6/30/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • WCKY.... Art welcomes WCKY, 550 on the dial in Cincinnati.
  • Tyson.... Art was surprised that the people sitting up front for the fight didn't want their money back like they have in the past when there was an early knockout. He thinks they feel they got their money's worth. This revisits the question about violent sports in America. Art says we are a violent society and admits even he watched the ultimate fighting championships until they started to wus out. Art asks is violence cathartic for us to see or does it promote violence. Art hasn't made up his mind about that one yet.
  • Hong Kong.... Art watched the return of Hong Kong to the Chinese on CNN, all the celebrations and all. Art was really sad. He had been to Hong Kong in the past and is not sure he would like to visit there now. He says alot of people are running around asking if the U.S. will protect the rights of Hong Kong residents. Art says, "NO". People think we gave the island back to the red chinese. Art feels a gray mist will fall over the bustling capitol and will never be the same.
  • Mahtilda.... We have had a close encounter with an Asteroid, the size of Rhode Island, called Mahtilda. Art says if an asteroid like this entered our atmosphere, there wouldn't be much atmosphere left.
  • MIR.... Improving conditions at MIR, though we still don't know the whole story.
  • Donaldson.... Donaldson interviewed Capt. John McAndrew, who authored the book, "Roswell, Case Closed". The Captain says it is all a myth. A fax sent to Art relates a writers dismay with the lack of follow up questions concerning the crash test dummies and why they would need autopsies.
  • Weather.... Dan from Madrid, Spain, faxes Art to tell him there has just been a snowstorm there. Also tornadoes reported in England. Art says tornadoes just don't happen in England! In Art's desert home, he is experiencing unusually cool temperatures.
  • Pathfinder.... A faxer tells Art that Jim Bell from Cornell has related information to him concerning a dust storm heading straight for the Pathfinder landing sight.
  • Howe.... Linda Howe's Miss Idaho pictures are now on the web page. Also pictures from the secret dig going on in Egypt courtesy of Richard Hoagland.
  • T-Shirt.... Art has received a T-shirt from a fan. It is meant to be worn during any confrontation with authorites of any kind. It is black with large orange letters that spell, CIVILIAN.

6/27/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Guest... David John Oates, Reverse Speech, presents his reversals of the Air Force News conference on Roswell

6/26/97 - Thursday / Friday

6/25/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • MIR.... The Russian space station MIR has collided with a cargo craft during a manual docking exercise. Art says that the gyro beams that keep MIR in the proper attitude are apparantly only functioning during the time MIR is in light. You can hear MIR if you want to, on 143.625 on VHF. Art's guess, of course, is that we are not getting the whole truth. He reminds us of the fire on MIR in February. He knew it was more serious than reported and he reads a AP story confirming this.
  • Guests.... Richard Hoagland is on tonight discussing MIR and Pathfinder. Lam Lamphere was also on discussing a UFO detected in his storm chaser video.
  • Fax.... Wendy, in Washington, faxes Art to tell him of a hail storm with triangular shaped hail with an estimated 40 million dollars in damage. The hail cut through the fruit on the trees. Art has never heard of triangular hail and it would take a meteorologist to explain how that is formed.
  • FAX.... Bob writes to say that the book that is supposed to clear up once and for all the crash at Roswell is actually stirring up more interest than ever.
  • Book.... A fax from a person who has just finished Art's new book relates compliments.
  • Ron.... A frequent faxer sends this question: What do you get when you take the cover of a popular news magazine featuring the Roswell story and crumple it up into a little ball? Time compression.

6/24/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • News Conference.... Art relates his opinion of the news conference held by the Air Force today. Art says the problem with it was that the footage shown was shot 6 years after the Roswell incident. The Air Force blamed time compression, which made Art laugh and laugh. No questions were answered concerning Area 51. Art feels bad for Col. Haines, who was picked to lead this conference. He imitates what the meeting must have been like when he was chosen. Pretty funny stuff, never heard Art so versatile.
  • Linda Howe.... Art reads a fax from Linda Howe that relates her feelings on the Government's wall of mirrors pertaining to Roswell.
  • More Faxes.... Art reads many comical faxes ribbing the news conference.
  • WTAM.... An affiliate from Cleveland told Art they were going to conducted a daily poll concerning the existence of alien life forms. Art took a guess as to the results, saying 70 percent would believe in them. The results given to Art today show 79% of those polled believe in alien life forms.
  • Award.... Jeff, from TriCity sends in the top ten reasons why Art won the Best Male Radio Talk Show Host Award:
    • 10. The Masons picked you.
    • 9. At 52 they weren't sure you'd be around in 1998.
    • 8. Susan Lucci was the only other nomination.
    • 7. Lesser known hosts spend so much time broadsiding you that you have to be doing something right.
    • 6. A five hour talk show with no politics, 14 million listeners, that's our guy!
    • 5. Location, Location, Location.
    • 4. Anyone who says he would sit in a lawn chair in his front yard and do a play by play account of a comet that ends the world while sipping ice tea has got to be dedicated to radio.
    • 3. They've read your book and figured now or never.
    • 2. Chancellor broadcasting liked Talkers Magazine so much they bought the company.
    • 1. He is the most hyper-dimensional guy we know!
  • Call down.... In reference to the experiment the other night, "call down UFOs", Art has received major reports of triangular sightings in the skies of Neveda.
  • Arizona.... The Arizona Republic has apologized for printing the Benson cartoon that used the image of a rescuer craddling a child killed in the Oaklahoma City bombing to criticize capitol punishment. The editorial cartoonist is not apologizing so the paper is doing it for him.
  • Texas.... The major picture on the front page of Art's magazine is that of a train wreck in Texas. The prediction made by Art's time traveller.

