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7/31/01 - Tue/Wed

Guest Host: Barbara Simpson

Guest: Stan Deyo

Earth Changes Update

Book: Cosmic Conspiracy - Millennium Edition
Book: The Vindicator Scrolls

7/30/01 - Mon/Tue

Guest Host: Barbara Simpson

One Hour LIVE Open Lines and report of Art's status.

Guest: Replay of Philip Krapf from 3/28

New Book: The Challenge of Contact
Book: The Contact Has Begun : The True Story of a Journalist's Encounter With Alien Beings

7/29/01 - Sun/Mon

Host: Ian Punnett
Guest: Replay Carol Bowman

Carol Bowman explains the newly discovered phenomenon of same-family reincarnation-grandfathers returning as their own great-grandsons, uncles returning as their own nieces, mothers switching places with their own daughters-and the most astonishing cases where children who die tragically young return to the same mother within a few years. Carol Bowman is the world's premiere spokesperson in the field of children's past lives.

Book: Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child
Book: Return From Heaven: Beloved Relatives Reincarnated Within Your Family

7/28/01 - Sat/Sun

Host: Barbara Simpson
Guest: Dorothy Morrison

Dorothy Morrison is a Wiccan high priestess of the Georgian Tradition and has been an avid practitioner of the Ancient Arts for more than twenty years. She founded the Coven of the Crystal Garden in 1986.

Book: The Craft: A Witch's Book of Shadows

7/27/01 - Fri/Sat

Guest: REPLAY of Dr Melvin Morse from 2/16

Books: List of Author's Titles
Related Info: Soul Substance

7/26/01 - Thu/Fri

Guest Host: Ian Punnett
Guest: Matt Moneymaker, Jimmy Chilcutt, Dr. Greg Bambenek
Topic: Bigfoot

7/25/01 - Wed/Thu

Guest Host: Ian Punnett

Guest: Glenn Kimball

Author and lecturer on Extra-Biblical manuscripts.

Book: Hidden Politics of the Crucifixion
Book: Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus
Book: Lions in the New Land
Book: Joseph of Arimathea: Foster Father of Christ


7/24/01 - Tue/Wed

Guest Host: Barbara Simpson

Guest: William Buhlman

America's leading expert on OBEs tells the riveting story of his travels to other realms and offers easy-to-use techniques so you can too.

Book: Adventures Beyond the Body
Book: The Secret of the Soul: Using Out-of-Body Experiences to Understand Our True Nature

7/23/01 - Mon/Tue

Guest: REPLAY of Brian Walker from 5/22

Man who will rocket himself into space!

Related Info: Project Photos from Brian Walker

7/22/01 - Sun/Mon

Host: Ian Punnett
Guest: Kristin Von Kreisler

Kristen Von Kreisler, animal advocate and writer, combines provocative scientific findings with a compassionate understanding of the natural world to offer proof that animals are capable of experiencing such strong feelings-and that they can choose to express their emotions through behavior that is virtuous and moral.

Book: Beauty In The Beasts: True Stories of Animals Who Choose to Do Good
Book: The Compassion of Animals : True Stories of Animal Courage and Kindness

7/21/01 - Sat/Sun

Host: Barbara Simpson
Guest: Danah Zohar

Spiritual Intelligence is our access to and use of meaning vision and value in the way that we think and the decisions we make.

Book: SQ Connecting with our Spiritual Intelligence
Book: Quantum Self: Human Nature and Consciousness Defined by the New Physics
Book: The Quantum Society: Mind, Physics, and a New Social Vision
Book: Rewiring the Corporate Brain: Using the New Science to Rethink How We Structure and Lead Organizations

7/20/01 - Fri/Sat

Guest Host: Ian Punnett

Guest: Mike Schmicker

Book: Best Evidence

Art Bell continues to have terrible back problems. He is doing everything possible for a quick recovery. He will return full-time to the program just as soon as possible.

7/19/01 - Thu/Fri

Guest Host: Barbara Simpson

Guest: Nat Segaloff

Book: The Everything Tall Tales, Legends & Other Outrageous Lies Book (Everything Series)

7/18/01 - Wed/Thu

Guest: Linda Howe

Art was only able to go on for one hour tonight with Linda.

Guest: Replay of Dr David Jacobs from 5/29

Dr. Jacobs is Associate Professor of History at Temple University specializing in twentieth century American history and culture. Dr. Jacobs began researching the controversy over UFOs in the mid 1960's, and has amassed over 35 years of primary research data and analytical hypotheses on the subject.

Book: UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge
Book: The Threat
Book: Secret Life: Firsthand, Documented Accounts of UFO Abductions

7/17/01 - Tue/Wed

Guest: Ted Randall

Photos: Birds Burned by Energy Pulse: Photo 1 and Photo 2
Website: Station WJKM knocked off the air by energy blast!

