3/31/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • WNMT.... Art welcomes station WNMT in Minnesota, 650 on the AM dial.
  • Cambodia.... Hundreds of riot police entered into the crowd of supporters of the President of Cambodia after they clashed with supporters of the Prince's arch rival.
  • Jonesboro... A community memorial service took place for the five dead. A video tape of President Clinton was played where he said we must all pray for peace and healing. Does anyone know yet why this shooting happened?
  • Jones.... The Judge hearing the Paula Jones harassment case is ordering lawyers not to name anymore women requesting anonymity in their court filings. Art says it must have been a long line.
  • Web site.... There are photos of the approaching storms in the southwest on the web site taken from Art's satellite. The press release by Sarah McClendon is posted also. Someone sent Art an alien in a jar, though Art figured out it was a toy, it did freak him out for a moment and a photo of it is posted. Also posted are instructions on how to make an atomic bomb which Art also reads on the air.
  • AIDS.... Yesterday Art talked about a new AIDS cure that comes from the urine of pregnant women. Tonight he reads an update. Art will continue to follow this very closely.
  • Hawaii.... A man sentenced to attend an anger management course arrived drunk. The instructor of the course told him to leave, the man refused, a fight broke out and the man was killed. Possibly another contender for the Darwin award.
  • Ants.... Art has received many faxes from listeners who have also found ants in their freezers like the caller last night. Another listener sends in his explanation for this behavior. The ants smell the food during the defrost cycle of frost free freezers.
  • Tax.... A note sent to Art from the Libertarian party says a new cigarette tax could trigger deadly crime wave in the U.S. A federal proposal to raise the price of cigarettes by $1.50 a pack may not decrease teenage smoking but it will probably leave dead bodies littering America's streets.
  • Fax.... MSNBC and CNBC did special reports entitled "UFO can of worms opened" concerning info disclosed by Sara McClendon in her press release She will meet with White House officials tomorrow. (Later in the program, Art learns that this was a well executed April Fools joke played on him.)
  • Cydonia.... Richard Hoagland will be on in the second hour discussing the reimaging of the Cydonia area.

3/30/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Guest.... Linda Molton Howe will be on in the 2nd hour.
  • AIDS.... CNN has been running a story all night long suggesting they think they have found a cure for AIDS. It comes from an accidental discovery of a property in pregnant women's urine that stops the AIDS virus from replicating. This story is not yet on Reuters.
  • Reform.... Campaign finance legislation, crafted by Republican leadership, when down to defeat in the House today. It would have needed a majority of 435 votes, it got 74 votes. Here is the reality of campaign reform, so the next time you hear opposing sides discussing campaign reform, Art says laugh at them because nobody is ever going to vote for it.
  • Photos.... The photos Robert Ghost Wolf provided on his discovery in the Rocky Mountains are on their way to Art for him to scan for better resolution. So many people wrote Art saying the photos are phony.
  • Airliner.... The photo of the airliner going under the Golden Gate Bridge Art promised a week ago is now on the web site. Everyone thinks this is phony too. Art says it is absolutely authentic. It is a publicity photo for the airline and they stopped traffic on the bridge to do this.
  • Tornados.... 819 homes in southern Minnesota have been destroyed by tornadoes.
  • UFO's.... Art reads a report from the McClendon News service on UFO's and the government's propensity for secrecy on the issue.

3/29/98 Dreamland / Sunday

  • Guest... Silver Ravenwolf, Author, "To Ride a Silver Broomstick"

3/27/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Chat Clubs.... Tim Cannon comes on with a chat club update.
  • Murder.... The respiratory nurse accused of killing patients has confessed. Art wonders why he suddenly confessed, guilt maybe.
  • Jonesboro.... Authorities say they will not prosecute the boys, 11 and 13 accused of murder. Art calls this tragedy part of the Quickening.
  • Mt. Etna.... Earlier in the afternoon Mt. Etna blew her top. See photo here. Mt. Shasta is awakening too. Italy had a big earthquake today.
  • Guest.... Robert Ghost Wolf is on tonight discussing his discoveries in the Rocky Mountains. See our Robert Ghost Photo Page or visit his web site at

