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11/30/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • 1st Hour.... Open lines in the first hour after Art speaks with Scott from San Diego who had a remarkable experience over Thanksgiving.
  • News.... The GOP moves to expand the Clinton probe about fundraising irregularities.
  • Canada.... Quebec's pro-independent government was re-elected easily, Monday. Art wonders how you feel about Quebec separating.
  • Repeats.... Art reminds us there will be a couple of repeat shows this week while he is in Vancouver playing himself for an episode of Millennium. Generally Art doesn't like television, but since he can play himself he took this on.
  • AIDS.... Art asks if you remember Ed Dames saying an AIDS vaccine would be the mark of the beast? Art reads an article titled, " Tested AIDS Vaccine Raises Question of Ethics".
  • Volcano.... The volcano in Mexico, whose name Art cannot pronounce, is letting go.
  • Darwin Award.... Art reads a story about a man in Michigan that qualifies to be a Darwin Award Nominee.
  • 2nd Hour.... Jerome Clark, who wrote a book called, "The Unexplained"... will join Art for the rest of the program.

11/29/98 Sunday / Dreamland

  • Replay Guest.... Whitley Strieber

11/27/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Ghost to Ghost.... Nothing but your ghost stories tonight. Ghost stories have always been helpful to Art in his eternal search for knowledge about the other side. Art starts out with a story from Vancouver, where he will be visiting next week.

11/26/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Football.... Art watched the Steelers/Lions game and was much dismayed with the coin toss for the overtime ball. Art says the instant replay must be brought back.
  • Japan.... Japan Finance Minister may resign, this would be about the 43rd one to do so, says Art.
  • OPEC.... OPEC fails to reach deal. Price of oil is at a twelve year low.
  • AIDS.... European AIDS deaths are down, Art says they are obviously getting a handle on all this.
  • Drudge.... The Drudge Report says Elizabeth Clare Proffitt has announced she has Alzheimers. Art is very sorry to hear this.
  • Quakes.... Quakes happening in the Red Ripple California area, in fact twelve in the last 24 hours.
  • Joke.... Art reads a joke faxed to him from a listener.
  • Warming.... Global warming blamed for melting sea ice in the Arctic, which has left the remaining ice up to a third thinner than it was twenty years ago. Scientists fear this will lead to huge disruptions of the circulation in the ocean.
  • Photo.... There is another really cool ghost photo under Latest News and Site Additions.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Father Charles L. Moore, recommended to Art by Zecharia Sitchin, will be on.

11/25/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Starr.... Art recaps Starr's ABC interview.
  • Hyde.... Henry Hyde said he would subpeona the 81 answers he has asked for from Clinton, regarding the Lewinsky business, unless the written replies appear by Monday.
  • Kevorkian.... Dr. Jack Kevorkian has been arraigned on charges of 1st degree murder, along with a few other charges.
  • Fox.... Michael J. Fox has revealed that he has Parkinson's Disease. He will continue to work, Art says this is a pretty tough rap at this early age.
  • Hidden Camera.... A woman who gave a spare set of her house keys to a neighbor was appalled to learn the neighbor had secretly installed a video camera in her attic above her bed. No charges have been filed, because there is no law for this in Louisiana.
  • Jaws.... Art reports on a real life "Jaws" story coming from Florida about a third grader killed by a shark.
  • Hurricanes.... Art reads a report from a professor in Colorado reporting hurricane seasons will be intensifying during the next couple decades.
  • 2nd hour.... Alan Vaughn, a prophet, will be on with Art. He is the world's most successful predictor. He says he can teach you how to be a prophet

