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9/30/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Today Show.... Art has had many responses to his appearance on the Today Show. Overall a positive review, though there were those who hated it.
  • Stocks.... Dow closes down 237.90. Tokyo down also.
  • Swiss Air.... The thermal insulation in the plane is suspect in the crash. This insulation has been found in 4 other planes that have crashed in the past.
  • Perot.... Ross Perot called for a nationwide grassroots campaign asking the president to resign.
  • Governor.... Governor Jim Gilmore went to court today to prevent a family from removing a feeding tube from a comatose man who has been kept alive for the last three years. Gilmore did so because a member of the family asked him to intervene.
  • Ozone.... The ozone hole over Antartica is bigger than ever encompassing over 10 million square miles.
  • Star.... Art reads an update on the emmisions from a star that smashed into the Earth's atmosphere last month which he spoke of last night.
  • Interruption.... Art explains how he plans on keeping himself from interrupting his commercials in the future.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines fills the remainder of the first hour, with Sean David Morton joining Art in the second hour.
  • Predictions.... Sean gives some predictions for President Clinton in the middle of the third hour. He says this November will be the lowest American voter turnout ever seen. Clinton's health will fail starting around April 17th, possibly a heart attack, due to a power struggle between himself, Hillary and Al Gore. Sean's theory is Clinton will leave office, Gore will be president and J. Rockefeller will be vice president.
  • 2000.... Sean predicts Republican candidates George W. Bush and Christine Todd Whitman in the year 2000 election. He also predicts Bush will die in office and Ms. Whitman will be the first woman president. However, Sean is not even sure there will be an election in the year 2000 because of political unrest.

9/29/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Rates.... The Fed has cut interest rates a quarter point. The market looked at that and yawned and went down 28 points, Art said. Art wonders what the market wants, another quarter point? Art suggests you listen to his market forecasts and doing the exact opposite.
  • Middle East.... The focus of US mediation in the Middle East continues. Arafat accepted an Israeli offer for 13% of the West Bank, including setting aside 3% for nature. Arafat promises to stop some of the terrorism and violence. Art wonders how Arafat can promise something like that when Arafat has always denied involvement in violence.
  • AP Report.... A burst of radiation from a distant star smashed into the earth's upper atmosphere last month with enough energy to power civilization for a billion years, astronomers say. Art wonders if this is a Ed Dames "shot over the bow".
  • Y2k.... Y2k now just 15 months away.
  • Fireballs.... Peter Davenport continues to get reports on green fireballs. Art wonders where the rest of the media is.
  • Fax.... Art reads a fax from a listener complaining of radioactive ants up in the Northwest.
  • Time.... Art reads another story about missing time, this time in Texas.
  • Guest.... Stan Deyo joins Art tonight.

9/28/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Georges.... Georges is no longer a hurricane. New Orleans was saved. Art admired all the reporters reporting live in the midst of the hurricane. Clinton has declared disasters in many southern states.
  • Summit.... Breaking news on CNN, a new middle east summit.
  • Impeachment.... Henry Hyde says an impeachment hearing would not be solely limited to the independent counsel's evidence.
  • Photo.... There is a photo posted on the website you should see. Art reads a story relating to the picture sent to him by a listener. It is an xray of a man's intestine who swallowed a nail.
  • Letters.... Art reads a letter from a listener that relates to Art's poison ivy story of last week and one that relates to the problems he had with an antenna.
  • Time.... Art has received hundreds of faxes from people in Seattle claiming they also lost an hour and half of time last week. Listen to the original caller from last week our Sound Clips page.
  • Storm.... The geomagnetic storm occurring in the last week reached 8.6 on a scale of nine in terms of severity. Art says this storm was the result of a whopper of a solar flare.
  • Open lines.... Open lines fills the remainder of the first hour.
  • Second hour.... In the second hour Matthew Alper will join Art. Art says he is still haunted by Matthew's last appearance on Coast to Coast. Art actually gives a warning to devout believers in God, that they may want to tune out, because Alper gives quite a convincing alternative.
  • Third hour.... At the top of the third hour, Art welcomes station KFBK in Sacramento. Art reads a letter from a listener who is a doctor and gives his opinion on what will happen to the man who swallowed the nail.
  • Fourth hour.... At the top of the fourth hour Art poses the "Atheist in a foxhole question" to Matthew.