3/26/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Time Machine.... Art received his Steven Gibbs time machine components today. Art says it is almost irresistible, but doesn't know whether he'll use it. What if it works?
  • Crewmen.... Four jet crewmen have been charged by the Marine corps with negligent homicide in the severing of a gondola cable in Italy last month that plunged twenty people to their deaths. Hot roddin' Jet jockeys, Art says it is in their genes, adrenaline driven guys.
  • Photo.... Art is contemplating posting to the web a photo of a commercial airplane flying under the Golden Gate bridge.
  • Jonesboro.... Classes resumed at the middle school where the shooting occured. School officials disconnected the fire alarm which lured the students outside. Art wonders if this doesn't make that school unsafe now.
  • New Zealand.... The power blackout continues in Auckland. People thinking the power was back on got trapped in elevators etc.
  • MGS.... The Mars Global Surveyor will be taking pictures of items that the public is interested in, including Cydonia. Art thanks his listening audience for this decision made by JPL. Art feels they are satiating the public due to the many faxes.
  • CBS.... CBS is reporting that the Earth's rotation has slowed down since last summer one-tenth of a second due to El Nino. Art wants to know what the implications are if the Earth is really slowing down. Art doesn't really know what the rotation actually achieves and what the lack of it would mean.
  • Storms.... Art is really tired of the rain, he lives in the desert and doesn't like the fact that it is turning green.
  • Guest... David John Oates, Reverse Speech, plays reversals of Kathleen Willey, Ed Dames, and Michael Malin.
  • Guest... Richard Hoagland joins in the analysis of Michael Malin reversals.

3/25/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • 2nd hour.... Tonight the discussion will be about airwave piracy with Pat Murphy, President & Publisher of the Association of Clandestine (Radio) Enthusiasts. This is one of Art's favorite topics.
  • Jonesboro.... The two boys who ambushed students at their school are being held, charged with 5 counts of murder each. One of the boys is saying he doesn't remember what happened. That doesn't work for Art.
  • Vietnam.... Art was a medic in Vietnam and he had a nightmare last night about his experiences there, waking up in tears. He hasn't had dreams about Vietnam in 28 years and someone suggested to him that this Jonesboro incident, with the ambush aspect, triggered it.
  • Clinton.... Clinton is visiting Ruwanda and it seems to Art that he is touring Africa apologizing for things, but not quite.
  • AIDS.... A new study provides hard evidence that the new AIDS cocktails are working. Patients in the last couple of years that were pretty bad off are now functioning in normal ways.
  • Cattle.... There has been a wave of cattle mutilations in British Columbia and western Canada. Art is going to turn this over to Linda Moulton Howe for investigation.
  • S. Africa.... South Africa has decided to shoot all pigeons in it's northwest diamond producing area because they are being used to smuggle gems out of the country. Diamonds are being strapped onto the bodies of the pigeons and flown out of the country.
  • Tokyo.... Sultan, a 28 year old male gorilla, was put in a special cage with three females for mating purposes. Apparently the pressure was too much, after entering the cage and evaluating the situation, Sultan dropped dead.
  • CNN.... Art reads a fax from a listener relating some info reported on CNN saying that people with low cholesterol are more likely to die of an act of violence. The faxer says this is the most ignorant statistic he has ever heard.
  • Blonde.... A natural blonde faxes Art telling him she has a genius IQ and gives her opinion on the stereotyping of blondes. It is signed by a previous Art Bell show guest, Dr. Wendy Lockwood, PHD. Art then tells another blonde joke. Or two.

3/24/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • 2nd hour.... Dannion Brinkley will be on in the second hour, discussing, among other things, Egypt.
  • Quickening News.... 2 boys, in camouflage, after faking a fire drill, opened fire on students at their school. 5 are dead. Motive was not available. Violent crime is down except for youth violence. Art says you can't even begin to understand why these things happen.
  • God.... The Tawainese Religious Group, God's Salvation Church, is awaiting an appearance by God on television, which their leader has said will happen after midnight. He is supposed to appear on channel 18 across the country at 12:01 am. Art wonders why God would pick a UHF station and what is he going to say.
  • Clinton.... Clinton stopped short of an apology for slavery while talking to thousands of African school children. Art says if he is going to say anything at all, why not apologize.
  • Darwin.... On the lighter side of death, Art reads another Darwin award nominee. These are all on the web site.
  • Chupacabra.... There is a chupacabra movie in the making, said to be a cross of "Scream" and "Predator". Filming begins in September and Art says he may have a voice role in this film.

