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12/31/98 Thrusday / Friday

  • Art takes predictions for the new year and read off last years predictions.

12/30/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • 1st hour.... Art begins the program with a recap on the EQ Pegasi signal discovery and then is joined by Richard Hoagland and Paul Dore. Art asks Paul why he initially wanted to come on the program and then reneged and went on other programs. Quite a debate between Richard and Paul ensues. Richard later refers to these two hours as a 'sideshow'.
  • 3rd hour.... Art reads a response to Richard's weather radar images from a heavily credentialed individual whose identity Art will not reveal. It hints at a pending strategical strike involving two entities, and the U.S. is not one of them. It suggests that this person's life would be in danger if he continued to pursue this latest endeavor.
  • Stephens.... Robert A.M. Stephens, a NASA sub-contractor, joins Art and Richard in the third hour. Robert gives his opinion on the response Art read on the air to Richard's request for scientific testimony and backing of what he has been posting on his web site regarding the weather radar images. Hoagland and Stephens really go at each other and the discussion seems to get cut off near the end of the third hour.
  • 4th hour.... At the top of the fourth hour Art admits that the previous hour was totally confusing to him. Stephens calls Hoagland a serious, honest researcher in one breath and then a pathological liar in the next . First Stephens said he agreed with the theory of weather control and then says the evidence is an outright lie. Art tries to make some sense of this. Art says he has never heard such a mixed up collection of statements in his life. Richard continues on with Art, along with Michael Bara, in this hour. They discuss reversals from David Oates regarding the December 7th event.
  • Last hour.... Keith Rowland, Art's webmaster, joins Art in the last hour. Keith gets a chance to explain the David John Oates/Art Bell/Richard Hoagland mess and the personal attacks towards himself and Art. Then Richard Hoagland and Michael Bara return.

12/29/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest.... Evidence of some of the 'seven thunders' will be discussed with Robert Ghostwolf in the second hour. Art says this is one of those shows that if you don't want to know this stuff, turn off the radio.
  • Tomorrow.... Paul Dore and Richard Hoagland will be on tomorrow night to discuss the EQ Pegasi signal.
  • China.... China's economy grew by 7.8% this past year. Art says he predicted this, and still says, 'watch out for China'. Art feels they are going to be the leaders of the world, and we will either follow, join in or be left out.
  • Clinton.... Clinton may go on trial beginning the seventh of January. Art wonders when they are going to make 'the deal' because everybody knows two thirds of the Senate is not going to convict the Prez.
  • Iraq.... The US and Britian vowed to continue to patrol the Iraqi skies in the face of fresh threats from Sadaam. Art reads a story from ABC about a shortage of cruise missiles. Art wonders if anyone can tell him what we accomplished in Iraq what with Sadaam still threatening and disrespecting the no fly zone. Art says were kind of like Rodney Dangerfield, we get no respect.
  • Chaos.... Art reads an article from ABC that says if you are expecting massive chaos at 12:01 am in the year 2000, don't waste your time. Just 8% of system failures will occur at the roll over time. The remaining 92% will spread out over 1999, 2000 and 2001.
  • Boots.... An Oregon man, who lost his boots in deep mud while fleeing from police, was captured in an outhouse where he was frantically trying to make a pair of shoes out of toliet paper.
  • Drudge.... Art gets a message from a listener saying Matt Drudge has said on WABC that he will break the biggest story ever in two weeks, that will shake up the world. He is on record saying it has nothing to do with politics. Art wonders what Matt has and maybe he should make a call.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • Second Hour.... Art received a disturbing email saying a recent guest he had on "Speaking Wind" had died. Art called Speaking Wind and got an answering machine. Art wants to confirm this rumor right away with Robert Ghostwolf. On December 22, 1998, Speaking Wind died of a coronary. He was in his fifties. Art plans on having that show with Speaking Wind replayed as soon as possible.
  • Third hour.... AT the top of the third hour, Art talks to a caller who met his girlfriend at the library while trying to get to Art's web page. He proposes to her right on the air. See our Sound Clips Page.