9/27/98 Dreamland / Sunday

  • Guest: Foster Perry, Author, "The Violet Forest: Shamanic Journeys in the Amazon"

9/25/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Quake.... An earthquake in Ohio and felt in three other surrounding states reached 5.2 on the Richter scale. Art reminds us that Sean David Morton predicted this one. He had also predicted the hurricanes happening now. Art has a call into Sean to see if he can join the program tonight.
  • Homers.... McGwire and Sosa have both reached number 66.
  • Georges.... Art recaps Georges' progress. New Orleans feared to be the next target. Art call this the hurricane that won't die.
  • Call.... David Meyers calls Art from North Pole, Alaska, in the first hour to relate a UFO sighting he experienced last night which he is sure was not the Northern Lights. David videotaped the sighting and will be mailing a copy to Art for posting next week.
  • Open lines.... Art takes calls for the remainder of the first hour. One of the first few calls relates a Darwin Award nominee.
  • Guest.... Steven Greer, of CSETI and Steve Bassett, a UFO lobbyist, joins Art in the second hour to continue the discussions of the past two nights about the meteorites and fireballs seen lately. Steven Greer discusses a Free-Energy device he is working on with others. He wants to release info about it to the public before it gets hushed up.
  • Morton.... Sean David Morton joins Art at the top of the fourth hour to discuss his recent success with predictions of quakes and hurricanes.

9/24/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Georges.... Florida, look out! Art updates us on hurricane Georges and it's path of destruction.
  • Jones.... Paula Jones is now trying to settle with Clinton, no longer wanting a apology, just reimbursement for her legal fees.
  • Tokyo.... Stocks in Tokyo are very seriously down, over 400 points.
  • Davenport.... Peter Davenport comes on right away with an update on the UFO reports from Seattle last night. Peter has received over 400 reports since last night's sighting.
  • Letter.... At the top of the second hour, Art reads a letter from a police officer relating a UFO sighting.
  • Storm.... Art says there is a major magnetic storm occurring right now, causing varied radio reception problems.
  • Guest.... David Adair joins Art in the second hour and the first thing he comments on is the letter Art just read.
  • 3rd Hour.... Art has announced that since many radio stations are starting to tape his show and play it before the live show, Art's network has decided to do the same. He explains.
  • 4th hour.... Art talks with Stan Deyo in Austrailia after reading another report of a sighting from a cargo pilot in Wisconsin. Stan gives his opinions on some of the subjects discussed with David Adair, especially the light that doesn't cast shadows.
  • Last Hour.... At the top of the last hour Art recaps the market in Tokyo and then resumes open lines. Midway, Art reads a fax from a listener asking Art for any inside info about the Denver International Airport since he was there last week. Also an update on Georges from a listener in Tampa.

9/23/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Georges.... This hurricane has now killed 110 people. South Florida has declared a state of emergency.
  • Hearing.... The House will probably proceed with a impeachment hearing.
  • Baseball.... McGwire and Sousa are tied again at 65.
  • Injury.... Art hurt himself again when he had an argument with an antenna.
  • Davenport.... Breaking news from Peter Davenport with an occurrence over Seattle. Peter joins Art right away with info on a very large green fireball that was spotted an hour before Art's air time. Peter plays a tape from the caller who alerted him of this event.
  • Guest.... In the second hour, Joe McMoneagle, a remote viewer joins Art.
  • Announcement.... At the top of the third hour Art announces that KABC in Los Angeles will be carrying Coast to Coast AM in it's entirety starting at 10 p.m.
  • Frogs.... At the top of the last hour, Art reads a Rueters news story about dying and deformed frogs.

