12/31/97 Wednesday / Thursday

  • New York.... New York rang in the new year in Times Square with a wind chill factor of 5 degress below zero. Art would like to here from someone in New York City that was there in Times Square for the dropping of the ball.
  • Kennedy.... The 39 year old son of Robert Kennedy has died after running into a tree while skiing in Aspen. Art says, of course any discussion of the Kennedys will envoke alot of controversay one way or the other. But you have to admit there has been a lot of tragedy in that family.
  • California.... At the stroke of midnight a new law will be enacted that outlaws smoking in bars in California. Art says everyone knows the smoking bone is connected to the drinking bone. Art says businesses will suffer tragically.
  • Donaldson.... Sam Donaldson, on Nightline, predicted that this coming year will be the one we make contact with an alien race. Art wonders if he was serious, does he know something we don't?
  • Quakes.... There was a 4.8 quake with seven aftershocks in the Mammoth Lake area.
  • Flu.... Hospitals in California are filling up with people with flu-like symptoms. Art has received many faxes reporting this information. Art reads other stories from several news agencies and other sources reporting an outbreak of flu.
  • Predictions....

12/30/97 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Bird Virus.... Art gets a fax from someone who spoke to a friend in Indonesia who says the bird virus is transmitable to humans. Art has read so many differing stories he is just not sure.
  • AIDS.... President Clinton wants more money for AIDS research. He also needs more money for himself, his defense fund is shutting down from lack of interest.
  • 911.... L.A.'s 911 phone center went down Tuesday night. People worked hard to route calls directly to fire and police stations. There was no evidence of fire in the equipment, no reason determined yet.
  • Story.... A med student sends Art a letter saying a woman called the poison control center because she caught her little daughter eating ants. The med student assured her that eating ants is not harmfurl and no need to bring her into the hospital. The lady calmed down, then mentioned she had given her daughter some ant poison to eat to kill the ants. The med student then told her to bring that child in immediately. True Story.
  • Predictions.... Art begins his annual prediction show. One prediction only, per caller, can be given to be read at the beginning of next year.

12/29/97 Monday / Tuesday

  • Guest: Sean David Morton, predictions

12/26/97 Friday / Saturday

  • Replay Guest: Mike "Crunchman" Draper

12/25/97 Thursday / Friday

  • Replay Guest: Willy Nelson

12/24/97 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Volcano.... The volcano in Mexico let loose today. It subsided in 15 minutes and they are watching it very closely.
  • Postal.... The Denver postal standoff is over. The fired employee who took seven hostages surrendered.
  • Storms.... Storms with winds of 100 miles per hour hit Northern Ireland, Wales and Northwest Britain. Power outages, trees uprooting, roads were closed, all on Christmas Eve.
  • Gregory.... Activist Dick Gregory was arrested today during a protest demanding an independent council investigation of Ron Brown's death. He was charged with blocking traffic.
  • Reporter.... Investigative reporter Chris Ruddy came face to face with President Clinton this afternoon in Washington's Union Station. Ruddy asked Clinton if there were any plans to investigate Ron Brown's death. Witnesses say Clinton said nothing and glared. Art says that must have been something.
  • Driver.... A truck driver saved a two year old boys life when he spotted him abandoned on the side of the road in the freezing cold. Art says this is beyond belief, the abandonment of a child in the cold.
  • Africa.... Art is getting many reports about people in Africa dying in the remote villages hit by flooding. Villagers suspect an outbreak of ebola again. Officals say no, it is a rare strain of malaria.

12/23/97 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest: William S. Donaldson, TWA 800 Smoking Gun Evidence
  • Guest: William Buhlman, Out of Body Experiences

12/22/97 Monday / Tuesday

12/21/97 Dreamland / Sunday

  • Guest: Dolores Cannon, Author, "Conversations with Nostradamus"

12/19/97 Friday / Saturday

12/18/97 Thursday / Friday

  • Meteor.... Apparently an enormous meteorite has fallen over the southern part of the Greenland ice cap. It was witnessed by fishermen off shore. A video camera also picked it up. A report tonight from Linda Moulton Howe in the first hour.
  • Oates... In the second hour, David John Oates presenting the Harlot and TWA 800 FVBI Press Conference reversals which are on The Reverse Speech web site.
  • This nights program, at 1:26:21, the web cam image created the ghost image that is displayed on our Ghost Page.