3/23/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • 2nd hour guest.... Phillip H Krapf, Author, Abductee, "The Contact Has Begun", a former copy editor for the Los Angeles Times
  • Tuesday.... Dannion Brinkley will be on Tuesday with news about Egypt.
  • WMIQ.... Art welcomes WMIQ in Iron Mountain, Michigan.
  • Oscars.... Titanic ties Ben Hur with 11 oscars. Art is very happy for Titanic and Jack Nicholson, who got Best Actor for "As good as it gets".
  • Britian.... Britian's air and sea ports have been put on alert to the threat of Anthrax being smuggled in by Iraq.
  • Israel.... Israel is talking about expanding Jerusalem to mark the Jewish states' fiftieth anniversary. Art thinks this will probably cause trouble.
  • Hawking.... Steven Hawking, an astrophysicist, said it is possible that UFO's contain aliens and is being covered up by the government. He made this and many other interesting statements on CNN and Art reads an article about Hawking's opinions.
  • Threat.... "This is war". Art gets another threat from a natural blonde that is also a witch. She claims to put a spell on him, which will find him bald one morning soon. However he will have a thick coat of blonde hair on his tongue.
  • Darwin.... Art reads a Darwin Award nominee.

3/22/98 Dreamland / Sunday

  • Guest: Mark Smith, Author,
    "Auras, See Them in Only 60 Seconds"

3/20/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Replay Guest: Robert M. McCallum, Devil's Hole
  • Replay Guest: Shawn David Morton, Predictions

3/19/98 Thursday / Friday

  • 2nd hour.... A return visit from Terence McKenna is on in the second hour. Terrence is what Art calls the heir apparent of Timothy Leary.
  • Cuba.... Clinton is expected to reinstate direct flights to Cuba, partly due to the recent visit to Cuba by the Pope. Art is puzzled, does this mean the President is lighting up on the embargo. He thought Americans were not allowed to go to Cuba.
  • Suicide.... The suicide rate among black children and teens has doubled since the 80's.
  • Willy.... The Star tabloid reports that Willey's attorney wanted $300,000.00 for his client's story. The offer was dropped after Willy appeared on 60 minutes. Art is just sick of the whole thing, but if he was to write a new book it would be called, "The Gropening". To Art, this whole thing is simple. Unless he has broken the law, which hasn't been proven yet, it is still he said, she said, and the American people don't care what he did and either does Art. Art cares how he runs the Oval Office.
  • TB.... A tuberculosis epidemic is out of control is some parts of the world. According to the WHO it will infect 1 billion people in the next two decades.
  • Computers.... Art relates some info on a new article addressing man's relationship with computers called "Slaves of the Machines". Art really thinks that someday we could invent a machine with a conscious.
  • Blondes.... Art once again tells a few blonde jokes.

3/18/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • 2nd Hour.... Tim Crawford, will be on in the second hour discussing the history of UFOs.
  • Las Vegas.... Art spent most of the day in Las Vegas, while in route he heard on the radio that Clinton was landing at McCarran airport. Art says Clinton was probably in Vegas to forget his troubles. The President's poll numbers are still high. Art suspects the American people are separating his personal life from his life in the Oval Office.
  • California.... According to a U.S. district Judge, the law to deny benefits to illegal immigrants is unconstitutional.
  • Fax.... A listener faxes Art about an unusual painting that was found which is an aerial view of Old Rome from 3000 years ago. Does anybody know how this could have been done?
  • Brazil.... The government in Brazil plans on using a fleet of helicopters to fight wild fires burning out of control in the Amazon area.
  • Letters.... The letters written by Jim Dilettoso on NASA stationary are on the web site.
  • Fungus.... A headline in the Washington Post says the same fungus that caused the Irish potato famine is back. Art asks, do you remember what Ed Dames said about food?

3/17/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • DEBATE: Kal Korff challenges Jim Dilettoso to a debate. It was a fair debate and a debate consensus poll was taken throughout the night. Web site visitors indicated that Kal Korff won the debate by a wide margin. Although callers afterward, indicate BOTH debaters lost credibility in their field.

    Kal Korff's
    Web Site
    Jim Dilettoso's
    Phoenix Lights Web Site

    Here are copies of the letters Jim Dilettoso created that Kal Korff supplied to me Wednesday afternoon, as promised: Letter 1, Letter 2, Letter 3.

