar lander and again dead silence coming from Mars.
  • Cuban boy.... Art discusses the cuban boy in the news, whose mother died getting him here to America. There is a big fight going on whether he should go back to Cuba. Art says he should be able to stay here, he has family here.
  • Cheating.... Teachers in New York helped students cheat on their Standard tests by providing questions in advance. Art says this is horrendous. He tells a story of how he tried to cheat one time when he was in school by writing little notes on a shirt cuff. He said he was so nervous he couldn't read the answers anyway.
  • Weather.... Art talks about the weather and his new book coming out that he coauthored with Whitley and a report about 7 people dying last week in Denmark by gale storm winds blowing over 100 miles an hour.
  • Whitley.... Art reads a note from Whitley telling Art that the New Scientist has printed a story saying the climate changes occurring have to be related to the ocean currents. After the bottom of the hour break, Art reads a few paragraphs from the article titled Freezing Future. See in the news sections for the story.
  • Open lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Richard Hoagland joins Art to discuss the recent failure of the Mars Polar Lander. Richard does say that we have at least had more success than the Russians. Art says he is surprised CNN didn't call upon Richard for some insight on this mission. Richard says the correspondent for Irish television that was observing the mission asked the best question when he asked NASA if they are going to send everyone home cause they haven't heard anything in the last hour. Richard says the 'FIX IS IN". Later in the hour, Richard says there is new evidence about a rogue group whose objective is to close down NASA. Art asks Richard about the arctic ice melting etc. saying there may be dark days ahead for us. Richard talks about some internal thing going on in NASA where the right hand doesn't now what the left hand is doing.
  • 3rd hour.... Richard talks about the time when NASA found the "rock" and how limited the discussion was on what it meant to discover microscopic life on Mars. Richard talks about his appearance on Good Morning America along with Dr. French years ago. Art and Richard talk Richard's appearance on Good Morning America with Dr. French, also about Stan McDaniels and his thoughts that NASA wasn't playing fair back with the Mars Observer in 1993. Richard and Art discuss Carl Sagan and when he started to modify his public statements about Cydonia.
  • 4th hour.... Art and Richard talk about the anniversary of December 7th, Pearl Harbor and the signifigance of it with the beginning of space programs. Richard talks about the very aggressive Mars probe sent by the Japanese a while ago and it's failures and it is lost in space and will not get to Mars for another 3 years. Richard discusses Mary Anne Weaver and a paper she wrote in support of Enterprise Mission research mathematically. Later in the hour, Art reads an article about China entering the space exploration realm and then Richard reads a fax from a Canadian reporter who supports Richard's analysis.
  • 5th hour.... Richard talks about when NASA was born in the late 50's. Richard says if someone is going after NASA, go for the money and lose spacecraft. Phone calls are taken this hour for Richard. A caller asks Richard if this is the 33rd attempt to get to Mars. Richard talks about a coincidence involving the polar lander landing date, Dec. 3, being 33 days after the flight 990 disaster, a plane carrying a NASA official. Richard says Flight 990 was deliberatelty killed.

12/05/99 Sun/Mon

  • 1st hour.... Rollye James guest hosts tonight. It is an open lines show and Rollye asks to keep the subjects to things that go bump in the night and dont bring up Clinton unless you saw him in a crop circle. Rollye has just returned from the Roswell museum so this is a popular topic this hour. Later in the hour Rollye talks about an ad see saw for a furniture store having a Y2K couch sale. A caller discusses tips for Y2K preparedness with Rollye.
  • 2nd hour.... Rollye gives us an update on the group The Flirtations. A caller talks about a noise he heard in his backyard, thinking a piece of a meteor fell. Another caller talks about the Mars probe and how there are always problems when we go to Mars.
  • 3rd hour.... Rollye talks about her impressions of Pahrump. A caller and Rollye discuss Mars and Cydonia. Another caller tells us that the first UFO sighting recorded was in Washington, and wonders if Mel's Hole has anything to do with it. Later in the hour, a caller tells us of her experience visiting Pahrump and her search for Art's house.
  • 4th hour.... A caller discusses how to live with pain. Another caller wants to discuss the Mars polar landing some more. Rollye discusses gun control with a caller. A caller tells Rollye to read Genesis 6 if she wants to know where the E.T.'s are.
  • 5th hour.... A caller from Canada discusses the contrails over Ontario with Rollye. A caller talks about the solar maximum approaching in 2000. Rollye talks with a caller from Alaska, where she recently traveled.