12/17/97 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Riley.... Joyce Riley is on the first hour with information on the anthrax innoculations being given to all military personnel. More info at: The Gulf War Vets Web Site
  • Preston.... Richard Preston follows Joyce, he is the author of "The Cobra Event"

12/16/97 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Weird News Story #1 .... A television cartoon based on the video game Pocket Monster, triggered convulsions in hundreds of children around Japan on Tuesday night when a red explosion flashed for 5 seconds on screens. A spokesman from the fire department told Reuters at least 618 children where affected. 19 were kept hospitalized. Art says he has heard of this type of light triggering seizures before. Art wonders if we need new laws as to what you can and cannot put on TV.
  • TWA.... TWA and Boeing asked a Judge to help them get evidence from a criminal investigation of flight 800 including statements from people who thought they saw a missile. That, Art says, is very interesting seeing the FBI has closed the books on Flight 800.
  • Galileo.... The Galileo spacecraft got it's closet look ever at Jupiters frozen moon, Europa, a crackled and blistering body that could have a ocean harboring life. The craft recently detected signs of magnesium salts that point to a possible briny ocean beneath a frozen crust. Scientists will have to wait a couple weeks to see the photographs the craft took. Art says this will be quite a revelation, indeed.
  • Rice.... Jerry Rice's touchdown came at an awful price, he will miss the playoffs. Art says, "Oh My, the 49er's will enter the play offs minus 30 percent of what the 49ers are."
  • Request.... Art asks the listening audience if anyone has the rules of racquetball, and a diagram of the court, if they could fax them to him. He says he will explain this weird request in due time.
  • Survey.... Art reiterates the results of the survey of American people concerning alien life. The survey showed most people think the galactic neighbors would be friendly. Art says it is arrogant of us to assume they would regard us as we regard other living intelligent creatures. They could regard us about the way we regard an anthill, accidently step on it and squash 10,000 ants and we just say, oh well.
  • Letter.... Art reads a letter from an officer in Wyoming with a funny story. You can read it under "latest news and items" on the home page.
  • Cops and Paranormal.... Tonight Art opens his lines for cops, firemen, and military personnel only, that have had paranormal experiences. The object being, that they are trained to accuratley relate what they have witnessed. This idea comes from a Dreamland show Art did a couple of weeks ago when he had a guest on that had written a book on this very subject.

12/15/97 Monday / Tuesday

  • Quake.... Bob Crane told Art about a 4.0 earthquake about 20 miles epicentered from Fortuna.
  • Volcano.... Southern California is contemplating the possibility of a new volcano. Reminds Art of the movie "Volcano" which had a volcano erupting in southern California. Jim Berkland will be on in the 2nd hour to discuss things of this nature.
  • Iraq.... NBC says this is the defining week where Iraq is concerned in regards to the weapons inspectors.
  • Anthrax.... The Pentagon has announced a country wide innoculation for service people to fight anthrax. This disease is 99 percent fatal if not innoculated. Art says we sold anthrax to Suddam in the past and biological weapons are dominating the news. Art is thinking maybe he and his family should have anthrax innoculations, though the media says it is impractical for everyone to get shots. Art has a feeling we are all being set up for some bad news. It's the old 'they know something we don't'.
  • S. Korea.... South Korea has abolished all controls on it's currency, they are now allowing foreigners to buy at least one debt-ridden commercial bank. Art says 'oh lucky us'. He can't wait to get his part of their debt-ridden commercial bank, thank you very much.
  • 1st Ammendment.... An AP story tells us Americans love their First Ammendment but many are willing to chip away at it when it comes to things like flag burning or prayer in school. When it comes to something that they don't like they are willing to take away someone's rights.
  • FCC... The FCC says cable rates are still rising, 'Oh, what a surprise'.
  • Poll.... A new Washington AP poll shows most Americans believe there is life on other planets, and many think aliens are more intelligent than earthlings. Most people also say they are friendly. Art wonders if you polled Washington politicos with the same question, how that one would come out.
  • Utah.... An unarmed cruise missile went off course at the proving grounds in Utah and crashed into a computer station on the property leased by the University of Tokyo. No one was in the station at the time, but the missile damaged computers and telescopes.
  • Guest: Jim Berkland, Geologist and Earthquake Predictor

12/14/97 Dreamland / Sunday

  • Guest: Joan Ocean, Dolphin Researcher

12/12/97 Friday / Saturday

  • Replay Guest: Gordon Michael Scallion (First 3 hours)
  • Replay Guest: Officer X (Last 2 hours)