    Related Sites:
    Billy Meier's UFO Photos
    Analysis of Kal's Book

3/16/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • Howe.... An update from Linda Moulton Howe about the HAARP project, a view from the other side. Art relates some appearance dates for Linda if you want to write them down.
  • 2nd Hour.... Astronomer Dr. Tom Van Flandern, METARESEARCH, will be on with a lot to say about Mars.
  • Willy.... Art saw Kathleen Willy on the 60 minutes program and feels she was credible and was telling the truth. Though 60 minutes has billed this as someone has perjured themselves, Art says it is still he said, she said. Art says until someone is proved to have committed a crime the White House will stay the same.
  • McKinney.... McKinney has been reduced in rank and will leave the Army as a Master Sargeant and will likely have his retirement benefits cut.

3/13/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Drudge.... The drudge report says 60 minutes will have a report from an ex White House employee saying she was sexually assaulted by President Clinton. The interview will run nearly 40 minutes.
  • Kevorkian.... Dr. Kevorkian has assisted in his 100th suicide.
  • McKinney.... McKinney has been cleared of the charges brought against him by six military women. He was convicted of Obstruction of Justice for telling one of the women that she did not have to say anything to investigators.
  • Kennedy.... Representative Kennedy is going to quit politics. The death of his brother in a skiing accident has caused him to reevaluate his life.
  • Hepatitis.... Health officials in Spokane County want everyone vaccinated for hepatitis. Art says if he was there in Spokane he would side with the locals.
  • Joke.... Why was the blonde down at her mailbox? "I was playing with my computer and it said 'you have mail'. Art tells a few more.
  • Guest... Seth Shostak, SETI Institute

3/12/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Asteroid.... The asteroid mentioned yesterday is now reported to be "no sweat" it is 600,000 miles away.
  • 2nd Hour.... Alan Hale of Hale-Bopp fame will be on talking about asteroids.
  • Noise.... Dr. Marsha Green will be on later in the show discussing the sonic noise the Navy plans to blast at whales. She is the one that initiated the law suit to stop this.
  • Cancer.... The new cancer cases among Americans have inched down for the first time ever having gone down this year by 2.7%.
  • Air Force One.... The air traffic control tower monitoring Air Force One lost contact with the plane for 5 to 10 minutes a couple of days ago. Art says this is one of his chronic complaints; you don't hear about this kind of news for days. Where and how do these news stories stay bottled up?
  • Darwin.... Art reads a Darwin Award nominee. Briefly, a certain hospital would find a different dead patient in the same bed every Friday morning. They did extensive investigating, trying to figure if the room's vents had problems or some kind of bacteria etc. Eventually they determined that every Friday morning the floor polisher would come in an unplug the life support machine to plug in her polisher. When done with the floor, she would then plug the life support back in, not knowing the patient had expired during that time.
  • Threat.... Art has received another threat from a blonde about his propensity to relate blonde jokes. So of course he tells us a couple more.
  • Guest.... Alan Hale, Astronomer, "The Rock"
  • Guest.... Dr. Marsha Green, Director, Ocean Mammal Institute

3/11/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Asteroid.... There is an asteroid approaching earth, one mile wide and the most dangerous so far. Expected to pass 30,000 miles from the earth with a margin of error of 2000 miles. Of course this won't happen for thirty years yet. Art elaborates on the discovery of this asteroid and possible defenses.
  • 2nd hour.... Peter Davenport will be on for an hour with an update on the Tampa sightings.
  • Navy.... The Navy plans to sonically blast whales and dolphins and Art is looking for a good guest to have on to discuss this subject.
  • Merger.... NASDAQ and AMEX are discussing a merger so they may better compete with their big brother.
  • Kevorkian.... Dr. Kevorkian has rolled up 99 suicides now.
  • Smoking.... The WHO is being accused once again of withholding a study, one that shows that there is no link between passive smoking and cancer and may even have a protective effect.
  • Warming.... British scientists have warned that the massive Larsen B. ice sheet is now breaking up in the Antarctic due to global warming. Grass has been seen growing along the icy edge of the continent.
  • Open Lines.... Tonight is basically an open lines show with the exception of the Peter Davenport update,
  • Guest.... Dick Allgire, KITV News Reporter, with photos of Research Vessel Cory Chouest, Coming Aboard the Ship and Dick Allgire
  • Guest... Peter Davenport, National Director, National UFO Reporting Center
  • Guest... Michael Bailey, Director, Greenpeace-Hawaii