11/24/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest.... Zecharia Sitchin joins Art in the beginning of the 1st hour. He is the author of eight books chronicling the Earth. He begins by explaining his theory about the existence of a 12th planet.
  • 2nd hour.... At the top of the second hour Art confirms he will be on the air, as usual, for the entire Thanksgiving weekend. Then next week he will be going to Vancouver to play "himself" in an episode of Millennium.
  • Guest.... Neal Walsh, author of "Conversations with God", joins Art for the next three hours of the program. At the top of the fourth hour Art relates to Mr. Walsh his 5 Grand Experiments, the one being a healing and the others relating to the weather.
  • Fifth hour.... Art looks over the news before open lines commences.
  • Gore.... Janet Reno has decided not to open an investigation into Al Gore, but vowed to continue to look into Clinton's fundraising tactics during the '96 campaign.
  • Europe.... Cold weather in Europe has killed eighty-five people. Art says there is something wrong with our weather.
  • Disasters.... 1998 was the most expensive year yet for the Red Cross what with all the natural disasters. Art is not surprised.
  • NASA.... A proposed NASA mission named "Deep Impact" aims to smash a 500 kilogram copper projectile into a speeding comet. The copper ball is on track to hitch a ride with the comet in the year 2003 to see what the comet is made up of. Art wonders why he always looks at the dark side, but what if this copper projectile knocks the comet off it's path and smashes into the Earth.

11/23/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Update.... Updates on the Leonids, the fact that they arrived early, and the Pegasi hoax? and the Dec 7th event, are presented by Richard Hoagland in the first hour. Richard says if there is no event on December 7th, it will be another case of him being wrong and that there is nothing wrong with being wrong. Art says he will always let people tell their story on his program and the audience can make up its own mind on whether the story is true or entertainment.
  • Dow.... The Dow Jones is at a new high, Art says it will be very interesting to see where it goes from here.
  • Cohen.... Defense Secretary Cohen says the U.S. has enough fire power in the Persian Gulf should force be needed in the latest dispute with Iraq about weapons documents. Art says this is so tiresome, we rattle swords, get ready, even put planes in the air, then we recall them. Art says we will eventually have to deal with Saddam, he says it is beginning to feel like VietNam with these 'partial' missions. To Art, war is war, if we are going to do it, then do it.
  • Porn.... A Virginia county tried to blocked pornography from their libraries' computers accessing the internet. A judge ruled they could not put in a filter. So, Art says, you can remove the internet from the library, but not the porn.
  • UFO.... A fax relates a UFO sighting by students at an elementary school in Phoenix. Art asks his audience for any confirmation and what is going on in Phoenix yet again.
  • [IMAGE] Award.... Art's Snuffed Candle award arrived and you can see a photo of it under Latest News and Site Additions.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Howard Weinstein, who served on a submarine commanded by the gentleman who was the technical advisor for the movie The Hunt for Red October, will be on with Art, so we are going to hear what it is really like on a submarine.

11/22/98 Sunday / Dreamland

  • Linda Howe.... Reports on Alien Material from Roswell
  • Guests.... Stephen Simon & Barnet Bain, Movie Producers

11/20/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Iraq.... Art relates his opinion on the current Iraq situation, the whole thing was foiled by Iraq's interaction with the United Nations.
  • N. Korea.... President Clinton and the President of South Korea are concerned that communist North Korea may be cheating in regards to nuclear development. Kim has advocated a "sunshine policy" towards N. Korea, not wanting Clinton to push them too far. Art says it sounds more like a "head in the sand" policy. Raise butt.
  • Andre Arafat.... Yassir Arafat has gained 2% more of land on the West Bank from the Israelis'. Art says Israel is making a mistake by giving up land for empty promises of peace.
  • Volcano.... The abandoned village on the slopes of Mexico's most volatile volcano is being guarded by soldiers. They spent a nervous night hearing boulders rolling down the volcano. Scientists say it could erupt at any moment, spewing lava down it's slopes. Art says this is duty he would not be volunteering for.
  • Open lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour and then a Reverend from the Church of Satan, Andre Schlesinger, joins Art for the next four hours. Art warns listeners some content may be disturbing.

11/19/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Prescott.... Colin Prescott will start his trip around the world in a hot air balloon tomorrow from Spain. Art is trying to get in contact with him before his departure, not having much luck with the phone lines, but will keep trying during the first hour during the breaks.
  • Starr.... CNN showed people falling asleep during Starr's testimony today. Art says people seemed bored by this though it is getting all the headlines.
  • Riots.... Students are rioting in Texas because they have been told they cannot leave campus during their lunch break. Art asks if you remember any RIOTS over rules when you were in school.
  • Alien Photos.... Many people have studied the alien photos from Dr. Reed, and Art reads a few opinions sent to him.
  • Open lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour. The first topic discussed is the possible closing of the Pyramids to the public.
  • 2nd hour.... Joe Nickell, from CSICOP, which was the organization who awarded Art the Snuff Candle, will be on with Art tonight in the second hour.

