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Art Bell's very own ghost picture with a collection of enhancements from various listeners submitted to the web page worthly of your consideration.

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LEFT: Taken by our very own Studio Web Cam, here Art is overcome by some mysterious entity, which Art didn't see at the time. He looked over on the Web Cam screen after the image was grabbed by the software, and saved it. This image was grabbed during Art's interview with David John Oates, during the final moments of the "Harlot The Witch" reversals on December 19, 1997. RIGHT: Also presented is a normal image, one showing that Art doesn't really have gray hair!

Also notice that the time stamp on the video cam image, 1:26:21, if reversed, is 1:26:21, the same! Eerie isn't it?

Here are some enhanced images submitted by many of the listeners of the radio program.

Listener Comments

You will see above your head very small childs face. It appears that the energy was trying to form into the child.

Ectoplasm!!!!!! It is now elevated to art, Art. Sorry, couldn't help that...
It looks, to me, like what most people would call a "demon". I can't really define it as anything else. Considering the subject matter you were discussing at the time, it would make sense to me. Apparently this "Harlott" person is the genuine article and doesn't like being talked about very much. In the same way most people have "Guardian Angles", people who deal in more negative energies are watched after by demons. It would seem you have made a demon rather angry.

If you look at the picture, you will be able to see both a face and a body to the entity above your head. Think of it being in the shape of a cat. It's pretty spooky! Talk to Father Malachi, he can take care of this little problem for you, I beleive.

Another is on the way, which was outlined and inverted using photoshop filters only. Look at the middle, toward just right of center. To the right and higher, see what looks like a hand, just over the right-hand eye...(chill)

Also chilling: Note that once you spot the face, there is its duplicate, although not entire, just though it had moved and the cam caught that too.

This Scared the crap out of me.... There is a Devils Face in the Black lines right around your head!... Be careful.... please.
I stumbled out of bed to look at the webcam photo and was shocked. There is clearly a picture of some kind of entity which would appear to be lunging face first from over you head. It's pretty clear with definition of mouth, nose and eyes. Looking even further, you can see an arm on each side and the leftmost arm appears to be holding a cross or a dagger.
It clearly shows some sort of demonic possesion or something....
I've tweeked your Studio Cam Chost image to bring out some details. It shows what to me looks like a face with whispy material all around. There also appears to be a cross above this face's forehead. Strange.
You are not alone. We enlarged and filtered the picture and it is very clear that it is a SKULL! The jaw is resting on your left glass frame. You really do find the most interesting predicaments, dont you?
Here is my Photoshop enhancement from your studio cam "ghost" picture. In the center of the image is what looks like a GREY ALIEN!!

This is giving my the heebeegeebee's! Be careful out there.

In your case, I believe a simple explanation (which we could call a UPO - Unidentified Photographed Object) is there. It is very hard to see at first until you compare the two pictures side by side.

You will note, in the "spook" one, to the back side of the picture (on your table) is what appears to be a metallic thermos. If you enhance the photo using any decent picture editor (ie: Photoshop), you can see that what is happening is light is reflecting onto the thermos, and off again onto the top of your head. (You hair looks very healthy(shiny) in the other picture...)

I have MANY times seen reflective light in photographs do weird things (like bounce all over hell and gone for no "apparent" reason). While the reflective nature is indeed odd, I do not believe there is anything paranormal happening.

I noticed that the time of the feed was 1:26am. If you look in Revelation 12:6 in my NIV Bible it says:

The Women fled into the desert to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.

With the contexts of the subject matter during the anomaly it is rather ironic that Rev 12 is The Women and the Dragon (Dragon being Satan, or the devil.)

Regarding your "harlot photo experience"..... If you look at the time on the picture, it states 1:26:21. If you go from the front and add 1 + 2 =3 and do it again starting from the back you get the same result. Add the threes together and you have a six. Put that 6 next to our original 6. Now count up how many digits we originally has there and it is also 6... Put it all together and we come up with 666.

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