04/30/00 - Sun/Mon

Host: Ian Punnett

Guest: Jim Marrs
Book: Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History That Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids
Book: Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us
Book: Crossfire : The Plot That Killed Kennedy

04/29/00 - Sat/Sun

Host: Bob Lonsberry

Guest: Louise Platt Hauck
Book: Heart-Links: Inspiring Personal Stories That Explore Our Powerful Ability to Communicate with Our Lost Loved Ones
Book: Beyond Boundaries: The Adventures of a Seer

04/28/00 - Fri/Sat

Host: Mike Siegel

Guest: Albert Taylor
Out-Of-Body Experiences
Book: Soul Traveler: A Guide to Out of Body Experiences and the Wonders Beyond (New 2000 Edition)

04/27/00 - Thu/Fri

Host: Mike Siegel

Guest: Robert Ghost Wolf
Book: Last Cry: Native American Prophesies: Tales of the End Times
Book: Winds of Change

04/26/00 - Wed/Thu

Host: Art Bell

Guest: Michio Kaku
Professor of theoretical physics
Book: Visions: How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century
Book: Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps and the Tenth Dimension
Book: Beyond Einstein: The Cosmic Quest for the Theory of the Universe
Book: Introduction to Superstrings

Farewell Night
So long my friend, thanks for the ride! -- Keith

04/25/00 - Tue/Wed

Host: Art Bell

Ghost to Ghost

04/24/00 - Mon/Tue

Host: Art Bell

Guest: Richard C. Hoagland
Related Article: More Skullduggery from Malin ...

Guest: Ben Rock
Production Designer of The Blair Witch Project

Guest: Mel Waters
Rags to Riches to Rags Story of Mel's Hole

04/23/00 - Sun/Mon

Host: Mike Siegel

Guest: Stanton Friedman

A nuclear physicist and author, has researched and investigated UFO cases for forty years. Stan was the original civilian investigator of the Roswell incident.
Book: Top Secret Majic
Book: Crash at Corona: The U.S. Military Retrieval and Cover-Up of a UFO
Website: Stan Friedman

04/22/00 - Sat/Sun

Host: Mike Siegel

Guest: Charles Ostman
Senior fellow of Institute for Global Futures, has spent 25+ years working in the fields of electronics, physics, computers, artificial intelligence, and most recently, various aspects of applied and theoretical Nanotechnology.

Discussion Article
Why the future doesn't need us. By Bill Joy

04/21/00 - Fri/Sat

Host: Mike Siegel

Guest: Dr Lorraine Day
An orthopedic trauma surgeon, will describe her experience during early attempts at getting well from advanced cancer. Of the over 40 different types of alternative therapies she tried, two of them, meditation and visualization, resulted in a terrifying visit from a spirit being.
Book: AIDS: What the Government Isn't Telling You

04/20/00 - Thu/Fri

Host: Art Bell

Guest: Jonathan Reed
Alien Contactee
Related Page: Photos of Alien Encounter

Guest: Evelyn Paglini

04/19/00 - Wed/Thu

Host: Art Bell

Guest: Joyce Riley
Important New Info on Waco

Guest: Linda Moulton Howe
Related Website:
Related Website:
Book: Glimpses of Other Realities: High Strangeness Vol II
Book: Glimpses of Other Realities: Facts and Eyewitnesses
Book: Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms

04/18/00 - Tue/Wed

Host: Art Bell

Guest: Jim Berkland

Related Story:
Area 51, What Are You? Photos suggest it's home to missiles, not aliens

Guest: John Hogue
Book: Messiahs: The Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming
Book: 1000 For 2000: Predictions for the New Millennium
Book: The Last Pope: The Decline and Fall of the Church of Rome: The Prophecies of St. Malachy for the New Millennium
Book: Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies
Book: The Millennium Book of Prophecy

04/17/00 - Mon/Tue

Host: Mike Siegel

Discussion Article
Why the future doesn't need us. By Bill Joy

Guest: Whitley Strieber
Books: Communion and Confirmation (Order through Website)
Books: The Coming Global Superstorm

Last Copies of Superstorm Signed by Both Whitley and Art
The last few copies of The Coming Global Superstorm signed by both Whitley Strieber and Art Bell are available from Paperchase Press while stocks last. To place your order for one of these collector's items, call 1-800-864-7991. $24.95.

Todays Weather Satellite View
Art Sends in Image From His WX Receiver

04/16/00 - Sun/Mon

Host: Mike Siegel

Guest: William Buhlman
Book: Adventures Beyond the Body

04/15/00 - Sat/Sun

Host: Mike Siegel

Guest: Annie Kirkwood
A retired nurse, began receiving messages from the Virgin Mary in 1987.