11/18/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Howe.... Linda Moulton Howe comes on in the first hour with a report on the comet that in 2097 is supposed to smash the Earth. Also, rising ocean levels will be discussed.
  • Starr.... Kenneth Starr is going to dismiss suggestions that he had no right to investigate the Lewinsky affair at the hearing Thursday.
  • Mexico.... Hundreds of people evacuated from the village closest to Mexico's most explosive volcano. Chemical changes in the water near by has been detected.
  • 2nd hour.... Tonight, Dr. Jonathon Reed and Robert Raith will be back to recap their alien encounter and take questions from the listening audience. There will be some audio clips also.

11/17/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Leonids.... Art has already seen several displays of the Leonid tonight.
  • Tomorrow.... The two gentlemen who were on last week with Art discussing their alien encounter, Dr. Jonathon Reed and Robert Raith, will be on again tomorrow night to answer YOUR questions. Dr Reed has given permission to post one more photo of the oblisk.
  • Hyde.... Henry Hyde warned the president's attorneys that Thursday's hearing is not an opportunity to put Ken Starr on trial.
  • Lewinsky.... The Lewinksy tapes are out, a full 22 hours, and not on Pay Per View. Art wonders if you would want to listen and where do we get copies.
  • Egypt.... Remember the pyramids closed for 6-8 months? Now, according to a newspaper in Sacremento, Dr. Hawass wants to permanently close them to all people. Art wonders why? Maybe, Dr. Hawass has been up and down the old steps too many times.
  • Argentina.... Scientists have found a massive dinosaur nesting place and have uncovered actual embryonic material. It appears that some kind of natural disaster destroyed them. Art wonders if we brought back the dinosaur would we be happy with it, would it be a good idea, toying with mother nature may be a poor idea.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • Guest.... In the second hour, guest Jim Phillips will be instructing us on how to personally get ready for the Y2K.

11/16/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Meteor.... Tonight the meteor showers begin, Europe is getting about one per minute according to Richard Hoagland.
  • Webcam.... Art relates a story about receiving the latest and greatest webcam from Bob Crane.
  • Davenport.... Peter Davenport comes on with a report in the beginning of the program. Sightings are discussed, along with an eye witness account, and Peter plays some recorded reports called into him.
  • Guest.... John Nordberg, author of "The Solution to the Question: What is Time?" will be on with Art tonight.
  • Guest... Richard Hoagland comes on in the last hour and we view the Leonids together.

11/15/98 Dreamland / Sunday

  • Howe.... Linda reports on Coral Reef problems
  • Guest.... Dr. Eldon Taylor, Subliminal Communication

11/13/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Award.... Art discusses his Snuffed Candle award and the statement he sent to the ceremony. He talks with a gentlemen on the phone that attended the awards ceremony.
  • Hoagland.... Richard Hoagland joins Art with an update on the EQ Pegasi hoax. Also discussed is the upcoming meteor storm.
  • Guest.... Ed Dames is the guest tonight beginning in the second hour. Topics include solar flares and the Book of Revelation. Calls are taken in the third hour, one refers to the disappearance of homing pigeons. In the last hour Ed Dames addresses the Hale-Bopp companion in response to a caller.

11/12/98 Thursday / Friday

  • WABC.... Last night, WABC started to air Art's first hour and Curtis Sliwa allegedly put snickers in. Art discusses this situation.
  • War.... Art asks if everybody is ready to go to war. Art reviews the build up of forces in the Gulf.
  • Lewinsky.... Monica Lewinsky may be about to do an interview, being offered 2 million dollars. Art wonders if this will be a Pay Per View.
  • Storm.... For the fourth time in six days we are being bombarded by a geomagnetic storm. Art has picked a random point in the sky and pointed his studio cam at it.
  • Fireballs.... More fireball reports are coming in.
  • Galaxy 5.... A source tells Art that if there is a problem with the Galaxy 5 satellite, which carries Art's voice, along with many other things, when a year 2000 test is performed next week on the satellite, officials will blame the meteor shower.
  • Hubble.... Art speculates on the report that the Hubble telescope will be opened up for the upcoming meteor shower.
  • NASA.... NASA's Stardust spacecraft, designed to fly to a comet and pick up a sample and bring it back, has arrived in Florida ready to begin prelaunch processing. Art wonders whether this is really a good idea.
  • Open Lines.... Open Lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Dr. Raymond Moody will be Art's guest, an expert in life after death.