12/28/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Iraq.... Iraq accused the US of aggressive and vicious behavior, saying four soldiers were killed and seven injured when we shot at their anti aircraft guns. Iraq said they shot down one of our planes, but all are accounted for.
  • Inmates.... All 6 inmates that escaped from a maximum prison in Tennessee have been recaptured.
  • Russia.... The Russian army has been cut to 1.2 million from 1.5 million, which Art says they still can't feed and pay.
  • Y2K.... Clinton says the Y2K problem is fixed in the Social Security Administration. Everyone due a check will get one. Art wonders, A. It's good, B. Where are you going to cash the check when you get it, C. Why make the big announcement in the first place, makes you think maybe there are going to be alot of non-compliances in other areas.
  • Hoax.... Art reads some opinions on the Fox show, "World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Finally Revealed," from listeners. Art says he was more convinced after HIS radio program than after watching the TV show, he agrees with the fax he reads. Art believed they did find the man in the tent footage, but that's all.
  • Open Lines.... For the balance of the first hour Art asks callers to give their opinions on the TV show.
  • Guests.... Dr. Jonathon Reed and Robert Raith will join Art tonight to take questions from the listeners. New photos are posted here. Art asks Dr. Reed if he is in fact a researcher, researching people's reaction to hoaxes. Both gentlemen give their opinions on the World's Greatest Hoaxes show. The guests recap their story, once again, before taking calls. At the top of the second hour, Art goes over the new photos with Dr. Reed. In the last hour a caller asks the guests if the 'UFO' people could be responsible for him being followed and his house being ransacked.

12/27/98 Sunday Dreamland


12/25/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Replay - Stan Deyo

12/24/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Cold.... Art begins by discussing the continued cold snap. Eight people died in a bus crash in New Jersey.
  • Balloon.... The balloonists are continuing along their way.
  • Octuplets.... Art says if you want to be concerned about someone, think of the new dad of eight babies. Art wishes them well, but the prospect of eight little rug rats doesn't appeal to Art.
  • London.... Britians have been warned to stock up on food rations because of the Y2K.
  • Clinton.... Clinton gave presidential pardons to 13 criminals. Art wonders if a President can pardon himself.
  • Burglar.... A man in Virginia took a break while burglarizing a home and consulted a physcic hotline and gave them his real name. Micheal Silver was eventually investigated and arrested. Art giggles his way through this story.
  • Anthrax.... 150 people were evacuated from a Mervyn's in Palm Desert because of anthrax threats. Art says this must be the flavor of the month, your nobody til you have had an anthrax threat.
  • Open Lines.... Open Lines finishes out the first hour. Art explains to the first caller how he does his predictions show with the listeners during the week between Xmas and New years.
  • Fax.... A politically correct faxer wishes Art a "relevant issue and an appropriate new era". P.S., Grow your own dope, plant a politician.
  • 2nd hour.... In the second hour, Dr. Joseph Cusimano, author of "Transforming Scrooge" will join Art. A paranormal type of scrooge is what will be discussed.

12/23/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Experiment.... Art tells us about a three month experiment involving the program and Intel. A new streaming video will be available shortly.
  • Cohen.... William Cohen brought treats to the US forces who fought in Iraq. What they really wanted was a pay increase.
  • Cold... Art discusses the cold snap the country is experiencing.
  • Fireball.... The videotape of a fireball captured by a man in Florida is making the rounds now after being on Hard Copy a while back.
  • Prostitution.... Art reads a report from his source at KNBC about a brothel in Nevada offering 99% discounts on their services to those in high public office.
  • Darwin.... Art relates another Darwin Award nominee coming from Bern, Switzerland. A man entered a bear pit to construct and throw snowballs at the bears. He lost much flesh and then was rescued by firefighters.
  • Xmas.... Art will be doing a live show on Christmas eve. The author of a book titled, "Transforming Scrooge" will be on with Art. This is a xmas paranormal story.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • Guest.... The executive producer of "World's Greatest Hoaxes", Robert Kiviat, who also brought us the original alien autopsy tape will be Art's guest tonight. Also discussed will be bigfoot, lochness and other myths.