6/23/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Las Vegas.... The lights seen by many in the Nevada skies was actually a verified launch from Vandenberg Air Force base.
  • KOGO.... Art welcomes the San Diego station, 600 on the AM dial.
  • LA.... Art won Talkers Magazine's "Best Male Talk Show Host of the Year" award at the Talk Show Hosts convention this weekend.
  • Quake.... A earthquake reported in Washington State registering at 4.9. Art reminds us that a guest he had on during the Time Travel show predicted a transportation disaster, and there was one in Texas and will be in the paper on the day he said it would be. Also a sex scandal was reported that he had predicted. Art will contact this person and find out how he did it.
  • Guest: Brian Shock, The Alcor Foundation, Cryonic Life Extension

6/22/97 - Dreamland / Sunday

  • Linda Howe
  • Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroder, Authors, "Psychic Discoveries, The Iron Curtain Lifted"

6/20/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Jim Dilettoso... Analysis of Phoenix UFO Images
  • Repeat... Steven Greer, last two hours replay of last appearance of Dr. Greer.

6/19/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Guest: Bill Hamilton discusses the Phoenix UFOs.
  • Guest: Francis Barwood returns to discuss Gov. Symington's latest joke!
  • Guest: Richard Hoagland is acknowledged for predicting "something interesting" will be happening to Phoenix. Who thought the press would be boring down on Phoenix today?
  • Guest: Whitley Strieber (aka Victor NOT!) discusses the recent Phoenix UFOs and other related topics. Whitley also takes some calls.

6/18/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Phoenix.... Art discusses today's media blitz on the lights seen in Phoenix, and reads several faxes from listeners, one of which wonders if all this, directly after the Hoagland interview, is a coincidence. Art reminds us that he had Ms. Francis Barwood, a Phoenix city councilwoman on right after the sightings in March.
  • Guest.... Francis Barwood comes on the air to discuss the latest events concerning the March sightings and her politcal status. Including comments by the Mayor of Phoenix suggesting that you can talk into tin foil and Ms. Barwood will hear you. Art made himself a tin foil hat and wore it during portions of his broadcast. You can catch this on the studio cam page.
  • Recap.... Hoagland appeared on Art's show Tuesday and talks extensively about Phoenix and says something is going to happen. Within 24 hours all major networks do gigantic stories on Phoenix. Art says this is getting to be a bit much for him.
  • Einstein.... Art relates a quote from Einstein, "What really interests me is whether God had any choice in the creation of the world." Art wants to know what you think he means in this quote. Art reminds us that he had a guest on once who suggested that God was so lonely he exploded himself to create us, so goes the saying, God is within you.
  • NY Times.... Scientists say they have recovered blood components from a 65 million year old dinosaur bone. Art reminds us that blood contains DNA, and remember what we know about cloning these days. The dinosaur bone was a T-Rex, of course. Do you worry that the T-Rex may be back?

6/17/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest: Richard Hoagland discusses his prediction that NASA will somehow delay the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft, by phoney "technical difficulties" to force it to land on Mars on July 20th, instead of July 4th. He predicts also, it will land in none other than Cydonia! He also links up all the other space missions with the city of Phoenix.

