9/30/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Replay - Sean Morton & "Victor" (5/23/97)

9/29/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Replay - Doug Ruby, Crop Circles (6/12/97)

9/28/97 - Dreamland

  • John Zajac, "The Delicate Balance"

9/26/97 - Friday / Saturday

9/25/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Guy Finley, Life of Learning Foundation, Author, "Intimate Enemy"
  • Guy.... Art understands what Guy was saying this evening, but he doesn't agree with it. Art likes this quote from W.C. Fields sent to him by fax: I never hold a grudge, as soon as I get even with the son of a bitch I forget all about him.
  • Shuttle.... The shuttle went off last night, quite a sight at night, headed for Mir where David Wolf will be dropped off for a four month tour of terror. That is Art's take on it anyway, he says you can't fault the astronauts, they want to be in space.
  • Nora.... Nora went from Mexico to the U.S. tonight. Traffic accidents have been blamed on her.
  • Speed Record.... Andy Green, a RAF fighter pilot broke the land speed record last Thursday going across the desert in Neveda at 714.1 mph in a car equipped with 2 jet engines.
  • Travel Tips.... Ramona gets on the air and talks about the upcoming cruise and gives us some travel tips. This is also in Real-Audio on our Sound Clips page.

9/24/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

9/23/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

9/22/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Dannion.... Dannion Brinkley is getting better by the second, up and eating solid foods. Your prayers have worked.
  • Photos.... There are photos on the web site pertaining to tonight's discussion of Egypt. See the Pyramid page.
  • Photo... A photo taken 11/26/95 from an observatory was sent to Art and is on the web page. Look to the right of the little girl dressed in red. Ghost? See the Ghosts page.
  • Chupacabra.... A picture of a model of a chupacabra made out of garden tools on the Chupacabra page.
  • Funnel Clouds.... A listener sent a couple of incredible photos of funnel clouds in Florida. See the Graphic Gallery.
  • Rogue Market.... Art says this will be a great week for the Art Bell stock on the rogue market.
  • Clinton... Clinton denies wrong doing during the '96 campaign. Art says what else would he say.
  • NASA.... NASA begins shuttle countdown despite all the troubles, Art says it is an experiment in mortal terror and disagrees with the decision to send an American to MIR.
  • Kathy Keeton... passed away during surgery Friday. Art expresses his condolences to Bob Gucionne, may she rest in peace.
  • Guest: Boris Said, discusses his exploration of the Great Pyramids.

9/21/97 - Sunday Dreamland

  • Linda Howe reports on the "Cell from Hell", ACC, UFO sightings and military accidents.
  • Dannion Update.... The news is GOOD! The bleeding has stopped, the shunts are removed and the pain has receeded. Dannion is feeling much better and thanks all who prayed for him. Here is the Real-Audio Streaming 14.4K version and a Download 14.4K version.
  • Guest: Greg Bear, Sci-Fi Writer and Futurist

9/19/97 - Friday / Saturday

9/18/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Dannion... Today we have a transcript of Art's Dannion Brinkley update. Here is the full report in a Real-Audio Streaming 14.4K version.
  • Ted Turner... Ted Turner has pledged one billion dollars to the United Nations over the next ten years and has requested other wealthy people do the same.
  • AIDS.... New reported cases of AIDS is on the decline, Art is happy to see that, unfortuneately cases among heterosexuals is on the rise. Art says that the education in the gay community has been received and is working.
  • MIR.... US lawmakers are trying to figure out whether MIR is safe. "Duh, no it is not", says Art. He calls it a experiment in weightless terror.
  • Attack.... Terrorists attacked a bus in downtown Eygpt, leaving ten dead. Seven of them Germans. Art reminds us he will be there in a few weeks.
  • Camaro.... The Chevy Camaro has once again been deemed the most dangerous car having the highest driver death rate according to insurance companies.
  • El Nino... Nora has become a huricane off the coast of Mexico and El Nino keeps chugging along.
  • Guest: Major Ed Dames - We have a Real Audio clip of Ed's report on the Phoenix Lights on our Sound Clips page.

9/17/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Dannion... Art reports from a hotel room in North Carolina that Dannion's surgery was preempted by a less risky procedure of drilling two small holes and draining the blood clot from Dannion. So far Dannion is in intensive care and is sedated while recovering from this procedure. Art feels that Dannion is out of the woods as they say, barring any post operative infection. Art is on his way back. Here is the full report in a Real-Audio Streaming 14.4K version .
  • Replay.... Art's May 22nd interview of Terence McKenna.

9/16/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Replay - While Art is visiting Dannion in the hospital, a replay of the July 18th interview with Dannion is replayed.