12/22/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • War.... Secretary of Defense William Cohen has ordered a halt to any additional employment of emergency troops into the Gulf. Art says. "I guess the war is over".
  • Impeachment.... Art says it looks like there is some kind of motion for censure going on in the Senate.
  • Volcano.... There is a volcano in Iceland that is rather active. A listener sent Art a photo of this volcano erupting.
  • Clone.... Art discusses the cloning going on of a human embryo in South Korea. The donor gave her own unfertilized egg and a cell from another part of her. Art says this woman is in the process of reproducing herself, and she didn't need a man. Art says you just can't under estimate the impact this is going to have. Art asks is this going to be a human with a soul?
  • Cats.... Art has some funnies about cats he shares with the listening audience. You can read it on the Cat Page.
  • Guest.... Tim Cooper, the researcher who turned over the MJ12 documents to Dr. Wood is Art's guest tonight in the second hour. Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist and a MJ12 document expert, will also join Art. Art asks Stanton his opinion on CSICOP's statement that Stanton is not a scientist.

12/21/98 Monday /Tuesday

  • Impeachment.... The President has been impeached by the house, as Art expected. Art says as soon as he leaves for a few days all hell breaks loose. Referring of course to the attack on Iraq. Art wonders if we did the damage we said we did or the damage Sadaam says we didn't do. Did this settle anything, did we really set Sadaam back. Art chuckles at Clinton's message to congress, "I hope they have a merry christmas." Art says his jaw hit his chest when he saw the timing of this attack, but he really doesn't think this is a 'Wag the Dog' sorta thing. Art mentions that a full moon was on the way and we needed darkness for what we did.
  • Congress.... Art doesn't think Clinton will be impeachment in the Senate. Art feels they will make a deal to censure to avoid a trial or there will indeed be a trial but a deal will be made during that trial. A third scenario, remember our Senate, by a vote of half, can stop anything including the whole process.
  • Resignation.... Livingston, the House Speaker, resigns. Art says the Republicans and the Democrats have become indiscernible to him. Not by their campaigning or rhetoric but in their governing. Art has had it. He chooses to stand back from it all cause he can not affect and there are so many other things going on in life that are more interesting.
  • Carvelle.... James Carvelle on Meet the Press said, "We are going to organize, after the first of the year, and take this country back, take the constitution back, these people are going to pay for what they did".
  • Clone.... A clinic in South Korea claims to have cloned a human embryo. Art say if this is true, we are about to enter a different world, a world of human clones. We will have the ability to grow bodies, essentially without a brain, so you will have parts available. We could create slaves, satisfactory worker bees. Art asks if you have really thought about the implications of human cloning.
  • Y2K.... Documents from a long distance telephone company were anonymously sent to the Y2K news wire. Art paraphrases the documents, which he can not verify if their genuine, but feels they are. Basically they describe what happens to the phone network when testing the year 2000 in the software.
  • S. Africa.... Remember Art telling us about all the crime in South Africa? They are now mounting flame throwers to cars. There is a web site about it, but it is so appalling Art won't put a link up to it.
  • Bones.... Crocodile bones were discovered in the Arctic Circle. Art reflects on global warming.
  • Open Lines.... Art goes over upcoming programs before opening the phone lines for the remainder of the hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Ed Dames , somewhere in the Hawaiian Islands, joins Art for the remainder of the program. The first subject spoken about is Y2K. Dames says Y2K will be preempted by other events. Other topics are terrorist acts on our home soil, specifically at Shea stadium in July, discussed in the third hour. In the fourth hour, the phone lines are opened for calls for Major Dames. Dames announces he will remote view the devil and report back to us.

12/20/98 Sunday Dreamland

  • Howe.... Linda Howe Interview with Glen Pace
  • Guest... William Buhlman

12/18/98 Friday / Saturday


12/17/98 Thursday / Friday


12/16/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • REPLAY... Seth Shostak of SETI