9/22/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • KWVR.... Art welcomes station KWVR in Enterprise, Oregon.
  • Clock Gene.... Art relates a report that states day people and night people are a result of genetics.
  • George.... Hurricane George is on a path that could send it into the Florida Keys. 11 killed in the Dominican Republic. Art reminds us that Sean Morton predicted a terrible storm to hit Cuba about this time, Art wonders if it could be George.
  • Today Show.... Art's appearance on the Today Show is once again being postponed.
  • Pacts.... The U.S. and Russia have signed two agreements which will help prioritize Russia's crumbling nuclear program and stop plutonium stock piles from leaving the country.
  • Y2K.... Art reads a fax from a listener regarding the Y2K problem. The listener is a military retiree and Art reads a letter he received that seems to be a cry for help from any retiree who has the talent to assist the military in this computer crisis.
  • Book.... An AP story notes that one book on Clinton's book shelf is titled, "UFO Crash at Roswell" sitting there right along with "Sex Talk".
  • Responses.... Art reads some responses concerning the 'time loss in Washington' discussion last night.
  • St. Thomas.... Art is holding up a phone line for the Carribean only again tonight. Open lines for the remainder of the first hour. At the top of the second hour Art opens all lines for the Carribean only and asks everyone else to hang up.
  • Guest.... In the second hour, Brad Steiger joins Art to discuss the paranormal tonight. Art is excited because he is going to give his opinions along with Brad's tonight, something he rarely does. The first topic discussed is the 'time loss in Washington' topic of last night.

9/21/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • George.... The winds are still screaming in Puerto Rico, already three dead. Art holds a line open for those in St. Thomas as he wonders how they are doing there.
  • Welcome.... CJME in Regina, Saskatchewan has join the affiliates, along with WMGW in Meadville, Pennsylvania, and CKOM in Saskatoon.
  • Denver.... Art takes time to thank the many people who assisted him and those he met in Denver at his book signing. There are photos posted on the web site for you to enjoy. A United Airlines management person gave Art an impressive tour of the Denver International Airport. A new 777 aircraft was among the many things Art got to see. He sat in the cockpit and even got to touch the controls! Art asked this person about the myths surrounding the airport. This person said some of these you hear are actually true.
  • Video.... Art says the tape of Clinton's testimony was four hours of boredom. Art says Clinton put the prosecutors awash with information by not limiting his answers to a simple yes or no.
  • Suicide.... James Bo Grites, the former Green Beret Colonel, was found near his home with an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. He will live, it was not a fatal wound. Investigators have not said whether it was an accident or not.
  • Accident.... Art relates a story about the Japanese Defense Minister who was involved in an incident with the car they were arriving in. The barriers installed in the car, which are to pop up in an emergency situation, deployed by accident and bounced him around enough to be sent to the hospital.
  • Trip.... From October 3rd thru the 10th Art is going to Nogales, South Africa, to see the animal preserve there and he will take with him a digital camera and a computer and will feed back photographs as they happen.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines fills up the remainder of the first hour.
  • 2nd hour.... In the second hour, Richard Hoagland and Physicist Tom Bearden join Art to discuss, among other things, black ops, free energy and the upcoming meteor showers.

9/20/98 Sunday / Dreamland

  • REPLAY... Art was at his Denver Book Signing.

9/18/98 Friday / Saturday

  • REPLAY... Art was at his Denver Book Signing.

9/17/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Absence.... Art returns after his "Darwin Award" mishap. He explains how he fell off his missing porch and has been sore for three days. He explains it as an NDE, a "no deck experience".
  • Book Signing.... Art will be at his book signing in Denver on Saturday.
  • News.... Art says there is nuclear political war going on in Washington, with dirty laundry being flung back and forth.
  • Mexico.... There was a slaughter in Mexico when three families were gathered and gunned down. Nobody knows who did it or why.
  • Howe.... Linda Moulton Howe joins Art in the first hour after Art recaps upcoming programs.
  • 2nd Hour.... In the second hour, Art interviews Seth Shostak from the SETI institute, while Seth is in the Aricebo Control Room.

9/16/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • REPLAY Guest.... Mike Gray

9/15/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • REPLAY Guest.... Mark Eastman, MD & Chuck Missler

