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David P. sends us:

I just reurned from a week in Rachel back in November. Very interesting place. The security is unbelievable! The white jeep guys come out of no where. A fellow reporter and I spent 2 nights in the desert filming and taking pictures.

The first one is some sort of marker or sensor just inside area 51 from a distance.

The second picture is a close up I took just to prove I was on their side.

The third picture is of an orb that would appear from time to time. See the three smaller white lights.. those would come from the orb and zip away in mere seconds.

JP from Corona Ca sends us:

I work in engineering at a veterans hospital. One of the largest, which for personal reasons I won't name. Engineering and house keeping work 24 hours a day. Due to a house keeping supervisor retiring and a new employee coming on duty we had a costly accident in our MRI bldg. The new employee was not trained about the MRI and went along his way scrubbing the floors in the MRI bldg. with a large floor scrubber.

When he entered the MRI room, the scrubber was snatched from his hands with a tremendous force, and shot across the room as if being fired out of a canon and attached itself to the MRI! The employee, scared to death, with all the adrenaline in the world flowing could not remove the scrubber!

MRI Scrubber

An MRI repair GUY writes:

Art, we are long time listeners. Thought we would give your listeners who are not familiar with MRI, a visual example of the magnets power. Does the aluminum block fall slower because of EDDY CURRENTS from the magnet or does TIME slow down?? You be the judge. The wrench was an 8" crescent.

Play MPEG Video: Falling Block in MRI Field

Play MPEG Video: Wrench Suspended in Mid Air

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