7/31/97 - Thursday / Friday

7/30/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest: Robert Ghostwolf

7/29/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Replay.... Due to UPLINK problems, the program with Clare Sylvia was replayed.

7/28/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Pets.... Art asks that anyone that has captured on tape any communication from their pets to give him a call. Art feels he can communicate with his own cats, even if some people think he's looney tunes.
  • Talk Radio.... Nationally, talk radio ratings have gone down almost across the board. One of the few exceptions is Coast to Coast AM. Art feels the down trend is because of the myopic concentration on the political world. He says it is about as interesting as watching grass grow.
  • Budget.... Republicans and the White House have announced they have reached a deal to balance the budget within five years.
  • Justice Dept... The Justice Dept now says it made a major error in judgement that could have violated Richard Jewels' rights when they interviewed him after the bombing.
  • Cosby.... Bill Cosby says he will take a DNA test to disprove paternity.
  • Fox Network....Fox had an interesting show on UFOs. Art wonders if you found it convincing.
  • Honda.... Honda Motor Company introduced a two legged robot that resembles a man in a boxy space suit. It is sophisticated enough to know when to step over an obstacle or take another route. It only takes a simple command to start. It has been likened to the androids seen in science fiction, except it only does what it is told to do. Art says when you put this together with the initiation of the first intelligent machine he talked about last week, you have an essencian being. Did you ever imagine technology would move this quickly?
  • Virus.... The first case of hunta virus being passed from person to person is being reported in Argentina. Art is not surprised. Mother Earth is kicking back, says Art.
  • Howe.... Linda Moulton Howe had an extremely alarming report on Dreamland last night about the number of fish having large open bleeding sores along the coast of North Carolina. Art will try to get the report on the air tonight.
  • Psi-Tech.... Art has a fax from Ed Dames concerning the Jon Bennet Ramsey murder case. He won't disclose the contents til he gets permission from Dames to air it.

7/25/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Guests: Richard Hoagland, Ken Johnston, Marv Czarnik, Ron Nicks

7/24/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Guest: Jim Keith, Author, "Casebook on the Men on Black"

7/23/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guests: Dr. John Alexander with Col. Phillip Corso

7/22/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest: Leonard Nimoy (First Half Hour)
  • Greenspan.... Alan Greenspan says the economic growth is slowing and will not raise interest rates.
  • Clinton.... Clinton accepted a proposal from Janet Reno that will reduce the wide desparities in Federal prison sentences, even them out so to speak.
  • Gingrich.... Newt is trying to calm things down after the attempted coup.
  • Mars.... The mars mission is back on track after losing contact with Pathfinder on July 20th for a little while.
  • Guest: Charles Ostman, Nanotechnology (12:30 PDT)

7/21/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Cunanan.... Officials speculate that Cunanan may be dressing as a women to elude capture. Art feels he is probably good at that and it will be very difficult to find him.
  • MIR... Repairs on MIR will await a new crew. Art says you have to read between the lines. He feels this means there is something seriously wrong with this crew.
  • 20th.... On July 20th NASA lost contact with Surveigner at the jet propulsion station in Pasadena. Art says this is strange. Remember the 20th?
  • Pageant.... For the first time Miss America contestants will have an option to participate in the swim suit competition. They say it is not supposed to be sexy anyway. Art says what's wrong with the swim suits being sexy. What is the point then.
  • Politics.... Bill Paxon and company were allegedly planning to get rid of Newt Gingrich. The coup has been smushed, as Art puts it. This is actually the biggest thing going on in politics lately. Art says if Newt was gone, it wouldn't change his life in any way.
  • Killers.... A new study done by MRI says that 60% of people who commit murder have a specific brain abnormality. Art says this could mean many things. Suppose you went in for a MRI and they detected this abnormality in you. Does this mean you should be watched? What if they detected this in a child? Could killers actually be diagnosed.
  • Webpage.... Two crop circle photographs have been added to the page, both from England. Art says if these were made by humans, he would refuse to believe it. They are too intricate and perfect.
  • GUEST: Clare Sylvia, Heart and Lung Transplant Recipient (2 Hours starting at Midnight)

7/18/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Guest: Dannion Brinkley

7/17/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Guest: Robert Anton Wilson (2 Hours)
  • Fax.... Ken faxes Art inquiring about Art's plans to have Ed Dames on again. Art might make a surprise call to Ed Dames and see If he's ready to "put his signature" on the climatic changes he mentioned a year ago. Art says there are climatic changes going on now and he could almost put "his" signature on it. He did, and Ed is one later in the show.
  • MIR.... Officals say MIR has realigned itself back in the sun again, lights on. Most systems up and running again.
  • AIDS.... Florida upheld a case involving a man dying of AIDS and assisted suicide by a physician. Art is very much opposed to suicide, except for you. Meaning he wouldn't impose his personal beliefs on you. Art feels the government has no damn business enacting laws concerning what you can do with your life.
  • Storm.... There is a tropical storm, "Danny" brewing out in the gulf off the coast of Louisiana. Art says the problem with this one is it's sitting out there feeding on the warm water, and when it hits land it will be a very dangerous storm. Later in the night Danny turned into a hurricane.
  • Guest: Ed Dames comes on for 1 hour to update us on the released video tape training modules and past predictions. Real Audio Recordings will provided this weekend.

7/16/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest: Evelyn Paglini, Mystical Witch!