12/11/97 Thursday / Friday

  • WXHB.... Art welcomes station WXHB FM in Richton, Mississippi.
  • Guest.... In the second hour Robert Ghostwolf joins Art.
  • Radar.... Art received a very blasting letter from an officer in Buffalo, NY complaining about the show on how to avoid getting caught speeding with radar. He and Art started a dialogue through email and the officer sent Art a copy of a 911 call that Art says is the most hilarious call, since it is full of bad language it is only posted on a web page instead of being aired over the radio. It is on the "Deal With It" Web Site ( ).
  • Chat clubs.... Tim Cannon will be on with an update on the Art Bell Chat Clubs across the country.
  • Goo.... The goo being seen by people falling from the sky during a hail storm turns out to be grains of polymer used in landscaping. This is not the same goo Art's guest was talking about last night.
  • G.O.... Art received an email asking if he would like to buy a government offical, or G.O. Art reads from the instruction manual that would come with one.
  • Brown.... Chris Ruddy, who was on recently talking about the Ron Brown case, called to update Art and said there has now been a military gag order put in place. Art says the military is always shooting themselves in the foot, this gag order makes it look like something is wrong. Art feels all this commotion demands the reopening of the case and exhumation of the body.
  • Microsoft.... A federal judge ordered Microsoft to stop forcing computer makers to install it's internet browser on pc's as conditions of distributing it's Windows 95. You'll have a choice now of browsers. This brings up a question Art has for his audience. Has anyone noticed that the 4.x version of the Microsoft browser takes over windows95 and kind of grabs the entire operating system and takes over.
  • Teleportation.... Scientists have pulled off a trick in an Austrian laboratory by destroying bits of light in one place and making a perfect replica appear 3 feet away. Art says this could lead eventually to the teleportation of human beings. Art explains how this was done and it's implications.

12/10/97 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Sonny.... Sonny Barklet from Washington will be talking with Art about another incident of Goo falling out of the sky.
  • UFO.... KOH radio in Reno sent Art a report about an object drifting over Reno Tuesday night, it was bright red and has been officially named a UFO. The object was tracked by airport personnel.
  • Guest.... Dannion Brinkley will be on in the second hour.

12/9/97 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest.... Chris Ruddy is on tonight with more information on the ongoing Ron Brown investigation. (1 hr)
  • Guest... Neil Slade, Our Brain Functions

12/8/97 Monday / Tuesday

  • Guest.... Tonight's guest is Carl Fors, President of Speed Labs, Inc. Have you ever been zapped by radar while speeding down the highway? How to prevent it and more is discussed tonight. Art also gives us a preview of this week's guests.
  • NBC.... The top story on NBC news was biological warfare. Art says even though nothing has happened yet, he feels they are preparing us for an occurenece. Our Secretary of Defense said we as a country are not ready for an attack of this sort. Art says everything that happens in this country is "spun". The spin meisters in Washington have a reason for what they are doing. So why are we hearing about biological weapons and threat of terrorists action.
  • Flu.... A flu strain previously found only in birds has jumped species and has now killed 4 people in Hong Kong. The big question here is whether it can be spread from human to human, through the air. Preliminary indications, contrary to what Reuters has reported, show that the health care workers attending these people are themselves now coming down with symptoms. So the NBC report and the Reuters report are contradicting each other.
  • Guest: Carl Fors

12/7/97 Dreamland / Sunday

  • Sue Kovach, Author, "Hidden Files: Law Enforcement's True Case Stories of the Unexplained and Paranormal"

12/5/97 Friday / Saturday

  • Guests... The first two hours are with Stan Deyo and Charles Cagle, relating their opinions on major earth changes on the rise. Listener opinions were both for and against. Art reads a few on the air.
  • News.... The students killed in Paducah are buried, cigarette makers release records, the jobless rate is down("This is good"), two kidnapped in Columbia,("This is normal") and stocks rally and are almost up to pre-crash levels.

