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10/31/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Ghost 2 Ghost 2

10/30/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Ghost 2 Ghost

10/29/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest: Brad Stieger, Author

10/28/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest... Dr. Brian O'Leary will be on tonight to discuss many subjects such as Mars, free energy and the quickening. He was a NASA science astronaut during the Apollo program.
  • News... The stock market came roaring back today with over one billion in volume. Art thinks this means the little guy was in there. Asian markets were up strongly too. Art says that the world appears smaller this morning, because we are so interconnected economically.
  • Fax.... Art receives a fax from a listener in San Diego saying he doesn't believe in human affected global warming, blaming it on Al Gore for president in the year 2000. Art cannot say that there is actually global warming taking place. But Art does feel we as humans are affecting the weather.

10/27/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Guest: Andrew Guase (FREE Newsletter 800-468-2646
  • Guest: Don McAlvany (FREE Newsletter 800-525-9556)
  • Both guests discuss today's Stock Market Crash!

10/26/97 - Sunday Dreamland

  • REPLAY Guest: Brad Stieger

10/24/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Replay - Philip Corso / John Alexander
  • Replay - John Kirby

10/23/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Guest: Michael Holm, CUSCO
  • Guest: Harlot (Patsey) The Witch!

10/22/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Wednesday Guest... Tonight's guest, a man who Art calls, Officer X, a communication officer from the Ulyseus S Grant submarine tells about a time they were out of communication due to a nonmeadic series of errors that led to an argument among ships officers on whether or not to release nuclear weapons. Art says this story is incredibly dramatic and one of the scariest things he has ever heard. "One of the damnedest hours I have ever run on talk radio", says Art. Although we all know it was a tall tale, especially when Officer X declined to actually speak regarding the mir space station and came up with some phoney story about having to leave the line.
  • Mitchell... Art reads a story from the Arizona Associated Press reporting statements made by Edgar Mitchell relating his opinions of the existence of aliens. Art called Mr. Mitchell and is scheduling him for an appearance on Coast to Coast.
  • Clinton... Clinton proposed a plan today to avert the unacceptable risk of global warming, but immediately drew opposition from both sides. Art skims over the plan and would like to discuss this subject on open lines tonight. Art says both sides agree that the climate is changing, but disagree as to why it is changing. Art wants to know what you think will happen when we run out of oil.
  • Quickening.... Art explains how he doesn't believe in channeling, even though his sister is a channeler, but in writing his book, he wonders whether everything he wrote came directly from him because it poured out so easily and most of what he wrote is unfolding right before our eyes.

10/21/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Complaint.... Art has a complaint, if we can send a man to the moon and harvest organs from a headless embryo, why can't we cure the common cold. Obviously Art is still suffering from one.
  • Weird.... Art is opening a special phone line for weird people. Anyone who thinks they are especially weird calls Art tonight and Art will be the judge. Art steals this idea from the show Strange Universe.
  • The IRS is due to be being overhauled.
  • Clinton is poised to announce a new plan for global warming. Art thought it was quite interesting that as the two arguments were being given, both sides admitted there is a climate change underway.
  • A breakthrough in electric automobiles. Arts guess is the breakthrough will come about when our fossil fuel supply is just about gone. In other words just in the nick of time.
  • Egypt.... Art plays some sound clips of Dr. Hawass, the Director of Antiquities in Giza, showing his "two faces" so to speak.