9/14/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Holliman.... CNN's John Holliman was killed in a car accident over the past weekend, this saddens Art. Also dead is George Wallace. Art says the media is only noting Wallace's statements regarding segregation.
  • Politics.... A trouble shooting squad has been formed for the President. Art says tonight will again be an open lines program to continue discussing this issue, which Art feels is very important. This will be the end of it, says Art, back to regular programming tomorrow.
  • Drudge.... Matt Drudge has confirmed what faxers were telling Art last night, that two more women have emerged to embarrass the President, one with videos.
  • Poll.... Poll numbers do not show erosion toward the President, but actually went up a point, so Art doesn't feel the President will resign, though he says an honorable person would. Art says the American people are obviously separating the President's private life from his political one.
  • Singapore.... People in Singapore are complaining to officials about maurading monkeys breaking into condos and such and don't seem to be afraid of humans anymore.
  • Ozone.... Last Wednesdays Investers News Weekly reported that the Atlantic ozone hole is at it's largest.
  • France.... France's National Center for Space Studies said it is now investgating an UFO in an alpine village, with video tape available.
  • Fax.... Art reads a fax from a listener commenting on the TNT show UFO Files involving the KGB.
  • Pollution.... Dutch researchers are saying that toxic levels found in whales indicates man made pollution is spilling deep into the Atlantic.
  • Book signing.... Art relates info on his latest book signing coming up in Colorado.
  • Mexico.... Art asks that a listener from Mexico call on the international line to check it out.
  • 2nd hour.... Art recaps upcoming guests and continues with open lines through the night along with various faxes being read. He reads a fax from a listener in Atlanta saying John Holliman caused his own car accident by passing in a no passing lane and hit a truck head on.
  • Poison Ivy.... Art relates a story involving himself while in grade school and poison ivy.
  • 3rd Hour.... At the top of the third hour Art reads more details on the death of John Holliman sent to him by a police sargeant. Art was the first to inform Richard Hoagland of this tragedy. Open lines continue.
  • 4th Hour.... Art takes a header off his missing front porch during the break so he had to throw a tape in during this hour while his wife attended to his wounds.

9/13/98 Sunday / Dreamland

  • REPLAY: Sherri Hansen Steiger (1/04/98)

9/11/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Today.... Art says the day went pretty much as he expected other than Wall Street, Art says he is always wrong about Wall Street. Art says money talks and everything else is talk radio. Art recaps the discussion he had with Matt Drudge last night. All the info Drudge gave that had not came out yet proved correct today. Art has two bottom line questions, "Does he stay or does he go?", and "will he fight?" Art feels Congress has no choice but at least start impeachment proceedures. Clinton's attorneys are saying it was just sex, and Art says it could have went that way if Clinton hadn't lied the first time he put his hand on the bible. Art reads a letter from a listener criticizing Art's discussion with Matt Drudge and many other faxes with opinions on the situation.
  • Art feels an entire open lines show would be the best format for tonight. Art encourages listeners who use the international line to call in with the reactions being seen in their own countries.
  • 3rd Hour.... At the top of the third hour, Art scans a post card from Cuba to get placed on the web site.
  • 4th Hour.... At the top of the fourth hour, Ramona comes on the air to talk a little about family values and her being a fan of "Married... With Children."

9/10/98 Thursday / Friday

  • WAMC... Art welcomes station WAMC in Nimes, Florida.
  • Politics... Basically, Art talks about the continuing charges against President Clinton. Art's web page will, of course, have the latest links for the postings of the report. Art wonders if Clinton will do the honorable thing, instead of putting the country through what Art thinks will happen. Art feels the honorable thing to do is resign, instead of putting the country through a terrible crisis. This is Art's feeling about where we are. Art feels all hell will break loose, including economic hell.
  • Drudge.... Matt Drudge will be on with Art in the second hour with all the dirt on the developing Clinton scandal after he finishes his shower. Obviously Art caught him off guard and he agreed to be on tonight.
  • Brazil... Brazil's market lost almost 16% of it's total worth in the first few minutes of trading. Our own market dropped 250. Our banks have a great deal of exposure to Brazil, says Art. He is going to watch Asia tonight.
  • Guests... Art goes over his scheduled guests for the next couple of days because he has done some shifting around with the political tidal wave that has occurred.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines fills the first hour, and the first caller suggests Clinton hit a homerun, ( think of McQwire) and start a war to divert attention.
  • 2nd hour.... Art recaps what he has learned about the top 4 charges against Clinton: Perjury, obstruction of justice, witness tampering and abuse of power. He recaps the world's financial departments. Matt Drudge joins Art in this hour.
  • 3rd Hour.... Art recaps the probable charges against President Clinton and the stocks market around the world. Art reads a "bull talking" type of fax regarding the market from an analyst. Open lines continue through the rest of the program.