Guest: Colm A. Kelleher, Ph.D.

Dr. Kelleher, a staff member of the National Institute of Discovery Science, is a Research Scientist and Deputy Administrator where his responsibilities include overseeing NIDS research projects.

Website: The National Institute of Discovery Science
UFO Hotline:(702) 798-1700

7/16/01 - Mon/Tue

Replay Ghost to Ghost AM originally aired on 04/13/01

7/15/01 - Sun/Mon

Host: Ian Punnet
Guest: Bruce Maccabee
Book: UFOs Are Real: Here's the Proof
Book: UFO/FBI Connection
Book: Abduction in My Life: A Novel of Alien Encounters

7/14/01 - Sat/Sun

Replay Bob Butts and Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj originally aired on June 9, 2001

Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D. received his medical education and training at St. Mary's Hospital Medical School of London University. He has spent most of his scientific life researching the link between pain and disease and chronic dehydration. Dr. Batmanghelidj discovered the healing powers of water 21 years ago when he was serving time as a political prisoner in an Iranian jail. He successfully treated 3,000 fellow prisoners suffering from stress-induced peptic ulcer disease with the only medication he possessed -water. This is when he understood for the first time in medical history that the body indicates its water shortage by producing pain. Since his prison experience, he has focused his full-time attention on dehydration-produced health problems in the body. His discovery has helped hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a variety of pains and degenerative diseases regain their health.

Book: Your Body's Many Cries for Water
Book: How to Deal With Back Pain and Rheumatoid Joint Pain
Book: Your Body's Many Cries for Water
Book: Water: Rx for A Healthier Pain-Free Life
Book: ABC of Asthma Allergies & Lupus

7/13/01 - Fri/Sat

Host: Ian Punnett
Guest: David Hatcher Childress

At the age of 19 David Hatcher Childress left the United States on a six-year research and adventure odyssey. Childress would study firsthand the ancient civilizations of Africa, the Middle East and China; along with journeying into dangerous territory occasionally, like Uganda during the overthrow of Idi Amin. Further expeditions to South America, Africa and remote Pacific Islands, along with his books and media attention certified Childress as the Real Life Indiana Jones. From Childress further 20 years of global search for lost cities, ancient mysteries and clues of humankind's origins, The LOST CITIES SERIES of 8 titles has come about.

Book: Lost Cities of North & Central America
Book: Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients
Book: The Time Travel Handbook: A Manual of Practice Teleportation & Time Travel
Book: Ancient Micronesia & the Lost City of Nan Madol
Book: Ancient Tonga & the Lost City of Mu'a
Book: Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of Africa and Arabia
Book: Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of South America
Book: Lost Cities of Atlantis Ancient Europe & the Mediterranean
Book: Lost Cities of China, Central Asia and India
Book: Lost Continents & the Hollow Earth
Book: Anti-Gravity and the Unified Field
Book: Anti-Gravity and the World Grid
Book: The Anti-Gravity Handbook
Book: The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla
Book: The Free-Energy Device Handbook
Book: Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis

7/12/01 - Thu/Fri

Host: Ian Punnett

Guest: Rabbi Moshe Yess

Topic: The Messiah

Related Story: Imminent Arrival and Identity of King Messiah Proclaimed by Rabbis Worldwide

7/11/01 - Wed/Thu

Host: Barbara Simpson
Guest: Dr. Nicholas J. Begich

Author, Earthpulse Press

One area of discussion will be the disappearance of his Nick's father, Congressman Nick Begich Sr. with House Majority Leader Hale Boggs in 1972. The men and plane were never found. On our website ( we have placed the original telex detailing sightings of the men and plane after the crash. The information was never followed up on.

Dr. Begich is the eldest son of the late United States Congressman from Alaska, Nick Begich Sr. He is the publisher and co-owner of Earthpulse Press and is, also, under contract as Tribal Administrator for the Chickaloon Village Council, a federally recognized American Indian Tribe of the Athabascan Indian Nation.

Book: Earth Rising: The Revolution, Toward a Thousand Years of Peace
Book: Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology
Book: Towards a New Alchemy

7/10/01 - Tue/Wed

Host: Barbara Simpson

Guest: Jim Berkland

Geologist, with an Earthquake update.


Guest: Dr. Lorraine Day

Cancer Survivor.

Book: AIDS: What the Government Isn't Telling You

7/09/01 - Mon/Tue

Host: Barbara Simpson

Guest: Whitley Strieber

7/08/01 - Sun/Mon

Host: Ian Punnett
Guest: Lee Lawson

A Visitation - a spontaneous encounter with a loved one who has passed on into the next world - is a life-altering and transformative experience. Sometimes a loved one returns to say "Good-bye, for now," or to bring a vision of the afterlife or a lesson for this life. Often the spirit brings the blessed peace of healing to a grieving loved one- someone who has lost a parent, a partner, or a child. However, they come, these extraordinary moments of reunion leave the living blessed and forever changed. Since early childhood, Lee Lawson has herself had many visitations, treasured experiences that have profoundly shaped and molded her life.