11/11/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • WABC.... Art welcomes WABC in New York to his first hour. Sorry Curtis, Art really didn't mean to take an hour from you.
  • Guests.... Art has on the gentlemen who sent him the alien photos, in the first two hours along with Whitley Strieber.
  • Third Hour.... David Icke, author of "The Truth Will Set You Free", joins Art in the third hour to discuss not only global conspiracy, but the global agenda of certain secret organizations.

11/10/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • 1st hour.... In the first hour Art is setting up something that will be happening tomorrow night regarding an alien encounter. Art replays a call from last Friday, to jog your memory, where a guy said an alien killed a doctors' dog and then the doctor killed the alien. Photos of this event were sent to Art and are now posted on the web page. Art plans on having the gentleman, Robert Raith, and the doctor, Jonathon Reed, on the program tomorrow night.
  • Photos.... After the first break, Robert Raith talks with Art about the alien photos.
  • 2nd hour.... Paul LaViolette will be Art's guest tonight, author of "Beyond the Big Bang".

11/09/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Award.... Art discusses his "Snuffed Candle Award". CSICOP lists Carl Sagan as an active member, Art wonders how they are contacting him.
  • WFAD.... Art welcomes WFAD in Middleberry, Vermont.
  • Newt.... Gingrich says he quit for GOP unity. Art thought there was no such thing among Republicans.
  • Anthrax.... A Catholic Church in Indianapolis has received letters allegedly containing anthrax. Art says this seems to be a new rage, though not very funny.
  • Impeachment.... House impeachment investigators are weighing whether to call presidential confidant Bruce Lindsay.
  • EQ Pegasi.... Richard Hoagland joins Art in the first hour with an update on the EQ signal story.
  • Guest.... At the top of the first hour Art reviews the guests scheduled for the week and then tonights' guest, Jeffrey Mishlove joins Art.

11/06/98 Friday /Saturday

  • Gingrich.... Newt Ginrich has resigned and Art says everybody is scrambling, since the "titanic hit the iceberg".
  • Winner.... Art is the winner of a very prestigious award, look on the web site. Art says this is the most cherished award he has ever received. Art elaborates on winning the " Snuff Candle Award". Art reads a few emails relating to this subject.
  • MIR.... Art calls the Russians 'a bunch of liars' because of the different statements they have been broadcasting, and Art starts to read a statement from his source in Los Angeles that says his guess is that they are going to circumvent the three days of darkness.
  • Email.... Art reads an email from a listener that set his VCR to the year 2000.
  • Fireballs.... Art reads a story on fireballs from a listener.
  • Lobsters.... Art reads a story about a growing number of lobsters becoming sick.
  • McDonalds.... Art tells a funny story about the Y2K problem as it relates to McDonalds.
  • Internet.... Art talks about a ruling that has to do with calls made while on the internet, and how the government is going to find a way to charge you for something they created in the first place.
  • 2nd hour.... Eric Von Daniken joins Art in the second hour.