3/10/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • 2nd hour.... Gene Meyers is on in the second hour with an update on Space Islands.
  • Midwest.... 14 deaths are attributed to the storm that raged thru the Midwest yesterday. Late in the program Art spoke to some people stranded in their that happened to have car phones.
  • Welcome.... Art welcomes KHUB AM in Fremont, Nebraska, KSCJ in Sioux City, Iowa, and the biggie KTRS in St. Louis, Missouri. Art reserves a phone line for these new listeners.
  • Bridges.... Lloyd Bridges has died at age 85 of natural causes. Art wonders what age you have to be to call it natural causes.
  • Pathfinder.... Pathfinder is dead, rest in peace.
  • Military..... Most branches of the military are opposing a suggestion from a influential panel to separate men and women during basic training. Art says there were no women when he was in the military only one very mean drill instructor, his only bad memory of his time in the military.
  • Drudge.... Art has had many faxes telling Art that the Drudge report is saying there is a comet streaking toward Earth. Art has pored over MS-NBC and cant find anything on it, so if anyone knows anything let him know.
  • Dateline.... There will be a brief report tonight on Dateline about the strep A outbreak in Texas.
  • Meteor.... Many residents in the San Francisco area reported a meteor shower which was later confirmed by Griffith Conservatory when the Coast Guard inquired. Art is getting a lot of messages from people suggesting scientists are getting a little edgy about the amount coming down from the skies.
  • Smoking.... Art reads a report suggesting that passive smoking not only does not cause cancer, it may have a protective effect. Then he reads a contradictory report. Just more confusing, contradictory reports from health officials to drive us crazy.
  • Blondes.... Why don't blondes like to make koolaid? They can't fit eight cups of water into the little envelope. Art reads off a few more later in the show.
  • Sketch.... Art has received many suggestions as to who the girl is in the sketch he mentioned last night. The best is from a guy who says it is the married woman he is having an affair with.
  • Georgia.... Another fax about things dropping from the sky, this time in Georgia.
  • Guest....Gene Meyers, "Space Island Development". Here is a rendering of the proposed Space Station.

3/09/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • 1st Hour.... Investigative reporter Chris Ruddy will be on discussing the sudden death of James McDougall while in prison. He was under administrative detention after refusing to take a random drug test.
  • 2nd hour.... Steven Gibbs will be on discussing his time travel machines. There is a diagram showing the electronics involved on the web site.
  • Photo.... There is a photo of Earth on the web site that Art says is the best one he has ever seen.
  • Poll.... Steven Gibbs will be the first candidate for the credibility poll which you can participate in now.
  • Chris Ruddy, discusses MacDougall death.
  • Steve Gibbs, Time Machine Inventor, discusses his "Hyper-Dimensional Resonator"

3/08/98 Dreamland / Sunday

3/06/98 Friday / Saturday

  • Killing.... A state lottery worker shot the director of the Connecticut State Lottery, 3 supervisors and then himself.
  • Compact.... Flat pc sales and price wars are expected to wipe out Compact's first quarter profits.
  • Unemployment.... Unemployment is at a record low of 4.6% in February.
  • Request.... 3 or 4 days ago someone faxed Art a sketch of a girl that is now haunting him because he can't figure out who it is. Is it an old friend, a movie star or neither. The sketch is on the web, can anyone tell Art who it is supposed to be.
  • Grapefruits.... A faxer says he heard something on the Milwaukee affiliate about exploding grapefruits. Could it be the fruit fighting back?
  • 1980.... A faxer tells Art he remembers a show in the 80's on the Disney Channel about plants and the wave patterns they emit when hooked to an osciliscope and it's reaction to having a head of lettuce chopped up in front of it.
  • SETI.... Art received a fax about a SETI project getting a hit while monitoring WOLF 359, a binary star system.
  • Rating System.... Keith is writing a code so listeners can vote for the credibility of Art's guests each night there is one. The results will appear on the page at the end of each program.
  • Guest... Dr. Robert White, a neurosurgeon who transplanted monkey heads. Here is a photo of the experiment. Here are some articles on the web, Holy Headswapping, Batman! and Against Nature: Dr. Satan's Robot

3/05/98 Thursday / Friday

  • Fax.... More faxes on the flesh eating disease are read by Art. Including one from the national director of MUFON for Canada who will also be on the air with Art tonight. A photo depicting this disease is on the web site.
  • 2nd Hour.... Bruce Rux will be on in the second hour discussing how Hollywood participates in the disinformation concerning UFOs.