9/09/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Clinton.... Art says Clinton has had a bad day. He has been apologizing all over the place. Meanwhile, Starr sent his report to Congress. Art says this is big news, but not really. Art says this was seen as a "the best defense is an offense". Clinton's lawyer right away said there is no basis for impeachment without even seeing the report. Art says this was a ridiculous statement, like the old time compression excuse concerning Roswell. Art reads the statement Starr prepared for Congress upon delivery of the report.
  • Fax.... A fax from a near-term prophecy, speculates as to what will happen with Clinton in the near future. It concerns the 25th amendment, section 4. Art reads that section for us and feels this scenerio could be possible.
  • Today Show.... Due to this development with Starr, Art's appearance on the Today Show will be postponed til next week.
  • Story.... Art reads a story about a woman who has had an implant installed in her hand that acts like an ATM card.
  • 2nd Hour.... Lauren Zimmerman joins Art in the second hour to discuss a book she wrote called, "Choosing Universes". She had a life after death adventure and relates that story to Art.
  • 3rd hour.... At the top of the third hour, Art recaps the day's political news. Art reads a statement made by Bill Sapphire, not really a friend of the President's, but still a supportive statement. Then open lines continues.

9/08/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • 62.... MacQuire is the new homerun king. Art feels he is a pretty decent guy and seems like a guy that really loves the game and his family, like it used to be. Art isn't really a baseball fan, but is pleased with this milestone. Art thinks baseball movies are exciting, but baseball itself is boring.
  • Dow.... The Dow set a day record of 380.53 points up, but Tokyo is down. Art wouldn't lay any bets on anything because Greenspan said possible interest rate cuts.
  • Clinton.... President Clinton would like a preview of Starr's report, but Starr says, "nope". He will release it this week or next week, Art says next week because if Starr was partial to the President he would release it Friday. But since Art suspects this is the last thing on Starr's mind, he will release it Monday.
  • China.... China executed more people last year than the rest of the world. Art says. "Cool... we are not number one anymore."
  • Orbit.... A group that monitors things in the Earth has reported signals traveling through the Earth. Art reads a report about transmissions and their possible explanations.
  • Arizona.... The election is underway in Arizona, and Art doesn't think Frances Barwood made it.
  • Immortality.... Dr. Richard Seed is going to try to clone himself, Art gets a little chuckle out of this.
  • Y2K.... Art mentions an article from the Toronto Sun about the Y2K problem which he will try to get posted on the site.
  • Ironies.... Art reads some ironies that all us Americans do in everyday life, such as banks keeping both doors unlocked, but chaining the pens to the counter.
  • Today Show.... Art says he will most likely be on the Today show Thursday. An eight minute profile of Art Bell.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines fills up the remainder of the first hour.
  • Eaton.... Dr. Randall L. Eaton will be on in the second hour with information on the movement of Keiko, the 'Free Willy' whale. Art thinks Keiko is Iceland bound.

9/07/98 Monday/Tuesday

  • Taped Replay with Gary North from 7/24/98

9/06/98 Sunday / Dreamland

  • Linda Howe
  • John Major Jenkins... Mayan Calendar

9/04/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Flight 111.... The more Art hears reports about this tragedy, the more he forms his own opinion on the cause. Because they were dumping fuel prior to their landing attempt, Art thinks maybe they ignited the fuel spiraling out of the craft. The wreckage pieces being so small also lead him to this conclusion.
  • Greenspan.... Alan Greenspan said today, it is not credible that the US can remain an oasis of prosperity unaffected by a world experiencing greatly increased stress.
  • Clinton.... Clinton said I'm sorry today. This is Art's big Monica Lewinsky news.
  • Crash.... 12 people are dead after 2 military helicopters crashed in air.
  • Fatima.... A 16 year old has sent Art what he thinks may be the Third Secret of Fatima. This is posted on the web site.
  • Carmel Valley.... A resident claims her neighbors are hydros, people who have fish brains instead of human brains. The case has been turned over to Adult Protection Services.
  • Cat.... Art reads a Cat story/California story, about a listener who clipped the claws of her cat when she caught it scratching up a new chair. Of course the cat retaliated and scratched her. The ensuing infection brought a humorous chain of events.
  • Tombstones.... Art reads a few humorous tombstone inscriptions.
  • Open lines.... Open lines fill the rest of the first hour and are open again later in the program. The Bermuda Triangle is the first topic discussed with callers.
  • 2nd hour.... Stanislav Lunev, Russia highest ranking military defector will join Art on the program. He says Russia is preparing for inevitable war with the U.S. Art feels he has some questions for Stanislav that haven't been posed to him before.
  • 5th Hour.... Open lines for the rest of the program with various topics discussed. The Y2K is the first subject discussed.

