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Sean David Morton Images

[IMAGE] This photo was taken by Pleiadian contactee Adrain, from INSIDE another UFO. He is about 30,000 feet above the coast of Florida. Two ships, representing two variations of "Beam Ships", are seen flying above the clouds.


[IMAGE] This incredible photo was taken in 1995 by Pleiadian contactee Adrain. He used to live on the top floor of a condo complex next to a golf course in Miami, Florida. He crouched down on his porch when they appeared in order to get the patio railing in the shot to show some distance and perspective. These four craft represent various advances in Pleiadian technology. The craft on the far left, he claims, is a German craft built in the 1920s with assistance from the Pleiadians. This group of 'P's come from a planet called Romul in the Alcyone star system. This is just one of nearly a thousand pictures that are currently being analyized.


[IMAGE] This amazingly clear photo of a red and gold "Plasma Craft" was taken by Carlos Diaz in 1994, near his home in Tepetzlan, Mexico. Carlos claims to have had contacts with this race of "ETs" for over 17 years. Carlos has never been told what they are called or where they are from, but on his contact trips he goes aboard the craft and they take him inside the Earth. Here he claims to see great "Halls of Remembrance" filled with flora, fauna, music and samples of all life forms on the surface. These will be used to repopulate the world if, as they fear, Mankind destroys the surface of the planet.

Phoenix UFO Images

Here are images from Jim Dilettoso, discussed on Coast to Coast June 20, 1997. These are stills from videos:Apache Junction View, Close Phoenix View, Distant Phoenix View.


Art and Ramona's 2nd UFO Sighting

[IMAGE] Here is an artist's rendering (Randy Stiefer) of the UFO sighting by Art and Ramona on Memorial Day 1997. Here are Real Audio segments from the broadcast, where Art and Ramona describe the sighting and take calls.


Space Shuttle

[IMAGE] Here is an excerpt from the STS-51 video showing an object moving through the field of view. 330K AVI file.


John Bro Sunset UFO's

[IMAGE] More UFOs in the Sunset in Montreal, photo by Marcel Trudel.


[IMAGE] UFOs in the Sunset, submitted by John Bro


Lee and Brit Elders Images

[IMAGE] [IMAGE] These two photos, scanned by Art from photographs provided by Lee and Brit Elders, will be discussed on Dreamland, April 20, 1997.

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