04/14/00 - Fri/Sat

Host: Mike Siegel

Guest: Zecharia Sitchin
Book: The Cosmic Code (6th Book of Earth Chronicles)
Book: When Time Began (5th Book of Earth Chronicles)
Book: The Lost Realms (4th Book of Earth Chronicles)
Book: The Wars of Gods and Men (3rd Book of Earth Chronicles)
Book: The Stairway to Heaven (2nd Book of Earth Chronicles)
Book: The 12th Planet (1st Book of Earth Chronicles)
Book: Of Heaven and Earth: Essays Presented at the First Sitchin Studies Day
Book: Breaking the Godspell (Future Is Now Series)
Book: Divine Encounters: A Guide to Visions, Angels and Other Emissaries

Guest: Alex Collier
Book: Defending Sacred Ground

04/13/00 - Thu/Fri

Host: Art Bell

Guest: Peter Davenport and Amy Hebert
Related Website: The Windsor Incident

Guest: James Oberg
Book: Uncovering Soviet Disasters: Exploring the Limits of Glasnost

04/12/00 - Wed/Thu

Host: Art Bell

Guest: Kathleen Keating
Associate and close friend of the late Fr. Malachi Martin
Book: The Final Warning: Your Survival Guide to the New Millennium

04/11/00 - Tue/Wed

Host: Art Bell

Guest: Richard C. Hoagland
Related Info: First New Goodies From Mars Surveyor of Cydonia ...
Related Info: The Maritan Domes...
Book: The Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever

Notice: Art announces Mike Siegel as new Coast to Coast AM Host tonight.

Guest: Charles T. Tart
Book: Body Mind Spirit: Exploring the Parapsychology of Spirituality

04/10/00 - Mon/Tue

Host: Mike Siegel

Guest: Dr. Judith Orloff
Orloff is an MD who believes in uniting medicine with the intuition of mind body and soul. As a child, Orloff was studied by UCLA, and declared to have extreme psychic abilities.
Book: Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing: Five Steps to Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Wellness

04/09/00 - Sun/Mon

Host: Mike Siegel

Guest: Nick Begich
Discussing HAARP, weather control, non-lethal warfare, and technology.
Book: Earth Rising: The Revolution, Toward a Thousand Years of Peace
Book: Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology
Book: Towards a New Alchemy

04/08/00 - Sat/Sun

Host: Mike Siegel

Guest: James Van Praagh
Claims to speak with a "heavenly realm." He will tell stories of life on the other side. His latest book "Healing Grief" confronts the loss of loved ones, and explains where they have gone, and why we shouldn't grieve for them.
Book: Healing Grief: Reclaiming Life After Any Loss
Book: Reaching to Heaven: A Spiritual Journey Through Life and Death
Book: Talking to Heaven: A Medium's Message of Life After Death
When You Talk to Your God

What are your Results?

I know he answers my prayers
I hope he answers my prayers
Rarely do I get answers
God talks back to me!
There is no God
I never pray

Current Results

04/07/00 - Fri/Sat

Host: Mike Siegel

Guest: Lauren Weinstein
Lauren discusses the Internet, its development, where it may go, and a myriad of privacy issues surrounding it. He will also discuss invasion of privacy, bugging techniques, how dangerous is your cell phone, and where technology is headed.
Website: The PRIVACY Forum
Website: PFIR - People For Internet Responsibility
Are You Bugged About Privacy?

How Much Info Do You Divulge?

I'll offer MOST info asked for to get the best customized web site presentations.
I'll offer only the most ESSENTIAL info, to get what I need from a website.
I REFUSE to give any personal info and don't use the websites that ask.

See Results

04/06/00 - Thu/Fri

Host: Art Bell

Solar Storm! See Graphs
What is this Cave Thing??

Guest: Peter Davenport
National Director, National UFO Reporting Center

Guest: Richard C. Hoagland
Book: The Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever

Guest: Dr. Tom Van Flandern
Book: Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets: Paradoxes Resolved, Origins Illuminated

Guest: Neil Slade
Related Story: Headless Chicken Sculpture Made
Related Website: Official Mike The Headless Chicken WebSite

Audio Clips: Click Your Amygdala, By Eric Vincent
Real Audio Version
MP3 Version

Brain Magic

Have you Clicked Your Amygdala?

Yes, It was Great!
No, What am I missing?
What's the Amygdala?

See Results

04/05/00 - Wed/Thu

Host: Art Bell

Open Lines: Time Travellers Only

Guest: Dr David Anderson
Time Travel Poll

What's your take on Time-Travel?

It's Possible.
No way!
I am a Time Traveller

See Results

04/04/00 - Tue/Wed

Host: Art Bell

Guest: Kraig Kitchin
CEO, Premiere Radio Networks

Guest: Brad Steiger
Book: Shadow World
Book: The Source (w/Art Bell)
Book: The Rainbow Conspiracy
Book: True Ghost Stories: A Psychic Research Hunts for Evidence of Hauntings
Book: Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides: True Accounts of Benevolent Beings from the Other Side
Book: Mysteries of Time and Space

Mentioned Website:

04/03/00 - Mon/Tue

Host: Mike Siegel

Guest: Gregg Braden
Book: Isaiah Effect: Decoding Our Future Through the Lost Science of Prophecy, Time, and Miracles
Book: Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation
Book: Walking Between the Worlds: The Science of Compassion

04/02/00 - Sun/Mon

Host: Philip Clarke

Guest: Ken Goddard
Book: First Evidence
Book: Double Blind
Book: The Alchemist
Book: Balefire
Book: Cheater
Book: Wildfire
Book: Prey
Website: kengoddard/kenhome.htm

04/01/00 - Sat/Sun

Host: Philip Clarke

Guest: Mark Wolfe
CNN producer, "UFO Secret: The Roswell Crash Update 2000; The Eyewitnesses"

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