Book: Visitations From the Afterlife: True Stories of Love and Healing

7/07/01 - Sat/Sun

Host: Barbara Simpson
Guest: Carol Simontacchi

The Crazy Makers is Simontacchi's new book exploring our dietary habits and exposing how American food manufacturers are compromising our foods and leading us into malnutrition and its correlary disorders. Carol is the founder and former CEO of a chain of multidisciplinary medical clinics. She is the former CEO of a Pacific Northwest chain of health food stores. Carol obtained her certification as a Clinical Nutritionist through the Clinical Nutritionist Certification Board, holds a Master of Social Science degree, and is a professional member of the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists. She served as the President of the Society of Certified Nutritionists and remains active in that organization. She is the Vice Chair of the Education Committee of the National Nutritional Foods Association.

Book: The Crazy Makers
Book: All About Chitosan

7/06/01 - Fri/Sat

Replay of Robert Morgan and "Bugs", eyewitness of Bigfoot, originally aired on 6/5/01.

Bigfoot Researcher and Founder of The American Anthropological Research Foundation
Related Page: Big Foot Images
Audio Tape: The Ultimate Adventure

7/05/01 - Thu/Fri

Host: Barbara Simpson
Guest: Gary Lockwood

Star of 2001: A Space Odyssey


Guest: Stanton Friedman

Stanton Friedman will be reporting live from Roswell, NM. Since 1967, Friedman has lectured on the topic of UFOs at more than 600 colleges and over 100 professional groups in 50 states, 9 Provinces, England, Italy, Germany, Holland, France, Finland, Brazil, Australia, Korea, Mexico, Turkey, Argentina, and Israel. Often referred to as the "Father of Roswell", Stan was the first to investigate the incident beginning in 1978. He has been investigating UFO incidents since the mid 1950's.

Book: Top Secret Majic
Book: Crash at Corona: The U.S. Military Retrieval and Cover-Up of a UFO
Book: The UFO Investigator's Handbook: The Practical Guide to Researching, Identifying, and Documenting Unexplained Sightings

7/04/01 - Wed/Thu

Host: Best of Art Bell

Guest: Philip Corso

The Late Col. Philip Corso, Linda Howe, and William Birnes from July 6th, 1997, followed by Art’s second interview with Col. Philip Corso and Col. John Alexander from July 23rd, 1997.

7/03/01 - Tue/Wed

Host: Ian Punnett

Guest: Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D.

Most stories of solving problems during sleep involve either dreams or “hypnagogic imagery” – the pictures that go through our minds as we fall asleep or slowly awaken. Laboratory research verifies that creative inspiration, learning, and even answers to formal logic problems can all arrive in dreams. Dr. Barrett is a faculty member of the Department of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and former president of the Association for the Study of Dreams. She is the author of the widely praised The Pregnant Man: And Other Cases from a Hypnotherapist’s Couch and Trauma and Dreams.

Book: The Committee of Sleep: How Artists, Scientists and Athletes Use Dreams For Creative Problem-Solving- And How You Can Too
Book: The Pregnant Man : And Other Cases from a Hypnotherapist's Couch
Book: Trauma and Dreams

7/02/01 - Mon/Tue

Host: Ian Punnett

Guest: Earl D. Cox

What will happen to our society in the 21st century-after we teach our computers and robots to think? Earl Cox and Gregory Paul, co-authored, Beyond Humanity, to present some of the controversial sociological, theological, and scientific issues we will face, when brains are downloaded into receptacles and machines are more efficient than humans. Earl D. Cox is an international authority on the applications of artificial intelligence. He is founder and president of the Metus Systems Group and a regular contributor to Al periodicals. He has consulted for many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, including American Express, Bioscience, and the New York Times.

Book: Beyond Humanity: CyberEvolution and Future Minds

7/01/01 - Sun/Mon

Host: Ian Punnett
Guest: Rael

Three years ago, Rael, the well-known spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, the largest UFO-related organization in the world counting 55,000 members in 84 countries, founded CLONAID, the first company offering to clone human beings. They are currently working on the cloning of a 10-month old American baby who died. The laboratory, and scientific staff, is somewhere in the US in a secret location. Rael believes that today's cloning technology is the first step in the quest for eternal life. Once we can clone exact replicas of ourselves, the next step will be to transfer our memory and personality into our newly-cloned brains, which will allow us to truly live forever. Since we will be able to remember all our past, we will be able to accumulate knowledge ad infinitum.


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