Alien Images/Photos


[IMAGE] Here are the negatives of the photos shown below. (Posted 12/09/99)


[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Here are three new photos of the object Jonathan describes on the program. (Posted 12/9/99)
[IMAGE] For the pixel people, here are the original uncompressed scanned image files. PHOTO1 (300K) PHOTO2 (290K) PHOTO3 (310K)


AUDIO The Frozen ET Burrito Blues by our friend Jeff Kolby in Tichigan, WI.

[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Here are two more photos of the killed alien, being examined further. (Posted 12/24/98)


[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Photo of what Dr. Reed calls an "obelisk", hovering with no visible means of support.


[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Here are two photos of the killed alien, laying out on a protective sheet, after the incident.


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