9/15/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Dannion.... Dannion Brinkley has taken a turn for the worse. He will be having surgery Wednesday morning at 7:05. The medication he had been taking for his bad heart is now killing him due to the clots. Art talked to him Monday and Dannion said the pain is just beyond toleration, hence his decision to have surgery. His surgery is scheduled exactly 22 years after he was struck by lightning. If Dannion decides he wants to see Art, Art will be on the first plane there. Art asks that you continue your prayers. Real-Audio Streaming 14.4K version.
  • Ed Dames.... Ed Dames will be here Thursday night with a rather long story on the Phoenix lights, a short follow up in regard to Hale-Bopp and information on the next use of a nuclear device.
  • Area 51 caller.... David Oates will do reversals on the call from a man claiming to be a former employee of area 51 in the near future. Art has set that show up. This is the man that was on the phone when the satellite went dead last week. Officals at Art's network have serious reservations about the excuse they have been given for the earth link loss. Art says the whole situation scared him and he doesn't like the thought that he may have been taken off the air by someone. So he may just set up the area 51 phone line again tonight. The end of the original call that listeners didn't hear has the man screaming and then sound of the phone being dropped.
  • Weld... William Weld is giving up the fight for a foreign post. Art says the moral of this story is don't mess with Jesse Helms if you want to be nominated to a foreign post.
  • F117.... The Air Force has grounded Stealth F117 aircraft after the accident at an Air Show where one fell apart in midflight.
  • Land Mines.... The U.S. has changed its position on land mines.
  • Princess Di.... Art now has that photograph that nobody should have and he will not post it on the web.
  • Linda.... Art says we had a close call with hurricane Linda, surely a product of El Nino. Art predicts an interesting winter.
  • Football.... Art says Monday Night Football had an incredible finish tonight. Art says you can apply the same mistake a bowler might make when they stop too soon to release the ball to the field goal attempted by the kicker of last night's game.
  • Book Signing.... Art's one scheduled book signing will be in Encinitas at Barnes and Noble north of San Deigo October 25th.
  • Stan Deyo.... A fax from from a lady in Austraila says she has a urgent message from Stan Deyo for Art. An area near Lake Taupo, in New Zealand, has three volcanoes that may become active and kill the 24,000 people in the village. There is also a miltary base near the foot of one of them. The faxer asks that Art broadcast this info in hopes it will help these people.

9/14/97 - Dreamland

  • Linda Howe - Followup report on the Roswell connection to advanced technological discoveries.
  • Dannion - Art updates us on a setback for Dannion Brinkley. Real-Audio Streaming 14.4K version.
  • Guest: Gail De Sciose, Animal Communicator

9/12/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Area 51.... Art replays the lost portion of last nights show due to GE1 satellite losing contact with Earth. Art has never had this happen to him in all his years of broadcasting. Quite a coincidence that it happened during a particular Area 51 call on the Area 51 phone line.
  • Linda.... Hurricane Linda is a massive hurricane 5 forming off the tip of Baja. It could easily hit California if it continues at its current speed. Art suggests that those listeners in California, be prepared.
  • Guest: James Van Praagh

9/11/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Area 51.... Art opens up his Area 51 ex-employee phone line tonight. He was a little under the weather last night so there was a repeat.
  • Diana.... Officals are now preparing to consider charging the hotel in the death of Diana and her companions.
  • Army.... The Army continues to battle sexual harrasment. Art has always thought women in the military was a mistake in most regards. The Army is talking about adding another week to basic training for sensitivity training.
  • Brinkley.... Dannion calls Art tonight with a medical update. He got his medication regiment out of order and popped a vessel and began bleeding in the brain. He explains the treatment he has received and his prognosis for the future. He explains his beliefs about the healing process.
  • Satellite... The General Electric satellite that Art and CBC uses for uplinking had problems last night. During an "Area 51 Employee Line" call, Art's program drops off the air. It appeared to affect Art's uplink, downlink, and the network's feed to the affiliates. More details on the Satellite Outage Report page.

9/10/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Repeat - Charles Ostman, Nantechnology

9/9/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Brinkley.... Dannion called Art today and it looks like he is going to make it. All three aneurisms have ceased bleeding, though the clots are still there but dissolving. He is expected to remain in the hospital another week. Miracle? Dannion and Art want to thank everyone for their prayers. Dannion said he could feel the prayers, there was a blue aura all around him. CNN has been doing reports this week about the power of prayer. Personally Art doesn't put "God" to the power of prayers, he feels our brain has powers we are unaware of. Art respects anyone who has faith. Tuesday's Nights Update in Real-Audio Streaming 14.4K version.
  • Book.... Art's book debuted on the Business best seller list at number 6. Art is surprised and pleased. He says it is like having a baby and watching it grow up.
  • Fax... A brokerage firm faxed Art today and asked Art to help him out with a client who has ordered him to buy Art Bell stock because it has gone up 700% and it is about to split. Chuckle, chuckle. Art called him back and asked if this client is a very nice, rich elderly lady, and yep, it was. Art had to explain to this broker about the rogue market.
  • Diana.... It is now being reported that the driver of Princess Diana's car also had depression medication in his system. Art knew this was going to be a case of driver negligence.
  • Paula Jones.... Paula Jones is dismissing her lawyers because they want her to accept a settlement and she wants an apology. Art says hang in there Paula, get a new lawyer, one that will get you what you want, your reputation back. Art applauds Ms. Jones for sticking to her demands.
  • Barwood.... Frances Barwood reports on the result of her recall election. She Won!! Here is a Real-Audio Streaming 14.4K version.