11/05/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Tonight.... Art says tonight will be a night to remember, because General A will be on with evidence about the green fireballs. Art suggests you look at the pictures on the web site found under the guest section so you will know what is going to be discussed tonight. Whitley Streiber and Roger Lear will be on also.
  • Hyde.... Henry Hyde would like Clinton to answer 81 questions about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Art says the Republicans want to get rid of this 'hot potato'. Art thinks someone should write a song, maybe to the tune of "It's a Small World" and call it "It's a dysfunctional world."
  • Alameda.... Alameda county officials voted to declare a state of emergency over the rate of HIV infection in the black community.
  • California.... California has become the first state to require sport utility vehicles, minivans and pickups to meet the same pollution standards as regular cars. Art says you can't do anything in California that allows anything into the air. Art says California isn't has fun to visit anymore.
  • Note.... Art reads a note testing Richard Hoagland's sense of humor, regarding the NSA seal on Geocities web site being replaced with RCH.
  • Sighting.... Art has an unusual sighting report from China.
  • Flare.... For those of you watching the sun, a near xclass m9 flare went off earlier today. Art reads an email reporting this.
  • Remote Viewing.... A listener writes complaining about the government still funding remote viewing.
  • MIR.... Remember the story about the Russians wanting to light up Siberia with mirrors but didn't have enough money? Well, they are going to do it. There will be disks in the sky 5 to 10 times brighter than a full moon. Art reads an ABC report regarding this. Art says while we were all chewing on the Lewinsky story, Russia went launching.
  • Alameda.... Alameda county officials voted to declare a state of emergency over the rate of HIV infection in the black community.
  • California.... California has become the first state to require sport utility vehicles, minivans and pickups to meet the same pollution standards as regular cars. Art says you can't do anything in California that allows anything into the air. Art says California isn't has fun to visit anymore.
  • Award.... Art is winning an award from CSICOP, a debunker group. He is very honored. Art reads the announcement he received.
  • Open Lines.... Open Lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Whitley Strieber and Roger Leir join Art.
  • 3rd Hour.... General A joins Art, Whitley and Roger, along with two witnesses to discuss the Ventura MUFON photos.

11/04/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Elections.... Art briefly goes over the election results again. Art feels Monica Lewinsky won the elections, and voters are really concerned with the issues, especially those dealing with their pocketbooks.
  • Europe.... European leaders are suggesting that the election results mean that voters do agree that a politicians' private life should be private.
  • Impeachment.... Henry Hyde says he only plans on calling Kenneth Starr and maybe one other witness and have everything done by Thanksgiving. Art says that this tells us that the Republicans have observed the election results and digested them. If you read between the lines, they are saying let's get this wrapped up and begin to talk about other things. Art says maybe they will begin to talk about real issues.
  • Mitch.... The hurricane has now been upgraded once again after dying off over Central America.
  • Welcome.... Art welcomes WINC in Winchester, Virginia.
  • Meteor.... A meteor storm is approaching, with the most activity happening between November 17 -19. Art says this could be armageddon for some of our satellites. Art says he is going to do his show from outside whenever we have the "big storm", whether it be this year or next.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines finishes out the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... Art reads a story about how the media handled the experiments of the Wright brothers.
  • Pegasi.... In the second hour Art is going to extensively cover the EQ Pegasi signal. Art suggests you go to the web page and see the breaking news from Austrailia that came about during the last hour of last night's program. Richard Hoagland will be on again. Art talks about some web sites that have been closed down by the NSA since news has broken. Art reads some reports from the BBC and the SETI league.

11/03/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Pegasi.... Art says there is dramatic developments relating to the pegasi signal and Richard Hoagland returns again with a recap and an update after Art reviews the news.
  • Elections.... This is election night and Art says the Democrats did better than they expected, the Republicans didn't do as well as they thought they would. So basically there won't be much change and if this election was a referendum on Clinton, than Clinton won. Art reviews the election results and briefly discusses Nevedas' initiatives.
  • Gore.... Gore said Democratic wins in several high profile races shows that the voters do not want a lengthy impeachment probe of Clinton and paid more attention to those discussing the issues.
  • 2nd hour.... Dr. Ronald Klatz is the guest tonight discussing the aging process and how to beat the clock.

11/02/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Welcome.... Art welcomes KURV am in Edinburgh, Texas.
  • Follow up.... A follow up to the Pegasi story begins the evening. Art reminds us this could be a very elaborate hoax, Art hasn't decided yet. Richard Hoagland joins Art with new information on this signal from the Pegasi system.
  • 2nd hour.... Charlie Plyler will be on, who does research on signals generated from within the Earth.
  • Last Hour.... Art reads a statement from Paul Dore, cancelling the slated news conference. There is a link to it on the web page under latest news and site additions. Open lines with Charlie Plyler continues.

11/01/98 Sunday Dreamland

  • Linda Howe Reports on Environmental Issues
  • Guest: Dr. Michael Newton