12/05/99 Sunday Dreamland

  • 1st hour.... Linda Howe begins with an environmental update on the conditions in New Hampshire. Then she reports on the discovery of new planets, 29 so far. She discusses a new group of planet hunters. She plays an interview with Dr. Voight about the new planets.
  • Roger Leir joins Whitley after the break with a report from Brazil. He also interviews pilots who have seen UFOs and talks about his own plane crash into a secret government air base.
  • 2nd hour.... Dr. Leir continues in the first half of this hour. Then Warren Bone joins Whitley to offer a dose of Y2K reality after Whitley reads the poem "The night before Y2K" sent in by a listener. Warren gives a little of his background which qualifies him as a Y2K expert.
  • 3rd hour.... Warren discusses the smaller businesses that are not ready for 2000. He tells us that the Navy discovered 120 cities that are at risk for y2k problems. Whitley asks Warren about old computers and what may happen when 2000 rolls around and Warren says many will revert back to a date like 1980. Later in the hour phone calls are taken for Warren. A caller asks Warren about possible social problems and Warren feels everyone will pull together if there are y2k problems because that is our nature. Whitley reads an article from Business Week titled "Whose Afraid of Y2K" and asks Warren to elaborate.

12/04/99 Sat/Sun

  • Y2K... Hilly's Y2K file folder is growing very thick. Hilly begins with a few reports.
    • The leader of the ATM network, says debit cardholders should not worry about a cash shortage, but then said having a few bucks on hand before Dec 31, 1999.
    • Three high school bands are refusing to fly to the Fiesta Bowl during the Y2K period.
    • The Mormons have been told to stay on the ground this new year's eve. Hilly reads a report on the Y2K concerns of Chicago's Mayor Daly.
    • A story out of Denver says communication systems will be watched from an under ground bunker, but don't worry, nothing is expected to happen.
    • Clinton has already made plans to declare a National Emergency due to y2k problems.
  • Mars.... Hilly talks about the Mars planet orbitor that was lost and the fact that we another chance tomorrow.
  • Planets.... Hilly talks about the 6 newly discovered planets.
  • Chemtrails.... Hilly talks about the many contrails over downtown LA today. He reads a report saying they must be using a new nozzle.
  • Open lines finishes out the first hour. Hilly talks with a guy in Florida claiming he has aliens in his back yard. Another caller gives us his outlook on Y2K.
  • 2nd hour.... Guest Francis Ridge joins Hilly this hour. He is the director of Lunascan Project, an organization concerned with transcend lunar phenomenom and fastwalkers. Hilly asks Francis what the difference is between lunar trascend phenomenom and fastwalkers. Hilly asks Francis his take on the current Mars probe landing. Later in the hour Hilly and Francis discuss the possibility of intelligence on the moon other than ours. Hilly asks Francis why we can't see structures on the moon but we can on Mars.
  • 3rd hour.... Hilly has Francis explain what a fastwalker is. It is something that passing in the field of the view of the moon through a telescope quickly across the surface of the moon. Francis says there has always been disagreement on what to call certain features of the moon. Hilly asks Francis if they are looking for people to photograph the moon for his project and can anyone join his organization. Later in the hour Hilly and Francis discuss NASA's lack of interest in the moon and Hilly asks Francis if he thinks there is life on the moon. Phone calls are taken for Francis. A caller asks Francis where the term fastwalker comes from and he tells us it comes from NORAD.
  • 4th hour.... Hilly reads some faxes with questions for Francis with one listener asking if there is a base station on the moon which is occupied. Francis turns the tables and asks Hilly what he thinks about a general writing a letter to the Commanding General of the Army Air Force saying the reported phenomenom is real, back 1947. Hilly reminds us of Col. Corso who tried to tell us some things before he died. Later in the hour Hilly asks Francis about his book which contains all his research. Francis tells us about some of the cases of close encounters he has investigated.
  • 5th hour.... Francis says he would never have gotten into this realm if he had only civilian cases to research, referring to the many sightings by military pilots. Phone calls continue for Francis. A caller commends Francis' work and tenacity because she has had many close encounters. The caller discusses God with Francis and how she does not feel we are the only life he has created. Another caller agrees that there must be other life out there and Francis says his personal opinion as a Christian is that there is more out there. Hilly and Francis discuss MUFON. Later in the hour, a caller relates some day time sightings of his in Michigan. Hilly and Francis discuss electromagnetic fields. A caller asks about SETI and Francis says it is interesting that SETI is looking for life out there, and there is life here already.