9/8/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Brinkley.... Dannion Brinkley is scheduled for a MRI Tuesday morning. The bleeding in the third aneurism has stopped, which he attributes to your prayers. He is still facing a rough road with a number of clots in his brain. If they do not dissolve he may have a stroke. Art speaks to him about twice a day. Dannion is very concerned with the Medical Access Treatment Act, bill 578 or HR746, and wanted Art to tell his audience to contact Senator Frist, Jefferds or Kennedy and urge them to keep the MATA bill attached to the reform bill and urge its passing. Real-Audio Streaming 14.4K version.
  • Quickening.... Art's book is number 22 on the New York Times Best Seller List.
  • Guest... Linda Howe, updates her report on the Roswell connection to Bell Labs and the American Computer Company. This report includes an additional witness report regarding alien crafts. (See Linda Howe Page for Real-Audio Report)
  • Guests.... Frances Barwood, Richard Hoagland discuss the UFO photos from 1947 in Phoenix.
  • Guest.... Steve Bassett discusses his experiences as a UFO lobbyist. Here are two (Word 6.0) documents that Steve would like you to download and distribute.

9/7/97 - Sunday / Dreamland

9/5/97 - Friday /Saturday

  • Brinkley.... Dannion Brinkley is still in critical condition in a private room in intensive care. His brain continues to bleed, and is taking steroids and if he can be stabilized he will face brain surgery. Dannion says if you never believed in the power of prayer, you should be in his situation. He asks that he have no visitors at this time. Art asks that you all pray for Dannion. Art is not certain why prayer works, but he knows it does. Here is the Friday's Real-Audio Streaming 14.4K version of the three minute report.
  • Mother Teresa.... Art is puzzled as to why the continuing coverage of the death of Princess Diana is overshadowing the passing of Mother Teresa. Art reads a fax from a listener conveying the same thoughts. Many feel there will a third famous death.
  • Bombs.... Reminding us that there are still 100 missing nuclear bombs disguised as suitcases, Art asks where do you think the first target would be if they fall into the wrong hands.
  • UPS.... Art says UPS is still screwed up. A radio he ordered Wednesday still hasn't made it 65 miles to his house.
  • Book.... The Quickening, Art's book, has hit #10 with a bullet in Houston.
  • Guest: Albert Taylor, author and now screenwriter, Soul Traveler

9/4/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Guest: Mark Fuhrman
  • Dannion... Dannion Brinkley is reported to be suffering from an aneurism and is in the hospital at this time. Art asks for prayers and thoughts of Dannion at this time.
  • Russia.... The Russian military has lost track of more than 100 nuclear bombs. The story will be on 60 Minutes this week. The devices are designed to look like suitcases.

9/3/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest: Joyce Riley, American Gulf War Veterans Association
  • Pahrump.... The town officials of Pahrump have declared a state of emergency due to the floods. All the schools will be closed Thursday, many roads closed. Any more rain and Pahrump is in deep trouble.
  • Canada.... A listener from Canada faxed Art, saying Art is now getting a taste of his own medicine, calling Art a catastrophe lover and pretty much insulting him. Art says, "Classy".
  • Drudge Report.... Art reads a report about El Nino that is pretty discouraging. Calling this El Nino the climatic event of the century. Another listener faxes Art with the news that many fish not usually found in some waters are there now.
  • Symington.... The governor of Arizona must resign after being convicted of fraud.
  • Bounty Hunters.... Arizona has arrested two bounty hunters in connection with the mistaken identity shooting a few days ago. This brings the number up to five arrested.
  • Cassini.... The Cassini space probe is in trouble. This makes many people happy, Art included. A blasting air conditioner has caused damage and will probably delay the launch of it's mission to explore Saturn.
  • Surprise Guest: Stan Deyo, Discusses weather changes for the last 1 and 1/2 hours of the program.

9/2/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest: Merle Haggard for all 5 hours

9/1//97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Alaska.... Art had a short but wonderful vacation in Alaska. There are many pictures of his trip on the web page. Take a look. Art especially had fun on a Blackhawk Helicopter.
  • Princess Di.... Art doesn't think the paparazzi was the cause of the accident due to the alcohol level in the drivers' system. He thinks all the paparazzi will be charged with is not aiding in an emergency. Art hopes that no one ever buys whatever photos were taken at the time of her death.
  • Bounty Hunters.... Art says that even though these bounty hunters made a mistake, so do the police, and bounty hunters have successfully recaptured many criminals.
  • Guests: Richard C. Hoagland and Ron Nicks join the program at midnight to discuss the upcoming Pasadena Conference and the images they have processed and compared and feel show artifacts on Mars.
  • Guest: David John Oates joins at 1AM to play his reversals.
  • Last hour: Richard previews many more discoveries.