12/15/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Announcement.... For the next three days Art is going to be gone. The reason relates to his recent hiatus and is something he has to attend to. He will be back on Monday with Major Ed Dames as his guest and Tuesday he will have the man who gave the MJ12 documents to Robert Wood, Tim Cooper, on as his guest.
  • News.... The top news item is "Clinton loses key GOP support". Art asks, He had some you mean? Art says his 'last minute confession of wrong doing' is very interesting, how many of these has he made?
  • Endeavor.... Endeavor is back on Earth.
  • Iraq.... Iraq is still messing with the arms inspectors, nothing new there.
  • Libya.... A court has ruled that Libya can be sued in the bombing of the downing of Pan AM Flight 103.
  • Guest.... Michio Kaku, one of our nation's greatest theoretical physicist will be Art's guest tonight beginning after the first break. Dr. Kaku says the year of 1998 has been a banner year for cosmology. At the top of the second hour Dr. Kaku and Art touch on the topic of out of body experiences and the fourth dimension. In the third hour Dr. Kaku discusses stem cells, the mother of all cells and the growing of human organs in the next 5 to 10 years. During the fourth hour Art asks Dr. Kaku some faxed questions from listeners and then opens the phone lines. There is no fifth hour due to Art having to leave on personal business.

12/14/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Hoagland.... Richard Hoagland joins Art at the beginning of the program with an update and overview of the Turret Peak event and the radar pictures. Art tells Richard that Paul Dore wants to be on the program with him and Art. Daryl Smith joins Art and Richard to discuss his adventure on Turret Peak the night of Dec. 7th.
  • Guest.... Peter Gersten, an attorney for ufologists, will be on with Art to discuss, among other things, what Richard Hoagland has been up to.
  • 3rd hour.... Richard Hoagland joins Peter and Art at the top of the third hour. Peter thinks Richard has a grasp of something going on and people should listen to Richard because we have nothing to lose if he is wrong and everything to gain if he is right.
  • 4th hour.... Art reads a few faxes to Peter and then opens the phone lines. The first question asked is what benefit would a staged space invasion be to a government who has denied knowledge of aliens for fifty years.

12/13/98 Sunday Dreamland

  • Linda Howe... discusses Y2K, Animal Mutilations and the Majestic 12 Documents. She is on for the entire first hour.
  • Guest... Dannion Brinkley appears on the program late, due to his bedside assitance given to one of his hospice patients, who passed on.

12/11/98 Friday / Saturday

  • UFO.... Peter Davenport, director of the UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington will be on. He tells Art there was a report of a UFO that went right over Art's head. Apparently while Art was taping his Sunday Dreamland show, a UFO went right over Art's house.
  • Impeachment.... The House approved three articles of impeachment against Clinton today, two of perjury and one of obstruction of justice. Voting was right down party lines. Art says anyone thinking these will go straight thru will be sadly mistaken as Art does not believe they will.
  • Statement.... In an emotional statement Friday, Clinton said he would accept censure. Presidential advisors felt the address did very little good.
  • Cold.... Art still has his cold and he reads a report from the LA Times saying a cure for the common cold has been found. Though it was not found in time for Art's cold.
  • UFO.... Peter Davenport comes on after the first break with info on a UFO seen in Reno at 3:01 Friday afternoon. Peter plays a small section of the called in report. After the next break Peter continues with Art and plays more reports of sightings, some concerning triangles seen over metropolitan areas. Art has Keith post the depiction of the UFO he saw some time ago, again under "latest news" so Peter can take a look at.
  • Guest.... Glen Kimball, a scholar who was on with Hilly Rose during Arts absence will be on discussing the life of Jesus. Art tells us he received a fax a while back demanding Art to answer questions about his religious beliefs. If someone pressed Art up against the wall and demanded to know if there was an afterlife, Art would have to say,"I don't know". If asked if Jesus was the son of God, he would have to say "I don't know. These are the topics that start off the interview with Glen.
  • 3rd Hour.... At the top of the third hour Art responds to a fax saying Art must have lost his touch because Art would have known how, in the past, to answer those questions about religion posed to him in the fax he read earlier. Art says he hasn't lost his touch, he just feels he is more willing to consider challenges he wasn't willing to accept in the past. In this hour Art and Glen begin a macro examination of what facts exist proving that Jesus was the son of God.
  • Last Hour.... In the last hour Art opens the lines for listeners to pose their question to Dr. Kimball.