3/04/98 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Studio Cams.... Art has been working hard on his studio cams and feels they are working well now and would like your comments.
  • Puerto Rico.... Puerto Rico has another opportunity to become the 51st state. Art would like to know how you would feel if you were not a state yet, would you like to be one.
  • Harrassment.... The Supreme Court says sexual harrasment can take place between same sex people. Art Agrees.
  • Texas.... Art reads some of the hundreds of faxes and emails he has received regarding a flesh eating bacteria. Art wonders why are we not receiving this as a national news story and if the CDC are involved it certainly should be.
  • Fax.... On March 5 there will be only 666 days left til the year 2000.
  • Text.... Art is extremely interested in getting streaming text for his show for the hearing impaired such as CNN has. If you have anything let Art know.
  • Guest... Dale Graff, Remote Viewing is discussed by the former Director of Project STARGATE.

3/03/98 Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Jordan.... Vernon Jordan testified today in front of the Grand Jury, seems he spent a lot of time getting Monica Lewinsky a job.
  • UN.... The Secretary General of the UN says if Iraq breaks the new agreement he hopes there will be discussions before there is a military attack. Art wonders if he is worried that he made a bad deal.
  • Gates.... Bill Gates was grilled on Capitol Hill today. Art wonders why they don't leave him alone. Art would really like to interveiw Bill Gates. Are we supposed to penalize people when business gets too good?
  • Animals.... A troop of monkeys invaded a school soccer match in Somalia forcing players and spectators to flee to safety in nearby homes. Police had to shoot the apparent ringleader before the monkeys fled.
  • Texas.... There are over 70 cases of Strep A reported in Texas. 13 dead already. Art says there is something going on out there that ought not be. This is a terrible flesh eating bacteria.
  • Europa.... The closest pictures yet of Jupiter's moon Europa bolsts the possibility that an ocean exists under the icy crust.
  • Reuters.... A Doctor in Britian has nearly cut off a woman's head and sewn it on again in a pioneering operation.
  • Denver.... Reports still coming in about sightings of fire balls in Denver. Art says some astronomer somewhere should be able to tell us why Earth is being bombarded.
  • WFLA.... Art welcomes station WFLA in Tampa/St. Pete and is reserving the east of the Rockies phone line for those callers only.
  • Guest.... C. L. Turnage, Author of the books "Sex with E.T's", "Holy Bible is E.T. Transmission", "E.T.'s on the Moon" and "War in Heaven".

3/02/98 Monday / Tuesday

  • KRMS.... Art welcomes station KRMS in Osage Beach Missouri.
  • WGL.... Art welcomes back staion WGL in Fort Wayne.
  • KNEI.... Art is now on a 50,000 watt station in Alaska now, KNEI.
  • 2nd Hour.... Capt. Jim Clary will be on in the second hour, with the true last story of the Titanic. You can click on his name in the guest column to see his web site. Art mentions that he thinks the recent movie Titanic will go down in history as one of the best ever.
  • UN.... Art discusses the agreement recently made to inspect the presidential palaces in Iraq, saying we got screwed, the weapons will go out the back door as the inspectors go in the front.
  • MIR.... The crew of MIR was forced to cancel a space walk after a series of delays dogged MIR as they prepared an effort to repair a solar panel. Art says the terror continues on MIR.
  • Lewinsky.... Lewinsky's lawyer says he does beleive she was alone in the oval office with President Clinton, but that doesn't mean there was a sexual affair. Lewinsky's lawyer says he may not continue representing her without getting paid soon. Art says she should do the interview with Hot Talk radio and get the 5 million dollars.
  • Castration.... The Oklahoma Legislature has passed a bill to allow castration of sex offenders.
  • Colorado.... Art continues to get reports about stuff falling on Colorado. Art reads one from the state director of MUFON.
  • Titanic.... Adventurers can pay thousands of dollars to accompany scientist in viewing the wreckage of the Titanic. 50 people will be allowed to go at the cost of $33,000.00 each.
  • Time Traveler.... In regards to the letter Art received from a time traveler, a listener faxes Art relating info he saw on the CNN webpage about choices for presidential nominees. First choice was Bush, then Forbes, then Dan Quayle. Very eerie, if you remember the letter.
  • Guest.... Jim Clary, Artist of Marine Art. Jim discusses the Titantic and even plays an interview with a passenger.

3/01/98 Dreamland / Sunday