10/20/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • He's Baaaack.... Art is back from Egypt and predictably has a bad cold.
  • Dannion....Dannion Brinkley's book will be shipping soon, delayed due to his recent life threatening illness. Art reads the inscription that will be found inside each copy. Dannion is at home and continues to recover, and Art emphasizes that his recovery is nothing short of a miracle.
  • Trip.... Art says his trip was nothing short of incredible. Art received carte blanch while in Egypt from the Director of Antiquities, barred from absolutely nothing. Art tells some amazing stories about Giza and has amazing photographs on the web for you to see.
  • Pope.... Art just happened to see the Pope. He was in the right place at the right time, there are pictures of the Pope on the web.
  • Pyramids... Art was given a demonstration of how the blocks were made for the pyramids. There was one fellow with a sledge hammer and a large rock of limestone, and Art was very skeptical, didn't think he could ever break that rock. Of course he did break it, exactly in half. The director said, "See Art, this is how the pyramids were built." Art said it was a mind blowing moment.
  • King's Chamber.... Art then went up into the King's Chamber. Art says he will be living a few more years because if he was going to have a heart attack from exertion he would have had it going up the pyramid. Art says this was one time when he saw the two faces of the Director. The Director showed anger towards the tourists ahead of him as he was going towards the Chamber, kind of like saying, 'don't you know who I am, move along!'
  • Sarcophagus.... Art jumped right into the sarcophagus and he says there is an extremely strange vibration in resonance to your voice when you lie in the sarcophagus.
  • Secret.... Art was taken to an area that has been excavated for the last year in Giza. There were hundreds of graves. According to the Director, this was the burial ground for the people who built the pyramids. Art asks, how do we know this? He says because there were beautiful hieroglyphics showing how the pyramids were built and the various jobs they did. Art was told not to take pictures, but had already gotten a few off before told.
  • Bethlehem.... Art went to Bethlehem and saw the exact place where Christ was born, and then went to Jerusalem and saw the exact place where Christ died. Art had a very strong reaction to this. Art recommends this experience to all. It produces emotions hard to describe, like walking out into the real world and running into Snow White and the seven Dwarves. (Art admits this isn't a very good analogy, but hopes you get the idea.)
  • The News... Microsoft is in a little trouble with Anti-Trust laws.
  • Two cosmonauts got angry on MIR because they had to spend too much time in their bulky spacesuits doing repairs.
  • We have shot a laser at a US satellite. It didn't blow up, but we don't know whether it has been disabled. They won't tell us. Sounds a lot like Star Wars.
  • U.S. Government has reported the biggest annual increase in heat trapping industrial pollution, carbon emissions resulting from burning fossil fuel oil jumped 3.4 percent, despite all this new gasoline we have out there.
  • Catholic church is looking at Texas which has been dispatching death row inmates at an ever increasing rate. The Bishop says the death penalty does not deter crime. Art disagrees with the Catholic Church, he is in favor of the death penalty, not necessarily electrocution, just shoot him and say good night Charlie Brown.
  • British scientists have reportedly created a frog embryo without a head. Oh boy... they are talking about a startling human application for that research, to grow headless human clones to harvest organs. An ethics expert at Oxford is appalled, but others argue that it does no harm without a brain or a nervous system. Aren't we beginning to play God here?
  • Partial human fetuses will be grown to harvest human organs within the decade, reports the Washington Post.
  • Scientist now believe a big comet whacked Nevada 370 million years ago causing 1000 foot tall waves in what was then an ocean that caused one of the worst mass extinctions in history.
  • Former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell is among those who believe aliens have landed on Earth. He is calling for congressional hearings. Art says he better get Mr. Mitchell on the show again.

10/19/97 - Sunday / Dreamland

  • Dannion....Dannion Brinkley's book will be shipping soon, delayed due to his recent life threatening illness. Art reads the inscription that will be found inside each copy. Dannion is at home and continues to recover, and Art emphasizes that his recovery is nothing short of a miracle. Here is the Real-Audio Streaming 14.4K version.
  • Linda Howe Report
  • Guest: William Buhlman, "Adventures Beyond the Body"

10/17/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Replay - Albert Taylor (9/5)

10/16/97 - Thursday Friday

  • Replay - Mark Furman (9/4), and Keith Rowland

10/15/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Replay - Gordon-Michael Scallion, Stan Deyo, Timothy O'Riley

10/14/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Replay - Merle Haggard (9/2)

10/13/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Replay - Dr. Charles Pyke, Climatologist (8/25)

10/12/97 - Sunday / Dreamland

  • Replay - Glen Grant "Hawiian Ghosts" (4/6)

10/10/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Replay - Michio Kaku (8/22)

10/9/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Replay - Rio DeAngelo (Heavens Gate 8/21)

10/8/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Replay - Collier & Hoagland Debate (8/20)

10/7/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Replay - David Adair (8/19)

10/6/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Replay - Jeff Holland, "Feral Humans"
  • Mike Markum

10/5/97 - Sunday / Dreamland

  • Replay - Philip Corso, Roswell (7/6)

10/3/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Replay - Robert Ghostwolf (7/30)

10/2/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Replay - Brother Ali (7/31)
  • Jesse Marcell Jr. (9/26/96)

10/1/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Replay - Malachi Martin (7/11)