6/16/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Chupacabra.... Tonight's guest has written a book titled, "Chupacabra and Other Mysteries." Scott Corales mentions that there are no legitimate photos of the Chupacabra that he knows of. A humanoid head and a kangaroo-like body, is an example of what one might look like.
  • San Diego.... AM 600 KOGO is now airing Art's program seven days a week.
  • Sand Point.... Sand Point, Idaho is now carrying Art's show on KSET, 1400 on the AM dial.
  • Files.... The missing Gulf link files are now on the web page. The newest Stonehenge crop circle is there also.
  • Poll.... CNN and USA today conducted a poll which reveals 64% of all Americans say aliens have contacted humans. 80% of Americans feel the government has hidden information on alien contact. Art's question is, "Why do you think such a large group of Americans believe in alien presence, in a greater percentage than they give their own government credibility?" Do Americans believe in aliens more than their own government?
  • Clinton.... In San Diego, the President made a speech in which he was considering an apology to black Americans for slavery. Art's question is, "Why would the President publicly consider an apology instead of just giving it?" Is he trying to feel us out?
  • Race Relations.... Cokie Roberts reported that interracial marriages are up 20% in the last ten years. Art has always thought that this will eventually put an end to race difficulties, because finally we will all end up being grays.
  • Study.... A fourth federal study shows that federal officials were too quick to rule out exposure to biological agents in reference to the Gulf War Syndrome.
  • Privacy.... There is a new tracking device called, Teletrack, which can be put in your car and it will detect sensitive cargo. Art feels this is just one example of new technology that will infringe on the Fourth Amendment, you know the privacy thing. Police will be given a new device that will allow them to see through your clothes from their patrol car to detect concealed weapons. Art's question is, "Should their be a law to restrict this kind of technology, or are we to just deal with it." It would help the police and they are having a hard time.

6/13/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • McVeigh.... McVeigh has received the death penalty, the press said McVeigh didn't blink an eye and Art says he didn't either. Art feels he was totally deserving of the death penalty and he even feels he will be executed before the usual 10 or twelve years down the road.
  • Fax....Scott, from Oregon, writes to say that McVeigh's defense team screwed up any chance of him getting life. The fact that they proclaimed his innocence throughout the trial and then when convicted, practically confirmed his guilt, left the jury no choice. Art disagrees. McVeigh got what he deserved.
  • Gigantasauras.... The Academy of Natural Science in Philadelphia is now displaying the skeleton of a flesh tearing Gigantasauras. The T-Rex is now taking a back seat. It is said to have roamed South America about one hundred million years ago.
  • Fax.... Paul, from South Dakota, sends Art a report from the oddsmakers in England. They have changed the odds of finding intelligent life from 1000 to 1, to 33 to 1. Art's question is, what made the oddsmakers change these odds so drastically? What do they know that we don't know?
  • DOA.... A man pronounced DOA after a gun range accident, apparently spontaneously resuscitated himself minutes later. A surveillance camera shows that he put a 99mm gun to his own head. He is now in critical condition.
  • Dogs.... New genetic evidence shows that man and his best friend, "dog" have been friends for over 100,000 years. Art is confused, doesn't the bible say Man has only been around for 6000 years?
  • Finalist.... Art is one of the five finalists for the Marconi award.
  • Time travel.... Art ponders time travel. He asks that anyone who has actually traveled in time to call on his new time line. Several great time travel stories were related during the night.

6/12/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Doug Ruby... Author, "The Gift: Crop Circles Deciphered"

6/11/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest: Jim Marrs, "Alien Agenda"

6/10/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

6/9/97 - Monday / Tuesday

6/6/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Guest: David John Oates, Reverse Speech of previous NASA guests and "Victor" are featured.

6/5/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Replay: Due to equipment failure in the Kingdom of Nye, a replay of the Willie Nelson interview is broadcast.

6/4/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest: Marsha Kight, her daughter was killed in the Oklahoma bombing incident. Director of Families and Survivors United.
  • Guest: Joyce Riley, discusses the Gulf War Syndrome and has even more evidence to present.

6/3/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Witch Hunt... Art goes on a witch hunt, asking for any true witches to call in. A Broom Riding, Spell Casting, Magic Dispensing witch need only apply.
  • Studio Cam... Art relates his exposure on the live cam with freeze frames of Tom Brokaw. Art suspects he'll look just as silly during the snapshots that the studio cams takes while on the air.
  • New Affiliates... Welcome KGAL Albany Oregon and WWNZ in Orlando Florida.
  • Jurors... Trying to decide the fate of Timothy McVeigh, life in prison or death by lethal injection.
  • Sex Miscondunct... In Maryland a military commander is admitting adultery.
  • Clinton's Plane... had "A Close Encounter of Another Plane Kind."
  • Blind Cords... Kids are getting accidently strangled by window blind cords.
  • Weather... New York Times has finally discovered weather changes. Gee fellas, where have you been??
  • Viruses... Dominican Republic considers mass vacinations.

6/2/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Anouncement.... Art and Keith have completed the live cam operation. You can now see Art live, in his studio, as he talks on the air.
  • McVeigh.... The verdict will be discussed tonight, of course, along with Art's thoughts on the death penalty.
  • Guest.... Paul Davids, executive producer of "Roswell", the movie, will be interviewed tonight. Mr. Davids also has a new movie coming out this weekend, "Timothy Leary is Dead."