12/02/99 Thu/Fri

  • Howe.... Linda Moulton Howe joins Art this hour to report on the probes landing on Mars Friday. The focus is on the microbe world. Linda talks about a Scientist from the Johnson Space Center in Houston who studies microscopic particles from meteorites. Linda plays an interview with this scientist. Linda inquires of her how Mars could have had a strong magnetic field and then have lost it. Another scientist tries to answer this question as Linda plays another interview. Also discussed is how Mars could have had water at one time and lost that too. This gentleman says if life exists on Mars it will be below the surface. After the bottom of the hour break, Art and Linda discuss the discovery of new planets. Linda plays an interview with Dr. Steve Voight where she asks him why only large gaseous planets are being discovered. On another subject, Linda and Art also discuss the melting of the Arctic ice and the greenhouse effect.
  • 2nd hour.... Actor Steven Seagal joins Art this hour. We learn that there is alot more to this man than an action hero movie star. Art and Steven discuss his environmental issues and his switch to environmental type movies. Art asks him if his past violent shoot 'em up movies causes an inner struggle with his spiritualism. Art and Steven talk about the recent spiritual movies, like the 'Sixth Sense' and 'What Dreams May Come'. Art asks Steven about his belief in an after life and Steven tells Art he believes in reincarnation and that we learn lessons every time we come back. They also discuss their mutual friend, Dannion Brinkley and his near death experience. Steven said he was dead once and did not have any 'white light' type experience. Steven feels if you feel real remorse, there is no sin that cannot be forgiven.
  • 3rd hour.... Steven calls Hollywood, Cannibal House, because everyone is out to devour each other. Phone calls are taken for Steven and a caller asks him for his take on compassion. Another caller who is a buddhist asks Steven how he maintains a simplistic life when his life is geared toward success and in turn produces wealth. Steven tells us he has given his money away. Steven says money cannot buy enlightenment or happiness. Art tells us of Ted Turner's take on being so wealthy and asks Steven's opinion.
  • 4th hour.... Art clarifies an earlier statement he made, saying he doesn't feel the year 2000 will bring about any cosmic or spiritual revelations. Open lines commences. Art mentions that he feels Alan Keyes won the recent presidential debates, hands down. Art tells a blonde joke. Art and a caller discuss the fact that December 22, 1999 will be a three event nova kind of day. After the break, Art mentions the passing of Gene Rayburn at age 81 and discusses the latest swipe from Curtis Sliwa about Art's New Year's Eve program and his dislike of Art coming on the air early and preempting Sliwa's show. Later, Art discusses with a caller the fact that no one ever got in trouble at NASA for the lost probe.
  • 5th hour.... A caller asks Art about Steven Gibbs and his time machine so Art reads a letter from someone who tried it that he has been holding onto for just such an ocassion. Open lines continues with time travel being the main topic.

12/01/99 Wed/Thu

  • 1st hour.... Art explains why he was not on the air last night. Another syndicated radio talk show host contacted Art and warned him that he had received a letter which included a death threat to Art. Art relates the ordeal and his frustrations with authorities.
  • Sighting.... After the bottom of the hour break, Peter Davenport joins Art with other guests who had a UFO sighting in Missouri earlier this evening.
  • 2nd hour.... Peter Hadfield, a free lance journalist and geologists, joins Art this hour. He has written a book called, "60 seconds that will change the world" and is currently residing in Tokyo. Art and Peter discuss earthquakes, which is the main theme of his book. Art asks Peter about government assurances of safety where the nuclear plants in Tokyo in light of the recent nuclear disaster there.
  • 3rd hour.... Art reads some questions from faxes for Peter, on asking about Mt. Fuji and a possible major eruption. Art asks Peter what the talk there in Tokyo is about Y2K. He explains how they have a different dating system in Tokyo but did start tackling the problem early in '99. Peter says the trains plan on pulling into station on the eve of the new year, 'just in case' and the 3 major airlines will not be flying. Art asks Peter about the social changes happening in Japan these days.
  • 4th hour.... Art talks about the riots in Seattle today during the World Trade conference. Art says there is a big misimpression emanating from Seattle. The media keeps harping on the same piece of violent footage and didn't cover enough of the peaceful protests. Art reads a few opinions of the battle in Seattle from listeners.
  • Drudge.... The Drudge report says Hillary is demanding a divorce according to the tabloid The Enquirer. Art says he would not be shocked if this is true.
  • CNN.... Art reads a report about how scientists have mapped an entire human chromosone.
  • Ghost Story.... Art reads a letter from a police officer from a small town relating a NDE he experienced during a hernia operation.
  • Seattle.... A caller from Seattle fills Art in on the situation there, he was one of the peaceful protestors. Open lines finishes out the fourth hour and fifth hour with the situation in Seattle being the main topic with many callers from that area talking with Art.

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