12/10/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Guest.... Whitley Strieber will be on the program with Art tonight to discuss the MJ 12 documents beginning in the second hour.
  • Impeachment.... Art discusses the latest on the impeachment vote.
  • Arafat.... Arafat said he may not live to see the peace process through due to his declining health.
  • Professor.... A college professor was murdered at Wayne State University in Michigan. Police say this was not a random act.
  • MJ12.... A faxer writes Art to agree with Art about verifying the signatures on the MJ12 documents.
  • Cancer.... Art thanks all who sent him info on melanoma cancer and he did receive the specific info he was looking for.
  • Hoagland.... Art has Richard Hoagland on again with new info about Paul Dore and his final communique and his reference to weather.
  • Open lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 3rd hour.... Art digs out his old Art's Parts materials to discuss with Whitley.

12/09/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Virus.... Art isn't feeling well tonight, but Speaking Wind, a Native American guest will be joining Art in the next hour.
  • Impeachment.... Art speaks about the four articles of impeachment against president Clinton, all extending from the Lewinsky affair.
  • Nichols.... There will not be a new trial for Terry Nichols.
  • Switzerland.... Art says, check it out, Switzerland has elected a woman President. Art wonders when we are going to do that.
  • Quasar.... The Apache Point Observatory has discovered astronomies most distant quasar, they have found three of the four most distant quasars since it began its sky search in May.
  • Combustion.... The French police are investigating their first suspected case of spontaneous combustion. An elderly woman was reduced to a small pile of ashes while sitting at home in an arm chair. The only recognizable remains was an ankle still in its slipper. Art reads the report from the Electronic Telegraph.
  • Bird.... A bird that usually is in the Antarctica waters has been staying in Florida. Art reads this report which he classifies under Quickening News.
  • Cancer.... Someone close to Art has contracted melanoma cancer. Art has heard that there is a new experimental treatment where scientists take a sample of the cancerous cells and do a DNA modification to them and inject this new mixture back into the melanoma tumor. Art is putting out a call to anyone who has any info on this treatment and asks them to email or fax him.
  • Imposter.... Art again reiterates his anger towards the imposter who sent racist e-mails across the internet using Arts name and he is now receiving very serious threats. Art is taking steps to find out who this person is and will take drastic steps.
  • Skeleton.... Researchers in Johannasberg, South Africa have found the oldest skeleton of a human ancestor, a four foot tall ape man. This find may shed light on the debate of human origin.
  • Soil.... Frozen soil under Alaska is causing roads to collapse. This may be the first tangible consequence of global warming. Art read this report, again from the Electronic Telegraph.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines for the balance of the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Patrick Quirk, "Speaking Wind", joins Art to discuss among other things, earth changes as interpreted by Native Americans. Speaking Wind tells Art right away that his friend with cancer should drink red willow bark tea three times a day. During the last couple of hours, Art names himself "Nose Bucket" in light of his cold symptoms.

12/08/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest.... Art says he has always taken Richard Hoagland with a little grain of salt, but he now thinks Richard is onto something really big. In regard to the "Arizona" event and Turret Peak, Art says Richard was right on about something happening, which turned out to be this unusual storm and the ELF signal. You can see an animated GIF on Richard's web site showing the storm forming around the exact location Richard told us. Richard will be on with Art and an eyewitness of the event, Terry Major, who was equipped with a camera. Richard says he has data showing activity at HAARP during the time of this storm and feels HAARP manufactured it.
  • 2nd hour.... Albert Taylor joins Art in the second hour to discuss out of body experiences. Art can now say he can verify the phenomena of out of body experiences because he had one when he was in Paris, France.
  • 3rd hour.... Art reads questions from listeners for Dr. Taylor.
  • 4th hour.... Keith Rowland, webmaster of the Art Bell web page comes on with a report on an Art Bell imposter posting messages in the USENET group. Art is outraged and hopes to meet the culprit. Dr. Taylor continues with Art through the rest of the program.