9/03/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Flight 111.... 1000 people are still involved in the search of flight 111's wreckage. Sixty bodies recorded as of air time. Last nights report of survivors turned out to be incorrect as Art suspected. Dr. Jonathan Mann was one of the crash victims, an AIDS researcher. Swiss tennis star, Mark Rosette, was suppose to be on that flight, but changed his mind at the last minute. Art wonders what you think about that. Mark, a listener in Lousiana who is an atheist, faxes Art to ask, What kind of God would kill babies? Art never really has an answer for those type of questions.
  • Quake.... 6.5 earthquake in Chile, details are not in yet.
  • Moon....New evidence of water on the moon. Ten billion tons is the number being reported by a lunar spacecraft.
  • Market.... Market ends up 100 points down, Japan down too. Art says you should start to watch the market in Russia and South America. Art wonders why the world market is reacting this way to the Russian market. Art doesn't feel their market has enough signifigance to take a bite out of our market. Art feels the only concern anyone should have about Russia, is their nuclear weapons, not their economics.
  • Open Lines.... Open lines fills up the rest of the first hour. 2nd hour has Linda Moulton Howe joining Art disucssing the crop circles in Canada. Art wonders where are our crop circles, America is the bread basket too! There are several links on the front page to check out.
  • 3rd Hour.... Art and Linda discuss the possible meaning of the crop circle 4:20. Art reads faxes from listeners who relate their opinions on what 4:20 means. Three faxes say it is a reference to the time of day marijuana users smoke.
  • 4th hour....At the top of the fourth hour a first time caller calls in to ask Linda if there have been crop circles found in something other than the usual wheat or barley crops. Linda continues to take calls on various subjects.

9/02/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Crash.... A jetliner carrying 229 people has crashed near Landford, Nova Scotia. Rescue workers are searching the waters very close to the shore. A caller from Nova Scotia calls in first thing and relates to Art what she has learned so far. Art leaves his international phone line open for people from Nova Scotia. The next caller says that two survivors had been rescued and taken to the Halifax medical facility. This turns out to be a false rumor. There were no survivors known of during the show.
  • Earl.... Looks like hurricane Earl is not going to hit Louisiana, but is heading towards Florida's coast. Art asks for callers from this area too. These two breaking stories consume the first two hours.
  • 3rd hour.... Dr. Randy Eaton joins Art in the third hour to discuss whales. The discussion begins with Dr. Eaton's reasons for getting involved so intensley with orcas.

9/01/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Welcome.... Art welcomes KLOA in California, and KGAB in Cheyenne.
  • Today show.... Art may be on The Today Show on September 8th, barring any natural disasters.
  • Earl.... Tropical storm Earl is churning in the Gulf of Mexico and should turn in a hurricane and hit Texasand Louisiana. If you are in Earl's path, evacuation is recommended.
  • Market.... Art discusses the dow jones recovery and a theory called a bear trap, where people rush in after a bad day and buy up a bunch of stock.
  • Summit.... Clinton urged Yeltsin to keep at those reforms.
  • Dames.... Art brought on Richard Hoagland during Ed Dames' interview last night discussing some NSA info he claimed to have about the missile fired toward Japan.
  • Signing.... Saturday, September 19th at 10 a.m., Art will be signing his book in Glendale, Colorado at the Barnes and Noble.
  • Fax.... Art reads a fax from a listener referring to the collective meditations Art has experimented with in the past.
  • Open lines.... Open lines completes the first hour, and Richard Hoagland joins Art in the second hour. The first topic discussed is the Old Navy stores Richard used to speak of in the past. Then his NSA source joins the show, Vance Davis.