12/4/97 Thursday / Friday

12/3/97 Wednesday / Thursday

  • KFXI.... Art welcomes KFXI 92.1 on the FM dial in Lawton, Oklahoma.
  • Stations.... Art receives coverage maps from stations all the time and the secretary from KFXI sent one to Art showing the great area they cover. Art opens the east of the Rockies line especially for callers listening to KFXI FM.
  • Treaty.... There are holdouts to the treaty to ban anti-personnel landmines. All they did was send observers to the signing. The U.S., Russia and China are the ones not signing. Now think about that. Art wants to know what this means.
  • Iraq.... The deputy prime minister of Iraq said the UN's chief arms inspector was welcome in Bagdad but ignored Butler's request to get into any sensitive sites. Art says it is interesting, this stalemate we are in with Iraq.
  • Paducah.... The shooting in Kentucky is still in the news, no motive apparent yet. Though the shooter did warn some students. The only motive being tossed around is that the student was angry at the world, society so to speak.
  • Study.... A new study about the meteorite from Mars that had life in it, doesn't have life in it at all. The things that looked like little worms, are not worms. NASA has responded, standing by their worms. Art says so now we dont' know if there was actually life on Mars and he wonders if there is any life here.
  • Stan Deyo.... Art asks for everyones help in reaching Stan Deyo to setup a show with him for Friday. The phone number he has for him is no good.
  • Ghosts.... A story from the UK relates a report that some of those who have passed over to the spirit world are unwilling to be kept from the pleasures of the flesh. A woman called in a priest, 2 psychics and a Morman missionary to try to get rid of a ghost she claims has been sexually molesting her for years. It began in 1994, feeling something climb in bed with her and telling her it was going to make love to her. She then felt tiny needles trying to pierce her skin. Another couple reports they have been plagued by a ghost that complain every time they make love by groaning and banging on the walls. Art wonders if either of these people have a deceased ex.
  • Guest.... Father Malachi Martin will be on tonight and Art wants to discuss these aforementioned topics with him, especially Harlot/Patsy.

12/2/97 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Sperm.... Remember the reports last week about sperm counts? Art has a new report on that tonight.
  • Flu.... A 3 year old boy has died from the flu which he contracted from a bird. Art says diseases have been doing a species jump.
  • Milk.... There is a story out relating a problem with milk in the Northeast. Art says shades of Ed Dames. Art is going to talk about these three health items with his guest tonight, Dr. Bogosian.
  • Reno... Janet Reno has decided not to appoint an independent counsel to investigate Democratic fundraising. Art thinks rather than jack around with an independent council, they really should do something about fundraising period. " That's the real problem, and it is on both sides of the aisle and every damn one of them knows it".
  • Violence.... The horror continues to unfold in regard to the 14 year old shooting his classmates in Paducah, and in Tennesse a dad turning himself in after killing his four children. Nobody knows why. Art says its a funny thing, the FBI saying violence is down in America, and it may be in some totals because the totals were huge. But the violence is different, says Art. In the old days, there was generally a reason for the violence, a love triangle etc. But today people are killing each other for no reason.
  • Astronomers... Astronomers reported that they have captured the image of an exploding black hole right in Earth's own Milky Way galaxy. They used a string of radio telescopes across Britian, to get it. This explosion was in fact predicted by Einstein's theories. The black hole is at the center of a microquasar in a constellation. Art thinks it very weird that a black hole can explode.
  • Miami.... Ap story: A woman, whom police believe fell out of an airplane, was killed after hitting a garden wall. Police don't know who she is or how she fell. Her body had been ripped in half, and the police cannot find a place where she could have fallen from to create this much damage to the body. She had no ID on her and police have no idea how to proceed with this case.
  • Saddam... Vince, from Rim Rock, AZ sends Art a note: How to stop Saddam without bombs. Produce counterfeit Iraqian money and drop it all around the country and try to destroy his economy. Art asks for your opinion, Art thinks it's a grand idea. He feels we could make very good Dinars. You think someone would try this on us, they've already tried. Lebanon has been printing one hundred dollar bills for awhile.
  • Guest: Bob Bogosian, Viruses and Germs!

12/1/97 Monday / Tuesday

  • Packers...Whaddya say about Green Bay? asks Art. Are they gonna repeat? Art thinks they are unstoppable.
  • KRMS.... Art welcomes station KRMS in Osage Beach, Missouri 1150 on the dial.
  • Art's dog.... Art has named his dog and the winner is David Buller. Her name is Giza, irrestible to Art and Ramona. After thinking over hundreds of suggestions, Giza is the decision. Her picture is on the web page.
  • Auotgraphs.... It's Xmas time again, and Art announces how you can get an autographed copy of his two books. 1-800-864-7991 is the number to call for information. Art says this will probably be the last time he'll be doing this type of thing.
  • Guests....Peter Davenport and a report on what's been going on nationwide in regards to UFOs. Then later, Llyod Pie, author of the book, Everything You Know is Wrong.
  • Guest: Lloyd Pye, Author: "Everything You Know is Wrong"