12/07/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Georgia.... The state MUFON director in Georgia comes on to discuss things happening in that state. Art had been deluged with reports of sightings from listeners in Georgia in the past 24 hours. The level of activity has been unprecedented, according to William Lester, the director.
  • Hoagland.... Richard Hoagland joins Art for an update on the anticipated December 7th event. According to Richard there was some sort of very strong ELF pulsed signal just after midnight GMT. Art reads a report from a listener in Phoenix who went to the proposed sight with his wife, and they saw nothing. The only unusual thing was the weather, snow on Turret peak. Richard reminds us that Paul Dore said something about, "oh, maybe its the weather" which Richard interpreted as code.
  • NEWS.... We now have the first two pieces of the space station together. Art reads an item on the event.
  • IRAQ.... US weapons inspectors will begin a surprise round of inspections in Iraq. Art wants to know why he is reading this on the air if it is a surprise.
  • Hyde.... Henry Hyde says there is a compelling case for impeaching Clinton, Art updates us on the latest.
  • Y2K.... Greg, a listener in sacremento, tells Art that he and his wife went to purchase some rice and beans, after hearing Gary North's advice, and found that they got the last bags of both. The clerk at the store said they had a run on the items and wasn't sure why they had become so popular. Art says some of you could probably guess.
  • Replay.... Art makes another plea for the return of the "instant replay" in professional football. Art says if he was still doing mass concentration experiments, this would be a good cause.
  • NBA.... Art reads a comical piece about the fate of professional basketball players during this holiday season and on how you can help sponsor a player for only $20,835.00 a month.
  • Howe.... Linda Moulton Howe has a major disclosure about new MJ12 class documents from the Truman era relating to alien landings and body retrieval in the second hour. Robert M. Wood and son Ryan Wood, the principle investigators will be on with her.

12/06/98 Sunday Dreamland

  • REPLAY of Larry Arnold from 3/10/96

12/04/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Back.... Art is back from Vancouver, where he shot an episode of "Millennium". Art profusely thanks all the professionals involved. Art learned that you need a lot of time to memorize lines when you have eight pages. Art says TV is one different animal, so many people around to film a few minutes. The episode airs January 22nd, 1999.
  • Hoagland.... Art reads a report from a faxer about temporary flight restrictions being in effect over central Arizona beginning Dec. 5th. Richard Hoagland comes on for a quick update relating to a leak involving the BATF and his thoughts about the supposed Dec. 7th landing. He gives out the coordinates of this anticipated event as being north of Payson, Arizona on a mountain top. He also comments on the delay of the shuttle launch.
  • News.... Art reads about the latest news regarding the impeachment hearings.
  • Inmate.... An autopsy shows that the escaped death row inmate from Texas drowned.
  • Weather....There is record warm temperatures in Northern Canada.
  • Monday.... New Majestic documents describing "the" crash site will be talked about on Monday nights Coast to Coast program.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • North.... The "vindicated" Gary North (as Art calls him) joins Art tonight in the second hour. At the top of the third hour, Art and Gary discuss what could befall Coast to Coast AM and Art's broadcast on Jan 1, 2000.

12/03/98 Thursday Friday

  • REPLAY of Bob Lazar from 9/26/97

12/02/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • REPLAY of Terence McKenna from 5/22/97

12/01/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • NEWS.... Art recaps the latest news about the impeachment hearings. Art says if he was to read the latest election results, he would have to say that the American people are saying, "poop or get off the pot". Do something about this President or get over it.
  • Oil Deal.... The merging of Exxon and Mobil will create the worlds largest company. Art says this is the latest example of rapid consolidation and soon we will all become one.
  • Iraq.... Iraq denied trying to buy prohibited missile technology from Romania, but admitted sending a team there to settle outstanding matters. This solicits a "Yeah, Right" from Art.
  • Fax.... Art reads a fax from a listener asking him if he has any info on an audio time machine the government was rumored to be working on.
  • Quake.... The death toll rose to 25 in a remote part of Indonesia from the 6.5 earthquake which hit there.
  • Open lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • Frogs.... After the break, Art reads a fax from a listener who saw it rain frogs and has a possible explanation.
  • Y2K.... Art gives some advice about Y2K, prepare now, whether it turns out to be a bunch of hooey or not.
  • Guest.... Art says if you listen closely tonight, you will be horrified at what you hear. William Donaldson will be on with "smoking gun" evidence about flight TWA800 being shot down. Additional witnesses will be on too.