7/15/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Web page....Broke records last night concerning hits on the page during the Internet access to LIVE images, being uploaded to the site from the Hoagland conference.
  • Fax.... A listener faxed Art saying he was impressed by all the electronic sounds and bells and whistles heard on the show to make it sound like they were really in Phoenix. No way to convince this guy that the show was in Phoenix.
  • Veracci.... Andrew Cooninon is the suspect in the murder of fashion designer Veracci. He is a serial killer who has been on the FBI's most wanted list.
  • Foal.... Michael Foal, an American astronaut, may be required to do emergency duty to fix MIR. The commander of MIR is having heart trouble and suggesting that he is not up to the job. The Russians have asked NASA for Michael Foal.
  • Rover.... The Mars rover is back on track after having it's computer reset again. They are saying this rover could work indefinetly, sending back images. Discovering rocks is the only thing they can boast about so far. Art says he pretty much knew that before we even left Earth.
  • Star.... Whitewater prosecuter Kenneth Star has declared the Vince Foster suicide, a suicide.
  • Soldiers..... US Radio news reports North and South Korean soldiers are exchanging gunfire across DMV.
  • Dead?.... A man declared dead, in Cairo, regained consciousness after 12 hours in a morgue refrigerator. Upon discovering the man alive, a paramedic collapsed in shock and died. The cold of the refrigerator revived the man. He said he had opened his eyes and couldn't see anything. After sliding the coffin-like lid away he called for help.
  • Hanford.... Remember the incident in Washington State at Hanford, they said nothing toxic was released in the explosion. Well indeed there was a small release of plutonium. Art says, "I told you so". Just another example of coverup and not telling us the whole truth.
  • Darwin Award Nominee... A 22 year old man bungee jumped off a railroad trestle and died because the ropes were too long.
  • Nominee #2.... A man was shot in the knee when he used a 22 calibler rifle bullet to replace a tube like fuse in his Chevy pickup. The electricity heated up the bullet and it hit him in the knee. He used the bullet because it fit perfectly.
  • Time Line.... Art opens his time lines, special phone numbers only for those who have time traveled. We will get sound clips of these calls up shortly.

7/14/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Hoagland.... Coverage of the Richard Hoagland "Phoenix Connection" Seminar, LIVE from Phoenix. First 2 1/2 hours.
  • Crop Circles.... Linda Howe and Doug Ruby discuss the latest orcurrances.

7/11/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Guest: Father Malachi Martin

7/10/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Guest: John Kirby, Roswell Investigator

7/9/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest: Karl Grossman, discussing the Stop Cassini Mission
  • NASA.... Art relates his support of our space program but does feel the American people have a right to know what the risks are. Art's first guest, Carl Grossman, used the freedom of information act to tell us about Cassini, and the plans for its landing back on earth. He says we haven't been told that NASA plans to relocate every citizen in whatever city Cassini will land in.
  • Tyson.... Tyson has been banned from boxing and fined 3 million dollars. Art's not sure that hurts him too much. Art feels he will fight again and appeal every year.
  • Ratings.... The new ratings, S, L, V, D, will be enacted. Art feels this will be what our younger people will use to determine what they will watch. The more letters, the better.
  • Clinton.... Clinton's approval rating is as high as it has ever been, 64%, mostly due to the good economy. Art agrees the economy is good and even though the market takes 100 point jumps every other day, it is more up than down.
  • Pathfinder.... The rover continues it's work. Art finds it astounding and there will be another news conference at noon on Thursday.
  • Quake.... A 5.5 earthquake has hit Venezuala and has killed 28 people, with 150 others injured.
  • MIR.... Nobody knows what kind of dangers await the Russians astronauts when they open their hatch. Art feels it could be a Pandora's Box because there are shards of broken glass floating around from broken bottles, globules of blood and urine from popped vials and toxic spills from ruined experiments and burst pipes. NASA is scrambling to put together a worst case list in preparation for repairs.
  • FAX.... A fax from Don contemplates the idea of surgically altering astronauts to be practically cyborgs for extended missions.
  • Crop circle.... A crop circle has been seen in a wheat field in the Salem area near Highway 22. It is about 50 to 60 feet across about 100 yards NE of the Silver Creek Falls exit. Now posted on our Crop Circles Page.

7/8/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

7/7/97 - Monday / Tuesday

7/6/97 - Dreamland / Sunday

  • Linda Howe and Colonel Philip Corso, "The Day After Roswell

7/4/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Guest: Michael Hesemann, "Beyond Roswell"

7/3/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Guests: Linda M. Howe & Bud Hopkins, On sight of the Roswell Convention

7/2/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guests: Jamie Shandera and Dr. Bond Johnson, Roswell investigations

7/1/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest... Lan Lamphere of WindChaser comes on again to update us on the UFO found in his storm chaser video. (3 hours)
  • Mars.... Art has received a lot of faxes from people who don't believe there really is a dust storm developing in Pathfinder's landing zone. But there is, and one faxer in Honolulu tells Art the storm may cover the entire planet. Art reads a story from Reuters confirming the storm, but saying the effects on Pathfinder should be minimal.
  • Roswell.... There will be a news conference on July 4th with a scientist that was involved in the research of the original incident. It is said that he will confirm that studies of the crash debris will prove the materials were manufactured with extra-terrestrial materials. A lot of discussion on open lines deals with this announcement.